Pirate Bay co-founder sentenced to 3.5 years imprisonment in Denmark

Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg was sentenced Friday by the Court of Frederiksberg in Denmark to three and a half years in jail for hacking and serious vandalism.

By Loek Essers | 01 November, 2014 01:55

Tags: Criminal, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, intrusion, pirate bay, csc, security, legal, data breach

Google to kill off SSL 3.0 in Chrome 40

Google plans to remove support for the aging Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) version 3.0 protocol in Google Chrome 40, which is expected to ship in about two months.

By Lucian Constantin | 01 November, 2014 01:25

Tags: patches, Google, online safety, security, Microsoft, encryption, Mozilla Foundation, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Facebook sets up shop on the Tor anonymity network

Facebook has made its site directly available on Tor to prevent access problems for people using the anonymity network and to provide an alternative method of accessing the social network securely.

By Loek Essers | 01 November, 2014 00:30

Tags: security, encryption, privacy, Facebook

Google project aims to preserve privacy when collecting software stats

Google is applying a surveying technique from the 1960s to a project that aims to collect data about users' computers without potentially compromising their privacy.

By Jeremy Kirk | 31 October, 2014 12:04

Tags: Google, security, privacy

Major banks ready their own mobile payment apps

Several major national and international banks are planning to launch their own mobile payments apps next year.

By Martyn Williams | 31 October, 2014 11:53

Tags: Google, consumer electronics, retail, Android, iPhone, mastercard, smartphones, finance, industry verticals, Apple

Data retention is necessary red tape: Turnbull

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he's aware of the costs a mandatory detention scheme will place on the telecom industry.

By Adam Bender | 31 October, 2014 10:28

Tags: 1984, mandatory data retention, regulation, red tape, Telco, data retention, telecom, Orwell, government, legislation, Malcolm Turnbull, surveillance

Petition targets Apple over ‘spyware' in OS X Yosemite

Apple should remove "spyware" from its new Yosemite release of OS X, according to an online petition that has received 14,450 signatures as of early Thursday afternoon.

By Jon Gold | 31 October, 2014 06:48

Tags: Apple, security, Microsoft, OS X, software, operating systems, Electronic Frontier Foundation, privacy

Vulnerabilities found in more command-line tools, wget and tnftp get patches

The critical Shellshock vulnerabilities found last month in the Bash Unix shell have motivated security researchers to search for similar flaws in old, but widely used, command-line utilities.

By Lucian Constantin | 31 October, 2014 06:15

Tags: patches, online safety, Rapid7, security, SANS Institute, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Drupal: If you weren't quick to patch, assume your site was hacked

Users of Drupal, one of the most popular content management systems, should consider their sites compromised if they didn't immediately apply a security patch released on Oct. 15.

By Lucian Constantin | 31 October, 2014 01:50

Tags: patches, intrusion, online safety, security, Sucuri, patch management, Exploits / vulnerabilities, drupal

Microsoft releases stopgap POODLE protection for Internet Explorer

Microsoft on Wednesday gave Windows customers an easier way to block attacks against Internet Explorer (IE) meant to steal browser session cookies and impersonate victims.

By Gregg Keizer | 31 October, 2014 01:21

Tags: Firefox, Malware & Vulnerabilities, Google, antispam, security, Microsoft

Pirate Bay co-founder found guilty of hacking in Denmark

Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg was found guilty of hacking and serious vandalism in the Court of Fredriksberg in Denmark on Thursday.

By Loek Essers | 31 October, 2014 00:05

Tags: Criminal, pirate bay, legal

Apple Pay rival MCX defends security after hackers steal emails

The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), a consortium of 58 major U.S. retailers whose mobile payment network will take on the new Apple Pay early in 2015, today held a hastily-organized news conference to address questions about a hack that pilfered consumer email addresses.

By Gregg Keizer | 30 October, 2014 23:40

Tags: mobile applications, Apple, Sears, mobile payments, WalMart, None, mobile, Best Buy

Germany backs plan to retain personal flight data across EU

The German government is calling for the EU-wide retention of personal flight data as an anti-terrorism measure, but is facing opponents who object to yet another database holding private information.

By Loek Essers | 30 October, 2014 22:44

Tags: security, data protection, privacy

Vodafone asks how data retention applies to M2M

Vodafone seeks more clarity on how the data retention legislation introduced today will apply to machine-to-machine (M2M) data, among other questions.

By Adam Bender | 30 October, 2014 16:19

Tags: regulation, Australia, Vodafone, Parliament, data retention, metadata, legislation, competition, TIA Act

Facebook gives away homebrewed OS monitoring tool

Facebook has released an open-source tool for monitoring operating system state changes across very large infrastructures, which could help engineers quickly diagnose performance and security issues.

By Jeremy Kirk | 30 October, 2014 12:00

Tags: security, Facebook

How to figure out if a data breach is a hoax

The notoriety that comes with taking credit for a data breach is alluring. Declaring a successful data breach can suddenly bring a lot of attention, which is why posting bogus data is attractive.

By Jeremy Kirk | 30 October, 2014 11:49

Tags: Deloitte, security, data breach

Cybercriminals create platform for automating rogue credit card charges

Cybercriminals have a new tool to make the most of stolen credit card details before payment processors detect the fraud, security researchers warn.

By Lucian Constantin | 30 October, 2014 04:54

Tags: IntelCrawler, security, Identity fraud / theft, fraud

Attack campaign infects industrial control systems with BlackEnergy malware

Since 2011 a group of attackers has been targeting companies that operate industrial control systems with a backdoor program called BlackEnergy.

By Lucian Constantin | 30 October, 2014 01:51

Tags: siemens, Advantech, security, BroadWin, general electric, spyware, Exploits / vulnerabilities, malware, Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, Department of Homeland Security, intrusion

Europe's top court to rule on whether IP addresses are personal data

Europe's top court is set to answer a question that seems to be as old as the Internet: Are IP addresses personal data?

By Loek Essers | 30 October, 2014 01:47

Tags: security, internet, privacy

Gigamon says it can analyze attacker SSL traffic without hitting performance

Encrypting data traffic is mandatory for safeguarding information. But when attackers use encryption to mask their activity, it can be hard for enterprises to figure out what they're stealing.

By Jeremy Kirk | 29 October, 2014 14:07

Tags: Gigamon, security, data breach, encryption, data protection

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