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Apple Watch: A billboard for ads on the wrist?

Questions abound over how Apple's Watch will function when it's released later this year. But here's one feature: It will be able to serve ads, based on the location of wearers and their purchases.

By Zach Miners | 06 January, 2015 07:17

Tags: wearable devices, consumer electronics, emerging technology, GPS, digital marketing, Internet of Things, TapSense, mobile, mobile applications, Apple

Oracle hopes to better target online advertising with Datalogix acquisition

Half the money spent on advertising is wasted -- the question is, which half? That's the age-old question in adland. Now Oracle is hoping to help its customers answer that question with the acquisition of Datalogix, which collects offline consumer spending data in a bid to help online advertisers pick the right targets.

By Peter Sayer | 23 December, 2014 02:51

Tags: business issues, databases, applications, Datalogix, data mining, software, Oracle, Mergers and acquisitions

ChatOn closure highlights Samsung's app, services woes

Samsung Electronics continues to struggle to attract users to its own apps and services, forcing the company to focus on more on collaborating with other companies and stepping up efforts to offer better-looking devices.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 23 December, 2014 02:50

Tags: mobile applications, Samsung Electronics, mobile

Three ways enterprise software is changing

Once upon a time, life in the enterprise IT shop was fairly simple, at least conceptually speaking.

By Joab Jackson | 20 December, 2014 08:19

Tags: application development, applications, Google, IBM, Microsoft, YEAR END, software, cloud computing, internet, Development tools

Microsoft helps boost Android, iOS app performance with offline access

Microsoft wants to help Android, iOS and Windows apps run offline as well as online, offering a way to improve app responsiveness and functionality when network coverage is bad or non-existent.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 19 December, 2014 23:23

Tags: application development, Microsoft, development platforms, software, mobile, cloud computing, internet, Development tools, mobile applications

Uber temporarily suspends service in Portland

Uber is suspending its service in Portland, Oregon, for the next three months while city regulators there work to reframe local laws around taxis and car hailing apps.

By Zach Miners | 19 December, 2014 11:01

Tags: Uber, mobile applications, Internet-based applications and services, mobile, social media, internet

Messaging app Line buys Microsoft's MixRadio music-streaming app

Line, the messaging app from Japan, has acquired MixRadio, the free music-streaming service Microsoft gained through its Nokia acquisition, the companies announced Thursday.

By Zach Miners | 19 December, 2014 06:23

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, instant messaging, Microsoft, MixRadio, Music and audio, mobile, social media, internet, Line, mobile applications

Microsoft kills EU browser choice screen

Microsoft has retired the browser choice screen it agreed to show new Windows users in the European Union as part of an antitrust settlement.

By Loek Essers | 18 December, 2014 23:29

Tags: antitrust, applications, Google, opera software, Microsoft, european commission, legal, browsers, software, internet

Uber envisions a safer ride in 2015

Uber, in 2015, is resolving to make its car hailing service safer, partly by enhancing its driver screening through the use of biometrics and voice verification.

By Zach Miners | 18 December, 2014 08:45

Tags: Uber, mobile applications, Internet-based applications and services, mobile, social media, internet

IBM detects skin cancer more quickly with visual machine learning

Skin cancer can be detected more quickly and accurately by using cognitive computing-based visual analytics, researchers at IBM Research have found, in collaboration with New York's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

By Joab Jackson | 18 December, 2014 05:08

Tags: popular science, applications, IBM, data mining, software, health care, industry verticals

Salesforce connects SharePoint files to its cloud with new tool

Salesforce, the not-so-little cloud CRM company that could, is furthering its play to bring everybody everywhere into the fold with the launch of Salesforce Files Connect, a new tool that brings files from on-premises Microsoft SharePoint into a company's  cloud workflow.

By Matt Weinberger | 18 December, 2014 00:11

Tags: Customer Relationship Management, applications, IDC, Microsoft, software, crm

Instagram exposes 5 new filters for a more subtle effect

Instagram's got five new filters that it hopes will improve people's smartphone photos by changing them less.

By Zach Miners | 17 December, 2014 06:48

Tags: mobile applications, Internet-based applications and services, Instagram, social networking, mobile, social media, internet

Startup rethinks databases for the real-time geospatial era

Even though systems such as Hadoop and Spark can grapple with large amounts of data, their tools for analyzing and parsing this information efficiently and in real-time are still limited. A two-year old Seattle startup called SpaceCurve will release on Tuesday a new database system aimed to speed the process of analyzing location-oriented data as it is being generated.

By Joab Jackson | 16 December, 2014 07:35

Tags: applications, databases, SpaceCurve, data mining, software

Apple-IBM partnership off to 'impressive' start

Apple and IBM last week kicked off their five-month-old partnership with an "impressive" 10-pack of focused mobile business apps catering to sectors ranging from financial to law enforcement.

By Gregg Keizer | 16 December, 2014 07:04

Tags: enterprise applications, Apple, Gartner, applications, IBM, enterprise resource planning, software, intel

12 most eye-popping VC tech deals of 2014

While the three largest venture capital deals of the year in the technology industry went to consumer-focused startups, most of the other top investments went to companies building products that could reshape the enterprise IT landscape.

By Brandon Butler | 16 December, 2014 05:58

Tags: applications, Networking, wireless, data mining, software, PwC, big data, VC funding, mobile apps, Uber

Android apps exploit permissions granted, French researchers find

Android apps really do use those permissions they ask for to access users' personal information: one online store records a phone's location up to 10 times a minute, French researchers have found. The tools to manage such access are limited, and inadequate given how much information phones can gather.

By Peter Sayer | 16 December, 2014 03:58

Tags: security, smartphones, Android, French National Commission on Computing and Liberty (CNIL), mobile, privacy, French National Institute for Informatics Research (INRIA), mobile applications, Android OS, consumer electronics, Google

Word Online catching up with Word 2013, at least in some areas

The free Office Online applications still have only a fraction of the capabilities in Office 2013, but an update this week adds some welcome new features -- some of which are actually ahead of the client versions.

By Mary Branscombe | 11 December, 2014 10:32

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, applications, Microsoft, software, internet, Word processors

FoundationDB gears up for the Internet of Things

When the anticipated tsunami of data from the Internet of Things hits the enterprise, FoundationDB's flagship NoSQL database should be ready to handle to deluge.

By Joab Jackson | 11 December, 2014 05:58

Tags: databases, applications, Internet of Things, software, FoundationDB, internet

Google and Avaya to bring Chromebooks and WebRTC to call centres

Google and Avaya are chasing companies seeking to install or upgrade call center systems, promising them easier and more affordable deployments via Chromebooks and a WebRTC interface to the Avaya customer support software.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 11 December, 2014 05:06

Tags: applications, Google, software, Software as a service, cloud computing, internet

Apple, IBM partnership yields first results: 10 mobile apps

IBM and Apple have unveiled the first results of their enterprise IT partnership: 10 mobile applications aimed at businesses in six industries as well as government users.

By Fred O'Connor | 11 December, 2014 01:58

Tags: mobile applications, Apple, IBM, mobile

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