Microsoft's Surface turns first profit in two years

After two years and nearly $2 billion in losses, Microsoft's Surface turned a profit in the September quarter.

By Gregg Keizer | 26 October, 2014 08:56

Tags: Apple, Microsoft, hardware systems, computerworld, tablets, microsoft surface

Why Google wants to replace Gmail

I'm predicting that Google will end Gmail within the next five years. The company hasn't announced such a move -- nor would it.

By Mike Elgan | 25 October, 2014 22:11

Tags: web apps, Internet-based applications and services, Google, internet, Facebook

Wi-Fi Passpoint standard now knits together SF, San Jose, London

A partnership that lets Wi-Fi users get on free public networks in San Francisco and San Jose, California, with a one-time joining process now also covers a hotspot along the River Thames in London.

By Stephen Lawson | 25 October, 2014 11:22

Tags: telecommunication, Networking, wireless, City and County of San Francisco, WLANs / Wi-Fi, broadband, Ruckus Wireless

Big Data Digest: Rise of the think-bots

It turns out that a vital missing ingredient in the long-sought after goal of getting machines to think like humans -- artificial intelligence -- has been lots and lots of data.

By Joab Jackson | 25 October, 2014 08:06

Tags: Zintera, applications,, IBM, data mining, software, Tobi, sumo logic, Google, DataRPM, Snowflake Computing, splunk, Cognitive Scale

FCC pushes TV spectrum auction to 2016 after legal challenge

The auction intended to turn many U.S. TV channels into spectrum for mobile services won't start until early 2016, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission says.

By Stephen Lawson | 25 October, 2014 07:15

Tags: Carriers, telecommunication, regulation, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, government, mobile

Apple mum as Mac owners tussle with Yosemite over Wi-Fi problems

The cries for help from frazzled Mac owners whose Wi-Fi connections went haywire after upgrading to OS X Yosemite are being met by Apple with stone-faced silence.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 25 October, 2014 07:03

Tags: Apple, Mac OS, software, operating systems

Wireless price war's good for consumers, but challenges carriers

More than any time in the past decade, wireless customers are reaping the benefits of a carrier price war over smartphones and tablets, as well as monthly data service contracts.

By Matt Hamblen | 25 October, 2014 06:54

Tags: wireless carriers, at&t, mobile, Verizon Wireless, Bloomberg

Apple Pay tops Tim Cook's to-do list in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook says bringing the recently launched Apple Pay system to China is his top priority for doing business the country.

By Martyn Williams | 25 October, 2014 05:58

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, iPhone, smartphones, finance, industry verticals

The ratings: Most net neutrality groups get poor grades for funding transparency

After a spate of news stories about alleged "astroturf" advocacy in a contentious U.S. net neutrality debate, the IDG News Service looked into the funding transparency of several think tanks and advocacy groups involved in the issue. Several disclose limited or no information about their funding, we found.

By Grant Gross | 25 October, 2014 05:50

Tags: Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, Free State Foundation, Berin Szoka, Harold Ford Jr., internet, Facebook, Randolph May, Internet service providers, George Soros, Google, TechFreedom, Center for Democracy and Technology, Transparify, eric schmidt, government, free press, Mojang, regulation, Demand Progress, Fight for the Future,, Public Knowledge, Scott Cleland, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Holmes Wilson, Open Society Foundations, American Enterprise Institute, Microsoft, Consumer Electronics Association, Broadband for America, Verizon Communications, broadband, John Sununu, New America Foundation, Internet Innovation Alliance, telecommunication, David Koch

Advocacy groups accused of obscuring corporate ties in net neutrality debate

A spate of recent news stories have revealed that a wide variety of lobby groups have financial ties to broadband carriers and trade associations, accusing them of faking grassroots opposition to strong net neutrality rules.

By Grant Gross | 25 October, 2014 05:50

Tags: telecommunication, David Koch,,, internet, Internet service providers, Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, American Enterprise Institute, Charles Koch, ctia, Techdirt,, Dennis Rodman, Brian Dietz, government, American Consumer Institute for Citizen Research, DCI Group, Broadband for America, American Commitment, broadband, National Cable and Telecommunications Association, regulation, comcast

Secretive funding fuels ongoing net neutrality astroturfing controversy

The contentious debate about net neutrality in the U.S. has sparked controversy over a lack of funding transparency for advocacy groups and think tanks, which critics say subverts the political process.

By Grant Gross | 25 October, 2014 05:50

Tags: Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, telecommunication, regulation, Mike Wendy, Fight for the Future, internet, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet service providers, Doug Brake, George Soros, Open Society Foundations, Holmes Wilson,, Richard Esguerra, Jennifer Lappin, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Transparify, government, broadband

OS X Yosemite uptake climbs to 13% in first week

A week after its release, Apple's OS X Yosemite powered 13% of all Macs in the U.S. and Canada, about the same uptake pace as seen by its predecessor, Mavericks.

By Gregg Keizer | 25 October, 2014 05:36

Tags: Apple, Mac OS, software, Mac OS X, Yosemite, operating systems

Researcher works to make 3D-printed metals stronger, customizable

A scientist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is working on a way to change metal 3D printing that could revolutionize the way products are customized.

By Sharon Gaudin | 25 October, 2014 04:44

Tags: popular science, emerging technology

Court shuts down alleged PC tech support scam

A court has shut down a New York tech support vendor after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission accused the company of scamming computer users into paying hundreds of dollars for services they did not need.

By Grant Gross | 25 October, 2014 03:56

Tags: U.S. Federal Trade Commission, " Jessica Rich, regulation, legal, Civil lawsuits, government, Pairsys

New material could lead to longer-lasting batteries

Researchers have taken a step forward in developing batteries that can store 10 times more energy than existing lithium-ion batteries.

By Agam Shah | 25 October, 2014 03:35

Tags: Components, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, displays

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