Fujitsu ANZ gets second dibs on Cloud services

ICT services provider, Fujitsu, is the latest vendor to jump on the Cloud bandwagon with a portfolio unveiled on the Gold Coast this week.

By Computerworld Staff | 28 February, 2011 14:36

Tags: Cloud, Fujitsu

Intel Thunderbolt bolts through data transfers

After a few years in development, Intel formally unveiled its next-generation data transfer interconnect. The new Thunderbolt standard represents a shift in the underlying technology -- and a potential shift in how we can do things down the road.

By Melissa J. Perenson | 26 February, 2011 02:32

Tags: storage, intel

Seagate still looking into Momentus XT drive problems

Seagate has played down technical problems experienced in recent weeks by users of the company's Momentus XT hybrid hard drive despite ongoing queries to its support forum.

By John E Dunn | 26 February, 2011 07:16

Tags: seagate, Personal Tech, storage

10 cool things virtualization lets you do

Virtualization isn't just for geeks or those who run enormously powerful servers. It offers something for everybody, and if you haven't yet dipped your toe into the virtualization ocean, then you're at serious risk of being left behind.

By Keir Thomas | 26 February, 2011 03:04

Tags: virtualization, productivity, cloud computing, internet, Oracle, VMware

LibreOffice software is here to stay

If there was any doubt as to long-term ability of LibreOffice to sprint ahead of Oracle-backed, those concerns pretty much just flew out the window. In a wildly successful fundraising effort, the Document Foundation has succeeded in collecting $68,800 (50,000 euros) in just eight days, effectively ensuring a future for the open-source productivity software suite.

By Katherine Noyes | 26 February, 2011 07:14

Tags: open source, Canon, productivity, software, Oracle,

Motorola Xoom gets hacked in under an hour

Despite just being released on February 24th, the Motorola Xoom has become the newest victim of developer rooting, and it took less than two hours to do it. Xeriouxly. The best part? The Clockwork Recovery running on it means that other developers can now create their own custom ROMs to hack whatever they want onto the tablet.

By Elizabeth Fish | 26 February, 2011 07:15

Tags: Motorola, hackers, tablet PC, Google, hardware systems, tablets, tablet PCs, laptops

Samsung laptop faces off with MacBook Air

Samsung's launch on Thursday of the the ultra-thin, ultra-light, and premium-design 9 Series laptop puts it head-to-head now with Apple's MacBook Air - and so begins the war of the sleek laptops.

By Melanie Pinola | 26 February, 2011 03:02

Tags: Apple, samsung, Samsung Electronics, ultraportable laptop, hardware systems, laptops, intel

MacBook Pro vs. Dell XPS: Is MacBook Pro worth the dough?

Apple unveiled a completely refreshed line of MacBook Pro laptops this week. The new MacBook Pros have a variety of improvements over their predecessors, and some unique features only available from Apple. But, as with all things Apple you will pay a premium for having the half-eaten fruit logo on the case of your laptop.

By Tony Bradley | 26 February, 2011 04:17

Tags: mac laptop, Dell, Apple, Mac OS, hardware systems, software, laptops, operating systems, intel

MacBook Pro teardown reveals first peek of Thunderbolt

The teardown experts at iFixit turned their attention this week to Apple's latest version of the 15-inch Unibody MacBook Pro. The Early 2011 edition looks a lot like its predecessors, with two new features on the logic board. It's the first Apple portable with a quad-core processor, Intel's 2.0 or 2.2 GHz Core i7, and it includes the shiny-new Thunderbolt I/O connection for screaming data and display transfers.

By Lisa Greim | 26 February, 2011 07:07

Tags: mac laptop, Apple, hardware systems, laptops, intel

Meyer Cookware signs Pronto in ERP deal

The Australian division of global cookware manufacturer, Meyer Cookware, has signed a six-figure deal with ERP developer, Pronto Software, to implement Pronto-Xi across the enterprise.

By Georgina Swan | 28 February, 2011 12:17

Tags: cognos, bi, Meyer Cookware, Pronto Software, ERP, Pronto-Xi

Police raid PS3 hacker's home, hacker retaliates

Sony is pretty annoyed with those hooligans hacking its beloved PlayStation 3. So annoyed, in fact, that they've involved law enforcement: On February 23, PS3 and Linux hacker graf_chokolo said the local police and a Sony representative raided his house.

By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | 26 February, 2011 07:15

Tags: gaming, games, sony

Computerworld Australia's hot jobs round-up: 28 February 2011

Computerworld Australia's hot jobs round-up for this week.

By Computerworld Staff | 28 February, 2011 12:10

Tags: jobs, Computerworld Australia's hot jobs round-up, careers

Westnet fixes server outage but email delays expected

iiNet subsidiary Westnet has reported that a server outage mid-last week, which affected email services for some 5000 customers, has been restored.

By Hamish Barwick | 28 February, 2011 12:04

Tags: glitch, servers, westnet, ISP, iiNet

Jumbo sets sites on OS internet lottery markets

Australian internet lottery company Jumbo Interactive (ASX:JIN) has flagged plans to focus solely on its online lottery division with plans to pursue the overseas markets, following its software distribution subsidiary being put into voluntary administration in January.

By Chloe Herrick | 28 February, 2011 12:00

Tags: Jumbo Interactive, financial results

Telco interception bill needs “major repairs”

The Australian Greens have called for an overhaul of the Federal Government’s Telecommunications Interception and Intelligence Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 claiming the bill is in need of "major repair".

By Tim Lohman | 28 February, 2011 11:34

Tags: Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), senator scott ludlum, ASIO, Australian Privacy Commissioner, Australian Privacy Foundation (APF), Telecommunications Interception Bil, The Australian Greens

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