Google, Amazon push Flash closer to extinction

Internet users will get some respite from Flash-based attacks since Google and Amazon are stopping Flash ads from displaying

By Fahmida Y. Rashid | 28 August, 2015 20:27

Tags: Google

One billion people hated Facebook on Monday

For the first time, Facebook recorded more than a billion active users in a day: Monday saw about 15% of the world's population log in to watch cat videos, argue about politics, stalk ex-lovers, and publicly complain about bad service...

By Richi Jennings | 28 August, 2015 13:24

Tags: Facebook

Apple's iOS 9 takes ad blockers to dangerous new heights

The ad-blocking wars were already damaging, but Apple is pushing it to an alarming level

By Galen Gruman | 28 August, 2015 13:00

Tags: Apple

Salesforce Aura ventures into open source -- to a point

Salesforce's Aura framework for designing business apps is open source, but you'll have to pay for its drag-and-drop design tools

By Serdar Yegulalp | 28 August, 2015 13:00


New Windows 10 Insider build 10532 rolling out to those with build 10525

It’s official, there's a new Win10 Insider Preview build rolling out right now

KB 3081448, KB 3081449, and KB 3081452 arrive on Windows 10 sans documentation

If you're running Windows 10 RTM (build 10240), you just got Cumulative Update 5 and two other surprises with no pedigree -- and your machine will reboot tonight

How stealthy patches could bring down all of Windows 10

Here's a simple scenario where the lack of patch information could severely limit Windows 10's acceptance

You built a cloud and now they want containers, too?

Some critical controls are still missing, but container tech is already paying dividends

Google Container Engine: Ready to rock 'n' roll

Google Container Engine is out of beta. The search-engine-cum-advertising-broker is also all about that containerization. But is Google's use of open-source projects such as Docker and Kubernetes *entirely* unselfish?

By Richi Jennings | 27 August, 2015 14:28

Tags: Docker, Google

Intel seeks to boost its OpenStack cred with Mirantis move

Intel's financial backing for Mirantis will aid OpenStack -- and help Intel find future customers for its hardware-based virtualization tech

By Serdar Yegulalp | 25 August, 2015 13:00

Tags: intel

First Docker, now Mesos: Windows broadens its support in containers

Microsoft teams with Mesosphere, making Windows servers easier to manage and broadening Azure's appeal

By Serdar Yegulalp | 24 August, 2015 20:55

Tags: Microsoft

Twistlock adds security and vulnerability management to Docker containers

Software containers are the hottest technology in application development, but they lack inherent security and vulnerability management capabilities

Why developers have more power than you think

Many people still believe developers simply do what they're told, but as Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson says, skyrocketing demand for more and better software is putting devs in the driver's seat

Kill Flash? Be careful what you wish for

The death of Flash will impact more than a few enterprise IT solutions, with nasty repercussions for admins

Deep Dream: Artificial intelligence meets hallucinations

Artificially intelligent neural networks can not only identify images, they can be used to generate images Hieronymus Bosch would have been proud of.

By Mark Gibbs | 24 August, 2015 07:04

Tags: artificial intelligence

How to get rid of the 'Your upgrade to Windows 10 is ready' lock

Those of you who signed up for the Windows 10 upgrade but changed your mind may be able to crawl out

PostgreSQL moves toward NoSQL-style scaling

The relational database will get autosharding capabilities to help it better handle large workloads

Google cloud ''loses'' data (sky falling; film at 11)

Google is sorry to report it's lost some cloud customers' data. Lightning struck four times near its St. Ghislain, Belgium data center. From cloud to cloud, as't were, causing some storage to go bye-bye...

By Richi Jennings | 20 August, 2015 13:20

Tags: Google, storage, cloud security

SharePoint 2016: The future is hybrid

The on-premises collaboration server will increasingly rely on, or encourage the use of, cloud services

By J. Peter Bruzzese | 20 August, 2015 13:00

Tags: Microsoft

How Apache Ranger and Chuck Norris help secure Hadoop

The Hadoop ecosystem has always been a bag of parts, each of which needs to be secured separately -- at least they did need that, until Apache Ranger came to town

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