In Pictures: 10 new Windows 8 tablet/laptop convertibles

It's a tablet! No, it's a laptop! The introduction of Microsoft Windows 8 has spawned a variety of new and exciting devices -- including a group of tablets that turn into laptops, and vice versa. Here are 10 new and upcoming convertibles that were built especially to accommodate the new operating system.

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Asus Taichi 21-DH51

The Asus Taichi 21 has a unique solution to the problem of how to handle the display on a convertible notebook. Instead of making you twist the lid around, the Taichi has two 11.6-in. or 13.3-in. full HD touch displays -- one on the inside for conventional notebook PC use, and one on the outside for tablet use.

The extra display comes at a premium price -- the Taichi starts at $1,299 for the Intel Core i5 model and goes up to $1,599 for the Core i7 -- but it might be worth it if you need two displays at once. (Asus also has single-display tablets that dock with keyboards, the Transfomer Book and Tablet 810.)

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