Alcatel-Lucent sets up global services center in India

Alcatel-Lucent has opened a services delivery center in Bangalore that can manage, operate and maintain multivendor fixed and mobile telecommunications networks, the company said.

By John Ribeiro | 12 October, 2010 22:50

Tags: Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, alcatel-lucent, telecommunication

'Grid-side' management requires greater focus: Academic

Investment in the technology behind smart grid management is vital to ensuring the nation-wide move doesn't fail, according to one academic.

By Hamish Barwick | 13 October, 2010 10:13

Tags: smart meters, smart grids

AVG Launches New Security Tools for SMBs

AVG may not have the brand recognition of McAfee or Symantec, but with two decades of experience and over 110 million customers it's no slouch in security either.

By Tony Bradley | 13 October, 2010 06:05

Tags: online security, symantec, mcafee, AVG, security, antivirus, malware

Minnesota to move e-mail to Microsoft's cloud

The Minnesota state government said last month that it's moving its messaging and collaboration systems to Microsoft Corp.'s hosted Business Productivity Online Suite in an effort to address multiple challenges, including an aging workforce and an increase in red ink.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 13 October, 2010 05:06

Tags: Government use of IT, Microsoft, internet, government, cloud computing

Career watch: 50 hot skills on the rise

Q&A: Dan Hoffman

By Jamie Eckle | 13 October, 2010 05:15

Tags: careers, IT management, M5 Networks

Intel posts increased profit, sees bright future

Intel reported an increase in quarterly profits on Tuesday, brushing off weakness in the consumer market and predicting "healthy worldwide demand for computing products" moving forward.

By Agam Shah | 13 October, 2010 08:21

Tags: business issues, financial results, intel

Kensington reinvents laptop lock with new tether

Laptop lock maker Kensington claims it has solved the riddle of how to make more people tether their expensive portables to deter theft - make it easier to attach and detach the security cable.

By John E Dunn | 13 October, 2010 03:25

Tags: Personal Tech, security, kensington

VMware seeks to make cloud provision easy for SMEs

Vmware is set to address the problem that many SMEs find when it come to using cloud services - the lack of expertise in-house. At its VMworld Europe conference, the company is releasing the beta of a service called Go Pro, which will enable customers who are unused tp server virtualisation by simplifying connections to the clouds.

By Maxwell Cooter | 13 October, 2010 03:09

Tags: virtualization, SME, virtualisation, VMware

Zeus not the only bank Trojan threat, users warned

Online bank account users should not ignore the threat posed by obscure data-theft Trojans such as 'Bugat', 'SpyEye', and 'Carberp', security company Trusteer has warned.

By John E Dunn | 13 October, 2010 03:18

Tags: Trusteer, Personal Tech, security, LinkedIn

SAP's NetWeaver isn't dead yet

SAP voiced strong support and provided an updated road map for its NetWeaver platform on Tuesday, further suggesting that the company has no immediate plans to shore up its middleware portfolio by purchasing a vendor such as Tibco.

By Chris Kanaracus | 13 October, 2010 02:41

Tags: SAP, middleware, software

Europe to hold cybersecurity exercise next month

The European Union is planning to hold a cybersecurity exercise across its 27 member states next month, the start of what officials hope will be greater cooperation in defending computer networks.

By Jeremy Kirk | 13 October, 2010 02:33

Tags: European Network and Information Security Agency, Government use of IT, intrusion, security, data protection, government, rsa

Microsoft releases biggest-ever security update

Microsoft released its largest-ever set of security patches Tuesday, fixing a total of 49 bugs in products such as Windows, Internet Explorer and Office.

By Robert McMillan | 13 October, 2010 05:51

Tags: patches, security, Microsoft, software, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Capgemini opens Merlin data center in UK with PUE of 1.1

Capgemini opened the doors on a new data center near London on Tuesday that it sees as a showcase for green design.

By Peter Sayer | 13 October, 2010 06:51

Tags: services, servers, outsourcing, Green data center, hardware systems, Hosted, Blades, environment, Capgemini

Windows Phone 7 shows why device exclusivity sucks

Microsoft has finally unveiled the Windows Phone 7 platform -- including a diverse selection of ten different Windows Phone 7 smartphones right out of the gate. Despite Microsoft's struggles getting into gear in the mobile game, Windows Phone 7 looks awesome. Unfortunately, Windows Phone 7 is also a prime example of why device exclusivity is bad for all parties and handicaps the potential of the platform.

By Tony Bradley | 13 October, 2010 03:20

Tags: lg, samsung, consumer electronics, htc, at&t, Microsoft, windows phone 7, Phones, Cell Phones

Google Chrome OS might be released in a month

Google's Chrome OS is still on track for a holiday launch, and could be released in one month.

By Jared Newman | 13 October, 2010 03:17

Tags: Google, software, operating systems

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