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Luminoso to enterprises: Here's what all that chatter really means

Imagine your company has just launched a new product: the Acme iSolution. You've got an ad campaign under way and you want to know how people are reacting.

By Katherine Noyes | 12 February, 2015 10:13

Tags: applications, Customer Relationship Management, software, Luminoso, business intelligence

Hitachi buying Pentaho to boost its IoT business

Hitachi Data Systems is purchasing business intelligence software maker Pentaho to incorporate analysis into Internet of Things systems it'll build for the healthcare, public safety and other industries.

By Joab Jackson | 12 February, 2015 07:04

Tags: business issues, applications, Pentaho, software, hitachi, Mergers and acquisitions, business intelligence

Corporate IT: Beware the dating apps on your users' phones

Security-conscious IT leaders already have a rocky romance with the BYOD trend, and as Valentine's day approaches it's emerged that lonely-heart employees could be putting company data up for grabs by using dating apps.

By Katherine Noyes | 12 February, 2015 05:10

Tags: mobile applications, IBM, security, mobile security, mobile

Learn to crunch Big Data with R

A few years ago I was the CTO and co-founder of a startup in the medical practice management software space. One of the problems we were trying to solve was how medical office visit schedules can optimize - everyone's - time. Too often, office visits are scheduled to optimize the physician's time, and patients have to wait way too long in overcrowded waiting rooms in the company of people coughing contagious diseases out their lungs.

By Martin Heller | 11 February, 2015 22:03

Tags: applications, data mining, software, big data

Samepage updates its collaboration service with Box, Dropbox support

If there's any trend evident in the collaboration world today, it's the movement away from complexity and toward simplicity. With so many products out there, many of them running simultaneously in a single organization, it's only natural to yearn for something that pares down the options.

By Katherine Noyes | 11 February, 2015 11:07

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Samepage, applications, software, collaboration, internet

Box launches new service for security-conscious enterprises

Few would deny the appeal of the cloud for enterprise file storage and sharing, but for some organizations -- particularly those in heavily regulated industries -- security concerns can outweigh those potential benefits.

By Katherine Noyes | 11 February, 2015 04:02

Tags: applications, software,, collaboration, cloud computing, internet

MarkLogic buddies up to JavaScript, throws shade at old pal XML

Database company MarkLogic has extended its NoSQL data store to work natively with JavaScript and the popular JSON data exchange format, in addition to the XML format it has long supported.

By Joab Jackson | 10 February, 2015 10:28

Tags: MarkLogic, applications, databases, software

Incentive opens its social-collaboration doors to SharePoint

Targeting the legions of SharePoint users in organizations around the globe, Incentive on Monday updated its namesake enterprise collaboration product to provide tight integration with Microsoft's platform.

By Katherine Noyes | 10 February, 2015 09:46

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, applications, document management, Microsoft, Incentive, software, collaboration, internet

EU Parliament blocks new Outlook apps over privacy concerns

Access to Microsoft's new Outlook apps has been blocked for members of the European Parliament because of "serious security issues."

By Loek Essers | 10 February, 2015 01:16

Tags: applications, Microsoft, security, e-mail, software, mobile, European Parliament, privacy, mobile applications

No end in sight to the growth of cloud analytics

It's no secret that cloud computing and data analytics are both rapidly growing areas of IT. Put them together, and you get a winning combination that's expected to grow by more than 26 percent annually over the next five years.

By Katherine Noyes | 07 February, 2015 10:17

Tags: Constellation Research, Research and Markets, applications, Online analytical processing, software, cloud computing, internet, business intelligence

Office for Windows 10 is not free for everyone

Microsoft will license some of the touch-based Office for Windows 10 apps in the same way it now handles those for iOS and Android, the company said today.

By Gregg Keizer | 07 February, 2015 06:09

Tags: enterprise applications, applications, Microsoft, enterprise resource planning, software

ClusterHQ: Bringing the power of containers to enterprise data

It's no small testament to the appeal of container technology that Docker -- by far the leading contender in the field -- went from under 3 million downloads in June 2014 to 100 million last month.

By Katherine Noyes | 06 February, 2015 11:55

Tags: business issues, ClusterHQ, open source, applications, software, investments, Data management

Apple previews new Photos app to OS X developers

Apple has released the first preview of Photos, its iPhoto replacement, to registered developers.

By Gregg Keizer | 06 February, 2015 08:16

Tags: Mac apps, Apple, iphoto, applications, Photo / video, OS X Yosemite, software

Apple's iOS edges Android in Q4, takes top smartphone OS spot in the US

Strong iPhone 6 sales helped Apple iOS's reclaim the top smartphone OS spot in the U.S. in the fourth quarter, after ceding the title to Android two years ago.

By Fred O'Connor | 05 February, 2015 08:24

Tags: Apple, Android OS, telecommunication, applications, ios, Mobile OSes, mobile

Apple's iOS edges Android in Q4, takes top smartphone OS spot in the US

Strong iPhone 6 sales helped Apple iOS's reclaim the top smartphone OS spot in the U.S. in the fourth quarter, after ceding the title to Android two years ago.

By Fred O'Connor | 05 February, 2015 08:24

Tags: Apple, Android OS, telecommunication, applications, ios, Mobile OSes, mobile

Microsoft kicks off preview of Office for Windows 10

Microsoft has released previews of its touch-centric Excel, Word and PowerPoint apps for Windows 10, making good on the pledge two weeks ago to give customers an early look this month.

By Gregg Keizer | 05 February, 2015 08:03

Tags: enterprise applications, Apple, applications, Microsoft, enterprise resource planning, software

App for business users lets you share sensitive documents -- then they disappear

Sharing secrets is nothing new in the business world, but a young startup is hoping to change how professionals do it.

By Katherine Noyes | 05 February, 2015 06:19

Tags: mobile applications, applications, software, mobile, Confide

Cortana on the PC: Can we talk?

Cortana, the Windows Phone voice-activated digital assistant, now works on desktops, laptops and tablets running the preview edition of Windows 10.

By Matt Hamblen | 05 February, 2015 03:57

Tags: applications, Microsoft, Product lifecycle management, software, mobile

US top developer of risky mobile applications

A new report identifies the U.S. as the top developer of malicious and privacy-intruding applications, a finding that contrasts with conventional wisdom that often places the problem squarely in Asia.

By Jeremy Kirk | 04 February, 2015 13:30

Tags: mobile applications, security, mobile, Marble Security, privacy

SAP unwraps a new enterprise suite based on Hana

SAP has unveiled a new generation of enterprise software built around its Hana in-memory database platform.

By Katherine Noyes | 04 February, 2015 05:51

Tags: applications, enterprise resource planning, SAP, software

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