Invoice2go scores $35 million from Silicon Valley

US venture capital firms have committed USD$35 million to a B2B startup from the Central Coast.

By Adam Bender | 24 September, 2014 09:21

Tags: funding, startups, dropbox, apps, Invoice2go, Australia, Venture capital, mobile, invoicing, silicon valley, Startup, eHarmony

GoogleX to circle the Earth with Internet-connected balloons

Google is looking to launch a fleet of high-altitude balloons that will circle the planet, providing Internet connectivity to remote areas -- and it plans to do so within a year.

By Sharon Gaudin | 24 September, 2014 06:15

Tags: Google, emerging technology, internet

Ray Ozzie's Talko app stores calls in cloud, lets you search them

Ray Ozzie -- the father of Lotus Notes -- has launched Talko, a smartphone app that records group phone calls, stores them and makes them searchable so group members can go back and listen to key parts of the call and lets participants shoot and insert photos into the call stream in real time.

By Tim Greene | 24 September, 2014 04:02

Tags: mobile applications, Lotus, smartphone, mobile, mobile apps, Oracle

Without mandatory signups, is Google+ adrift?

Now that Google has backed away from requiring new Gmail users to automatically sign up for Google+, analysts are wondering whether the company is giving up on its social network.

By Sharon Gaudin | 24 September, 2014 03:37

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, internet, social media, Facebook, youtube

Microsoft streamlines free Office for students deal

Microsoft yesterday made it easier for school and university students to obtain a free subscription to Office 365 by sidestepping institutional IT and going to the self-serve line.

By Gregg Keizer | 24 September, 2014 02:54

Tags: web apps, Microsoft, internet, cloud computing

EU tells Google to make more concessions or face charges in antitrust dispute

Google has to improve its settlement terms in an antitrust investigation over its search practices or face charges, following opposition from some quarters to the deal, the European Commission's competition chief Joaquin Almunia said Tuesday.

By John Ribeiro | 23 September, 2014 20:04

Tags: antitrust, Google, european commission, legal

Lyft acquires ride-sharing startup Hitch

Car-sharing service Lyft has acquired Hitch, a startup in the mobile app-enabled car-pooling business, to integrate the service with its own shared rides business that it set up last month.

By John Ribeiro | 23 September, 2014 14:21

Tags: mobile applications, Hitch, Internet-based applications and services, Lyft, internet, mobile

Crashing Apple's iOS 8 party

The many iPhone and iPad users that have held off downloading iOS 8 since it was released on Sept. 17, despite the promised benefits of Apple's new software, might be glad they did. Word is that crash rates are relatively high.

By Bob Brown | 23 September, 2014 08:25

Tags: iOS 8, iphone 6, Apple, applications, telecommunication, ios, Mobile OSes, mobile, mobile apps

Ex-Cisco employee pleads guilty to second-degree murder in ‘Google Maps case'

Ex-Cisco engineer Brad Cooper, whose first-degree murder conviction for the 2008 strangulation slaying of his wife Nancy was overturned last year based on disputed Google Maps-related evidence, today pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

By Paul McNamara | 23 September, 2014 02:54

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, Google, Google Maps, Brad Cooper - CCIE #13747 Voice, hardware systems, cisco, Data Center

Ericsson acquires majority stake in Apcera for cloud policy compliance

To fill out its cloud services portfolio with policy and auditing controls, Ericsson is acquiring a majority stake in San Francisco enterprise services company Apcera.

By Joab Jackson | 23 September, 2014 02:17

Tags: Ericsson, business issues, Apcera, development platforms, internet, cloud computing, Mergers and acquisitions

Brocade unveils OpenDaylight SDN controller

Brocade this week unveiled an SDN controller based on open source code from the OpenDaylight multivendor and community consortium.

By Jim Duffy | 23 September, 2014 00:41

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, open source, SDN, hardware systems, Brocade Communications, software, Data Center

Delve, Office Graph must transcend Office 365 to be revolutionary

The release of Delve, the first application to use Microsoft's Office Graph machine learning engine, will be remembered years from now as either the genesis of a revolutionary technology or as a fireworks-style launch that dazzled everyone only for a brief moment.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 23 September, 2014 00:32

Tags: applications, Microsoft, software, internet, cloud computing, Software as a service, collaboration, Office suites

The 2014 Enterprise Architecture Awards

Welcome to the fifth annual Enterprise Architecture Awards, presented by InfoWorld, Forrester Research, and the Penn State University Center for Enterprise Architecture. This year, we have six winning EA programs from the following companies: Allstate Insurance, Australia Post, Dell, Dubai Customs House, Molina Healthcare, and State Farm Insurance Companies.

By Alex Cullen | 23 September, 2014 00:01

Tags: Architecture, software, enterprise architecture

EMC reportedly held merger talks with Hewlett-Packard

EMC spent almost a year discussing a merger with Hewlett-Packard and is weighing its options in light of the expected retirement of CEO Joe Tucci and shareholder discontent, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

By Chris Kanaracus | 22 September, 2014 23:32

Tags: business issues, services, Dell, hardware systems, software, emc, Hewlett-Packard, Mergers and acquisitions

Microsoft pushes back Xbox One release date in China

Microsoft has pushed back the launch date of the Xbox One in mainland China, saying it needs more time to polish the system before it goes for sale.

By Michael Kan | 22 September, 2014 22:06

Tags: Game platforms, Microsoft, Xbox, games

Microsoft knocks iOS 8 install requirements, ups OneDrive free space

Microsoft yesterday levered the news that some iPhone owners had to delete content before installing the new iOS 8 with an offer to nearly double the free space for its OneDrive cloud storage service.

By Gregg Keizer | 22 September, 2014 19:54

Tags: Apple, Internet-based applications and services, Microsoft, internet, Apple iOS

Microsoft, Getty copyright dispute heads for mediation

A judge in New York has postponed for mediation proceedings a decision on an injunction motion by Getty Images against a Bing widget, which allowed publishers to embed image collages and slideshows from search results on their websites.

By John Ribeiro | 22 September, 2014 18:15

Tags: Getty Images, copyright, Microsoft, intellectual property, legal

IEEE standards group wants to bring order to IoT

The IEEE is embarking on an ambitious effort to build a overarching architecture for the Internet of Things, spanning a multitude of industries and technologies.

By Stephen Lawson | 20 September, 2014 06:17

Tags: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Networking, internet

InfiniDB going out of business, but its database will live on as open source

Increasingly stiff competition in the database market has claimed another victim, as InfiniDB has ceased operations effective immediately with plans to file for bankruptcy.

By Chris Kanaracus | 20 September, 2014 06:11

Tags: business issues, open source, applications, databases, software, InfiniDB

FCC questions how to enforce net neutrality rules

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission needs to create explicit rules that tell broadband providers what traffic management techniques they can and cannot use if the agency has any hope of enforcing its proposed net neutrality rules, some advocates told the agency Friday.

By Grant Gross | 20 September, 2014 05:20

Tags: National Cable and Telecommunications Association, telecommunication, regulation, Kickstarter, Rick Chessen, internet, Susan Crawford, mozilla, Internet service providers, Stephen Coran, Tom Wheeler, Michal Rosenn, Harvard Law School, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, government, broadband, Wireless Internet Service Providers Association

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