• iPhone vs. Droid vs. BlackBerry

    In terms of reputation and popularity, the Apple iPhone is still the king of the smartphone market in the United States. But the newest RIM BlackBerry and Motorola Droid models are giving Apple a run for its money.

    07 June 10 15:46 Written by Brad Reed
  • Sony Ericsson, Optus kick off 'smallest' Android phone

    Sony Ericsson and Optus have partnered to launch the Xperia X10 mini Android phone on the local market and thrown in free live streaming of all 2010 World Cup soccer games.

    07 June 10 10:46 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Tassie govt preps e-mail consolidation project

    Some 30,000 e-mail accounts will be centralised across government departments in Tasmania over the next three years with the big winner being Microsoft Exchange at the expense of Lotus Notes.

    07 June 10 10:41 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • WiMax Forum upbeat despite defections

    The WiMax Forum has closed one office in the past several months and lost as many as 100 members, but it is not concerned about the 4G technology losing its footing as many mobile operators commit to using LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks instead.

    07 June 10 04:44 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Oracle to lay off more Sun workers

    Oracle is making further job cuts related to its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, primarily in Europe and Asia, the company said in a regulatory filing Friday.

    07 June 10 04:31 Written by James Niccolai
  • Apple WWDC vs. Microsoft TechEd

    Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft and Apple. The two most valuable tech companies in the world will host competing conferences next week for IT pros and developers. While Apple gets its iGroove on with the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Microsoft will lure techie professionals to New Orleans for TechEd.  

    06 June 10 21:48 Written by Jon Brodkin
  • This Week In GeekTech: Chips, Flash and HTML 5

    It's time for your weekly slice of geek. This week <a href="">the team</a> has news on what chips have been revealed at the recent Computex expo in Taiwan, how Apple is showing off the capabilities of Web technology HTML5, and details on how Flash is becoming a reality on the iPhone.

    06 June 10 21:44 Written by Chris Brandrick
  • Why Google's Windows ban doesn't make sense

    Google's move to ban Windows for internal use was ostensibly for security reasons. But that looks more like a convenient excuse than anything else, because there are plenty of reasons the ban doesn't make sense.

    06 June 10 21:43 Written by Preston Gralla
  • Archive project will digitize WWII Enigma messages

    During World War II, Britain's brightest minds routinely decoded encrypted German military messages, an effort believed to have significantly shortened the war and saved the country further devastation.

    05 June 10 16:04 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • Missouri AG looks into Google Wi-Fi mess

    Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is asking Google to answer questions about how the company's widespread wireless-network sniffing activities may have affected local residents.

    05 June 10 10:46 Written by Robert McMillan
  • Ballmer Bites Back, Disses the iPad

    Ladies and gentlemen, step up to the ring: We've got a good old-fashioned Microsoft-Apple battle a-brewin'.

    05 June 10 10:14 Written by JR Raphael
  • Facebook CTO: Don't forget Facebook is for sharing

    Attention to privacy on Facebook has been intense in recent months after the company made more profile information public by default, added options to its already-complicated privacy settings and introduced features to personalize external Web sites using people's profile information.

    05 June 10 06:27 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • New Yahoo CTO: Standardize then personalize

    Raymie Stata, named Thursday as Yahoo chief technology officer, has a tough job ahead of him: Yahoo has experienced <a href="">flagging</a> user interest of late and although it started as a search company, it has since farmed out that area to Microsoft Bing, repositioning itself as an online content and service provider.

    05 June 10 06:13 Written by Joab Jackson
  • PC shipments hit record growth in Q1

    Echoing earlier research, a report from iSuppli shows that worldwide PC shipments hit record growth in the first quarter of this year.

    05 June 10 05:54 Written by Sharon Gaudin
  • Facebook hopes new privacy page can quell unrest

    In an attempt to quell increasing <a href="">privacy concerns</a> among its users, Facebook this week launched a new page aimed at helping them better protect personal information posted on the social network.

    05 June 10 04:29 Written by Sharon Gaudin
  • 7 Essentials for a Successful Cloud-first Transformation

    A guide to the critical stages that will get your whole business safely into the cloud.

    Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services enables businesses to gain and keep a competitive edge by dedicating more of their valuable resources to their core business. Organisations leveraging the AWS Cloud benefit from a reliable, secure and cost effective environment which helps them achieve global scale and meet the demands of a constantly changing business landscape. As well as freeing up resources to focus on innovation, AWS customers can also reduce both costly capital expenditures and the overhead costs associated with maintenance of legacy hardware. In 190 countries around the world today, the AWS Cloud powers hundreds of thousands of businesses, enabling them to get to market more quickly, to better understand their customers and react to their needs and to be agile enough to pivot and align with market conditions

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