IBM at 100: Big Blue brings on Hollywood to tell its birthday story

IBM wants to see itself through the fisheye lens as it turns 100.

By Michael Cooney | 12 March, 2011 08:41

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, PC, IBM, hardware systems, software, Data Center

Japan's Internet largely intact after earthquake, tsunami

Japan's Internet infrastructure has remained surprisingly unaffected by last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami, according to an analysis by Internet monitoring firm Renesys.

By Jaikumar Vijayan | 14 March, 2011 12:18

Tags: disaster recovery, applications, Networking, software, Business Continuity, internet

Online service delivery increases in South Australia

The popularity of Service SA’s online service delivery has increased, with the South Australian government reporting a 14 per cent increase in online registration renewals this year.

By Lisa Banks | 14 March, 2011 12:09

Tags: Service SA, government, South Australia

Verizon update preps Xoom for Flash Player

Verizon Wireless started pushing a Motorola Xoom software update today that includes support for Flash Player 10.2, which Xoom tablet users will have to download on March 18 via Android Market.

By Matt Hamblen | 12 March, 2011 04:15

Tags: Motorola, hardware, telecommunication, applications, Mobile Apps and Services, hardware systems, Mobile OSes, software, Mobile operating systems, mobile, Verizon Wireless, at&t

CloudConnect debrief: Real life Cloud computing lessons

If I had to summarize my assessment of this week's CloudConnect conference, it would be this: Attention regarding cloud computing is rapidly moving toward the pragmatics of using it and away from the theories of studying it.

By Bernard Golden | 12 March, 2011 06:10

Tags: cloud computing, netflix, internet

Twitter, Facebook become lifelines after Japan quake

Once again, social networking sites Twitter and Facebook are proving to be lifelines in times of crisis.

By Sharon Gaudin | 12 March, 2011 07:03

Tags: twitter, Web 2.0 and Web Apps, internet, Facebook

iPad set to be Trinity College teacher’s pet

The use of the iPad as an education tool looks to be gaining momentum with Melbourne University’s Trinity College giving the tablet PC a big thumbs up for for ease of use and collaboration opportunities following the completion of a pilot trial.

By Hamish Barwick | 14 March, 2011 11:36

Tags: tablet PC, Apple, trinity college, mobility, Melbourne University, iPad

Nokia launches E7 smartphone: Symbian still alive

The recent publicity surrounding Nokia’s decision to adopt Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform hasn't stopped the company from pushing ahead with its latest Symbian flagship device, the E7 which goes on sale in Australia this week.

By Rodney Gedda | 14 March, 2011 11:39

Tags: nokia e7, symbian, Nokia N8, Nokia, smartphones

Japan quake could hit semiconductor production, prices

Because Japan produces more than 40% of the world's NAND flash memory chips -- and 15% of its DRAM -- the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit today could seriously affect worldwide semiconductor supplies, according to research firms.

By Lucas Mearian | 12 March, 2011 06:43

Tags: hardware, disaster recovery, applications, storage, Elpida Memory, iSuppli, hardware systems, objective, toshiba, software, Business Continuity

Natural disaster? There's an app for that!

As Friday's earthquake in Japan demonstrates, natural disasters happen. And when they do, the first two things to go down are electricity and telephone services.

By Mike Elgan | 13 March, 2011 23:27

Tags: disaster recovery, consumer electronics, applications, Mobile Apps and Services, smartphones, Phones, Japan earthquake, software, Business Continuity

Motorola Xoom gets Flash update, finally

After rushing its tablet to market ahead of Apple's iPad 2 announcement, Motorola is updating its Xoom tablet's software with Flash support. Is it a coincidence it's on the same day Apple's iPad 2 goes on sale? I think not.

By Daniel Ionescu | 12 March, 2011 02:07

Tags: Motorola, Motorola Xoom tablet, Phones, Android, tablets, twitter, flash, motorola xoom, upgrading, tablet PC, Apple, google android tablets, consumer electronics

Early iPad 2 demand outstrips supply

Apple started selling its new iPad 2 earlier today through its online store, but shipping delays mounted as immediate supplies vanished.

By Gregg Keizer | 12 March, 2011 04:57

Tags: telecommunication, applications, Mobile and Wireless, Apple iPad 2, Mobile operating systems, mobile, iPad, broadband, Apple, iPad 2, apple ipad, Mobile OSes, Macintosh, tablets, software

No classified data on misplaced USB stick: Defence

Australia’s data loss prevention and encryption vendors will no doubt be salivating at the Defence’s confirmation that a USB stick allegedly found by a radio announcer on a Qantas flight does indeed contain Defence information.

By Tim Lohman | 14 March, 2011 09:56

Tags: defence, secuity, data loss prevention, encryption, USB sticks, end point security

iOS 4.3 already jailbroken the day after its release

It was literally yesterday (Wednesday) that Apple released iOS 4.3, and just a little over 24 hours later, it's already been jailbroken.

By David Saetang | 12 March, 2011 06:06

Tags: telecommunication, applications, mobile phones, ios, smartphones, software, Mobile operating systems, mobile, Apple iOS, Apple iOS 4.3, Apple

iPad 2: Don't take it apart, or risk cracked glass

Apple's iPad 2 tablet which became available Friday, boasts a big battery, tiny speakers, an ample 512MB of RAM and a glass front that's tricky for tinkerers to take off.

By Bob Brown | 13 March, 2011 00:40

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, iPad 2, apple ipad, PC, Networking, wireless, hardware systems, Apple iPad 2, Data Center, Apple

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