SanDisk's InfiniFlash is a new storage format that will sell for under $1/GB

SanDisk is hoping the $1/GB price of its new InfiniFlash storage platform will be enough to convince customers that all-flash systems can be viable for big-data applications, including content streaming and giant databases.

By Peter Sayer | 04 March, 2015 05:07

Tags: storage, sandisk

SanDisk pushes MicroSD to 200GB

SanDisk has managed to cram 200GB of memory into a MicroSD card. The new card is a 56 percent jump on the current highest capacity MicroSD, a 128GB card.

By Martyn Williams | 02 March, 2015 08:22

Tags: MWC, storage, Components, sandisk, memory

Microsoft hands out 100GB of free OneDrive storage

Microsoft has opened a free 100GB upgrade to OneDrive to all comers worldwide, expanding the deal from a U.S.-only eligibility.

By Gregg Keizer | 20 February, 2015 06:56

Tags: storage, Microsoft, cloud storage

IBM puts software and Cloud at the center of storage

The future of storage may not be in storage itself, but in the intelligence to manage it.

By Stephen Lawson | 18 February, 2015 08:01

Tags: IBM, storage, cloud computing, internet

Vint Cerf worries about a 'digital dark age,' and your data could be at risk

In this era of the all-pervasive cloud, it's easy to assume that the data we store will somehow be preserved forever. The only thing to fret about from a posterity perspective, we might think, is the analog information from days gone by -- all the stuff on papers, tapes and other pre-digital formats that haven't been explicitly converted.

By Katherine Noyes | 14 February, 2015 11:50

Tags: Google, storage, internet

Google hands out free Drive space for running quick security checklist

Google today said it would give users of its Google Drive cloud storage service an additional 2GB if they ran a three-step security checkup.

By Gregg Keizer | 11 February, 2015 06:59

Tags: Google, storage, european union, cloud storage

Back to the future: Toshiba touts a USB flash drive with keypad passkey

Toshiba this week announced a secure USB flash stick that uses a 10-number mini-keypad to authenticate access to data stored on the device.

By Lucas Mearian | 05 February, 2015 08:02

Tags: corsair, Data storage, storage, toshiba

Backblaze releases raw data on all 41,000 HDDs in its data center

Cloud data backup provider Backblaze has popped the cork on files containing raw data collected over three years on the reliability of more than 41,000 hard disk drives (HDDs) in its data center.

By Lucas Mearian | 05 February, 2015 06:07

Tags: Storage servers, Data storage, BackBlaze, storage

Addonics releases external drive with Blu-Ray player, DVD burner

Addonics Technologies today announced two new external hard drives that also come with either a Blu-ray player or a DVD burner.

By Lucas Mearian | 04 February, 2015 22:26

Tags: peripherals, Data storage, Drives, hdd, storage, Multifunction devices, Addonics Technologies, Personal storage peripherals

EMC's all-in-one compute appliance comes with an app store

Converged infrastructure equipment is designed for ease of use, and EMC's latest product emulates the easiest tech toys around by including an app store.

By Stephen Lawson | 04 February, 2015 11:18

Tags: storage, cloud computing, internet, emc, VMware

SanDisk enters the auto industry, sets sights on wearables

SanDisk today announced its first automotive grade NAND flash devices for next-generation 'connected cars' and auto infotainment systems.

By Lucas Mearian | 03 February, 2015 08:14

Tags: Apple, Gartner, Data storage, Google, storage, sandisk, GT, Storage Management

Quantum bringing public cloud into virtual storage fold

Data management specialist Quantum wants to make it easier for enterprises to combine two of the major trends in storage: virtualization and public clouds.

By Stephen Lawson | 27 January, 2015 16:05

Tags: storage, quantum

As Box's IPO looms, so do its challenges

The road to an initial public offering is rarely smooth for any company, but it's fair to say that Box's journey has been one of the bumpier ones. Though it filed plans to go public early last year, it wasn't until this week that the milestone finally come into view. In the meantime, Box's challenges have only intensified.

By Katherine Noyes | 23 January, 2015 09:31

Tags: business issues, storage, SEC Filings, cloud computing, Box, internet

Dropbox boosts mobile talent with CloudOn buy

Dropbox on Tuesday added yet another young startup to its brain trust with the acquisition of Israeli mobile-productivity app maker CloudOn.

By Katherine Noyes | 22 January, 2015 07:32

Tags: applications, dropbox, storage, software, cloud computing, internet

New service wants to rent out your hard drive's extra space

While not a new concept, a new decentralized service is beta testing a peer-to-peer network that would "rent" unused capacity from your computer's hard drive as part of a cloud service to store files from other users.

By Lucas Mearian | 13 January, 2015 08:52

Tags: storage, symform, Storj, cloud storage

Citrix buys Sanbolic to virtualize storage for VDI, app delivery

Citrix Systems has acquired storage virtualization vendor Sanbolic in a move that could make it easier for Citrix users to use applications and virtual desktops spread across data centers and clouds.

By Stephen Lawson | 13 January, 2015 06:31

Tags: Sanbolic, business issues, virtualization, Citrix Systems, storage, Mergers and acquisitions

Samsung mass-produces laptop SSD with 2.1Gbps speeds

At CES this week, Samsung announced it is mass producing a hyperfast SSD expansion card for ultrathin notebooks that boasts read speeds of up to 2.15Gbps.

By Lucas Mearian | 09 January, 2015 08:11

Tags: SSD, Data storage, Drives, storage, CES 2015

Kingston unleashes its first PCIe SSD with 1.4Gbps speed

Kingston's HyperX division announced this week at CES that it is releasing its first PCIe SSD.

By Lucas Mearian | 08 January, 2015 09:01

Tags: SSD, Data storage, Drives, storage, VK

Samsung jumps into external SSD market

It took longer than expected, but Samsung is finally expanding its product line to external solid-state drives with its new range of Portable SSD T1 products.

By Agam Shah | 06 January, 2015 09:05

Tags: SSD, CES, Drives, storage, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Semiconductor

SanDisk flash drive targets smartphone data transfer

SanDisk has launched a new version of its small USB stick that can help transfer pictures, video and other files between computers and smartphones.

By Martyn Williams | 06 January, 2015 01:03

Tags: CES, consumer electronics, storage, smartphones, sandisk

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