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Oracle brings Big Data back to database administrators

Now that many enterprises are seeing value in Big Data analysis, it may be time for their database administrators and data warehouse managers to get involved.

By Joab Jackson | 07 April, 2015 07:24

Tags: applications, data mining, software, Oracle

Apple Pay rival CurrentC coming in mid-2015

The mobile payments space is about to get more crowded: CurrentC, a platform backed by some of the country's biggest retailers, will launch in the next few months and give Apple, Google and Samsung added competition.

By Martyn Williams | 07 April, 2015 06:38

Tags: smartphones, finance, mobile, industry verticals, Merchant Content Exchange, mobile applications, Apple, samsung, retail, consumer electronics, Google

Uber pushes for reform in wake of Harper review

Uber has used the Competition Policy Review, released earlier this week, to push state governments for regulatory reform.

By Rohan Pearce | 02 April, 2015 10:01

Tags: Uber, goCatch

Health care industry receives first mobile apps from Apple, IBM

An enterprise mobility partnership between Apple and IBM has yielded more iPhone and iPad apps, including the first ones for the health care industry and industrial production management.

By Fred O'Connor | 02 April, 2015 06:55

Tags: mobile applications, Apple, consumer electronics, IBM, smartphones, hardware systems, tablets, mobile

Facebook 'riffs' on Snapchat with new group video app

Facebook has released a new app for making videos that it thinks can win over the competition by allowing collaboration among friends.

By Zach Miners | 02 April, 2015 06:03

Tags: mobile applications, Internet-based applications and services, social networking, mobile, social media, internet, video, Facebook

In a haystack of data, Alation helps find the needle

One of the paradoxes of today's data-driven world is that the very data we seek for competitive advantage can be both a curse and a blessing. Businesses need the right data to gain a leg up, but each new bit they acquire makes it harder to uncover the data they need.

By Katherine Noyes | 01 April, 2015 11:50

Tags: Alation, applications, data mining, software, Data management

Google gives Apps admins more control over their files and docs

Google is giving systems admins more control over Apps documents in an attempt to alleviate concerns about securing company data after moving email and productivity software to the cloud.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 01 April, 2015 04:00

Tags: applications, Google, e-mail, software, collaboration, Software as a service, cloud computing, internet

Infinit speeds up video, photo sharing via smartphones

French company Infinit has released Android and iOS applications for free file-sharing that promise improved transmission speeds over cloud-based services.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 01 April, 2015 03:58

Tags: mobile applications, Android OS, telecommunication, applications, ios, Infinit, Mobile OSes, mobile

Google cloud platform can now be managed from a phone

Google is testing a version for Android smartphones and tablets of a console that will help its customers monitor services in the cloud while on the move.

By John Ribeiro | 31 March, 2015 17:55

Tags: mobile applications, Google, cloud computing, mobile, internet

HP links Vertica and IDOL seeking better unstructured data analysis

Promising more thorough and timelier data analysis, Hewlett-Packard has released a software package that combines the company's Vertica database with its IDOL data analysis platform.

By Joab Jackson | 31 March, 2015 05:07

Tags: applications, databases, software, Hewlett-Packard

Why Meerkat and Periscope are the next big challenge for marketers

There's nothing like a brand-new medium to put marketing departments into overdrive, and it would be hard to find a better example than the recent, rapid-fire arrival of live-stream video apps Meerkat and Periscope.

By Katherine Noyes | 28 March, 2015 06:26

Tags: marketing, Internet-based applications and services, Meerkat, twitter, mobile, industry verticals, social media, internet, video, mobile applications

Microsoft wants to make Powerpoint more Web-friendly, buys LiveLoop

Microsoft has acquired LiveLoop and its technology for sharing PowerPoint presentations online more easily.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 27 March, 2015 22:25

Tags: business issues, LiveLoop, applications, Microsoft, software, Office suites, Mergers and acquisitions

Meltdown! New Periscope iPhone app live streams ice cream factory's end

The teardown of a 50-plus-year-old ice cream plant across from Network World's Framingham, Mass., headquarters today practically screamed to be live streamed via Twitter's new Periscope app for the iPhone. So I took my iPhone 5 into the parking lot during lunch and brought the action live to a whoever happened to stumble across it.

By Bob Brown | 27 March, 2015 08:07

Tags: Photo / video, SXSW, applications, social, software, twitter, collaboration, video

New Unit4 platform promises 'self-driving' ERP

Following a quiet year spent retooling its enterprise technology, Unit4 on Thursday unveiled revamped and rebranded versions of its flagship ERP and financial software products built on a brand-new platform that includes predictive-analytics and machine-learning capabilities.

By Katherine Noyes | 27 March, 2015 07:08

Tags: unit4, applications, enterprise resource planning, software

Uber's Amsterdam office raided by Dutch authorities

Uber keeps crashing into laws and regulations in Europe, but it's keeping the foot on the accelerator.

By Loek Essers | 27 March, 2015 00:00

Tags: mobile applications, legal, mobile, Uber Technologies

Atlassian's JIRA Service Desk now helps employees help themselves

Imagine a service desk, and chances are you envision a team focused on helping and supporting external customers. But often overlooked are equivalent services that are focused instead on serving an organization's internal customers -- helping employees find the answers to their questions and the people they need, for example.

By Katherine Noyes | 26 March, 2015 07:43

Tags: applications, atlassian, Customer Relationship Management, software, collaboration

Facebook app leaks F8 news about Parse, Messenger, 'teleportation station'

Facebook's app for its F8 developer conference stole some of the show's thunder by sending out, ahead of the event, a notification that revealed what products will most likely be discussed.

By Fred O'Connor | 26 March, 2015 02:19

Tags: mobile applications, mobile, internet, Facebook

Database pioneer Stonebraker rocks $1M "Nobel Prize in Computing"

Michael Stonebraker, whose database software breakthroughs helped to tame information overload long before we referred to it as big data, is the recipient of the 2014 ACM A.M. Turing Award, a.k.a. the "Nobel Prize in Computing."

By Bob Brown | 26 March, 2015 01:35

Tags: applications, IBM, Association for Computing Machinery, data mining, software, big data, awards, HP, ingres, databases, Google

Microsoft draws line between Spartan and IE11 browsers

Microsoft has said that, contrary to earlier statements, it would not make Project Spartan, the new browser for Windows 10, backward compatible with websites and Web apps designed expressly for Internet Explorer (IE).

By Gregg Keizer | 26 March, 2015 01:35

Tags: web browsers, applications, Microsoft, browsers, software

Apple database acquisition could help improve performance of its services

Apple has reportedly acquired database company FoundationDB, a move that would allow the company to improve the underpinnings of its existing services and also lay the groundwork for an Internet of Things (IoT) expansion.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 26 March, 2015 00:25

Tags: business issues, Apple, databases, applications, software, FoundationDB, Mergers and acquisitions

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