Your online TV watching is now being tracked across devices

Showing all viewers the same commercial six minutes into, say, an episode of "Modern Family" might soon be over. If you're watching it online.

By Zach Miners | 21 October, 2014 20:46

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, consumer electronics, nielsen, adobe, smartphones, internet, netflix, video

Apple's Yosemite OS shares Spotlight search terms by default

Apple is being called out for how it shares desktop and Web searches in its latest desktop operating system, Yosemite.

By Jeremy Kirk | 21 October, 2014 11:19

Tags: Apple, Mac OS, security, Microsoft, software, operating systems, privacy

Smartsheet, the project management tool cloaked as a spreadseet, adds visualization

Smartsheet, whose namesake online project management app uses a spreadsheet interface, has developed a visualization tool to let its customers graph and map workgroups in their organizations for better planning and supervision.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 21 October, 2014 10:38

Tags: Smartsheet, spreadsheets, applications, software, project management, internet, cloud computing, Software as a service

Apple Pay could be a big deal for Android users

The launch of Apple Pay on Monday has brought considerable publicity to a technology that's already embedded in millions of Android smartphones yet has so far failed to take off.

By Martyn Williams | 21 October, 2014 08:59

Tags: applications, telecommunication, ios, mastercard, Mobile OSes, industry verticals, mobile, Apple, Google, retail, visa, security

Mitel takes aim at Avaya with ShoreTel bid

Anyone thinking about signing a deal with ShoreTel for unified communications gear might want to take a closer look now that Mitel has made public its hopes to buy the company.

By Tim Greene | 21 October, 2014 08:59

Tags: unified communications, Synergy, telecommunication, Networking, voip, Microsoft, ShoreTel Cisco Unified Communications, Shoretel, Avaya

Microsoft goes all-in on hybrid Cloud with Azure-in-a-box

Microsoft Monday doubled down on hybrid Clouds by unveiling an on-premises system that syncs up with Azure public cloud services.

By Brandon Butler | 21 October, 2014 08:35

Tags: Amazon Web Services, hybrid cloud, IBM, internet, cloud computing, rackspace, VMware, HP, Gartner, Dell, Google, microsoft azure, Microsoft

Microsoft (hearts) Linux, for Azure's sake

Microsoft now loves Linux.

By Joab Jackson | 21 October, 2014 08:00

Tags: Microsoft, internet, cloud computing, Infrastructure services

Sprint cuts 452 HQ jobs in IT, network and technology areas

Sprint recently cut 452 jobs from its headquarters in Overland Park, Kan., an amount that equals about 6% of the 7,500 workers there.

By Matt Hamblen | 21 October, 2014 07:31

Tags: business issues, sprint, wireless carriers, layoffs

Office Mix now lets PowerPoint users create on the fly

Microsoft wants to deliver a new wave of apps that are intuitive, intelligent, and mobile- and cloud-friendly -- and its latest move is with Office Mix, a PowerPoint add-on aimed at teachers, for recording presentations and making them more interactive.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 21 October, 2014 07:01

Tags: applications, Microsoft, software, Office suites

Ask Watson or Siri: Artificial intelligence is as elusive as ever

In 1966, some Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers reckoned that they could develop computer vision as a summer project, perhaps even get a few smart undergrads to complete the task.

By Joab Jackson | 21 October, 2014 04:08

Tags: applications,, software, data mining

How to control trolls with Google+

Every major social network is a mixed bag of good qualities and bad. For example, the best quality of Twitter might be its limit on the length of tweets, which enables you to follow many people and organizations without getting bogged down in long-winded, complicated posts.

By Mike Elgan | 20 October, 2014 21:38

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, twitter, Google Plus, internet, social media

Apple's iCloud targeted in man-in-the-middle attack in China

Following the iPhone 6 launch in China, Apple's iCloud service began facing a "man-in-the-middle" style attack in the country, in an apparent attempt to steal username and password information, according to an anti-censorship watchdog group.

By Michael Kan | 20 October, 2014 21:36

Tags: Apple, Yahoo, security, internet, privacy

3D-printed gun maker draws jail term in Japan

A Japanese court has sentenced a man to two years in prison for making firearms with a 3D printer.

By Tim Hornyak | 20 October, 2014 21:33

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, internet

Is your Ethernet fast enough? Four new speeds are in the works

Ethernet's future is now about much more than the next top speed: The engineers charting a path for the ubiquitous networking protocol are looking at several new versions to serve a variety of applications.

By Stephen Lawson | 20 October, 2014 11:58

Tags: Ethernet Alliance, Aquantia, Networking, internet, cloud computing

Obama orders chip-and-PIN in government credit cards

President Barack Obama issued an executive order on Friday to have secure chip-and-PIN technology embedded into government-issued credit and debit cards as part of a broader move aimed at stemming payment data breaches.

By Zach Miners | 18 October, 2014 12:00

Tags: Target, white house, U.S. Federal Trade Commission, security, legal, data breach, Home Depot, data protection

Snapchat rolling out non-'creepy' ads that still might get creepy

Ads are officially coming to Snapchat, in a form the company says is not "targeted," but Snapchat's own terms of service suggest it could do something very much like that.

By Zach Miners | 18 October, 2014 09:21

Tags: advertising, Internet-based applications and services, SnapChat, internet, social media, mobile

Startup offers a big-data storyteller

Amassing a pile of big data is not sufficient to spur insight, even if you have clever ways of analyzing that data. The savvy data scientist must also find a way to make all this information tell a story so it can be understandable to others.

By Joab Jackson | 18 October, 2014 07:52

Tags: applications, software, ClearStory Data, business intelligence

Kickstarter suspends Anonabox Tor router project

Kickstarter has suspended the crowdfunding campaign of a Tor-enabling wireless router that gained widespread media attention as a privacy device for the masses but left others questioning its legitimacy.

By Lucas Mearian | 18 October, 2014 07:49

Tags: reddit, security, Kickstarter, computerworld, data privacy, privacy

Apple patches OS X to protect against POODLE

Apple yesterday issued a security update for OS X Mavericks and Mountain Lion meant to protect Macs against possible POODLE attacks.

By Gregg Keizer | 18 October, 2014 07:15

Tags: SANS Technology Institute, Apple, Google, Mac OS, beca, software, Mac OS X, operating systems, Oracle

Disruptive technology reaps cash as venture capital pours in

It's a boom year for venture capital investing, and tech companies with the potential to disrupt business-as-usual are grabbing the lion's share of the money.

By Marc Ferranti | 18 October, 2014 07:12

Tags: business issues, Uber, applications, Airbnb, software, internet, investments, PricewaterhouseCoopers

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