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Google gives Android developers new tools for tracking app performance

Android developers who want to keep tabs on how their apps appear to Google’s search engine got a couple of new tools on Friday.

By Katherine Noyes | 23 May, 2015 03:48

Tags: analytics, application development, Google, software, internet, search engines

Microsoft offers Windows 10 carrot, threatens with stick

Microsoft has extended the carrot. Later it will brandish the stick.

By Gregg Keizer | 23 May, 2015 03:16

Tags: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10, software, operating systems

Adblock browsers for Android and iOS to keep mobile ads, tracking at bay

By building browsers with integrated ad blocking, German company Eyeo hopes to attract more users. A beta version of the Android browser is now available for download from the Play store.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 22 May, 2015 22:32

Tags: Eyeo, telecommunication, applications, ios, browsers, Mobile OSes, software, mobile, mobile applications, Android OS

Bigcommerce, PayPal team up for payments

Australian-founded ecommerce platform Bigcommerce now supports PayPal digital wallet online and mobile digital wallet payments in the US.

By Hamish Barwick | 22 May, 2015 14:10

Tags: Bigcommerce, paypal, ecommerce

Square opens Melbourne office

California based payment startup Square has opened an office in Melbourne.

By Hamish Barwick | 22 May, 2015 09:42

Tags: startups, Melbourne, Startup, Square

Apigee adds some Swagger to API design

For developers who want to expose their Web applications to other computers and Internet services, API platform vendor Apigee is offering a free online tool to help create APIs using the increasingly popular Swagger API specification.

By Joab Jackson | 22 May, 2015 06:36

Tags: Development tools, application development, Web services development, Apigee, software

Salesforce Community Cloud gets recommendation tool to boost engagement

After launching its Community Cloud last August for companies trying to engage their customers online, Salesforce has now given the platform a major update.

By Katherine Noyes | 22 May, 2015 06:22

Tags: applications, Customer Relationship Management,, software, internet

How 3D printers made a motorcycle, skis and snowboard

When it comes to 3D printing, the general public is likely unaware how far the technology has come from the days when making figurines and trinkets was about all many believed the machines could do.

By Lucas Mearian | 22 May, 2015 02:09

Tags: peripherals, Printers, 3D printers, 3d printing, beca

Organs may someday be printed inside people

LONG BEACH, CALIF. -- Today, much of the research around 3D bioprinting tissue and organs revolves around laying down enough cells in an abiotic substrate outside a living body, so they can culture and then be implanted where needed.

By Lucas Mearian | 21 May, 2015 20:39

Tags: peripherals, Printers, 3D printers, 3d printing

Alcatel-Lucent uses SDN to meld IP, optical services

Alcatel-Lucent this week extended its carrier SDN product line with an automation and network control system designed to accelerate service provisioning from multivendor IP and optical infrastructure.

By Jim Duffy | 21 May, 2015 06:55

Tags: alcatel-lucent, SDN, Networking, 21

Java's key to success is simplicity

Java's success in remaining relevant on the ever-changing landscape of software development has been its relative simplicity.

By Joab Jackson | 21 May, 2015 06:52

Tags: Development tools, application development, software, Oracle

Microsoft issues crash warning with latest Windows 10 update

Microsoft has released another update for Windows 10, but warned users with an Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) graphics chipset to expect "frequent crashes" of the new Edge browser.

By Gregg Keizer | 21 May, 2015 06:18

Tags: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, Advanced Micro Devices, Windows, software, operating systems

MemSQL makes its in-memory database available to all

In-memory databases have garnered attention recently because they combine transaction and analytic processing, and one of the latest developments came Wednesday from MemSQL, which announced a new release and a free new Community Edition.

By Katherine Noyes | 21 May, 2015 06:08

Tags: applications, databases, MemSQL, software

'Attack of the Data Silos 2': Coming soon to an enterprise near you

Information silos are the scourge whose downfall has been foretold ever since the rise of enterprise resource planning platforms in the 1990s, but today, their demise remains far from assured.

By Katherine Noyes | 21 May, 2015 01:11

Tags: applications, enterprise resource planning, SAP, data mining, software, workday, business intelligence

Windows goes Node for Microsoft's Internet of Things

Microsoft is linking Node.js to Windows 10 and the Internet of things, leveraging its Chakra JavaScript engine to get Node.js running on Windows on ARM.

By Paul Krill | 20 May, 2015 23:53

Tags: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, Windows, software, operating systems

How astronauts 3D printed a wrench they needed in space

There's a major supply chain issue in space.

By Lucas Mearian | 20 May, 2015 23:47

Tags: peripherals, Printers, Made, 3D printers, NASA, 3d printing, 21, SpaceX

Patent trolls may be preparing to target 3D printing

LONG BEACH, CALIF. -- While patent litigation has been on the rise for a number of years, it hasn't been between competing companies but from patent trolls who seek to buy up patent portfolios in order to sue industry players for infringement.

By Lucas Mearian | 20 May, 2015 23:47

Tags: peripherals, Printers, 3D printers, Google, 3d printing, comcast, intel

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Wednesday, May 20

Six from China charged in US IP theft... ARM teams with Unicef on wearables... Microsoft previewing new Office for Android apps... and more tech news.

By IDG News Service staff | 20 May, 2015 21:26

Tags: Carnegie-Mellon University, legal, University of California, alibaba, New York Stock Exchange, software, mobile, unicef, Uber Technologies, Arm Holdings, Google, Microsoft

Uber drivers must pay GST but Airbnb rents spared

Users of accommodation website Airbnb are not slugged with the GST, but Uber drivers will now have to pay the tax from the first dollar earned.

By AAP | 20 May, 2015 09:50

Tags: GST, Uber, Airbnb

Dropbox unleashes 'universal app' for Windows phones and tablets

Early this year, Dropbox released its cloud storage service on Windows phones and tablets, and on Tuesday the company followed up with a universal app that fleshes out the features for both types of devices.

By Katherine Noyes | 20 May, 2015 08:27

Tags: applications, document management, dropbox, software, mobile, collaboration, cloud computing, internet, mobile applications

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