Breaches are a personal nightmare for corporate security pros

Beyond the compromise of valuable information, loss of revenues and damage to brand reputation, data breaches can pose a threat to the careers of security professionals involved: witness the sudden departures of both the CEO and the CIO of Target after last year's compromise of 40 million customers' credit cards.

By Tim Greene | 29 January, 2015 02:48

Tags: Target, security, data breach, sony

Lessons from the Sony breach in risk management and business resiliency

2014 made it clear that cybercrime affects everyone. From retailers to banks, consumer goods companies and health care, there isn't an industry left untouched by cybercriminals looking to disrupt, steal or embarrass. So what has to change? The recent Sony attack and countless other examples point to the need for board members and executives to consider cybersecurity under the concept of risk management and business resilience.

By By Adam Meyer, Chief Security Strategist, SurfWatch Labs, a cyber risk intelligence company | 10 January, 2015 05:08

Tags: network security, breach, security, sony

10 lessons U.S. tech managers can learn from their counterparts in China

China is on a technological roll these days -- one that American companies ignore at their own peril. Contrary to outdated Western perceptions, 680 million Chinese have access to either a laptop or a mobile phone, and some 95% of homes in every city in China are now wired for the Internet, according to figures from the Chinese government.

By Bill Marcus | 05 January, 2015 22:35

Tags: IDC, CIO role, China, IT Leadership, U.S. Census Bureau, IT management

Frequently asked questions about the North Korean Internet incident

News of North Korea's Internet outage was widely covered in the media on Monday of this week, and while a number of questions remain about what happened and who was responsible, speculation has it that North Korea was hit by a DDoS attach."

By Ofer Gayer | 24 December, 2014 08:04

Tags: China Unicom, Lizard Squad, security, Gateway, sony

The Sony breach may be start of new nation-state cyberattack

It has been an exceptional year for IT security breaches, which have become part of an escalating trend in destructive attacks. And they're going to get worse.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 19 December, 2014 04:29

Tags: new york times, data security, security, Sony Pictures, sony, data protection

iWARP update advances RDMA over Ethernet for data center and cloud networks

The challenge for data center operators selecting a high performance transport technology for their network is striking the ideal balance between acquisition, deployment and management costs, and support for high performance capabilities such as the remote direct memory access (RDMA) protocol.

By Wael Noureddine, David Fair | 11 December, 2014 07:40

Tags: Internet Engineering Task Force, Ethernet, Ethernet Switch, Infiniband, IETF, IT management

Displaced IT workers are being silenced

A major problem with the H-1B debate is the absence of displaced IT workers in news media accounts. Much of the reporting is one-sided -- and there's a reason for this.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 05 December, 2014 09:29

Tags: services, new york times, outsourcing, The New York Times, IT outsourcing, Facebook

Privacy is the new killer app

A funny thing is happening in the wake of the Edward Snowden NSA revelations, the infamous iCloud hack of celebrity nude photos, and the hit parade of customer data breaches at Target, Home Depot and the U.S. Postal Service. If it's not the government looking at your data, it's bored, lonely teenagers from the Internet or credit card fraudsters.

By Matt Weinberger | 15 November, 2014 02:37

Tags: Target, security, nsa, data privacy, Home Depot, U.S. Postal Service, privacy, Facebook

Room to grow: Tips for data center capacity planning

Capacity planning needs to provide answers to two questions: What are you going to need to buy in the coming year? And when are you going to need to buy it?

By Thomas A. Limoncelli, Strata R. Chalup and Christina J. Hogan | 14 November, 2014 05:59

Tags: services, virtualization, Server Virtualization, (no company)

Microsoft Security Essentials may be throwing false positives for Trojan:DOS/Alureon.J

It's looking more and more likely that Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is warning about a Trojan:DOS/Alureon.J infection when none exists.

By Woody Leonhard | 08 October, 2014 22:30

Tags: forum, Microsoft, security, Malwarebytes

Blowing the whistle without blowing your career

Technology professionals are among today's most infamous whistleblowers. The list of those who have made headlines for exposing corporate or government skulduggery includes Shawn Carpenter, a network security analyst who blew the lid off a Chinese cyberespionage ring; Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning, who shared more than 250,000 classified State Department cables with WikiLeaks; and Edward Snowden, who leaked top-secret information about NSA surveillance activities.

By Cindy Waxer | 08 October, 2014 00:16

Tags: U.S. Department of Labor, wikileaks, IT careers, careers, IT management

Sorriest technology companies of 2014

It's so far been another sorry, sorry year in the technology industry, with big name companies, hot startups and individuals making public mea culpas for their assorted dumb, embarrassing and other regrettable actions.

By Bob Brown | 30 September, 2014 01:11

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, Microsoft, security, data breach, cloud computing, social media, internet, Apple, iOS 8

Supervalu breach shows why move to smartcards is long overdue

The data breach disclosed by Supervalu is another reminder about why the ongoing migration of the US payment system to smartcard technology can't happen fast enough.

By Jaikumar Vijayan | 16 August, 2014 20:49

Tags: Cybercrime and Hacking, data security, visa, security, mastercard, data protection

Where your personal data goes when you're not looking

What businesses know about any given individual is a lot. But what are companies doing with that data? Not as much as you might think -- at least not yet. Companies are getting more sophisticated, however.

By Robert L. Mitchell | 06 August, 2014 01:33

Tags: security

Boost your security training with gamification -- really!

Getting employees to take security seriously can be a game that everyone wins.

By Lamont Wood | 17 July, 2014 14:05

Tags: consumerization of IT, Lance,, security, IT management

Apple-IBM deal threatens Android's enterprise push

The new Apple-IBM partnership seems sure to help Apple sell more iPads to businesses, but it may also be setting off alarm bells at mobile device management companies large and small.

By Matt Hamblen | 17 July, 2014 02:57

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, IBM, ios, Networking, wireless, mobile, LANDesk, operating systems, Blackberry, Apple, symantec, Google, Microsoft, Mobile device management, SAP, software

Revamping your insider threat program

Companies including MITRE are looking at privileged access and how to better lock it down -- without stopping employees from doing their jobs.

By Sandra Gittlen | 14 July, 2014 20:33

Tags: Target, National Security Agency, security, wikileaks

What vacation? Expect to work while you're away

In these lean times, backups aren't what they used to be; it's inevitable that IT staffers will be called to help, especially when an important issue is brewing.

By Esther Shein | 10 July, 2014 21:23

Tags: symantec, IT careers, IT management, Constant Contact, staff management

Google's move into home automation means even less privacy

Plans by smart thermostat maker Nest Labs to share some customer data with corporate parent Google means the search engine giant will be fending off privacy concerns as it expands into home automation.

By Jaikumar Vijayan | 27 June, 2014 04:58

Tags: Emerging Technologies, security, hardware systems, logitech, Internet Search, internet, search engines, privacy, jawbone, whirlpool, Google

With Android L, Google makes pitch for enterprise users

Google will provide enterprise-focused security and management features to its entire Android showcase of mobile devices, including features reserved only for Samsung devices running Samsung security software called Knox, a Google executive announced during the Google I/O keynote address Wednesday.

By Matt Hamblen | 26 June, 2014 06:59

Tags: consumer electronics, Google, security, mobile security, smartphones, Android, Kno, mobile apps

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