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  • Google Docs desktop app available now

    Memeo Connect for Google Apps is a desktop application that syncs desktop files with the Google Docs cloud. It helps with file conversions, too, and is available for both Mac and Windows.

    By David Coursey | 21 January, 2010 02:07

    Tags: Google Docs

  • Google embraces partners to straddle desktop-cloud divide

    Google has unveiled plans today to allow Google Docs to store any type of files, and revealed a new tool from Memeo to enable users to access, migrate, and synchronize files between their desktop and Google Docs. These announcements signify a broader strategy by Google to help business customers bridge the gap between the desktop and the cloud.

    By Tony Bradley | 13 January, 2010 08:09

    Tags: Google Docs

  • Free online productivity apps available now

    I'm looking forward to <a href="">Microsoft</a>'s <a href="">browser-based edition of Office</a>. While the company isn't leading the trend to cloud-based apps, it's certainly in the middle of the movement. Microsoft's suite will be released next year, but you can save money by accessing online office-style apps right now. In-browser productivity suites are typically free. Plus, I like them for lightweight systems, such as netbooks, where Microsoft's desktop suite feels too bloated for even typing.

    By Zack Stern | 15 July, 2009 09:01

    Tags: web apps, Google Docs, Office 2010, zoho, productivity

  • Microsoft Office vs.Google Docs: A Web Apps Showdown

    The future may be the cloud, but it also may be Microsoft that ushers us into that realm of possibility and imagination. Today, Redmond unveiled as a part of Office 2010 a suite of Microsoft Office Web apps that will compete directly with Google Docs. While Microsoft isn't letting anyone play around with the apps just yet, on paper, Microsoft's Web apps look like they could blow Google's online services out of the water -- beta or no beta.

    By Ian Paul | 14 July, 2009 04:11

    Tags: Google Docs, office, web applications, Microsoft

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