Mozilla revenue climbs 5 per cent in final year of Google search deal

Mozilla's revenue for 2014 was up 5 per cent, with the bulk of its earnings coming from the search deals struck for the open-source developer's Firefox browser.

By Gregg Keizer | 28 November, 2015 17:50

Tags: Firefox

Post Google, Mozilla's new search deals to make up revenue

The Mozilla Foundation reported increased revenue for 2014, the last year for which money from a lucrative Google search deal was included.

Google receives steady stream of 'right to be forgotten' requests

Google continues to receive a steady stream of requests to delist specific search results as a result of a controversial European court ruling.

Microsoft acknowledges bug led to Windows 10 November upgrade stoppage

Microsoft has restored access to Windows 10's November upgrade from its download center after pulling the upgrade because of a bug.

By Gregg Keizer | 25 November, 2015 20:50

Tags: Microsoft, Windows 10

SAFECode: How to ensure you’re buying safe software

The Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code (SAFECode) has issued guidelines to make it easier, especially for businesses trying to decide which products to buy.

By Tim Greene | 25 November, 2015 20:27

Tags: Microsoft, intel

US lawsuit against Microsoft over employee no-poach deals dismissed

A lawsuit against Microsoft that charged it with entering into restrictive hiring agreements with other companies has been dismissed by a court in California, with the judge declaring that the employees had waited too long to file the suit.

Microsoft's November Windows 10 screwed up some users' privacy settings

Microsoft revealed Tuesday that an update to Windows 10 changed some users' privacy settings accidentally.

By Blair Hanley Frank | 25 November, 2015 04:08

Tags: Microsoft

3 types of private clouds: Which one’s right for you?

As the private cloud market has matured, there are now a plethora of options for customers. Forrester Research breaks the market down into bite-size chunks and has some advice on how to choose which private cloud is right for you.

By Brandon Butler | 24 November, 2015 22:51

Tags: OpenStack, VMware

Google's Loon balloons now fly for three months

Google is succeeding in keeping high-altitude balloons aloft in the stratosphere for more than three months at a time -- a key goal in its ambitious Project Loon program to deliver Internet from the sky.

By Martyn Williams | 24 November, 2015 22:16

Tags: Google

Court tosses out Oracle's bid to disqualify expert in Java case

A court in San Francisco has declined Oracle's bid to disqualify an expert in its copyright dispute with Google over the use of Java code in the Android mobile operating system.

Microsoft blames layoffs for drop in gender diversity

Microsoft has blamed a drop in its workforce's gender diversity on the thousands of layoffs it made to restructure its phone hardware business.

By Blair Hanley Frank | 24 November, 2015 04:51

Tags: Microsoft

Facebook makes app accessibility easier with React framework updates

Facebook is making it easier for app developers to build programs that work for people who are visually impaired after the company updated its React and React Native programming frameworks on Monday.

By Blair Hanley Frank | 23 November, 2015 22:00

Tags: Facebook

Apple and app streaming: Unlikely, but never say never

Apple is unlikely to follow Google into app streaming unless the model gains significant traction with consumers.

By Gregg Keizer | 23 November, 2015 20:50

Tags: Apple, Google

Half of all enterprises to start Windows 10 rollouts in the next year

Gartner expects that half of all enterprises will at least begin their roll-outs of Windows 10 by January 2017, according to a report the analyst firm released Monday.

By Blair Hanley Frank | 23 November, 2015 12:00

Tags: Microsoft

Microsoft reveals Black Friday 2015 deals

Microsoft has revealed more than two dozen Black Friday 2015 deals, ranging from big discounts on everything from Windows Surface tablets to Office 365 to Xbox consoles and games.

By Bob Brown | 22 November, 2015 02:38

Tags: Dell

Facebook starts testing long-awaited Work Chat app for businesses

Facebook quietly released a new Work Chat app that connects its popular consumer messaging service to its privately-available work social network.

By Blair Hanley Frank | 21 November, 2015 02:04

Tags: Facebook

Yahoo surrenders all search share gains from Firefox deal

A year after Yahoo struck a deal with Mozilla to make its search engine the default in Firefox in the U.S., Yahoo's share of search usage share has fallen to levels lower than before the partnership was signed.

Cloud services targeted as French Senate enlarges police search powers

Three more months of extraordinary police powers, and the extension of warrantless searches to include cloud storage services accessible from computers in France: Those were among the changes voted unanimously by French senators Friday in response to the shootings and suicide bombings in and around Paris on Nov. 13.

Microsoft, Volvo team up to sell cars using holograms

Microsoft and Volvo announced this week that they are working together to let consumers take new cars for a spin using the HoloLens augmented reality headgear.

By Blair Hanley Frank | 20 November, 2015 22:14

Tags: Microsoft, emerging technology, HoloLens

HP Enterprise hands Windows 10 a vote of confidence

HP Enterprise's decision to expand its partnership with Microsoft is a vote of confidence in Windows 10, an analyst said today.

By Gregg Keizer | 20 November, 2015 21:46

Tags: Windows 10

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