Twitter weaves Fabric, but will developers be drawn in?

To identity Twitter solely as a micro-blogging service could be to do it a disservice. The company wants to be much more to developers building mobile apps, and at its Flight conference on Wednesday it welcomed them in.

By Zach Miners | 23 October, 2014 11:27

Tags: analytics, Internet-based applications and services, twitter, social networking, internet, social media

AT&T signed up 500,000 cars for its 4G network last quarter

AT&T signed up half a million cars to its 4G network between July and September, the result of deals with Audi and General Motors to connect cars and offer in-vehicle hotspots for riders.

By Martyn Williams | 23 October, 2014 09:48

Tags: business issues, OnStar, Carriers, Automotive, telecommunication, at&t, financial results, general motors, Audi, industry verticals

Debian community splits over systemd, but fork still unlikely

The latest chapter in the ongoing furor over the software known as systemd threatens to split the Debian community, after a splinter group stated that it would create a fork of the well-known Linux distribution if systemd is included in an upcoming release.

By Jon Gold | 23 October, 2014 08:09

Tags: Linux, software, Open Source Subnet, slack, operating systems, emc, ubuntu

TIO task force to field NBN grievances

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) has had to set up a special team to handle rising complaints about the National Broadband Network.

By Adam Bender | 23 October, 2014 08:00

Tags: customer service, complaints, tio, national broadband network, customer satisfaction, telecom, NBN, broadband

Government regulation on cloud security may spur SaaS use in health care

Governments may need to tighten the regulatory screws on SaaS vendors to make them be more transparent and forthcoming about their security practices.

By Fred O'Connor | 23 October, 2014 07:54

Tags: security, health care, internet, industry verticals, cloud computing, Verizon Communications

Progress builds up developer chops with Telerik buy

In a move to muscle up in the app dev space, platform services provider Progress Software is in the process of acquiring development software vendor Telerik for US$262.5 million.

By Joab Jackson | 23 October, 2014 07:53

Tags: Development tools, business issues, application development, software, Progress Software, Mergers and acquisitions

Monumental day for Wikipedia in Poland

WIkimedians -- those people who contribute to the free Wikipedia website -- were recognized for their selfless work on Wednesday in Slubice, Poland with the unveiling of a monument.

By Bob Brown | 23 October, 2014 07:39

Tags: education, industry verticals, wikipedia

Microsoft misses Windows bug, hackers slip past patch

Microsoft patched one bug in Windows last week, but missed another that hackers continue to exploit, according to security researchers at McAfee.

By Gregg Keizer | 23 October, 2014 07:39

Tags: Malware & Vulnerabilities, antispam, mcafee, security, Microsoft

IBM's chip business sale gets national security scrutiny

IBM's plan to transfer its semiconductor manufacturing business to GlobalFoundries faces a government review over national security implications. It has the potential of being complicated because of IBM's role as a defense supplier.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 23 October, 2014 07:29

Tags: U.S. Army, IT industry, IBM, beca, globalfoundries, IT management, government

IBM and Microsoft pledge to make their Clouds compatible

Although fierce rivals in the market for Cloud computing services, IBM and Microsoft have pledged to make their technologies interoperable in the Cloud for the sake of their users.

By Joab Jackson | 23 October, 2014 07:28

Tags: Microsoft, IBM, internet, cloud computing, Infrastructure services

Some Bank of America customers double-charged with Apple Pay

Some Bank of America customers have been double-charged for purchases made with Apple Pay, the payment system Apple launched on Monday.

By Martyn Williams | 23 October, 2014 07:23

Tags: Apple, Bank of America, consumer electronics, iPhone, smartphones, finance, industry verticals

Google to build Play-like hardware store for Project Ara

Drawing inspiration from its Play Store, Google will create a hardware store in which users can buy and sell Lego-like hardware modules for the customizable Project Ara smartphone.

By Agam Shah | 23 October, 2014 07:18

Tags: Google, consumer electronics, smartphones, Components

Chicago takes top spot in mobile performance ranking

Chicago is the U.S. city with the best overall mobile performance ranking, according to tens of thousands of voice and data tests conducted in 125 cities by RootMetrics.

By Matt Hamblen | 23 October, 2014 07:02

Tags: Mobile & Wireless, Apple, Networking, at&t, Verizon Wireless

Accused text-message spammers to pay $9 million in settlement

A group of companies that allegedly promised mobile phone users supposedly free gift cards and electronic devices in a "massive" text-messaging spam operation will pay more than US$9 million to settle complaints from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

By Grant Gross | 23 October, 2014 06:11

Tags: U.S. Federal Trade Commission, antispam, regulation, security, legal, Civil lawsuits, Jessica Rich, government

Twitter brings log-in via phone number to wider app landscape with 'Fabric' platform

Twitter is opening its nest to more mobile developers, with a new service for easier app sign-ins.

By Zach Miners | 23 October, 2014 06:02

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, twitter, social networking, internet, social media, mobile

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