LTE network for US public safety taking it one step at a time

The organizers of the FirstNet LTE public safety network have the frequencies and standards they need to build the system, and they know where the money's coming from. They know how to get there from here, but it won't be a quick trip.

By Stephen Lawson | 26 July, 2014 09:14

Tags: Government use of IT, First Responder Network Authority, telecommunication, 4g, government, mobile

A new tool for disasters: The personal antenna

New York start-up goTenna has created a portable antenna that could come in handy when cellular service is unavailable.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 26 July, 2014 05:52

Tags: wireless networking, Networking, wireless

Phone unlocking bill clears US House, next step is president's signature

A bill that allows consumers to unlock their cellphones for use on other carriers passed its last hurdle in Congress on Friday, opening the way for it to become law once it is signed by President Barack Obama.

By Martyn Williams | 26 July, 2014 05:49

Tags: Carriers, consumer electronics, telecommunication, U.S. House of Representatives, legal, smartphones

Apple hasn't exhausted its supply of Yosemite betas

Apple still has redemption codes available for its public beta of OS X Yosemite.

By Gregg Keizer | 26 July, 2014 05:27

Tags: Apple, Mac OS, Mac OS X, software, operating systems

Oracle's new in-memory database option could spark unanticipated costs, expert warns

Oracle database shops that have or are planning to download the latest version of 12c take warning: The vendor's newly launched, much-hyped in-memory processing database option is turned on by default, according to one expert.

By Chris Kanaracus | 26 July, 2014 05:25

Tags: legal, software, IT management, Oracle

Bose sues Beats over headphone patents

Headphone maker Bose has launched a patent-infringement lawsuit against rival Beats Electronics, which Apple recently agreed to acquire in a US$3 billion deal.

By Martyn Williams | 26 July, 2014 04:55

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, intellectual property, legal, patent, Bose

SEC drops probe into Facebook's pre-IPO sales disclosures

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has dropped its investigation into disclosures about Facebook advertising sales before the company went public in 2012.

By Zach Miners | 26 July, 2014 04:18

Tags: business issues, Internet-based applications and services, legal, financial results, social networking, internet, social media, Facebook, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

How Microsoft's CEO sees growth for Windows Phone and Lumia

During an earnings call this week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella repeatedly promoted Lumia smartphones running on the Windows Phone platform. The call was just five days after the company announced a record 18,000 layoffs that raised concerns about Microsoft's long-term commitment to its phones.

By Matt Hamblen | 26 July, 2014 03:26

Tags: consumer electronics, Microsoft, smartphones

Thanks to NASA, you can now 3D print models of satellites, probes and planets

NASA has released CAD files that can be used by 3D printers to create 21 different objects, from space probes and satellites to asteroids and planetary features.

By Lucas Mearian | 26 July, 2014 02:46

Tags: NASA, Emerging Technologies, hardware systems

Russian government offers money for identifying Tor users

The Russian Ministry of Interior is willing to pay 3.9 million roubles, or around US$111,000, for a method to identify users on the Tor network.

By Lucian Constantin | 26 July, 2014 01:15

Tags: The TOR Project, Government use of IT, online safety, security, Exploits / vulnerabilities, government, privacy

EU, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo meet on 'right to be forgotten' but questions remain

European data protection authorities still have questions after meeting with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo about the implementation of a recent ruling that gave European citizens the right to be forgotten by search engines.

By Loek Essers | 25 July, 2014 23:57

Tags: Yahoo, Google, copyright, security, intellectual property, Microsoft, legal, privacy

The Pirate Bay makes searching for torrents easier on mobile devices

The Pirate Bay launched a mobile site on Thursday to make it easier to navigate the search engine for torrent files on mobile devices.

By Loek Essers | 25 July, 2014 21:03

Tags: the pirate bay, copyright, intellectual property, legal, mobile

Changes afoot as DARPA challenge robots prep for upgrade

As researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute make their humanoid robot more autonomous, they're getting ready to get an upgrade robot this fall.

By Sharon Gaudin | 25 July, 2014 20:28

Tags: Boston Dynamics, NASA, Emerging Technologies, DARPA, hardware systems, Virginia Tech

Apple faces privacy suit following Chinese TV report

An iPhone user has filed a lawsuit for invasion of privacy against Apple, about a week after a Chinese state broadcaster raised security concerns about the device's location-tracking functions.

By Michael Kan | 25 July, 2014 16:49

Tags: Apple, security, legal, Civil lawsuits, privacy

Government pushes website blocks to fight piracy

A leaked government discussion paper reveals a "very radical proposal for copyright law reform in Australia" according to intellectual property expert Dr Matthew Rimmer.

By Rohan Pearce | 25 July, 2014 16:27

Tags: bittorrent, George Brandis, copyright, iiNet, piracy

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