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Watch drones deliver textbooks in video demo by Zookal

Receiving textbooks by drone delivery is moving closer to reality as testing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) continues at Zookal.

By Adam Bender | 07 March, 2015 04:00

Tags: drone delivery, Flirtey, Zookal, parcel delivery, unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, UAVs, package delivery, logistics, textbook rental, parcels

JavaScript unites Microsoft and Google

Version 2.0 of the popular AngularJS JavaScript framework will be built on TypeScript, Microsoft's superset of the scripting language that compiles to JavaScript, thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and Google.

By Paul Krill | 07 March, 2015 01:43

Tags: application development, Languages and standards, Google, Microsoft, infoworld, software, javascript

VMware sued for alleged GPL licence infractions

A Linux kernel developer is suing VMware in Germany, alleging the company has not complied with copyright terms for using open-source software.

By Jeremy Kirk | 06 March, 2015 11:35

Tags: open source, Civil lawsuits, legal, The Software Freedom Conservancy, software, VMware

Airbnb offers a query tool for unlocking massive data sets

Airbnb has open-sourced a tool that allows its non-technical employees to work like data scientists, and it hopes others will use the software to more effectively mine their own data

By Joab Jackson | 06 March, 2015 09:39

Tags: Development tools, application development, Airbnb, software

Microsoft unwraps Mac Office 2016 preview

Microsoft today released a preview of Office 2016 for Mac, the successor to the four-year-old Office 2011.

By Gregg Keizer | 06 March, 2015 08:43

Tags: Mac apps, applications, Microsoft, software, Office suites

What network technology is going to shake up your WAN?

Few areas of the enterprise are as ripe for change as the wide area network. And there are plenty of technologies -- from hybrid WAN services and software defined networking to better management tools -- lining up to push such a makeover closer to reality.

By Michael Cooney | 06 March, 2015 07:47

Tags: alcatel-lucent, Networking, cisco, CloudGenix, Avaya, LAN & WAN

An incredibly shrinking Firefox faces endangered species status

Mozilla's Firefox is in danger of making the endangered species list for browsers.

By Gregg Keizer | 06 March, 2015 05:42

Tags: Apple, web browsers, Firefox, net applications, applications, opera software, Microsoft, browsers, software

Red Hat strips down for Docker

Reacting to the surging popularity of the Docker virtualization technology, Red Hat has customized a version of its Linux distribution to run Docker containers.

By Joab Jackson | 06 March, 2015 04:25

Tags: application virtualization, open source, Linux, virtualization, software, Red Hat, operating systems

Google brings app messaging to its Cloud

Closing a gap with other enterprise cloud providers, Google has created a service to facilitate communications across applications that customers build on the company's cloud platform.

By Joab Jackson | 05 March, 2015 10:04

Tags: Enterprise service busses, Google, middleware, software, Enterprise application integration, data integration

Microsoft's universal app platform is big play for mobile, but can it deliver?

If Windows 10 is key to Microsoft's effort to succeed in mobile, then the universal app platform is the technology that could make that happen. It promises to bring developers the cross-device nirvana they have long sought from Microsoft, but there are still challenges before Windows 10 can make headway against Android and iOS.

By Kristin Burnham | 05 March, 2015 09:05

Tags: Microsoft, Windows, software, operating systems

OS X Yosemite's uptake breaks 50%

Apple's OS X Yosemite powered more than half of all Macs last month, according to data recently released by analytics vendor Net Applications.

By Gregg Keizer | 05 March, 2015 08:37

Tags: Apple, net applications, Mac OS, Microsoft, OS X Yosemite, Mac OS X, software, operating systems

IBM acquires AlchemyAPI to fatten Watson portfolio

IBM has acquired computing services provider AlchemyAPI to broaden its portfolio of Watson-branded cognitive computing services.

By Joab Jackson | 05 March, 2015 05:31

Tags: business issues, applications, IBM, data mining, software, Mergers and acquisitions

Can a Barcelona romance bring Wi-Fi and cells together?

In the romantic city of Barcelona, cellular and Wi-Fi are getting set up on a lot of dates this week.

By Stephen Lawson | 05 March, 2015 02:06

Tags: telecommunication, Networking, wireless, Nokia, Devicescape, qualcomm, mobile, WLANs / Wi-Fi, MWC, 4g, alcatel-lucent

Momentum grows around Microsoft's Windows 10 for phones

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 OS hasn't taken the world by storm, but its successor, Windows 10, is off to an encouraging start even before its release.

By Agam Shah | 04 March, 2015 23:36

Tags: MWC, consumer electronics, Microsoft, smartphones, Windows, Components, software, operating systems

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Wednesday, March 4

Alibaba opens U.S. cloud service... IBM puts OpenPower servers in cloud... Eric Schmidt meets European antitrust chief... and more news

By IDG News Service staff | 04 March, 2015 23:16

Tags: IBM, Computing services, alibaba, Lenovo, government, sony, internet, Uber Technologies, Facebook, services, Google

IBM plugs OpenPower servers into SoftLayer cloud

IBM will roll out a cloud computing service next quarter using OpenPower-based servers, continuing an effort to expand the market for Power processors and challenge Intel in hyperscale data centers.

By James Niccolai | 04 March, 2015 15:54

Tags: services, IBM, Computing services, Hosted, Components, processors

Box snaps up Subspace for heightened BYOD security

Hard on the heels of debuting a cloud storage service for financial services firms, Box announced Tuesday that it has acquired Subspace, a startup focused on cross-device collaboration security.

By Katherine Noyes | 04 March, 2015 09:44

Tags: business issues, applications, software, collaboration,, cloud computing, internet, Mergers and acquisitions

Java update spotlights JavaScript, memory usage

With a planned update to Java today, Oracle looks to improve memory management, native packaging, JavaScript compatibility, and usability.

By Paul Krill | 04 March, 2015 07:32

Tags: application development, Languages and standards, java, software, Oracle

With Spotfire 7, Tibco aims to make analytics more accessible

Scan through the news announcements in the world of enterprise software lately, and there's a good chance you'll notice an overriding theme. It focuses on analytics, and it's all about putting the power of that once-highly specialized function within the hands of a broader spectrum of business users.

By Katherine Noyes | 04 March, 2015 06:48

Tags: applications, Tibco Software, data mining, software, business intelligence

Mozilla previews 64-bit Firefox for Windows, tentatively slates stable release for mid-May

Mozilla on Monday announced its first developer preview of a 64-bit Windows version of Firefox.

By Gregg Keizer | 04 March, 2015 05:16

Tags: Firefox, web browsers, software, Web servers

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