Adidas CIO plays to win at digital marketing

Forget the territorial battles being fought at other companies between marketing and technology executives. At renowned athletic gear maker Adidas Group, the digital marketing approach is built on a real alliance between the two disciplines.

By Elizabeth Heichler | 18 February, 2015 03:13

Tags: digital marketing, marketing technology, Adidas, IT management, marketing strategy

Palo Alto says its new endpoint protection tool can stop the bad stuff in its tracks

<em>The problem with signature based security tools is you are vulnerable until the signature is released and distributed. Palo Alto Networks takes a different approach with Traps, so Network World Editor in Chief John Dix tracked down Palo Alto VP of Product Marketing Scott Gainey for an inside look at how Traps works.</em>

By John Dix | 13 November, 2014 03:28

Tags: palo alto networks, network security, security, beca, endpoint security

Early user of VMware NSX net virtualization tool extols fine grain controls

Canadian airline company WestJet is one of the earliest customers of VMware's NSX network virtualization tools, which initially reached for the tech to address a security issue. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix recently sat down with WestJet technologist Richard Sillito to learn what the company is learning about network virtualization and its broader NSX plans.

By John Dix | 26 June, 2014 04:09

Tags: WestJet, network security, virtualization, security, VMware

Securing the virtual world

Catbird Networks Director of Product Management, Malcolm Reike, talks about how virtualization changes the security game with Network World Editor in Chief John Dix.

By John Dix | 26 June, 2014 03:36

Tags: Catbird Networks, firewalls, network security, virtualization, security

Cloud provider FireHost's security chief brings lessons from the front lines

Jeff Schilling, who joined cloud hosting startup FireHost this week as chief security officer, knows a thing or two about cybersecurity.

By Stephen Lawson | 31 May, 2014 04:56

Tags: business issues, personnel, security, FireHost, cloud computing, internet

Cloud computing causing rethinking of disaster recovery

Cloud computing gives organisations the opportunity to rethink many traditional IT practices, but it may be a particularly good fit for disaster recovery and business continuity.

By John Dix | 31 July, 2013 00:42

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, network storage, IBM, security, Cloud, hardware systems, Data Center, cloud computing, internet

10 questions for Ping Identity CTO Patrick Harding

Name: Patrick Harding

10 questions for Layer 7 Technologies CTO Scott Morrison

Name: Scott Morrison

10 questions for Fiberlink CFO Mark Partin

Name: Mark Partin

10 questions for Recall Senior VP and CFO Allison Aden

Name: Allison Aden

Intel/McAfee: What's the future of security?

Intel completed its multibillion-dollar acquisition of McAfee almost a year and a half ago, and this week McAfee co-President Mike DeCesare spoke with Network World senior editor Ellen Messmer about what the merger of Intel's chip-making capabilities and McAfee's security expertise is expected to bring down the road.

10 questions for Gehry Technologies CFO Michael Lin

Name: Michael Lin

10 questions for Hortonworks CTO Eric Baldeschwieler

Name: Eric Baldeschwieler

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst weighs in on strategy, Oracle and growth

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst is coming up on his five-year anniversary at the helm, following his arrival in December 2007. Under Whitehurst's leadership, Red Hat's revenue has grown from US$523 million in its fiscal 2008 to more than $1.1 billion in its fiscal 2012, without deviating from its core strategy of open-source infrastructure software.

10 questions for Agencyport Software CFO Rick Gilbody

Name: Rick Gilbody

10 questions for ownCloud CFO Dan Curtis

Name: Dan Curtis

10 questions for The Children's Center CFO Michael Miligan

Name: Michael Milligan

10 questions for Bit9 CTO Harry Sverdlove

Name: Harry Sverdlove

10 questions for Cormant CFO Catherine Goodison

Name: Catherine Goodison

10 questions for Imperva CTO Amichai Shulman

Name: Amichai Shulman

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