Apple security program, MacKeeper, celebrates difficult birthday

MacKeeper, a utility and security program for Apple computers, celebrated its fifth birthday in April. But its gift to U.S. consumers who bought the application may be a slice of a $2 million class-action settlement.

By Jeremy Kirk | 06 May, 2015 09:07

Tags: Avira, ZeoBit, security, Civil lawsuits, legal, Kromtech Alliance Corp., Edelson PC

Court rules warrant not needed for cell phone location data

Mobile phone users have "no reasonable expectation of privacy" for their location tracking data, and should expect police agencies investigating crimes to obtain that information without court-approved warrants, a U.S. appeals court has ruled.

By Grant Gross | 06 May, 2015 05:59

Tags: telecommunication, Frank Hull, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, legal, mobile, privacy, Quartavius Davis, Criminal, Nathan Freed Wessler, MetroPCS, American Civil Liberties Union, security

French lawmakers take first step toward gathering all communications metadata

French lawmakers have taken a first step toward allowing real-time surveillance of Internet and mobile phone use in France.

By Peter Sayer | 06 May, 2015 01:56

Tags: Government use of IT, French National Assembly, security, legislation, government, internet, privacy

Cybercriminals borrow from APT playbook in attack against PoS vendors

Cybercriminals are increasingly copying cyberespionage groups in using targeted attacks against their victims instead of large-scale, indiscriminate infection campaigns.

By Lucian Constantin | 05 May, 2015 22:00

Tags: intrusion, security, data breach, FireEye, Exploits / vulnerabilities, malware, rsa

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Tuesday, May 5

Cisco prepares to swap CEO... Google may face more scrutiny in Europe... Vint Cerf doesn't trust back doors... and more tech news

By IDG News Service staff | 05 May, 2015 21:10

Tags: Cisco Systems, Google, Networking, security, european commission, Microsoft, netflix, internet, Hewlett-Packard

Kevin Mitnick's tips for countering social engineering

Former US black hat hacker Kevin Mitnick used social engineering to infiltrate companies during the 1990s. These days, he now uses his skills to help organisations understand how they can protect themselves.

By Hamish Barwick | 05 May, 2015 14:14

Tags: CeBIT 2015, social engineering attacks, social engineering

Netflix open-sources security incident management tool

Netflix has released under an open-source license an internal tool it developed to manage a deluge of security alerts and incidents.

By Jeremy Kirk | 05 May, 2015 13:47

Tags: security, netflix

Sally Beauty investigates possible second card breach

Sally Beauty Holdings said it is investigating another possible payment card breach, about a year after it reported a similar cyberattack.

By Jeremy Kirk | 05 May, 2015 12:32

Tags: security, Sally Beauty, data breach

Rombertik malware destroys computers if detected

A new type of malware resorts to crippling a computer if it is detected during security checks, a particularly catastrophic blow to its victims.

By Jeremy Kirk | 05 May, 2015 10:39

Tags: Cisco Systems, security, malware

Microsoft picks security for the enterprise win

Microsoft is betting that good security support will be key to keeping its enterprise customers from straying to rivals.

By Joab Jackson | 05 May, 2015 07:09

Tags: Microsoft, security, data breach, encryption, data protection, malware

Cerf thinks encryption back doors would be 'super risky'

Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf argued Monday that more users should encrypt their data, and that the encryption back doors the U.S. FBI and other law enforcement agencies are asking for will weaken online security.

By Grant Gross | 05 May, 2015 06:19

Tags: Vinton Cerf, Google, regulation, security, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, James Comey, legislation, government, internet, U.S. FBI

Palo Alto CEO: Beware the Internet of Things – and watch your car

Corporate IT security pros need to consider the Internet of Things as a new and dangerous attack vector oh, and we all should be particularly worried about the safety of our cars, says the top executive at Palo Alto Networks.

By Tim Greene | 05 May, 2015 01:10

Tags: palo alto networks, network security, security

Researchers play cat and mouse with Google's anti-phishing Chrome extension

For the past several days security researchers have raced to demonstrate that phishing protections added by a new Google Chrome extension can be bypassed with ease.

By Lucian Constantin | 04 May, 2015 23:04

Tags: Securify, online safety, Google, security, scams, Exploits / vulnerabilities

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Monday, May 4

Facebook opens up fight highlights Periscope piracy...Feds to share more about secret phone tracking... and more tech news.

By IDG News Service staff | 04 May, 2015 21:33

Tags: U.S. Department of Justice, Microsoft, security, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, twitter, government, internet, Facebook

US reviews use of cellphone spying technology

Faced with criticism from lawmakers and civil rights groups, the U.S. Department of Justice has begun a review of the secretive use of cellphone surveillance technology that mimics cellphone towers, and will get more open on its use, according to a newspaper report.

By John Ribeiro | 04 May, 2015 16:17

Tags: U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice, American Civil Liberties Union, security, government, privacy

Telco organisation cries foul over journo's 'metadata' victory

Telco industry organisation Communications Alliance says that a ruling by the Privacy Commissioner that will give a journalist access to so-called 'metadata' associated with his mobile phone service has "disturbing ramifications for the telecommunications sector and for its millions of customers throughout Australia".

By Rohan Pearce | 04 May, 2015 16:17

Tags: Timothy Pilgrim, privacy commissioner, data retention, Telecommunications, privacy, Telstra, data retention plan

Government, finance organisations top Deloitte privacy index

Government and banking/finance organisations have topped Deloitte’s Australian privacy index because of their online polices that explained different privacy aspects.

By Hamish Barwick | 04 May, 2015 14:15

Tags: Deloitte, Privacy Awareness Week, privacy

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino warns of possible payment card hack

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, a 640-room hotel in Las Vegas, has warned payment cards may have been compromised over an eight-month period ending early last month.

By Jeremy Kirk | 04 May, 2015 14:01

Tags: security, data breach, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Website privacy policies too long, says privacy commissioner

Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim has called for an improvement in website privacy policies after looking at 20 websites and finding that the median policy length was 3,413 words.

By Hamish Barwick | 04 May, 2015 12:06

Tags: Privacy Awareness Week, Timothy Pilgrim, privacy commissioner, privacy policy

ACLU: NSA phone dragnet should be killed not amended

The U.S. Congress should kill the section of the Patriot Act that has allowed the National Security Agency to collect millions of phone records from the nation's residents, instead of trying to amend it, a civil liberties advocate said Friday.

By Grant Gross | 02 May, 2015 06:38

Tags: telephony, telecommunication, Neema Singh Guliani, Robert Litt, Richard Burr, U.S. National Security Agency, U.S. Congress, U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence, legislation, privacy, American Civil Liberties Union, security, Center for Democracy and Technology, government, Chris Calabrese, Ellen Nakashima, Mitch McConnell

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