Satellite communication systems rife with security flaws, vulnerable to remote hacks

Security researchers have found that many satellite communication systems have vulnerabilities and design flaws that can let remote attackers intercept, manipulate, block and in some cases take full control of critical communications.

By Lucian Constantin | 19 April, 2014 03:20

Tags: Thuraya Telecommunications, Iridium Communications, harris, Access control and authentication, encryption, Japan Radio Company, Exploits / vulnerabilities, IOActive, Hughes Network Systems, intrusion, Cobham, security

Twitter to promote app downloads in mobile timelines

Twitter's new mobile advertising suite lets companies pitch their mobile apps in promoted tweets or place ads inside other apps.

By Loek Essers | 18 April, 2014 20:46

Tags: mobile applications, services, twitter, mobile

Michaels says breach at its stores affected nearly 3M payment cards

About 2.6 million payment cards at Michaels Stores and another 400,000 at subsidiary Aaron Brothers may have been affected in a card skimming attack that compromised its point-of-sale systems, the retailer said Thursday.

By John Ribeiro | 18 April, 2014 13:05

Tags: intrusion, security, data breach, Aaron Brothers, Michaels, malware

IT security is national security -- but you're not alone

National security may be at stake as private businesses try to manage a growing number of cyberthreats, but IT professionals shouldn't have to bear that burden alone.

By Stephen Lawson | 18 April, 2014 08:47

Tags: risk management, visa, security, Wells Fargo, business management, IT management, kaspersky lab

Where's my gigabit Internet, anyway?

For Americans used to roughly 10Mbps broadband connections, the idea of gigabit Internet can feel a little like science fiction. Streaming 4K video without hiccups? Enormous file downloads happening in seconds? Oh, sure.

By Jon Gold | 18 April, 2014 08:04

Tags: Wi-Fi, IDC, Networking, wireless, anti-malware, WLANs / Wi-Fi

Netcraft tool flags websites affected by Heartbleed

Worried about how the Heartbleed vulnerability may affect your personal accounts? A new tool may be of help.

By Joab Jackson | 18 April, 2014 06:33

Tags: security, Desktop security, Netcraft, data protection, Identity fraud / theft, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Israeli start-up, working with GE, out to detect Stuxnet-like attacks

The Stuxnet malware known to have stealthily targeted Iranian nuclear facilities a few years ago was a wake-up call about how vulnerable critical industrial systems can be to cyberattack. Now, an Israeli start-up, with help from General Electric, is testing security technology that would detect Stuxnet-like attacks on critical infrastructure systems used for power production.

By Ellen Messmer | 18 April, 2014 06:17

Tags: security, general electric, Wide Area Network, anti-malware

Tor anonymity network to shrink as a result of Heartbleed flaw

The Tor Project has flagged 380 Tor relays vulnerable to the critical Heartbleed flaw to be rejected from the Tor anonymity network, reducing the network's entry and exit capacity.

By Lucian Constantin | 18 April, 2014 03:15

Tags: patches, online safety, security, encryption, TOR Project, patch management, privacy

Report: Oracle pushes back against Oregon officials over troubled health care site

Oracle is gearing up for a fight with officials in Oregon over its role developing an expensive health insurance exchange website that still isn't fully operational.

By Chris Kanaracus | 18 April, 2014 02:24

Tags: business issues, services, legal, health care, software, industry verticals, IT management, Safra Catz, Oracle

Facebook users targeted by iBanking Android trojan app

Cybercriminals have started using a sophisticated Android Trojan app designed for e-banking fraud to target Facebook users, possibly in an attempt to bypass the two-factor authentication protection on the social network.

By Lucian Constantin | 17 April, 2014 21:59

Tags: security, Access control and authentication, mobile security, eset, rsa, malware

Microsoft extends Windows 8.1 Update migration deadline for business

Microsoft on Wednesday extended the Windows 8.1 Update migration deadline for businesses by three months, but again told consumers they had less than four weeks to make the move before the company shuts off their patch faucet.

By Gregg Keizer | 17 April, 2014 20:49

Tags: security, Microsoft, computerworld, Windows, software, operating systems, Malware and Vulnerabilities

Windows XP's retirement turns into major security project for Chinese firm

Microsoft may have retired Windows XP, but one of China's leading security vendors is trying to keep the OS threat-free, and rolling out protection software to hundreds of millions of users in the nation.

By Michael Kan | 17 April, 2014 14:42

Tags: Qihoo 360, security, Windows, software, Windows desktop, operating systems

Strong PS4 sales create supply problems for Sony

Sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 platform have surpassed 7 million units worldwide but supply problems are continuing, the electronics giant said.

By Tim Hornyak | 17 April, 2014 14:16

Tags: Sony Computer Entertainment, Game platforms, games, sony

Kim Dotcom says he's set to get assets back

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom says he's won a court battle in New Zealand to get back assets taken during his arrest on piracy charges.

By AAP | 17 April, 2014 10:47

Tags: Kim Dotcom

Teen arrested in Heartbleed attack against Canadian tax site

Canadian police have arrested a 19-year-old man for allegedly using the Heartbleed bug to steal data about taxpayers.

By Stephen Lawson | 17 April, 2014 09:31

Tags: security, Access control and authentication, data breach, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, privacy

Fortinet, McAfee, Trend Micro, Bitdefender battle in socially-engineered malware prevention test

Socially-engineered malware tries to trick users into downloading and executing malicious code through tactics that include everything from fake antivirus to fake utilities to fake upgrades to the operating system and trojanized applications.

By Ellen Messmer | 17 April, 2014 07:07

Tags: NSS Labs, symantec, mcafee, Fortinet, security, trend micro, endpoint security, Wide Area Network

Still deploying 11n Wi-Fi? You might want to think again

In this Network World Digital Spotlight, "Harnessing Gigabit Wi-Fi," we do a deep dive on the latest Wi-Fi developments.

By John Dix | 17 April, 2014 05:05

Tags: Wi-Fi, EE, Networking, Wi-Fi Alliance, wireless, anti-malware, WLANs / Wi-Fi

Can Heartbleed be used in DDoS attacks?

With nearly every major threat to information security, it is not long before security experts ask the question, "Can the threat play a role in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks?" When it comes to Heartbleed, some people are screaming that the sky is falling, but it is more complicated than that.

By Jeffrey A. Lyon, CISSP-ISSMP, founder of Black Lotus Communications | 17 April, 2014 05:05

Tags: security, legal, endpoint security, Wide Area Network, anti-malware, NTP, cybercrime

Lavaboom builds encrypted webmail service to resist snooping

A new webmail service called Lavaboom promises to provide easy-to-use email encryption without ever learning its users' private encryption keys or message contents.

By Lucian Constantin | 17 April, 2014 02:27

Tags: Lavaboom, Internet-based applications and services, security, Mail, Lavabit, encryption, data protection, internet, privacy

Oracle identifies products affected by Heartbleed, but work remains on fixes

Oracle has issued a comprehensive list of its software that may or may not be affected by the OpenSSL (secure sockets layer) vulnerability known as Heartbleed, while warning that no fixes are yet available for some likely affected products.

By Chris Kanaracus | 17 April, 2014 01:30

Tags: patches, Internet-based applications and services, CIO role, software, best practices, patch management, internet, Exploits / vulnerabilities, cloud computing, IT management, Oracle, security, it strategy

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