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Salesforce Lightning Connect marries old apps to new

Salesforce has a solid lock on the SMB space, and more forward-looking large organizations have moved to its cloud CRM, marketing and sales solutions, apparently to great success. But for every Virgin America or Burberry, there are many, many more older companies out there with siloed-off, older systems; they couldn't get their data into the Salesforce cloud even if they wanted to.

By Matt Weinberger | 14 November, 2014 00:16

Tags: Customer Relationship Management, applications, informatica, software, MuleSoft, crm

Amazon promises a mightier MySQL with Aurora release

With Wednesday's preview release of a new database service called Aurora, Amazon Web Services claims to have supercharged the open source MySQL with the high performance, reliability, and scalability characteristics typically associated with commercial database systems--at the fraction of the cost for these products.

By Joab Jackson | 13 November, 2014 14:05

Tags: Amazon Web Services, databases, applications, software, Software as a service, cloud computing, internet, Infrastructure services

With Clutter, Microsoft is less cautious about bringing machine learning to the masses

Microsoft's new Clutter feature for cleaning up your inbox automatically is the latest of several tools based on machine learning that the Office team thinks are ready for prime time. In fact, it's the latest of many machine learning tools that researchers at Microsoft have developed over the years. But this time, Microsoft is confident enough to make them broadly available.

By Mary Branscombe | 13 November, 2014 07:53

Tags: applications, Microsoft, software

Microsoft finally gets a real Instagram account

We're not sure, maybe it's another thing to credit new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for. But we applaud Microsoft for belatedly joining Instagram and grabbing a formal corporate account.

By Bob Brown | 13 November, 2014 07:32

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, applications, Microsoft, social, software, social networking, collaboration, internet, Mashable, skype, Instagram

CA portfolio management services can now reflect IT budget changes

IT and business managers who want to play with their projected budget numbers can now get a hand from a new add-on for CA's flagship project and portfolio management software, formerly called CA Clarity.

By Joab Jackson | 12 November, 2014 07:25

Tags: CA Technologies, applications, enterprise resource planning, software

Microsoft waves goodbye to Lync, says hello to Skype for Business

More than three years after acquiring Skype, Microsoft has announced it would rebrand its semi-rival Lync corporate communications platform as Skype for Business.

By Gregg Keizer | 12 November, 2014 07:07

Tags: unified communications (UC), skype, applications, Microsoft, software, speech, e3

Box sharpens iOS app, Web interface in fight to stand out against big rivals

As it seeks differentiation with collaboration, workflow and document management features, Box has revamped its iOS app and Web interface to simplify how users and IT administrators interact with files kept in its cloud storage service.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 12 November, 2014 04:05

Tags: applications, storage, content management, software,, collaboration

Instagram brings editing tools and more of your friends to the foreground

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it's worth fewer with a lousy caption -- and let's not even get into hashtags -- so Instagram is trying to help users clean things up.

By Zach Miners | 11 November, 2014 08:42

Tags: mobile applications, Internet-based applications and services, Instagram, social networking, mobile, social media, internet, Facebook

Apple offers former iPhone users way to stop it hijacking their text messages

Apple is at last offering a simple way for former iPhone users to receive text messages sent into limbo by the company's iMessage service.

By Loek Essers | 10 November, 2014 23:51

Tags: telecommunication, consumer electronics, satellite, applications, ios, smartphones, iPhone, Mobile OSes, mobile, Apple

Office for iPad apps climb to top of Apple's download list

Microsoft's Office for iPad apps jumped in download popularity on Friday, topping the App Store's U.S. chart the day after the Redmond, Wash. firm handed consumers more functionality free of charge.

By Gregg Keizer | 09 November, 2014 04:37

Tags: mobile applications, Microsoft, mobile, mobile apps

Microsoft looks to find its way in mobile app market

By unlocking core edit functions in its free Office apps for iOS and, later, Android, Microsoft is trying to close out pesky rivals in the mobile market and lure new subscribers to Office 365.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 08 November, 2014 10:24

Tags: applications, Microsoft, software, Office suites

Platfora brings analysis to Internet of Things data

Software provider Platfora has extended its analysis software to work with data generated by sensors, machines and other devices that are part of the Internet of Things.

By Joab Jackson | 08 November, 2014 08:00

Tags: applications, data mining, software, Platfora

Microsoft's Office for iPad carrot fails to boost consumer revenue

Microsoft yesterday made the surprising move to offer consumers more functional Office apps on the iPad after failing to drive Office 365 Home and Personal subscriptions, analysts said today.

By Gregg Keizer | 08 November, 2014 07:18

Tags: applications, Microsoft, beca, software, Office suites, Apple iOS

Outlook for Mac 15.3 review: Almost as good as the Windows version

The latest surprise release of Outlook for Mac 15.3 is largely what you'd hope to get in an Outlook refresh: At long last, a version that looks and works almost identically to the Windows version. This is great news if you live exclusively in an Exchange environment, but you may want to mute your celebration if you also deal with other calendars and contact lists created elsewhere.

By Dan Rosenbaum | 08 November, 2014 01:53

Tags: mobile applications, Mac apps, microsoft outlook, Microsoft, mobile

Xamarin offers free app-building tools to students

Xamarin has launched a new program designed to get its popular mobile app building platform into the hands of America's students, because children are our future or something like that.

By Matt Weinberger | 08 November, 2014 01:25

Tags: mobile applications, App Development, Xamarin, mobile

Rated or Hated? The secret to getting a good score from your Uber driver

While you were busy rating your last Uber driver, your last Uber driver was busy rating you.

By Zach Miners | 07 November, 2014 09:35

Tags: Uber, mobile applications, Internet-based applications and services, consumer electronics, mobile, internet

Cloud, mobile apps walk away with top honors at Web Summit

Startups vying for top awards at the Web Summit in Dublin this week are developing products for widely different markets, but highlight the growing use and reliance on cloud services and mobile devices on the part of developers and users alike.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 07 November, 2014 06:42

Tags: Codacy, Mimi Hearing Technologies, BaseStone, re:3D, mobile, cloud computing, Apploi, internet, TracknStop, mobile applications

What you can and can't do with free mobile Office apps

Microsoft has unlocked a set of authoring and editing features for the free versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint available for iPhone and iPad, and soon will do the same for Android tablets and Android smartphones. However, a number of capabilities remain available only to users who subscribe to Office 365.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 07 November, 2014 06:36

Tags: applications, Microsoft, software, Office suites

Microsoft seeks testers for Office on Android tablets

Microsoft today began taking registration requests from Android tablet users for a beta of Office for Google's mobile operating system.

By Gregg Keizer | 07 November, 2014 04:02

Tags: mobile applications, Google, Microsoft, computerworld, mobile, mobile apps

Microsoft beefs up Office on iPhone with standalone apps

Microsoft, reluctant for many years to port Office to rival platforms like iOS and Android, changed course little over a year ago and is now doubling down on its cross-platform effort.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 07 November, 2014 01:04

Tags: applications, Microsoft, software, Office suites

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