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Orange targets home applications with new mobile-to-TV gadgets and services

Mobile payments; home automation; health tracking; Bluetooth LE beacons; ubiquitous media streaming, and inevitably, one last surprise: In true Apple style, the product presentation was packed.

By Peter Sayer | 02 October, 2014 23:03

Tags: consumer electronics, Networking, accessories, finance, industry verticals, orange, mobile

Cisco and Netgear line up behind new Helix 64-bit ARM chips

AppliedMicro has announced a new family of 64-bit ARM chips that could disrupt the stodgy but sizeable market for components used in network routers, printers and other "embedded" equipment.

By James Niccolai | 02 October, 2014 11:03

Tags: Cisco Systems, Networking, AppliedMicro, netgear, Components, processors, Hewlett-Packard

Google-backed Thread Group opens membership, wades into home IoT marsh

The Thread Group has invited more companies to join its effort at harmonizing the "Internet of things" in consumers' homes, but it still faces a tangled industry with competing and overlapping technologies.

By Stephen Lawson | 02 October, 2014 10:48

Tags: Thread Group, Google, consumer electronics, Networking, internet

Intel developer kit focuses on IoT market

Intel has released a developer kit so that programmers can write and deploy JavaScript applications for "Internet of things" and sensor devices.

By Agam Shah | 02 October, 2014 06:03

Tags: Development tools, application development, software, intel

Xen Project discloses serious vulnerability that impacts virtualized servers

The Xen Project has revealed the details of a serious vulnerability in the Xen hypervisor that could put the security of many virtualized servers at risk.

By Lucian Constantin | 02 October, 2014 04:21

Tags: Amazon Web Services, patches, virtualization, Server Virtualization, security, patch management, Exploits / vulnerabilities, rackspace

Hurry! Wait! Go! Joomla stumbles with patch for serious vulnerability

The Joomla project pushed out new updates for its popular content management system Wednesday after a glitch was found in the high-priority security patches it released a day before.

By Lucian Constantin | 02 October, 2014 02:48

Tags: patches, security, joomla, Akeeba, patch management, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Alcatel-Lucent sells enterprise networking unit to China Huaxin

Alcatel-Lucent has closed the sale of its IP telephony and Ethernet switching equipment activities to China Huaxin. The spun off company will struggle to compete with the likes of Microsoft and Cisco Systems, and will have to make acquisitions of its own to grow.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 01 October, 2014 22:16

Tags: business issues, China Huaxin, alcatel-lucent, Networking, Mergers and acquisitions

Mobile developers get offline sync in new Amazon SDK

With features such as offline sync in the new version of its Mobile SDK, Amazon Web Services is hoping to lure developers away from the cloud services offered by Google and Apple.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 01 October, 2014 03:31

Tags: mobile applications, Amazon Web Services, Development tools, application development, software, mobile

Unlike IBM, Lenovo to manufacture some System x servers in U.S.

Lenovo officially acquires IBM's x86 server business Wednesday, promising a seamless transition for its customers, while taking some new security-focused steps.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 30 September, 2014 23:09

Tags: Dell, Networking, IBM, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, network servers

InfoWorld Bossies

InfoWorld's Best of Open Source Software Awards

By InfoWorld staff | 30 September, 2014 07:21

Tags: open source, Best of Open Source Awards, Bossies, software, open source software

Improved patch tackles new Shellshock attack vectors

System administrators who spent last week making sure their computers are patched against Shellshock, a critical vulnerability in the Bash Unix command-line interpreter, will have to install a new patch that addresses additional attack vectors.

By Lucian Constantin | 29 September, 2014 23:31

Tags: Akamai Technologies, patches, Google, security, patch management, Exploits / vulnerabilities, Red Hat

Bossies 2014: The Best of Open Source Software Awards

If you hadn't noticed, we're in the midst of an incredible boom in enterprise technology development -- and open source is leading it. You're unlikely to find better proof of that dynamism than this year's Best of Open Source Software Awards, affectionately known as the Bossies.

By Doug Dineley | 29 September, 2014 23:25

Tags: business issues, Bossies, infoworld, open source software, Best of Open Source Software

Software stack from Eclipse could unleash Java developer army on IoT

There's no single standard to link all devices in the "Internet of things" and there may never be one, but the Eclipse Foundation wants to at least make it easier for developers to code for the standards that are out there.

By Stephen Lawson | 29 September, 2014 22:00

Tags: Eclipse Foundation, Networking

Smarter algorithms will power our future digital lives

Researchers are working on a new version of an algorithm that will power better search, autonomous cars, smarter smartphones and the Internet of Things.

By Sharon Gaudin | 27 September, 2014 06:36

Tags: The Gabriel Consulting Group, baidu, Networking, emerging technology, software, Stanford University

Shellshock vulnerability roils Linux server shops

A long-standing vulnerability unearthed in the GNU Bash software, nicknamed Shellshock, has disrupted the daily activities of the Linux system administrator community, as Linux distributors, cloud vendors and end users grapple to understand the full scope of the potential damage it could cause.

By Joab Jackson | 26 September, 2014 09:19

Tags: NGINX, gnu, security, patch management, Exploits / vulnerabilities, qualys

Comcast's latest comments on TWC merger show near-total divorce from reality

The largest broadband provider in America's attempt to merge with the second-largest is a win for consumers, and will create a vibrant marketplace with more competition, not less - according, at least, to the largest broadband provider in America.

By Jon Gold | 26 September, 2014 04:24

Tags: Networking, Microsoft, fcc, LAN, merger & acquistion, comcast, netflix, LAN & WAN

Networking pioneer Bob Metcalfe hails Ethernet-as-a-Service effort

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) this week announced intentions to define parameters for Ethernet network-as-a-service (NaaS), an effort Ethernet inventor Robert Metcalfe hailed as "a new network paradigm."

By Jim Duffy | 25 September, 2014 06:39

Tags: Carrier services, Ethernet, Networking, Ethernet Switch

Consumer drives shown to be more reliable than enterprise drives

Seagate hard drives fail with more regularity than those from Western Digital or Hitachi, according to the latest results of an ongoing study by cloud service provider Backblaze.

By Lucas Mearian | 25 September, 2014 04:51

Tags: Data storage, storage, hitachi, western digital

Broadcom unveils 25G Ethernet, SDN optimized chip

Broadcom this week announced availability of new Ethernet switch silicon optimized for cloud-scale data centers.

By Jim Duffy | 25 September, 2014 03:05

Tags: SDN, Ethernet Switch, Networking, broadcom, Ethernet switching, Components, switches, processors, networking hardware

How to choose the right Linux distro

Unlike most other desktop and server operating systems, Linux comes in a wide variety of flavors, each based on a common core of the Linux kernel and various GNU user space utilities. If you're running Linux servers -- or Linux desktops, for that matter -- you should understand the important differences and be discerning about which flavor of Linux is best suited to any given situation. This article will help you do just that.

By Paul Venezia | 24 September, 2014 20:09

Tags: Linux, centos, fedora, beca, software, operating systems, Red Hat, debian, ubuntu, OpenSUSE

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