In Pictures: 10 examples of mobile health around the world

Health care workers in the developing world are using mobile phones to address critical health needs ranging from maternal mortality to HIV testing to clean water. Here are 10 examples of mobile health around the world.

Improving Maternal Childbirth Survival

Though maternal mortality has been halved in the last 20 years, more than 287,000 women died during childbirth in 2010, largely because they lacked access to basic health care and attempted birth at home. Mobile phones have been shown to help women survive childbirth in many ways—by letting them send weekly text messages to caregivers watching for risk factors during their pregnancy, receive money for medical treatment or travel expense via SMS or call an ambulance if advanced care is needed. When Ericsson teamed with mobile telecom firm Zain to give mobile phones to villagers and health workers in Ghana, in an effort driven in part by the Millennium Villages project, maternal mortality all but...

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