Microsoft releases big update to Windows 10 preview

Microsoft today released the long-awaited consumer-centric preview of Windows 10, just two days after the company conducted a two-and-a-half-hour presentation that impressed analysts.

By Gregg Keizer | 24 January, 2015 07:42

Tags: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, Windows, software, twitter, operating systems

Microsoft to acquire R language powerhouse Revolution Analytics

In a move to beef up its portfolio of analysis software and services, Microsoft is acquiring Revolution Analytics, a major commercial distributor of the R statistical programming language.

By Joab Jackson | 24 January, 2015 05:05

Tags: Revolution Analytics, business issues, applications, Microsoft, data mining, software, Mergers and acquisitions

Microsoft touts two next-gen Office editions for Windows

Microsoft this week set a loose release date for its next iteration of Office on the desktop and announced that the long-awaited touch-enabled Windows apps will launch around the same time.

By Gregg Keizer | 24 January, 2015 03:21

Tags: Windows Apps, applications, Microsoft, software

Microsoft touts $7-per-user monthly pricing for Windows subscription packages

Ask any IT administrator about Microsoft's licensing setup and they'll hurl up a string of four-letter words that would incur an FCC fine if delivered on television. In a world where everyone wants to use everything -- especially Microsoft Office -- on tablets, phones, and oh yeah, computers, Microsoft's customary one-license-per-device model means death by a thousand cuts for most enterprises.

By Matt Weinberger | 23 January, 2015 23:13

Tags: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, Windows, fcc, software, operating systems

Spartan and IE11 to coexist in Windows 10

The existing version of Internet Explorer will ship in Windows 10 alongside Microsoft's new Spartan browser, the company revealed Thursday. This is instead of a new version of IE, which was being referred to as IE12 by Microsoft officials as late as Wednesday.

By Scott M. Fulton, III | 23 January, 2015 12:36

Tags: Jason Weber, Joe Belfiore, applications, Microsoft, browsers, software

Touch Office apps for Windows resemble those for the iPad

There will be two new Office productivity suites from Microsoft, one of which will premiere alongside Windows 10 and will at long last be optimized for use with touchscreen devices.

By Scott M. Fulton, III | 23 January, 2015 12:13

Tags: Julia White, applications, Microsoft, software, Office suites

As Box's IPO looms, so do its challenges

The road to an initial public offering is rarely smooth for any company, but it's fair to say that Box's journey has been one of the bumpier ones. Though it filed plans to go public early last year, it wasn't until this week that the milestone finally come into view. In the meantime, Box's challenges have only intensified.

By Katherine Noyes | 23 January, 2015 09:31

Tags: business issues, storage, SEC Filings, cloud computing, Box, internet

Microsoft: Windows 10, it's on us

Microsoft yesterday said it would provide free Windows 10 upgrades to customers running either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on their PCs and tablets.

By Gregg Keizer | 23 January, 2015 07:59

Tags: myer, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10, software, operating systems

Anti-H-1B senator to head immigration panel

The biggest enemy facing U.S. Senate Republicans in raising the H-1B cap are Senate Republicans.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 23 January, 2015 07:14

Tags: services, outsourcing, Microsoft, Sena, IT outsourcing

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for January 22

Ford drives into the Valley ... Oracle promises cheaper hardware ... Samsung-Blackberry deal still in play ... and more

By IDG News Service staff | 22 January, 2015 23:18

Tags: business issues,, hardware systems, industry verticals, internet, Oracle, Facebook, Blackberry, Ford Motor Co., consumer electronics, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, software

Satya Nadella: Articulating a vision for Windows 10

During Wednesday morning's Windows 10 preview event in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft executives made their strongest pitch to date in favor of a somewhat different interpretation of cross-platform functionality than Windows 8 and 8.1 delivered.

By Scott M. Fulton, III | 22 January, 2015 22:43

Tags: Microsoft, Windows, software, operating systems

Microsoft debuts TypeScript 1.4

With TypeScript 1.4, Microsoft offers accommodations for ECMAScript and type system improvements to developers.

By Paul Krill | 22 January, 2015 22:11

Tags: application development, Microsoft, software

Compile C# to JavaScript with DuoCode

A new compiler lets programmers use their C# skills to build JavaScript and HTML5 Web applications. By integrating with Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE and leveraging Microsoft's Roslyn compiler technology, the DuoCode compiler enables cross-compiling of C# code into JavaScript, for sharing of code between JavaScript and Windows applications.

By Paul Krill | 22 January, 2015 22:11

Tags: application development, Google, Microsoft, software

The two-browser strategy for Windows 10, at least for now

Whether we saw Internet Explorer 12 or a curious new alternative browser from Microsoft remains unknown, even after the conclusion of Wednesday's Windows 10 preview event in Redmond, Washington.

By Scott M. Fulton, III | 22 January, 2015 22:10

Tags: applications, Microsoft, browsers, software

Ravello promises enterprises cross-Cloud app flexibility

Part of the reason companies agonize as long and hard as they do over cloud decisions are the potential consequences to be suffered if it later turns out changes need to be made. Write an application and it's good for the particular cloud platform you've chosen; decide to move to a different platform, and you could have a world of pain ahead.

By Katherine Noyes | 22 January, 2015 12:52

Tags: services, Ravello systems, Computing services, cloud computing, internet

Users get more control over data in latest Firefox beta

Mozilla is adding new capabilities in the beta version of Firefox 36 to give users and website owners more control over what data, if any, is sent to other websites during browsing.

By Jeremy Kirk | 22 January, 2015 11:00

Tags: applications, security, browsers, software, privacy, mozilla

Microsoft gets its Windows mojo back

Microsoft has showed off more of its still-under-construction Windows 10, focusing on features like the voice-activated Cortana digital assistant and its "universal" app model that aims to put the same apps on PCs, tablets, smartphones and hybrid 2-in-1s.

By Gregg Keizer | 22 January, 2015 08:22

Tags: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10, software, operating systems

Dropbox boosts mobile talent with CloudOn buy

Dropbox on Tuesday added yet another young startup to its brain trust with the acquisition of Israeli mobile-productivity app maker CloudOn.

By Katherine Noyes | 22 January, 2015 07:32

Tags: applications, dropbox, storage, software, cloud computing, internet

Microsoft shows early, sketchy build of 'Spartan' browser

Windows 10 will feature a new browser with a minimalist interface and a new rendering engine, but there is one thing it very prominently lacks: the name Internet Explorer.

By Scott M. Fulton, III | 22 January, 2015 07:13

Tags: Microsoft, Windows, software, operating systems

Universal Office apps to be preinstalled on Windows 10 devices

Upcoming "universal" versions of Microsoft applications will run on PCs, tablets and small devices including smartphones, and will be different from the desktop version of Office.

By Scott M. Fulton, III | 22 January, 2015 06:47

Tags: applications, Microsoft, software, Office suites

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