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  • Om nom Nomulus: Google open-sources TLD registry platform

    Google’s latest foray into open-source software is a cloud-based top-level-domain registrar platform called Nomulus, bringing a substantial chunk of the company’s gigantic internet infrastructure into the public eye.

    19 Oct. 16 07:36 Written by Jon Gold
  • What’s behind Amazon, Microsoft and Google’s aggressive cloud expansions

    In the first week of October, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform all announced plans to build out new regions for their IaaS cloud operations. The new regions add to an already impressive roster of data centers around the globe for each vendor. What’s behind this arms race to build new regions for the big clouds?

    19 Oct. 16 00:20 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Mingis on Tech: Google goes big on hardware

    With the Google Pixel smartphone, Google Home and Google Wifi, it looks as though someone's trying to build a well-rounded tech ecosystem. Executive News Editor Ken Mingis and Multimedia Editor Keith Shaw weigh the pros and cons.

    06 Oct. 16 07:15 Written by Ken Mingis
  • What #MadeByGoogle really means

    The #MadeByGoogle hashtag doesn’t mean Google is becoming a consumer electronics company despite its announcement of five new hardware products.

    06 Oct. 16 02:53 Written by Steven Max Patterson
  • What to expect from Tuesday’s big Google hardware event

    We know that Google is set to release a slew of hardware Tuesday at an event in San Francisco, including smartphones, smart home devices and even a new Wi-Fi router. Here’s what the leaks and rumors say about the specifics of the company’s big release day tomorrow.

    04 Oct. 16 08:49 Written by Jon Gold
  • The power of lazy programming

    These 13 tools and techniques prove that, when it comes to coding, laziness is a virtue

    28 Sept. 16 20:00 Written by Peter Wayner
  • Wyoming's open source enterprise code library a secret no more

    Wyoming’s 250-person Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) group knew it had a good thing in its Enterprise Extensible Code Library, but it chose to keep things under wraps outside of the state until last week when members of that team attended an annual confab for state government CIOs.

    28 Sept. 16 06:48 Written by Bob Brown
  • The next target for phishing and fraud: ChatOps

    Cloud-based chat systems introduce a unique set of requirements given the breadth and depth of access to potentially sensitive data

    24 Sept. 16 04:21 Written by By Kevin O’Brien, CEO and Co-Founder, GreatHorn Inc.
  • GitHub's new features aim for business and open-source users

    GitHub, the popular code repository service, has to serve two masters. It's well-known for hosting popular open-source projects, but it's also working to acquire more large and small business users to privately store and manage their proprietary code.

    17 Sept. 16 10:17 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Windows 10 Redstone: A guide to the builds

    Now that Windows 10 Anniversary Update is here, Microsoft is already working on the next two major updates. We track all the new builds here.

    15 Sept. 16 04:18 Written by Preston Gralla
  • Pinterest

    An app that predicts customer satisfaction replaces manual triage of support requests at this 2016 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree.

    12 Sept. 16 20:30 Written by Bob Violino
  • Qiagen

    An analytics database at this 2016 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree combines multiple data streams and sources to drive revenue.

    12 Sept. 16 20:30 Written by Stacy Collett
  • GE Healthcare

    A migration to a new transaction processing engine improves performance for this 2016 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree.

    12 Sept. 16 20:30 Written by Bob Violino

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