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  • Just a test? If only!

    The DDoS attack against DNS provider Dyn finds our manager without a backup plan. That’s painful, especially when the plan had been to test incident response soon.

    01 Nov. 16 04:29 Written by By Mathias Thurman
  • The limits of encryption

    The latest WikiLeaks revelations included a reminder that there are revealing things that just can’t be encrypted.

    28 Oct. 16 22:00 Written by Evan Schuman
  • I want out of Windows patch hell

    You’d think that when it made patches pretty much inescapable, Microsoft would have made darn sure those patches were problem-free. But you’d be wrong.

    06 Oct. 16 02:57 Written by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
  • A nudge from ransomware

    Our manager needs to get remote users’ PCs backed up without forcing them to connect to the network, which they rarely have to do these days to do their jobs.

    05 Oct. 16 03:05 Written by By Mathias Thurman
  • Trouble spotted on the network

    No sophisticated SOC? You can still be pretty sure that you’re aware of anything potentially troublesome.

    12 Sept. 16 21:00 Written by By Mathias Thurman
  • Microsoft’s tin ear for privacy

    The company keeps defending data-gathering features that some people don’t want instead of just making them optional.

    08 Sept. 16 21:00 Written by Preston Gralla
  • Ransomware protection -- what you may be missing

    Given the success of ransomware, we need to look deeper for solutions beyond those mentioned most frequently. Here are are few of these solutions.

    26 July 16 01:45 Written by Robert C. Covington
  • Google quietly brings forgetting to the U.S.

    Seeing all your Google activity in one place can be eye-opening, and having the ability to delete any of it carries some far-reaching implications.

    13 July 16 21:00 Written by Evan Schuman
  • Why cyber hygiene isn't enough

    Organizations need to practice regular cyber hygiene for healthy outcomes. But they must also take steps to mitigate cyber risk—the most serious threats to our security.

    23 June 16 01:13 Written by Bryan Ware
  • Let the budget games begin!

    Even when top management is enlightened about the importance of good security practices, a security manager needs to go into the budget meeting prepared.

    09 June 16 00:11 Written by By Mathias Thurman