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  • 6 colleges turning out open source talent

    Most IT departments have project roadmaps that will require open-source skills, but finding recent college grads with open source talent can be challenging.

    02 May 16 20:20 Written by Sandra Gittlen
  • Mingis on Tech: All about Microsoft's Surface Book (and the importance of ports)

    If you're eyeing one of Microsoft's hybrid devices like the Surface Book, or want to make sure your next laptop is future-proof (hint: check the ports), this episode's for you. Executive News Editor Ken Mingis gets the details from Sharon Machlis, Executive Editor, Online & Data Analytics, and Editor in Chief Scot Finnie.

    28 April 16 20:00 Written by Ken Mingis
  • Is Facebook playing catch-up with possible camera app?

    Facebook may be developing a stand-alone camera app, but industry analysts say it's likely too late for the company to displace Snapchat, the highly popular photo-messaging app.

    27 April 16 06:09 Written by Sharon Gaudin
  • Software audits: How high tech plays hardball

    'Truing up' licenses amounts to billions of dollars in revenue for the major software makers. Here's where the money goes -- and how it's extracted

    25 April 16 20:00 Written by Dan Tynan
  • Google 'moonshots' not yet profitable

    Longer-term projects like driverless cars, wearables and connectivity balloons carry hefty tab; the very-profitable company makes its money from Android, search and other 'core' tech.

    23 April 16 05:23 Written by Sharon Gaudin
  • Top drone startups find venture capital flying their way

    With unmanned aerial vehicles (i.e., drones) here to stay, entrepreneurs are pouncing on the opportunity to safeguard people from having these flying machines drop in unexpectedly and venture capitalists are buying in.

    21 April 16 23:53 Written by Bob Brown
  • Thrilled that AI is no longer a dirty word

    Cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning are here to stay and promise to benefit both consumers and the organizations that exploit these advanced technologies.

    19 April 16 00:06 Written by Bob Brown
  • Open-source vulnerabilities database shuts down

    An open-source project dedicated to cataloguing a huge range of computer security flaws has closed its doors as of Tuesday, according to an announcement on the Open-Source Vulnerability Database’s blog.

    08 April 16 07:16 Written by Jon Gold
  • Is Twitter's NFL deal a Hail Mary or a solid fix?

    With Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey under pressure to improve the social network's user base and financial coffers, analysts are split on the company's deal with the National Football League.

    06 April 16 05:53 Written by Sharon Gaudin
  • Windows comes up third in OS clash two years early

    Microsoft's Windows, which in 2015 fell to third place among the world's operating systems, will continue to lose share this year to Android and Apple's combined OS X and iOS.

    02 April 16 07:26 Written by Gregg Keizer
  • Why Microsoft wants to help developers build bots

    One of the key parts of Satya Nadella's keynote address to attendees at Microsoft's Build developer conference Wednesday was a discussion of creating virtual assistants and intelligent chat bots to help users do everything from managing their calendars to booking hotel reservations.

    02 April 16 04:56 Written by Blair Hanley Frank

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