In Pictures: 10 examples of mobile health around the world

Health care workers in the developing world are using mobile phones to address critical health needs ranging from maternal mortality to HIV testing to clean water. Here are 10 examples of mobile health around the world.

Detecting Cataracts to Prevent Blindness

Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness in many countries. Properly identifying a patient who has a cataract usually requires expensive diagnostic equipment and skilled operators. However, the a simple device attached to a mobile phone may change the way cataracts are diagnosed in the developing nations. The MIT Media Lab has been developing a mobile phone attachment called CATRA that can accurately diagnose and measure cataracts—and can do it at a fraction of the normal cost of diagnosing a cataract. The CATRA project made the Popular Science Best of What's New 2011 list and received two $5,000 awards during the MIT Global Challenge 2011.

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