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Data-aware infrastructure: It’s about time!

We need a smarter infrastructure, with the emphasis on the data itself.

By By Steve Duplessie | 16 September, 2015 20:43

Tags: storage

Nothing is ever completely outsourced

An outsourced project is out of your hands, right? Well, no, not entirely. In fact, that belief is a common misconception that can lead to trouble.

By Bart Perkins | 15 August, 2015 01:41

Tags: services, outsourcing, no company

Why I won't write a requiem for Google+

Over the last couple years, this TechWatch blog has been home to requiems for a number of products and services that have either died or pretty much died, collapsing to the point where they no longer resemble their once-great former selves.

By Fredric Paul | 11 August, 2015 04:46

Tags: RadioShack, Google, Open Source Subnet, software, youtube, Facebook

For Linux, Supercomputers R Us

Supercomputers are serious things, called on to do serious computing. They tend to be engaged in serious pursuits like atomic bomb simulations, climate modeling and high-level physics. Naturally, they cost serious money. At the very top of the latest <a href="">Top500</a> supercomputer ranking is the Tianhe-2 supercomputer at China's National University of Defense Technology. It cost about $390 million to build.

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | 07 August, 2015 04:51

Tags: Linux, supercomputers, High performance, beca, hardware systems, Mode, software, M1, operating systems, Raspberry Pi

Managing Apple Macs and Windows Systems with the Same SCCM Tool

Organizations are looking to manage their Apple Macs along side their existing Windows systems using existing tools already used in enterprises like Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). Parallels (the maker of virtual machine technology that has allowed Mac users to run Windows guest sessions for years) just updated their add-in to SCCM, "Parallels Mac Management 4.0" for Microsoft SCCM.

By Rand Morimoto | 28 July, 2015 01:30

Tags: Parallels, Apple, Microsoft, software

Just give up on mobile already, Microsoft

How many ways can Microsoft fail with mobile technology? There was Windows CE -- a failure. Windows Mobile -- a flop. And, more recently, Windows Phone -- a fiasco.

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | 11 July, 2015 03:47

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Google, Microsoft, Networking, smartphones, wireless, mobile, Windows Phone

El Capitan's 5 biggest improvements

When Apple execs <a href="">took the stage last week</a> for the company's annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), they covered a lot of ground -- discussing changes to iOS 9, updates to watchOS, details about the company's music-streaming plans and specifics about OS X 10.11, <a href="">better known as El Capitan</a>. All three platforms will see improvements focused on performance, privacy and refinements when they arrive later this year.

By Michael deAgonia | 19 June, 2015 20:19

Tags: Apple, Mac OS, WD, Mac OS X, software, operating systems, Capita

Windows 10: Who will jump on the upgrade train?

<a href="">Windows 10 is looking pretty good.</a> No, really!

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | 16 June, 2015 08:31

Tags: Microsoft Windows, IDC, Microsoft, Windows, 21, Windows 10, software, operating systems

Google on Apple: The end is near

The chat room and social network religious wars between Apple and Google demand that you take sides. But I've always felt that the best experience includes a cherry-picking of Apple hardware, Google services and apps from both.

By Mike Elgan | 16 June, 2015 01:29

Tags: Apple, Google, WD, None, software, Apple iOS

Why you want Google Photos

We all love to take pictures. Smartphones make it easy.

By Mike Elgan | 01 June, 2015 00:38

Tags: Google, beca, 21, software, Google I/O 2015, internet, mobile apps

EU regulators misunderstand big data

Some <a href="">European Union regulators reportedly</a> are concerned that major Internet companies such as Google and Facebook gain an unfair competitive advantage from the detailed consumer data they hold, since other companies can never hope to amass anywhere near as much of it. In addition, some regulators worry that with less competition, these data-rich companies will disregard their customers' privacy preferences and become more invasive. Not only are these regulators wrong, but by mistakenly classifying big data as anti-competitive and anti-consumer, they risk driving European companies away from the most productive uses of data, which would harm the competitiveness of European businesses and limit the potential consumer benefits.

