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Microsoft consolidates enterprise editions of Visual Studio

For the next version of its Visual Studio, Microsoft has consolidated the enterprise versions of the integrated development environment (IDE) software into a single product so it can be more easily managed by large organizations.

By Joab Jackson | 01 April, 2015 05:47

Tags: Development tools, application development, Microsoft, software

Choosing the cloud that's right for you

Not every organization has moved its IT operations to the cloud, nor should we expect that to be the case. There are legitimate reasons to adhere to the on-premises IT approach, not the least of which is the fact that it assures that your IT infrastructure and all the data in it is under your control.

By Al Kuebler | 01 April, 2015 04:06

Tags: storage, None

Google gives Apps admins more control over their files and docs

Google is giving systems admins more control over Apps documents in an attempt to alleviate concerns about securing company data after moving email and productivity software to the cloud.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 01 April, 2015 04:00

Tags: applications, Google, e-mail, software, collaboration, Software as a service, cloud computing, internet

Meteor JavaScript framework hits Windows

Until now, developers who wanted to build Web and mobile apps via the Meteor JavaScript framework had to do so via either Mac or Linux clients. That changes today with the release of Meteor 1.1, which features support for Windows clients as well as the MongoDB 3.0 database.

By Paul Krill | 31 March, 2015 21:20

Tags: Development tools, application development, Web services development, Microsoft, MongoDB, software, javascript

HP links Vertica and IDOL seeking better unstructured data analysis

Promising more thorough and timelier data analysis, Hewlett-Packard has released a software package that combines the company's Vertica database with its IDOL data analysis platform.

By Joab Jackson | 31 March, 2015 05:07

Tags: applications, databases, software, Hewlett-Packard

SDN management battle: TAPs vs. network packet brokers

Network management is a sticky issue when it comes to implementing software-defined networks and network virtualization.

By Jim Duffy | 31 March, 2015 04:35

Tags: management, open source, Networking, Network management, software

Bit by bit, Intel looks to quadruple SSD storage

With all the photos, videos, apps and tunes you have, the storage on your smartphone may not be enough. With that in mind, Intel is researching new ways to up the storage capacity in mobile devices and PCs without hurting the size or price of devices.

By Agam Shah | 31 March, 2015 02:50

Tags: SSD, Drives, storage, Components, intel

Google Dart upgrade homes in on asynchronous programming

Google has released Dart 1.9, with a focus on asynchronous programming.

By Paul Krill | 30 March, 2015 21:48

Tags: Development tools, application development, Languages and standards, Google, software, javascript

India backs open source software for e-governance projects

India has said it will use open source software in all e-governance projects, though it did not rule out the use of proprietary software to meet specialized requirements.

By John Ribeiro | 30 March, 2015 17:33

Tags: open source, Government use of IT, India Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, software, government

USB Type-C peripherals are on the way, and storage devices are first up

With Apple's latest MacBook and Google's newest Chromebook just out and featuring the new USB Type-C connector, we're on the lookout for peripherals that use the interface, and storage devices appear to be first out of the gate.

By Agam Shah | 28 March, 2015 06:24

Tags: msi, Drives, storage, DIGITAL GEAR, hardware systems, Components, sandisk, LaCie, Emtec, Apple, Google

Google Cloud Launcher deploys VM-based apps in a snap

Google's latest enhancement to Cloud Platform is not a new feature but a repackaging of an existing innovation. But it's a downright useful offering all the same.

By Serdar Yegulalp | 28 March, 2015 03:52

Tags: NGINX, sugarCRM, Google, amp, cloud computing, internet

An SDN vulnerability forced OpenDaylight to focus on security

Open-source software projects are often well intended, but security can take a back seat to making the code work.

By Jeremy Kirk | 27 March, 2015 11:20

Tags: patches, open source, security, OpenDaylight, software, IIX, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Meltdown! New Periscope iPhone app live streams ice cream factory's end

The teardown of a 50-plus-year-old ice cream plant across from Network World's Framingham, Mass., headquarters today practically screamed to be live streamed via Twitter's new Periscope app for the iPhone. So I took my iPhone 5 into the parking lot during lunch and brought the action live to a whoever happened to stumble across it.

By Bob Brown | 27 March, 2015 08:07

Tags: Photo / video, SXSW, applications, social, software, twitter, collaboration, video

Facebook speeds iPhone app dev wih React Native

For Web developers, making the jump to building full-fledged smartphone apps can be daunting. Facebook could ease the transition with a newly open-sourced framework its engineers developed to build apps for Apple devices.

By Joab Jackson | 27 March, 2015 07:40

Tags: Development tools, application development, software, Facebook

Mobile storage about to balloon with new 3D flash chips from Intel and Micron

Smartphones, tablets and PCs are about to get a whole lot more storage capacity thanks to new 3D flash chips from Intel and Micron that cram more bits into a smaller space.

By Agam Shah | 27 March, 2015 03:37

Tags: SSD, micron technology, Drives, storage, Components, intel

Microsoft to simplify Azure migration with bigger VM drives

Microsoft has increased by a factor of eight the maximum size of OS drives that can run on its Azure cloud, hoping to get enterprises to migrate more workloads.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 27 March, 2015 00:37

Tags: Development tools, application development, consumer electronics, Microsoft, software

Will embedded and middleware help save Blackberry?

The financial news for Blackberry is potentially bad this week, as it has been for most of the past few years. Some analysts are predicting that the Canadian company will post losses of as much as 7 cents per share, though the consensus seems to be closer to 3 cents. If that happens, it'll be Blackberry's fourth quarter out of the last five to show a decline.

By Jon Gold | 27 March, 2015 00:08

Tags: Blackberry, Apple, consumer electronics, Networking, Microsoft, wireless, smartphones, Facebook

Facebook's iOS UI development framework goes open source

Facebook has open-sourced ComponentKit, its React-inspired framework for iOS,

By Paul Krill | 27 March, 2015 00:06

Tags: Mobile Development, Development tools, application development, GitHub, objective, software, Facebook

Microsoft brings Node.js debugging to Visual Studio

With NTVS (Node.js Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio) released Wednesday, Microsoft is enabling its Windows software development platform for use as a Node.js IDE.

By Paul Krill | 26 March, 2015 22:25

Tags: Development tools, application development, Node.js, Microsoft, software

More government sites should be API-enabled, says open data advocate

More Australian government departments and agencies should make APIs available so that people can discover information faster, according to open government advocate Pia Waugh.

By Hamish Barwick | 26 March, 2015 14:07

Tags: AIIA,, APIs, API

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