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  • How to check if your password was exposed in Gawker hack

    A security researcher today provided a way for users to see whether their e-mail addresses and passwords were among the 1.3 million compromised in a hack of Gawker Media's sites.

    By Gregg Keizer | 14 December, 2010 06:54

    Tags: security, privacy

  • Keep your personal data off the market

    In 2003, author and security pioneer Simson Garfinkel conducted a study of data he found on second-hand hard drives. On eBay, Garfinkel bought the hard drive from an old ATM machine; it held 827 bank account PINs. Another drive he purchased on eBay had previously been owned by a medical center and contained information on 31,000 credit card numbers.

    By Tony Bradley | 05 May, 2010 23:35

    Tags: security, privacy

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