TransGrid begins business process modelling project

NSW state-owned electricity transmission network operator, TransGrid, has started a three-month business process modelling system (BPMS) project to deliver process modelling capability across its enterprise in a standard way.

By Rodney Gedda | 05 April, 2011 11:16

Tags: NSW Government, transgrid, business process modelling, Henry Tan, BPM

About 50 clients hit by Epsilon e-mail marketing breach

About 50 companies were affected by a major security breach at e-mail service provider Epsilon Interactive that caused many U.S. corporations to warn their customers of online attacks Monday.

By Robert McMillan | 05 April, 2011 10:46

Tags: marketing, security, industry verticals, internet, Epsilon Interactive

Prepare your workforce for economic prosperity

Despite the slight rise in overall compensation revealed by Computerworld's 2011 Salary Survey, most IT pros feel that their salaries have remained stagnant or even decreased over the past two years. These sentiments are, perhaps not surprisingly, compounded by feelings of increased pressure to perform and could lead to significant turnover as the economy improves. So, how bad might it get for employers?

By Joel Capperella | 05 April, 2011 00:36

Tags: careers, IT management

Five signs your IT career is stuck in a rut

In December 2007, a 49-year-old senior database administrator at a Chicago investment firm decided he couldn't take it anymore. Excessive hours and oppressive management had taken their toll; he was also worn down by the fear and uncertainty of a financial crisis that threatened even the most revered institutions. His career was officially in a rut.

By Stacy Collett | 05 April, 2011 00:27

Tags: Gartner, careers, IT management

IT workers: Under pressure and underpaid

Who couldn't use some good news these days? John Arnold, CIO at FedMed, a healthcare financial services organization in Rockville, Md., is ready for some. Four years ago, his IT staff was downsized from 14 employees to four, and they have experienced the familiar squeeze of salary freezes and increased workloads.

By Mary Brandel | 05 April, 2011 00:23

Tags: careers, IT management

IT pay is still crazy after all these years

A funny thing happened to IT organizations 20 years ago: They started leaking people. The business units began attracting a migration of workers with tech smarts, business savvy, "soft" skills and a grasp of what customers wanted and how to deliver it to them.

By David Foote | 05 April, 2011 00:21

Tags: careers, IT management

Mosman Council dumps ageing telephony, moves to VoIP

The high cost of Telstra tie lines, coupled with an ageing telephony system, has resulted in Mosman Council switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

By Lisa Banks | 05 April, 2011 10:29

Tags: unified communications, voip, Networking, Mosmon Council, telcos, Telstra

Career watch: Honing your job-hunting skills

Q&A: Kathryn Ullrich

By Jamie Eckle | 05 April, 2011 00:17

Tags: careers, IT management

The grill: Charles E. Christian

Charles E. Christian got his start in healthcare in the clinical arena, working in radiology before moving into IT. Today he's CIO of Good Samaritan Hospital, a 232-bed community facility in Vincennes, Ind., with 1,600 employees. Christian, 57, has become a leader in healthcare through his work at Good Samaritan for the past 22 years and through his service on various policy and advocacy committees. In January, he was recognized as the 2010 John E. Gall Jr. CIO of the Year by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, which jointly bestow the award on healthcare IT executives who make significant contributions to their organizations and demonstrate innovative leadership through effective use of technology.

By Mary K. Pratt | 05 April, 2011 00:40

Tags: health care, Good Samaritan Hospital, industry verticals, IT management

Expect targeted attacks after massive Epsilon email breach, say experts

Security experts today warned users to be on the watch for targeted email attacks after a breach at a major marketing firm that may have put millions of addresses in the hands of hackers and scammers.

By Gregg Keizer | 05 April, 2011 04:22

Tags: american express, Cybercrime and Hacking, rsa security, security, visa, Malware and Vulnerabilities, Capita, Best Buy

Developer sidesteps carriers, offers Windows Phone 7 update tool

A developer today released a tool that lets adventurous Windows Phone 7 owners upgrade their smartphones' operating system now rather than wait for their carrier to offer the update.

By Gregg Keizer | 05 April, 2011 05:49

Tags: telecommunication, Mobile and Wireless, consumer electronics, Mobile Apps and Services, Microsoft, smartphones, Phones, mobile

Indian IT firms hire few U.S. workers

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) surveyed Indian companies across a variety of industries and found that in the majority of industry sectors, about 80 per cent of their U.S. workforces were local hires. The exceptions were in the IT and business-process outsourcing (BPO) industries, where Indian firms relied mostly on visa-holding workers.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 05 April, 2011 07:04

Tags: Management and Careers, services, BP, IT industry, outsourcing, government, Government/Industries

Backup disasters: How you can avoid them

As poet Robert Burns famously put it, the best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley, that is, they often go awry. Im thinking of those lines as I struggle to clean up a backup and subsequent hard drive replacement that went seriously wrong.

By Bill Snyder | 05 April, 2011 02:36

Tags: applications, PC, Utilities, software, Technology Topics, photoshop, iTunes, mozilla, seagateapple, Technology Topics | Security, security, e-mail, backup

Three phases of SharePoint: What type of user are you?

SharePoint, Microsoft's software program offering everything from online document management to Intranets to social networking sites, has over 100 million users and a majority of them are from Fortune 500 companies, according to Microsoft.

By Shane O'Neill | 05 April, 2011 04:41

Tags: applications, Microsoft, software, collaboration

20 events that shaped the Internet, part 2

We take the Internet for granted now, but a lot of developments helped to make it the gargantuan shopping, socializing, commerce-helping, video-sharing behemoth it is today.

By Todd R. Weiss | 04 April, 2011 23:43

Tags: telecommunication, media streaming, craigs list, internet, Stanford University, iTunes, youtube, Facebook, nook, networks, Google, kindle, web, ebay, twitter, broadband

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