Apple’s 3D Touch system may be useful — someday

The system is counterintuitive, and its usefulness is yet to be demonstrated.

By Evan Schuman | 13 October, 2015 15:00

Tags: Apple, iPhone

Nothing is ever completely outsourced

An outsourced project is out of your hands, right? Well, no, not entirely. In fact, that belief is a common misconception that can lead to trouble.

By Bart Perkins | 15 August, 2015 01:41

Tags: services, outsourcing, no company

Just give up on mobile already, Microsoft

How many ways can Microsoft fail with mobile technology? There was Windows CE -- a failure. Windows Mobile -- a flop. And, more recently, Windows Phone -- a fiasco.

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | 11 July, 2015 03:47

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Google, Microsoft, Networking, smartphones, wireless, mobile, Windows Phone

Broadband for all

There's no mere digital divide in the United States; it's a chasm. It ensures that the have-nots will always have less, and those with broadband access will have more. It's time to finally end that, and guarantee that everyone in the country, no matter how poor, gets broadband and its many benefits.

By Preston Gralla | 03 July, 2015 04:24

Tags: telecommunication, fcc, digital divide, broadband

Restoring a vibrant and open Internet

The Internet has functioned well for decades with minimal regulation of either access or edge providers. The <a href="">Federal Communications Commission's open-Internet order</a> replaces that stable equilibrium with an asymmetric regime that is inherently unstable and antithetical to investment and innovation.

By By Anna-Maria Kovacs | 28 May, 2015 00:04

Tags: net neutrality, Federal Communications Commission, fcc, internet

Broadband is like a river (but not the way you think)

In his 2014 book, <em>The Accidental Superpower</em>, Peter Zeihan traces the origins of America's economic prosperity to its abundance of rivers. The U.S. has more miles of navigable waterways, which provide a uniquely efficient and inexpensive means for transporting goods across a continent, than the rest of the world put together. According to Zeihan, this difference was a critical factor in the country's emergence as the world's leading superpower. And because rivers do not require large-scale efforts to build and operate, they favor decentralized development, which has encouraged local entrepreneurs, who represent a distinctive aspect of the U.S. economy. The U.S. is also blessed with many natural harbors that are another major contributor to a country's economic success.

By By Richard Adler | 30 April, 2015 19:11

Tags: telecommunication, broadband

We've got net neutrality. Now the real work begins.

Now that <a href="">net neutrality is the law of the land</a>, you may feel inclined to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. After all, a big reason the FCC backed net neutrality was the outpouring of support for it.

By Preston Gralla | 31 March, 2015 05:59

Tags: new york times, telecommunication, The New York Times, net neutrality, ookla, fcc, internet, broadband

Pulling net neutrality from a swamp of lies

On Feb. 26, the Federal Communications Commission voted, along strict party lines, to <a href="">approve new net neutrality rules</a> by reclassifying broadband as a regulated public utility. So does that save the Internet or lock it up in a bureaucratic, censored, expensive prison?

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | 06 March, 2015 22:49

Tags: net neutrality, Federal Communications Commission, fcc, internet

Fave Raves 2015: What's your favorite enterprise IT product?

Do you have a favorite enterprise IT product you can't live without? Tell us about it and we'll share your raves with our readers. (Here's a link to <a href="">last year's Fave Raves</a> collection.)

By Ann Bednarz | 03 March, 2015 00:41

Tags: management, Networking, infrastructure management

The FCC's Orwellian Internet policy

President Obama's secret plan to protect the "open Internet" is locked inside the Federal Communications Commission. We don't know what's in the 322 pages, but we are told it includes a transparency rule.  

By By Bret Swanson | 26 February, 2015 01:04

Tags: white house, net neutrality, Federal Communications Commission, fcc, internet

What happens next in the Cisco suit against Arista?

Arista Networks' stock took it on the chin when Cisco slapped the company with patent infringement and copyright law suits last Friday, losing almost 20% of its value at one point as investors and others mulled the long term implications of the suits.

By John Dix | 10 December, 2014 09:00

Tags: Ethernet Switch, cisco, legal, Arista Networks, Arista

Obama's Internet plan plays favorites, and Netflix is one of the darlings

President Obama recently announced <a href="">his plan</a> to regulate the Internet under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act. This law nurtured America's telephone monopoly for 50 years. Under the president's plan, Internet service would be treated like a public utility, subject to rate regulation and state utilities commission oversight. The <a href="">plan Obama proposes</a> to prevent Internet service providers (ISP) from playing favorites with content ironically reveals him to be playing favorites with content providers such as Netflix.

By By Roslyn Layton | 02 December, 2014 01:13

Tags: net neutrality, Federal Communications Commission, fcc, netflix, orange, internet

Slow Internet links got you down? It's Dyn to the rescue

As businesses extend their reach to more corners of the world, wouldn't it be nice if you could monitor any Internet service provider from any location? Thankfully, Dyn, which sells DNS management tools, acquired Renesys earlier this year and extended the features of the Renesys' Internet Intelligence product.

By By David Strom | 07 October, 2014 00:30

Tags: internet, LAN & WAN

Three critical changes to PCI DSS 3.0 that every merchant should know

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

By Chris Camejo | 24 September, 2014 03:10

Tags: security, PCI

How will iPhone 6's Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE affect enterprise networks?

While the cosmetic features like screen size and processing power of Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus attracted the most attention, their use of Wi-Fi and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for voice and video calling could eventually have a major impact on how phone calls are handled in the enterprise.

By Colin Neagle | 18 September, 2014 05:53

Tags: Networking, wireless, smartphones, iPhone, VoLTE, iphone 6, iOS 8, Apple, skype, consumer electronics, Google

Build it or buy it: Questions to ask about your metro data center network infrastructure

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

By Mitch Simcoe | 11 September, 2014 23:40

Tags: Networking, Metro network, LAN & WAN

Understanding SDN Vendor Ecosystems

Followers of Software Defined Networking (SDN) might recognize a sort of market maturation. We don't mean maturity of the product sets, or even how SDN is technically achieved. Those elements are still coming along. We mean vendor SDN strategies are settling in.

By Ethan Banks | 09 September, 2014 23:24

Tags: SDN, Networking, VMware

SDN and Network Virtualization: A Reality Check

The Software Defined Networking movement is still evolving, but profiles of SDN users are becoming more clear and we're getting a bead on some of the common evaluation criteria companies are using to gauge how to go forward. We also have a sense of when companies expect to start the process in earnest.

By Jim Metzler | 09 September, 2014 23:23

Tags: HP, Open Networking Foundation, SDN, Networking, Nuage Networks, VMware, NEC

Home automation's next big opportunity: Controlling the water heater

Three years ago most people barely even thought about their air conditioning, until it didn't work. Then along came NEST, the smart thermostat that opened up a whole new world of home control, and most importantly, money savings. Suddenly, the state of your indoor climate was dinner-table conversation. Get ready to start talking about your water heater.

By Jennifer Tuohy | 06 September, 2014 02:49

Tags: Networking, Internet of Things, wireless

Top things to consider as you prepare for the transition to 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

By Jay Botelho | 29 August, 2014 00:27

Tags: Wi-Fi, Networking, Gigabit Wi-Fi, wireless, 802.11ac, WLANs / Wi-Fi

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