By By Joshua New | 27 May, 2015 19:07

Tags: applications, Google, european union, 21, data mining, software, big data, Facebook

Open Source Meets Telecom at NFV World Congress

When Linux first became a serious challenger for enterprise-class infrastructure, traditional IT vendors had to contend and to rationalize just what exactly this open source thing was. The initial response from many vendors was to attempt to stop it, but it only grew.

By Art Fewell | 19 May, 2015 06:39

Tags: Linux, Virtuali, SDN, software, operating systems

Will Windows 10 be ready this summer? No way. Will it ship? Count on it.

AMD CEO Lisa Su let the cat out of the bag: <a href="">Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 in late July</a>.

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | 30 April, 2015 03:27

Tags: Microsoft, software, Windows 10, operating systems

Let's rethink email

I've been using email longer than most people (more than a quarter of a century), so I think I have the credibility to say it's overdue for an overhaul.

By Evan Schuman | 06 April, 2015 19:03

Tags: Lotus, email, enterprise applications, applications, enterprise resource planning, software

Microsoft Outlook Calendar Corruption, Lost Meetings, Duplicate Appointments - April/2015 Update

Over the past 5-yrs, organizations have complained about Microsoft Outlook calendaring problems where users describe issues of calendar appointments not showing up, meeting appointments disappearing, calendar delegate issues occurring, just overall "odd" behavior of calendars. It usually happens in mixed environments where some users are Apple Mac users, and some users (frequently the exec admin / delegate) running Windows, and typically active use of iPhones, iPads, Android, or other mobile devices and tablets. And over the past 5-yrs, I have actively blogged about the problem and the solution to FIX the calendaring inconsistencies.

By Rand Morimoto | 02 April, 2015 00:21

Tags: Apple, Microsoft Subnet, applications, Microsoft, content management, software

The signs of spring: Birds, flowers and new tech

Back in the dark ages, when the only way to get onscreen entertainment was by tuning in a television set at a specific time (get home late? miss your favorite show? too bad for you!), networks had a habit of scheduling similar shows opposite each other. The notion was presumably, that the competition would cause one show to win out over the other, which would eventually drop in the ratings and get cancelled. The idea that viewers might be interested in seeing both apparently was not in the networks' psychology.

By Barbara Krasnoff | 27 March, 2015 05:01

Tags: abc, Mobile & Wireless, galaxy, htc, hardware systems, CBS, software

5 steps for transforming your business using data

Organisations that were born digital are built around their IT platform, and all their business processes are IT-driven and data-powered. Every action, every decision, is based on the processing of data sets about users and customers, about usage patterns, external conditions, etc.

By Yves de Montcheuil | 07 March, 2015 05:44

Tags: applications, data mining, software, big data

Fave Raves 2015: What's your favorite enterprise IT product?

Do you have a favorite enterprise IT product you can't live without? Tell us about it and we'll share your raves with our readers. (Here's a link to <a href="">last year's Fave Raves</a> collection.)

By Ann Bednarz | 03 March, 2015 00:41

Tags: management, Networking, infrastructure management

A lot of private-sector data is also used for public good

As the private sector continues to invest in data-driven innovation, the capacity for society to benefit from this data collection grows as well. Much has been said about how the private sector is using the data it collects to improve corporate bottom lines, but positive stories about how that data contributes to the greater public good are largely unknown.

By By Josh New | 05 February, 2015 08:37

Tags: Pfizer, applications, data mining, software, big data

HoloLens: Look who's innovating

Poor, slow-footed old Microsoft. It just can't adapt to changing times or keep up with more innovative, agile and forward-looking companies like Apple and Google. That's been the way many of us have thought of Microsoft for a long time. But it may be our thinking that's old and outdated.

By Preston Gralla | 29 January, 2015 00:55

Tags: Microsoft, european union, Windows, Windows 10, software, operating systems, HoloLens, Apple, Microsoft Windows, Reuters, Google

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