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Windows 8.1 Update deep-dive review: An OS that makes more sense

In Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft may be finally getting it right: The latest version of its operating system finally bridges the gap between touch and traditional computing.

By Preston Gralla | 11 April, 2014 02:20

Tags: Microsoft, Windows, software, operating systems

Fedora tips its hat to mobility, cloud, big data

The latest release of Fedora, nicknamed "Heisenbug," is a step towards making Fedora a player in the mobile arena. Fedora 20 also includes more support for cloud, and this is also the first release that supports cheap, low-power ARM processors as a primary architecture, in addition to Intel and AMD chips.

By Maria Korolov | 31 March, 2014 22:24

Tags: Cloud, Networking, fedora, wireless, software, acer, internet, intel, cloud computing, ubuntu

Review: Windows 8.1 Update offers an olive branch for mouse users

Windows 8.1 Update brings a tiny handful of mouse-centric improvements and a hodgepodge of interface tweaks

By Woody Leonhard | 19 March, 2014 10:05

Tags: Windows 8, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, Windows, software, operating systems

Hands on with iOS 7.1: A few good improvements

Apple's latest upgrade to its mobile operating system, iOS 7.1, adds some useful touches and fixes some of the glitches that appeared in the previous version.

By Michael deAgonia | 14 March, 2014 10:33

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, Apple, Networking, ios, wireless, software, operating systems, mobile

Asus Chromebox review: A simple, inexpensive and unobtrusive desktop

The second desktop system to use Google's Chrome OS, the Asus Chromebox is a simple, inexpensive and unobtrusive alternative to traditional desktops.

By Brian Nadel | 12 March, 2014 13:03

Tags: hardware, Google, hardware systems, software, intel, operating systems

Review + videos: 3 convertible Windows laptops try to be all devices to all people

We look at three Windows 8.1 convertibles that can transform into laptops, tablets or presentation devices, and try to discover how useful they really are.

By Brian Nadel | 11 March, 2014 11:11

Tags: Windows, hardware systems, laptops, software, operating systems

Hands on: Apple's Mac Pro is the fastest Mac ever

One thing is certain: You won't mistake Apple's powerful new Mac Pro for any other desktop computer. And it has the computing chops to match its high-style look.

By Michael deAgonia | 05 March, 2014 14:09

Tags: Apple, WD, Macintosh, desktop pcs, hardware systems, Mac OS X

Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch: A lightweight contender

We test Lenovo's latest ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch ultrabook, which is sleek and powerful, offers an impressive display and comes with an interesting keyboard innovation.

By Brian Nadel | 21 February, 2014 11:36

Tags: Microsoft, hardware systems, Windows, laptops, Lenovo, software, ultrabooks, intel, operating systems, X1

Visual Studio 2013 reaches beyond the IDE

Microsoft delivers editing, debugging, deployment, project architecture, and ALM improvements stretching from Windows to Web development, from mobile devices to clouds

By Martin Heller | 12 February, 2014 21:09

Tags: Development Environments, Development tools, application development, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, web development, Microsoft .Net, software

Office 365 administration made easy

Going beyond Office 365's native admin GUI, 365 Command provides powerful Exchange admin capabilities without the need to run PowerShell

By Martin Heller | 21 January, 2014 14:23

Tags: SaaS, Configuration / maintenance, applications, hardware systems, software, internet, cloud computing, Data Center, Software as a service, system management, systems management, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft

Ubuntu 13.10 takes aim at Microsoft, Apple, Google

Ubuntu is moving into the rarified class of operating systems that cover x86/x64 clients and servers, ARM-based tablets/smartphones, and commodity cloud instances. Meaning that it's taking on everybody from Microsoft to Red Hat to Apple and Google.

By Tom Henderson, ExtremeLabs, Inc. | 06 January, 2014 11:57

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, internet, cloud computing, Data Center, Apple, Google, consumer electronics, Cloud, Canon, Microsoft, smartphones, canonical, software, Red Hat, server, ubuntu, OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Networking, wireless, hardware systems

Ubuntu 13.10: The good, the bad and the ugly

The newest release of Ubuntu, dubbed Saucy Salamander, doesn't offer much in the way of new features – except for the introduction of Ubuntu Touch for mobile platforms.

By Maria Korolov | 09 December, 2013 13:26

Tags: suse, Canon, canonical, AMD, software, acer, intel, ubuntu

Media tablet showdown: Retina iPad Mini faces newly beefed-up challengers

The Retina iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HDX, Nexus 7, Dell Venue 7 and Venue 8 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 go toe to toe in InfoWorld Test Center's review

By Galen Gruman | 04 December, 2013 11:05

Tags: ios, Windows, Android, hardware systems, operating systems, iPad, Apple, Dell, Google, Windows 8, consumer electronics, computer hardware, mobile technology, Microsoft Windows, kindle, smartphones, software, tablets, intel

Red Hat OpenShift delivers rapid app deployment, collaboration

Platform as a Service is a cloud-based hosting environment for application development designed to provide a full-featured development, staging and production environment without the need for extensive in-house infrastructure.

By Susan Perschke | 02 December, 2013 13:31

Tags: HP, Origin, fedora, php, software, mysql, Red Hat

Firefox OS sputters on the ZTE Open

The open source challenger is meant to be simple, but it crosses the line into the less than functional

By Galen Gruman | 28 November, 2013 21:32

Tags: ZTE, mozilla, ubuntu, Blackberry, Firefox, Apple, Google, htc, mobile technology, consumer electronics, Microsoft, Nokia, canonical, smartphones, open source software

Apple's new iPad Mini: With a Retina Display, it's a Mini in name only

The new iPad Mini with Retina display offers a no-compromise option for tablet fans who want the speed of an iPad Air and the portability of the smaller iPad.

By Michael deAgonia | 26 November, 2013 11:53

Tags: Apple, ios, hardware systems, software, tablets, operating systems

Dell Venue 8 Pro review: A Windows 8.1 tablet for the rest of us

Dell's new Venue 8 Pro Windows 8.1 tablet offers users a fine display, good features and impressive audio -- at a reasonable price.

By Preston Gralla | 20 November, 2013 19:59

Tags: Dell, Microsoft, hardware systems, Windows, software, tablets, operating systems

Second take: The iPad Air sets a new benchmark for performance and style

Having spent a few weeks with the new iPad Air, columnist Michael deAgonia is ready to declare that it's a stunning improvement on what was already a rightfully successful tablet.

By Michael deAgonia | 20 November, 2013 11:53

Tags: Apple, ios, hardware systems, software, tablets, operating systems

Microsoft takes off the gloves with Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1

In Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1, Microsoft has released a combination of operating system updates that we find very compelling. Microsoft has joined much of the rest of the industry in annual release roll-ups with feature additions, and this time, they listened to the critics. More interesting are the one-upmanship features targeted directly at its virtualization and cloud competition. Some were stunning, despite a few strange and perhaps anecdotal basic problems that we found.

By Tom Henderson | 19 November, 2013 12:18

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, Microsoft, hardware systems, Windows, software, operating systems, Data Center, server, VMware, Oracle, Apple

Review: Visual Studio 2013 reaches beyond the IDE

Microsoft delivers editing, debugging, deployment, project architecture, and ALM improvements stretching from Windows to Web development, from mobile devices to clouds

By Martin Heller | 13 November, 2013 11:10

Tags: application development, Microsoft Windows, Embarcadero, Microsoft, web development, Microsoft .Net, software, Development Environments, Development tools

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