It's SysAdmin Day: Let us celebrate with coffee

Ross Derewianko is a systems administrator for Ping Identity, a maker of cross-platform identity management and security software. We spoke to him on SysAdmin Day to get his thoughts on the holiday and on his job.

By Jon Gold | 01 August, 2015 04:30

Tags: management, Networking, Microsoft, Network management, Ping Identity

Ad group urges FTC to reject right to be forgotten in US

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission should reject a privacy group's push to extend the E.U.'s controversial right to be forgotten rules to the U.S. because such regulations would have a "sweeping" negative effect on many U.S. companies, a trade group said.

By Grant Gross | 01 August, 2015 01:54

Tags: U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Watchdog, regulation, Association of National Advertisers, John Simpson, government, internet, search engines, privacy, Daniel Jaffe, Peter Fleischer, Google, security

Cisco's pay package for CEO Robbins is a sweet deal

Cisco will pay incoming CEO Chuck Robbins a higher salary than outgoing chief John Chambers made in fiscal 2014.

By Stephen Lawson | 31 July, 2015 08:33

Tags: business issues, personnel, Cisco Systems, Networking

Open-source startup hopes to change the way businesses visualize data

A Boulder, Colorado-based startup announced today that it has raised $3.6 million in seed funding to build the commercial version of the SlamData open-source project, helping businesses visualize semi-structured NoSQL data.

By Jon Gold | 30 July, 2015 23:56

Tags: Networking, splunk, MongoDB, Open Source Subnet

Despite H-1B lottery, offshore firms dominate visa use

Offshore outsourcing firms that do most of their work in India remain the largest users of the H-1B visa for computer-related jobs, seemingly unaffected by the odds of the visa lottery, according to new data.

By Patrick Thibodeau, Sharon Machlis | 30 July, 2015 19:57

Tags: services, outsourcing, infosys, Google, Microsoft, H-1B, Tata Consultancy Services, Oracle, IT outsourcing

Americas are just 2 weeks away from running out of IPv4 addresses

John Curran, CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), told attendees at the Campus Technology conference in Boston on Wednesday that the IP address authority's pool of IPv4 addresses has dwindled to 90,000 and will be exhausted in about two weeks.

By Bob Brown | 30 July, 2015 04:15

Tags: education, ARIN, 21, industry verticals, ipv6

Telstra TV to take on Google, Apple

Telstra is beefing up its TV offering with a new service that bundles streaming services from Netflix, Stan and Presto.

By AAP | 29 July, 2015 10:36

Tags: Telstra

Someday your phone may stop an oncoming car

Self-driving cars will try to avoid robot pedestrians in a simulated city as part of an effort to make real-world streets safer.

By Stephen Lawson | 28 July, 2015 10:47

Tags: Automotive, University of Michigan, mobile, industry verticals, Verizon Communications

Cisco names two more to new CEO's team

Cisco has named two new executives to the leadership team of new CEO Chuck Robbins, who begins his tenure today.

By Jim Duffy | 28 July, 2015 00:19

Tags: cisco, careers, IT management, Hilton

Telcos hit out at govt's infrastructure security legislation

Representatives of the telecommunications industry have flatly rejected as regulatory over-reach a government scheme intended to boost infrastructure security.

By Rohan Pearce | 27 July, 2015 15:09

Tags: national security, Telecommunications Sector Security Reforms (TSSR), Malcolm Turnbull, security, Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill, Telecommunications

iiNet shareholders vote for TPG buyout

Only Australian Competition and Consumer Commission approval remains as a barrier to TPG's acquisition of iiNet, after iiNet shareholders today voted in favour of the deal.

By Rohan Pearce | 27 July, 2015 13:07

Tags: TPG, iiNet, Telecommunications

EARLY ACCESS Q&A: New Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins heads into "hyper-connected" mode

When Cisco Systems employees head into work Monday they'll encounter something they haven't seen in two decades: A new boss. Chuck Robbins -- formerly senior vice president of worldwide operations -- takes over as CEO from John Chambers, one of the most visible and quotable figures in business.

By John Gallant | 26 July, 2015 01:07

Tags: Cisco Systems, Networking, Cisco Subnet, IDG

Cisco kills Invicta storage product line

Cisco has pulled the plug on its troubled Invicta flash storage appliances in another admission that an acquisition didn't pan out as hoped.

By Jim Duffy | 25 July, 2015 01:08

Tags: network storage, storage, cisco, 21

790 could leave Cisco in Technicolor deal

Cisco could transfer or impact as many as 790 employees under terms of the sale of its Connected Devices business unit (CDBU) to Technicolor.

By Jim Duffy | 24 July, 2015 06:14

Tags: cisco, 21, careers, IT management, Hilton

Time for a Switch

Speeds and feeds as an Ethernet differentiator are over. Ethernet macho will be based much more on offering adaptable consumption models than raw throughput.

By Jim Duffy | 24 July, 2015 03:40

Tags: Dell, Networking, None, Cisco Subnet

Apple back-to-school sale features free Beats headphones for Mac buyers

Apple signaled the all-too-soon winding down of summer Thursday by revealing its annual back-to-school sale, which features free headphones for qualified Mac buyers.

By Bob Brown | 24 July, 2015 01:27

Tags: Mobile & Wireless, Apple, Networking, wireless, mobile

NBN Co's HFC deal with Optus set for ACCC blessing

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a draft decision that will give the go-ahead to a revised deal between NBN Co and Optus relating to the telco's hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) network.

By Rohan Pearce | 23 July, 2015 14:14

Tags: hfc, Networking, Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), nbn co, National Broadband Network (NBN), national broadband network, optus, Telstra, NBN

TPG shares popular with iiNet shareholders

iiNet shareholders have moved to snap up an offer of TPG shares ahead of a vote on whether to accept TPG's acquisition offer for the ISP.

By Rohan Pearce | 23 July, 2015 10:52

Tags: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), TPG, iiNet, broadband, Telecommunications

Microsoft to make enterprise security tools generally available

Microsoft will be making two services generally available as part of the company's push to improve the security of businesses' data.

By Blair Hanley Frank | 23 July, 2015 03:11

Tags: services, Microsoft

CTIA: FCC transparency guidelines 'irrational'

The wireless industry's chief lobbying group today issued comments on part of the FCC'S Open Internet Order that went into effect last month, saying that provisions requiring better disclosure of network management, performance and pricing figures are unfair and burdensome.

By Jon Gold | 23 July, 2015 00:31

Tags: business issues, Microsoft, Adallom, ctia, fcc, service providers

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