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Can we talk? Internet of Things vendors face a communications 'mess'

Vendors will tell you that the Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived. We're here to tell you that it hasn't.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 18 April, 2014 20:38

Tags: wireless networking, Emerging Technologies, Networking, wireless, hardware systems

USB Type-C: Simpler, faster and more powerful

The next generation of USB cables, the Type-C, will offer faster data streams, an increased ability to power devices, and better ease of use.

By Brian Nadel | 15 April, 2014 21:09

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, Computer Peripherals, USB Implementers Forum, Apple, forum, Networking, wireless, intel, mobile

HTC One M8 called a good looker and genuine rival to the Galaxy S5

HTC announced its One M8 smartphone on Tuesday, boasting its premium styling and asserting that it offers the world's best innovations. Those include a dual rear camera for adding depth to photos and a battery with 40% longer life than last year's HTC One M7.

By Matt Hamblen | 25 March, 2014 19:39

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, htc, Networking, Android, smartphones, wireless, mobile, galaxy

Smartphone innovation is slowing, so what's next?

In the last year or so, there has been a noticeable slowdown in innovations in new smartphones -- with both hardware and software. The next direction seems to be making the smartphone the hub for connecting technologies int eh Internet of Things scenario.

By Matt Hamblen | 24 March, 2014 20:22

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, IDC, consumer electronics, wireless carriers, Networking, smartphones, wireless, mobile, galaxy

In-memory technologies move databases to real time

Last week, application-performance monitoring service provider New Relic launched an offering that allows customers to mine its operational data for business intelligence.

By Joab Jackson | 24 March, 2014 17:12

Tags: applications, databases, Pivotal, Microsoft, software, Joyent

In-memory technologies move databases to real time

Last week, application-performance monitoring service provider New Relic launched an offering that allows customers to mine its operational data for business intelligence.

By Joab Jackson | 24 March, 2014 17:12

Tags: applications, databases, Pivotal, Microsoft, software, Joyent

The Grill: Rotary CIO Peter Markos

Peter Markos, CIO and general manager for Rotary International, contends with challenges ranging from authenticating a constantly changing list of users who need to access Rotary's systems to enabling applications that work for a vastly diverse membership.

By Mary K. Pratt | 24 March, 2014 10:37

Tags: management, IT transformation, Networking, IT careers, CIO role, IT Leadership, HBO, IT management

Government open data proves a treasure trove for savvy businesses

Ever since President Obama signed the Open Data Executive Order, government agencies have been making their vast data stores available to the public. These once-secret data sets are proving a valuable business resource, too.

By Cindy Waxer | 24 March, 2014 10:37

Tags: Government IT, applications, big data, software, data mining, business intelligence, McKinsey, white house, analytics, Business Intelligence/Analytics

Career Watch: The rise of people architecture

In managing human resources, people architecture is gaining popularity, says IT workforce analyst David Foote. He explains what it is and why it's on the rise.

By Jamie Eckle | 24 March, 2014 10:37

Tags: management, open source, Networking, Foote Partners, IT careers, software, IT management, staff management

The 12 pros and cons of a cellular smartwatch

Samsung is reportedly working on a variant of its Gear 2 smartwatch that works over cellular networks and doesn't require a Bluetooth or other connection to a smartphone.

By Matt Hamblen | 21 March, 2014 10:38

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, wireless carriers, LG Electronics, Networking, wireless, SK Telecom, Personal Technology, mobile, galaxy

Wearables fit perfectly into Google's smart strategy

Google's Android Wear mobile operating system is about powering smartwatches and wearables, but it also fits neatly into the company's overall smart strategy.

By Sharon Gaudin | 20 March, 2014 10:35

Tags: Motorola, Mobile/Wireless, Google, consumer electronics, Networking, smartphones, wireless, Personal Technology, mobile

Suddenly, wearables are big with new developer software releases

If you didn't already think wearables were going to be big, think again. Google and Samsung are among the biggest players in this emerging tech field and both just made new wearable app developer announcements.

By Matt Hamblen | 18 March, 2014 20:23

Tags: Motorola, Mobile/Wireless, Networking, Microsoft, wireless, Personal Technology, mobile, mobile apps, Apple, Google, consumer electronics

Do you understand your company's personality?

Corporate culture may matter even more to your project's success than ROI does. Here's how to work with it rather than against it.

By Minda Zetlin | 10 March, 2014 10:35

Tags: Networking, IT careers, CIO role, splunk, IT Leadership, CIO, IT management, management, IT transformation, Gartner

Career Watch: Pay was down for CS grads last year, but IT workers find that money isn't everything

Two surveys show that starting salaries for recent college graduates with computer science degrees has slipped, but pay might not be the most important factor for IT professionals when it comes to choosing jobs.

By Jamie Eckle | 10 March, 2014 10:35

Tags: management, Networking, IT careers

Studies show Sprint and T-Mobile need to expand U.S. coverage

Two major studies released this week of the nation's largest wireless networks put Verizon on top in nearly every technical network measurement, with AT&T close behind and Sprint and T-Mobile trailing.

By Matt Hamblen | 07 March, 2014 20:54

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, wireless carriers, Networking, at&t, smartphones, wireless, wall street journal, mobile, Verizon Wireless

CIO not the only one to blame for Target breach

That someone had to take the fall for the massive breach at Target is neither surprising nor unexpected. The only question is whether more heads will roll in the aftermath of one the biggest data compromises in retail history.

By Jaikumar Vijayan | 05 March, 2014 21:27

Tags: data security, retail, security, Networking, data protection, CIO, industry verticals, management, Target

R resources at Computerworld

From a beginner's guide to data-wrangling how-to and searchable collection of additional tutorials and videos, we've got you covered.

By Sharon Machlis | 25 February, 2014 11:29

Tags: analytics, Business Intelligence/Analytics, App Development, applications, software, business intelligence

Nokia's X phone line: What will Microsoft do with it?

Will Microsoft hold on to Nokia's three new X phones on Android once the deal to buy Nokia is final in the coming weeks? Three analysts attending the Mobile World Congress gave three different perspectives.

By Matt Hamblen | 24 February, 2014 17:46

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, skype, Networking, Microsoft, Android, wireless, Nokia, smartphones, mobile

Lessons from Nokia's bow to Android should resonate with smaller OS providers

Nokia's three new Android smartphones -- the X, X+ and XL -- could prove to be the biggest lesson for the smartphone industry at the 2014 Mobile World Congress.

By Matt Hamblen | 24 February, 2014 12:21

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, symbian, Networking, Android, wireless, Nokia, smartphones, mobile, Blackberry, consumer electronics, skype, Microsoft

Facebook coughs up $19bn to buy WhatsApp, draw younger users

Facebook may be shelling out $19 billion in cash and stock for the messaging company WhatsApp to stanch the departure of younger users from the social network.

By Sharon Gaudin | 20 February, 2014 19:54

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, Internet-based applications and services, Networking, wireless, internet, social media, mobile, Facebook, mobile apps, WhatsApp, Instagram

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