Vodafone asks how data retention applies to M2M

Vodafone seeks more clarity on how the data retention legislation introduced today will apply to machine-to-machine (M2M) data, among other questions.

By Adam Bender | 30 October, 2014 16:19

Tags: regulation, Australia, Vodafone, Parliament, data retention, metadata, legislation, competition, TIA Act

Future telcos must converge screens, things: Telstra CTO

The future telecom industry will compete on who can provide the best converged experience, according to Telstra CTO Vish Nandlall.

By Adam Bender | 30 October, 2014 11:29

Tags: future, triple play, converged services, wearable devices, connected cars, Internet of Things, Smart home, telecom, telcos, convergence, Telstra

Internet2 slices network

The Internet2 this week said it can now demonstrate a nationwide virtualized multitenant network that operates as multiple discrete, private networks.

By Jim Duffy | 30 October, 2014 08:11

Tags: SDN, Networking, Internet2

Ruckus goes after small business with app-managed Xclaim Wi-Fi

As small businesses make their Wi-Fi more enterprise-like, Ruckus Wireless wants to meet them where they live with that hallmark of consumer tech, the mobile app.

By Stephen Lawson | 30 October, 2014 05:32

Tags: Networking, wireless, WLANs / Wi-Fi, Ruckus Wireless

Free public Wi-Fi network coming to Victoria

The Victorian government and iiNet have announced a free public Wi-Fi network in Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo.

By Adam Bender | 29 October, 2014 14:15

Tags: Wi-Fi, ballarat, Networking, Victoria, Bendigo, muni-wifi, wireless, iiNet, public Wi-Fi, victorian government, Melbourne

Telstra, NBN Co back in court this April

NBN Co and Telstra will this April resume their argument over consumer-price-index (CPI) adjustments in the companies’ $11 billion agreement.

By Adam Bender | 29 October, 2014 10:45

Tags: NSW Court of Appeal, CPI adjustments, NSW Supreme Court, national broadband network, nbn co, court, NBN, broadband, courts, Telstra

Study blames backbone business deals for broadband congestion

Business relationships between major broadband providers and Internet backbone providers appear to be the cause of major drags on performance from early 2013 to early this year, according to a new study from a think tank advocating for strong net neutrality rules.

By Grant Gross | 29 October, 2014 09:05

Tags: New America Foundation, telecommunication, regulation, David Young, Bob Quinn, comcast, internet, broadband, Vert Cerf, Internet service providers, Verizon Communications, Google, at&t, netflix, government

255 terabits a second: New fiber speed record?

Researchers from the University of Central Florida and Eindhoven University of Technology say that they've developed a new fiber optic medium that allows data to be sent and received at up to 255Tbps, a roughly twenty-fold increase over current fiber.

By Jon Gold | 28 October, 2014 04:53

Tags: BT, telecommunication, fiber, broadband, LAN & WAN

Wi-Fi Passpoint standard now knits together SF, San Jose, London

A partnership that lets Wi-Fi users get on free public networks in San Francisco and San Jose, California, with a one-time joining process now also covers a hotspot along the River Thames in London.

By Stephen Lawson | 25 October, 2014 11:22

Tags: telecommunication, Networking, wireless, City and County of San Francisco, WLANs / Wi-Fi, broadband, Ruckus Wireless

The ratings: Most net neutrality groups get poor grades for funding transparency

After a spate of news stories about alleged "astroturf" advocacy in a contentious U.S. net neutrality debate, the IDG News Service looked into the funding transparency of several think tanks and advocacy groups involved in the issue. Several disclose limited or no information about their funding, we found.

By Grant Gross | 25 October, 2014 05:50

Tags: Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, Free State Foundation, Berin Szoka, Harold Ford Jr., internet, Facebook, Randolph May, Internet service providers, George Soros, Google, TechFreedom, Center for Democracy and Technology, Transparify, eric schmidt, government, free press, Mojang, regulation, Demand Progress, Fight for the Future,, Public Knowledge, Scott Cleland, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Holmes Wilson, Open Society Foundations, American Enterprise Institute, Microsoft, Consumer Electronics Association, Broadband for America, Verizon Communications, broadband, John Sununu, New America Foundation, Internet Innovation Alliance, telecommunication, David Koch

Advocacy groups accused of obscuring corporate ties in net neutrality debate

A spate of recent news stories have revealed that a wide variety of lobby groups have financial ties to broadband carriers and trade associations, accusing them of faking grassroots opposition to strong net neutrality rules.

