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  • The post-acquisition blues

    The company calls in our manager to take a look around at a small software company it’s acquiring — after the deal has been signed.

    28 April 16 23:32 Written by By Mathias Thurman
  • Even paradise needs backups

    Holiday travel is no time to drop your guard, especially if you take any electronic devices along.

    25 April 16 22:49 Written by By Kenneth van Wyk
  • When Locky strikes

    A friend’s company is hit with aggressive ransomware and calls our manager for advice.

    20 April 16 00:05 Written by By J.F. Rice
  • Let’s not make secure encryption illegal

    Restrictions are abhorrent and a draft bill in the Senate is overly broad and ambiguous. But if Congress insists on restrictions, let's add some critical limits.

    15 April 16 07:13 Written by Evan Schuman
  • Stop Passing Around Those Passwords!

    The company has sanctioned the use of an online password vault, so why is there a spreadsheet making the rounds that contains scores of passwords to servers that contain sensitive data?

    30 March 16 23:02 Written by By Mathias Thurman
  • Surprise! You have mystery PCs

    Vulnerability scans uncover on the network unpatched, unprotected PCs that IT never even heard about.

    15 March 16 08:03 Written by By J.F. Rice
  • Surprising tips from a super-hacker

    Virtually everyone in technology knows about Kevin Mitnick, the one-time fugitive hacker who is now a security consultant. Mitnick has a wealth of security advice for the public.

    07 March 16 21:58 Written by Mike Elgan
  • Good security begins with the endpoint in mind

    In my work with new customers, I have yet to find a single one who has even a simple majority of workstations -- or endpoints as they are often known -- patched properly. Since much of the malware in existence takes advantage of known vulnerabilities, endpoint patch management is the front line of network security. This article will review the common excuses for poor patch practices, and offer specific suggestions for improvement.

    04 March 16 06:53 Written by Robert C. Covington
  • The encryption quicksand into which Apple is sinking

    As the encryption argument takes center stage in the ongoing Apple vs. the U.S. Government squabbles, a very important—and potentially destructive—change is taking place in security strategy.

    02 March 16 01:53 Written by Evan Schuman
  • Ouch! Apple’s free publicity could backfire

    Apple is trying to position itself as a staunch defender of citizens’ privacy. But when you extend its arguments to their logical conclusion, it comes out looking like the company is incapable of protecting its secrets.

    24 Feb. 16 07:15 Written by Ira Winkler

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