Wider use of HTTPS could have prevented attack against GitHub

The unique attack method used to disrupt the code-sharing site GitHub over the last week could have been prevented if more websites enabled encryption, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) said Wednesday.

By Jeremy Kirk | 02 April, 2015 12:57

Tags: security, Electronic Freedom Foundation, encryption

Lawyer cites government theft charges in bid for Silk Road retrial

That two law enforcement agents allegedly stole Bitcoins while investigating the Silk Road underground marketplace indicates fundamental flaws in the government's February conviction of Ross Ulbricht as the mastermind of the operation, Ulbricht's lawyer asserted Wednesday.

By Joab Jackson | 02 April, 2015 10:24

Tags: Criminal, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, legal, U.S. Secret Service, silk road

Uber pushes for reform in wake of Harper review

Uber has used the Competition Policy Review, released earlier this week, to push state governments for regulatory reform.

By Rohan Pearce | 02 April, 2015 10:01

Tags: Uber, goCatch

N.C. primed for mega tech backlash over Indiana-like bill

North Carolina is considering "religious objection" legislation similar to Indiana, a move that could raise the stakes for the tech industry firms battling these laws.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 02 April, 2015 07:57

Tags: IT industry, BT, Sena, government

Where SDN falls down

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

By Nathan Pearce | 02 April, 2015 07:52

Tags: F5 Networks, Networking

Health care industry receives first mobile apps from Apple, IBM

An enterprise mobility partnership between Apple and IBM has yielded more iPhone and iPad apps, including the first ones for the health care industry and industrial production management.

By Fred O'Connor | 02 April, 2015 06:55

Tags: mobile applications, Apple, consumer electronics, IBM, smartphones, hardware systems, tablets, mobile

Raspberry Pi 2 laptop coming with Pi-Top assembly kit

Do you want a Raspberry Pi 2 laptop? A new hardware kit coming from Pi-Top will help you build one at home in a matter of minutes.

By Agam Shah | 02 April, 2015 06:36

Tags: Raspberry Pi Foundation, hardware systems, laptops

Facebook 'riffs' on Snapchat with new group video app

Facebook has released a new app for making videos that it thinks can win over the competition by allowing collaboration among friends.

By Zach Miners | 02 April, 2015 06:03

Tags: mobile applications, Internet-based applications and services, social networking, mobile, social media, internet, video, Facebook

Cisco to buy SDN startup Embrane

Cisco plans to beef up its SDN [software-defined networking] technology by acquiring Embrane, a startup with an architecture for virtualized network appliances.

By Stephen Lawson | 02 April, 2015 05:57

Tags: business issues, Cisco Systems, Networking, Embrane, cloud computing, internet, Mergers and acquisitions

Start-up touts wireless charging from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals

A wireless charging start-up says it has developed a chipset that easily integrates with mobile devices to allow them to charge from existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmitters.

By Lucas Mearian | 02 April, 2015 05:14

Tags: peripherals, Mobile & Wireless, Ossia, Adapters and chargers

Google amps up assault on adware

Google yesterday said that 1 in 20 personal computers is infected with what it called an "ad injector" as it previewed a few factoids from research it will publish in just over a month.

By Gregg Keizer | 02 April, 2015 04:10

Tags: Google, Lenovo, internet

ARM fades from Windows PCs and tablets, but grows in Chromebooks

You win some, you lose some. Microsoft this week dropped support for ARM processors from its Surface tablets with the Surface 3, but adoption of the chip architecture in Chromebooks is growing.

By Agam Shah | 02 April, 2015 03:45

Tags: Arm Holdings, hardware systems, Components, tablets, laptops, processors, intel

Chef serves up devops for the enterprise

If every business is now a software business, as the saying goes, then many companies might benefit by automating their routines for creating and updating the software that keeps them in business.

By Joab Jackson | 02 April, 2015 03:42

Tags: Chef, Jay Wampold, software, Alex Ethier, system management

Over 100,000 devices can be used to amplify DDoS attacks via multicast DNS

Over 100,000 devices have a misconfigured service called multicast DNS that accepts requests from the Internet and can potentially be abused to amplify distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

By Lucian Constantin | 02 April, 2015 03:17

Tags: online safety, IBM, security, Canon, CERT Coordination Center, Exploits / vulnerabilities, Hewlett-Packard, synology

Oracle bolsters Marketing Cloud to show CMOs the big picture

It's a common theme that spans functional areas within the organization: data remains stuck in silos, making it all but impossible for decision-makers to get a glimpse at the big picture. Zeroing in on marketers' experience of this problem, Oracle on Wednesday rolled out several enhancements to its Marketing Cloud designed to help companies develop a more holistic view of their customers.

By Katherine Noyes | 02 April, 2015 02:54

Tags: marketing, cloud computing, industry verticals, internet, Oracle

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