Cisco acquires video collaboration company for $700M

Acano will help scale, hybrid delivery and interoperability, company says

By Jim Duffy | 20 November, 2015 17:38

Tags: Microsoft, cisco, collaboration

Facebook building a 100-gigabit switch to keep up with video, VR traffic

Facebook is more than doubling the speed of its Wedge open-source network switch, which is good news both for Facebook users and for anyone who may want to build a 100-gigabit switch.

Plexxi updates private cloud portfolio

Rolls out software suite, 100G switch for bringing public cloud benefits to enterprise

By Jim Duffy | 17 November, 2015 22:15

Tags: cdn, VMware

Cisco adds programmability to Internet routers

Worked with leading Web companies to enhance IOS XR

By Jim Duffy | 17 November, 2015 16:00

Tags: mpls, cisco, internet

Arista looks to connect clouds

Extends data interconnect capabilities of 7500E spine switch

By Jim Duffy | 17 November, 2015 13:59

Tags: routers, cdn, Box

Cisco CEO not big on spin-ins

Robbins favors small, internal "start-up" teams over funding and acquiring companies

By Jim Duffy | 16 November, 2015 16:52

Tags: programmers, routers, cisco

Juniper Networks taps new security CTO

Former Walmart CISO Walker replaces Hoff

By Jim Duffy | 12 November, 2015 20:20

Tags: WalMart, routers, cyber security

Ex-Juniper sibs look to soften up the WAN

Mehta brothers launch SDN start-up Versa Networks

By Jim Duffy | 10 November, 2015 23:57

Tags: verizon, routers, cyber security

Cisco, Ericsson team up as industry consolidates

Form broad, strategic partnership while Nokia looks to wrap Alcatel-Lucent merger

By Jim Duffy | 09 November, 2015 17:50

Tags: patents, routers, cisco

Cisco, Ericsson partner to build and sell next-gen networks

Ericsson and Cisco Systems are partnering to develop and sell next-generation networks -- Ericsson because it's cheaper than buying in or building the equipment itself, and Cisco because it's quicker than buying Ericsson.

By Peter Sayer | 09 November, 2015 17:31

Tags: Ericsson, partner, next-generation networks, cisco

Sprint owner confirms job cuts will be "in the thousands"

Sprint reported it gained 237,000 postpaid phone customers in the second fiscal quarter that ended Sept. 30, the first time it showed gains on that measure in two years.

Google tries to woo enterprises with new Android for Work initiatives

Google’s enterprise push rolled on Wednesday with the launch of new programs relating to Android for Work, its group of features and services that help make that mobile operating system easier to manage for businesses.

By Blair Hanley Frank | 04 November, 2015 20:00

Tags: Google

Juniper disaggregates even further

Unveils more open Junos OS and a leaf switch for it that supports 25/50G

By Jim Duffy | 03 November, 2015 20:00

Tags: mpls, programmers, routers

Google Fiber eyed for three more cities: Oklahoma City, Jacksonville and Tampa

Google's crusade to light up U.S. cities with gigabit speed Google Fiber has expanded to potentially include Oklahoma City and Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida.

By Matt Hamblen | 29 October, 2015 20:08

Tags: Google

Cisco acquires a third company this week

1 Mainstream has a cloud-based video service networking giant needs

By Jim Duffy | 28 October, 2015 19:23

Tags: cisco, cdn

Cisco buying Lancope for $450M

Network analysis tools bolster Security Everywhere initiative

By Jim Duffy | 27 October, 2015 18:41

Tags: cyber attack, cisco, cyber security

EU vote for 'neutral' net plan draws sharp criticism

By rejecting amendments to a bill on net neutrality, the European Parliament has all but ensured that in the European Union the net will be neutral in name only, critics say.

Cisco acquires IoT analytics company

ParStream makes a database for crunching big data at the edge

By Jim Duffy | 26 October, 2015 18:44

Tags: cisco, internet

European ISPs exaggerate their performance, US ISPs are more honest

U.S. ISPs deliver on their download speed promises -- unlike European ones, which on average deliver only 80 percent of the download speed they advertise.

Cisco fixes iOS 9 compatibility issue that blocked some VPNs

Split-tunnel AnyConnect VPNs again handle DNS resolution properly, restoring access to server resources

By Galen Gruman | 23 October, 2015 14:43

Tags: cisco

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