By Grant Gross | 25 October, 2014 05:50

Tags: telecommunication, David Koch,,, internet, Internet service providers, Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, American Enterprise Institute, Charles Koch, ctia, Techdirt,, Dennis Rodman, Brian Dietz, government, American Consumer Institute for Citizen Research, DCI Group, Broadband for America, American Commitment, broadband, National Cable and Telecommunications Association, regulation, comcast

Secretive funding fuels ongoing net neutrality astroturfing controversy

The contentious debate about net neutrality in the U.S. has sparked controversy over a lack of funding transparency for advocacy groups and think tanks, which critics say subverts the political process.

By Grant Gross | 25 October, 2014 05:50

Tags: Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, telecommunication, regulation, Mike Wendy, Fight for the Future, internet, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet service providers, Doug Brake, George Soros, Open Society Foundations, Holmes Wilson,, Richard Esguerra, Jennifer Lappin, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Transparify, government, broadband

Court delays NBN Co, Pipe Networks battle

The court battle between NBN Co and TPG has been postponed for two weeks.

By Adam Bender | 24 October, 2014 13:43

Tags: fibre to the basement, FTTB, National Broadband Plan, TPG, nbn co, court, Pipe Networks, NBN

Oracle says state wanted to take 'unacceptable risk' with health care website transition

The blame game between Oracle and the state of Oregon is going into overtime, even before their dueling lawsuits over the disastrous Cover Oregon health insurance exchange website make it into court.

By Chris Kanaracus | 24 October, 2014 08:05

Tags: business issues, CIO role, hardware systems, it strategy, software, investments, IT management, Oracle, Deloitte, services, Dorian Daley

Collection of new cord cutting techs make it easier to snip that CATV tether

"I want to watch what I want, when I want, wherever I want, and I don't want to pay through the nose for it."

By By Jennifer Tuohy, writing for Home Depot | 24 October, 2014 07:07

Tags: CATV, internet, netflix, LAN & WAN

Akamai sees record-setting spikes in size and volume of DDoS attacks

The size and volume of distributed denial-of-service attacks has exploded in the past year, with a 389 percent increase in average attack bandwidth between the third quarter of 2013 and the third quarter of 2014, according to an Internet security report from Akamai Technologies.

By Grant Gross | 24 October, 2014 03:59

Tags: Akamai Technologies, security, John Summers

Xiaomi moving data outside China following privacy concerns

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is moving customer data and its Internet platforms to servers outside China, only months after the company apologized over privacy concerns.

By Michael Kan | 23 October, 2014 13:33

Tags: Xiaomi, services, consumer electronics, Android, smartphones, Computing services

At Austin airport, Wi-Fi predicts how long the security line will be

The Internet can ease travel concerns in many ways, including flight-delay information, maps of road congestion, and ride-sharing apps. But a Wi-Fi network at the Austin, Texas, airport can now answer one of the great unknowns: How long will I have to wait in line at security?

By Stephen Lawson | 23 October, 2014 11:43

Tags: Cisco Systems, Networking, Boingo Wireless, transportation, wireless, industry verticals, WLANs / Wi-Fi

TIO task force to field NBN grievances

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) has had to set up a special team to handle rising complaints about the National Broadband Network.

By Adam Bender | 23 October, 2014 08:00

Tags: customer service, complaints, tio, national broadband network, customer satisfaction, telecom, NBN, broadband

Government regulation on cloud security may spur SaaS use in health care

Governments may need to tighten the regulatory screws on SaaS vendors to make them be more transparent and forthcoming about their security practices.

By Fred O'Connor | 23 October, 2014 07:54

Tags: security, health care, internet, industry verticals, cloud computing, Verizon Communications

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