Exclusive: Google's Project Loon tests move to LTE band in Nevada

Google has expanded its Project Loon tests to the Nevada desert and, for the first time, into licensed radio spectrum.

By Martyn Williams | 18 April, 2014 08:39

Tags: Google, telecommunication, internet

Enterprise who? Google says little about Apps, business cloud services in Q1 report

Google did little during its first-quarter earnings report to shush critics who say its Enterprise unit is a second-class citizen in its kingdom.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 18 April, 2014 08:23

Tags: applications, development platforms, e-mail, software, Office suites, internet, cloud computing, Software as a service, collaboration, Infrastructure services, Google

World Tech Update: Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace and NHK shows off 8K television

This week on World Tech Update, Google confirmed its acquisition of drone maker Titan Aerospace, a move poised to advance delivery of the company's data services and mapping applications.

By Nick Barber and Melissa Aparicio | 18 April, 2014 07:56

Tags: popular science, distribution, robotics, NHK, games, Titan Aerospace, TVs, sony, Fujitsu, Facebook, Google, consumer electronics

Music labels sue Pandora over pre-1972 recordings

Five music labels have filed a lawsuit against streaming music service Pandora Music, saying the company is violating state law by refusing to pay labels and artists for its use of recordings made before 1972.

By Grant Gross | 18 April, 2014 07:53

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Capitol Records, Civil lawsuits, SiriusXM, Recording Industry Association of America, internet, ABKCO Music & Records, Warner Music Group, UMG Recordings, Pandora Music, Music and audio, legal, Sony Music Entertainment

Facebook wants to help you meet friends offline

Facebook now has its own take on location sharing -- an optional feature that periodically broadcasts people's locations to their friends.

By Zach Miners | 18 April, 2014 05:24

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, applications, telecommunication, ios, social networking, internet, social media, mobile, Facebook, mobile applications, Android OS, Foursquare, Mobile OSes

For Red Hat, it's RHEL and then...?

Red Hat is hosting its annual summit this week - this year in San Francisco - where the company is seemingly basking in the glory of making more than a billion dollars off a free open source project.

By Brandon Butler | 18 April, 2014 03:06

Tags: Google, Cloud, software, internet, Capita, cloud computing, Red Hat

Report: Oracle pushes back against Oregon officials over troubled health care site

Oracle is gearing up for a fight with officials in Oregon over its role developing an expensive health insurance exchange website that still isn't fully operational.

By Chris Kanaracus | 18 April, 2014 02:24

Tags: business issues, services, legal, health care, software, industry verticals, IT management, Safra Catz, Oracle

Google Glass to get a workout from Dutch firefighters

Can Google Glass help first responders work more effectively? Firefighters in Amsterdam want to find out, and plan to try out the wearable-of-the-moment in training scenarios and at accident scenes.

By Loek Essers | 18 April, 2014 00:06

Tags: Google, consumer electronics, Wearables, Google Glass

Microsoft extends Windows 8.1 Update migration deadline for business

Microsoft on Wednesday extended the Windows 8.1 Update migration deadline for businesses by three months, but again told consumers they had less than four weeks to make the move before the company shuts off their patch faucet.

By Gregg Keizer | 17 April, 2014 20:49

Tags: security, Microsoft, computerworld, Windows, software, operating systems, Malware and Vulnerabilities

With Google Glass, the doctor can see you now

Emergency room physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center are four months into a pilot program where they are using Google's computerized eyeglasses to help treat patients.

By Computerworld Staff | 17 April, 2014 20:38

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, Google, Networking, wireless, DMC, healthcare IT, mobile, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, mobile apps

SAP reports strong growth in cloud amid slow overall revenue growth

SAP reported a strong growth in cloud revenue and fast adoption of its HANA platform in the first quarter, while its software revenue dipped from the same quarter in the previous year.

By John Ribeiro | 17 April, 2014 16:46

Tags: business issues, applications, Customer Relationship Management, enterprise resource planning, SAP, financial results, software, internet, cloud computing, business intelligence, Data management

Windows XP's retirement turns into major security project for Chinese firm

Microsoft may have retired Windows XP, but one of China's leading security vendors is trying to keep the OS threat-free, and rolling out protection software to hundreds of millions of users in the nation.

By Michael Kan | 17 April, 2014 14:42

Tags: Qihoo 360, security, Windows, software, Windows desktop, operating systems

Sedgman unearths greater value for cost with ITSM switch

Sedgman has cut its IT service management costs in three by shifting ITSM platforms, according to Sedgman IT Manager, Andrew Reid.

By Adam Bender | 17 April, 2014 10:25

Tags: Sedgman, Cloud, IT Service Management (ITSM), mining, Front Range HEAT, Case Study

Google revenue jumps 19 per cent but still disappoints

Google reported a 19 per cent increase in revenue for the first quarter, but results from its advertising business were mixed.

By Zach Miners | 17 April, 2014 07:29

Tags: business issues, Internet-based applications and services, Google, social networking, financial results, internet, social media, mobile, search engines

US court rejects Lavabit appeal, cites improper procedural handling

A U.S. federal court has affirmed contempt charges against Lavabit, rejecting an attempt by company attorneys to argue new issues on appeal.

By Joab Jackson | 17 April, 2014 06:51

Tags: Criminal, Lavabit, legal

Connecting for Good wrestles Kansas City's digital divide

The digital divide isn't some esoteric, policy-wonk concept to Michael Liiamatta, president of Connecting for Good, a nonprofit IT support group based in Kansas City, Mo.

By Matt Hamblen | 17 April, 2014 05:58

Tags: wireless networking, Google, consumer electronics, Networking, at&t, smartphones, wireless, internet

Chrome users won't give up, keep pressing Google to restore old-style new tab page

Users of Google's Chrome continue to badger the company to change the browser's new tab page, a sore spot to some for over half a year, even as the Mountain View, Calif. firm sticks to its design guns.

By Gregg Keizer | 17 April, 2014 05:34

Tags: Google, applications, software, internet

Can Heartbleed be used in DDoS attacks?

With nearly every major threat to information security, it is not long before security experts ask the question, "Can the threat play a role in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks?" When it comes to Heartbleed, some people are screaming that the sky is falling, but it is more complicated than that.

By Jeffrey A. Lyon, CISSP-ISSMP, founder of Black Lotus Communications | 17 April, 2014 05:05

Tags: security, legal, endpoint security, Wide Area Network, anti-malware, NTP, cybercrime

Google opens the floodgates for new 'social' ads

Internet users may soon start to see more ads that look like posts from Google+, but without visiting the social network.

By Zach Miners | 17 April, 2014 04:27

Tags: advertising, Internet-based applications and services, Google, social networking, internet, social media, search engines

Lavaboom builds encrypted webmail service to resist snooping

A new webmail service called Lavaboom promises to provide easy-to-use email encryption without ever learning its users' private encryption keys or message contents.

By Lucian Constantin | 17 April, 2014 02:27

Tags: Lavaboom, Internet-based applications and services, security, Mail, Lavabit, encryption, data protection, internet, privacy

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