• SAS introduces social media analytics to enterprise

    There are dozens of social media measurement tools out there, but this one might be the first to comprehensively tackle the space. An in-depth look at SAS's new Social Media Analytics solution, unveiled at the SAS Global Forum in Seattle.

    17 April 10 03:27 Written by Jennifer Kavur
  • Apple iPhone OS jailbroken; Next iPhone photos appear

    Apple iPhone news is heating up as an early jailbreak for iPhone OS 4.0 is released, and purported images of the back casing for the next iteration of the iPhone handset leak online.

    17 April 10 02:09 Written by Ian Paul
  • Google wants to put printing in the cloud

    Google wants to cut the wires to printers and introduce wireless printing from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or notebooks running the upcoming Google Chrome operating system, the company said on Thursday.

    17 April 10 02:09 Written by Daniel Ionescu
  • Data everywhere, but not enough smart management

    Today, most enterprises are finally facing up to the "data, data everywhere" phenomenon-an awe-inspiring and unprecedented push and pull of data and information needs. The push: Terabytes of data flooding enterprise systems and applications, a surge which Gartner predicts will grow by 650 percent during the next five years. The pull: Savvy users demanding sweeping, individualized access to analytics and business information.

    17 April 10 01:12 Written by Thomas Wailgum
  • Citrix releases Xen 4.0, part of Citrix, has launched a new version of the Xen open source hypervisor.

    17 April 10 00:05 Written by Maxwell Cooter
  • Devops cloud conference heads down under

    The inaugural Australian Devops Down Under cloud computing conference is scheduled for Sydney next month and as its tag line goes, is open to developers who administer systems and administrators who write code.

    16 April 10 09:44 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Spam volumes grew 6 percent last year, says Google

    Despite security researchers' efforts to cut spam down to size, it just keeps growing back. The volume of unsolicited email in the first quarter was around 6 percent higher than a year earlier, according to Google's e-mail filtering division Postini.

    16 April 10 08:38 Written by Peter Sayer
  • After attacks, Oracle patches Java bug

    One week after a critical bug was made public, Oracle has patched its Java virtual machine to fix an exploit that could be used to sneak malicious software onto a computer.

    16 April 10 07:49 Written by Robert McMillan
  • Apple's iPad isn't unbeatable, analysts say

    Top companies like Hewlett-Packard Co. and Google Inc. planning to come out with tablet computers have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to compete with and beat Apple Inc.'s popular iPad device.

    16 April 10 07:27 Written by Sharon Gaudin
  • Motorola's iSIM could power company-specific mobile apps

    Motorola's new Intelligent SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) just got its start in Europe by powering a parental control application for GSM phones, but it will also be available to enterprises that need to customize mobile phones for a sales force or other application across an entire group of workers.

    16 April 10 07:16 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Researchers find bugs in archive file formats

    Researchers have found ways to hide malicious software in commonly used archival formats that went undetected until recently by most antivirus programs.

    16 April 10 06:48 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • Google grows revenue 23 percent in Q1

    Google grew its revenue and profit in its first fiscal quarter, exceeding Wall Street expectations and prompting the Internet company to express a commitment for "heavy investment" in its core and newer businesses.

    16 April 10 06:36 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • OpenSolaris leaders unnerved by Oracle silence

    Frustrated by Oracle's delay in releasing the latest version of OpenSolaris, the OpenSolaris Governing Board (OGB) is growing uneasy over Oracle's lack of communication regarding the future of the Unix OS code.

    16 April 10 06:20 Written by Joab Jackson
  • Zeus botnet exploits unpatched PDF flaw

    The Zeus botnet is now using an unpatched flaw in Adobe's PDF document format to infect users with malicious code, security researchers said today.

    16 April 10 06:11 Written by Gregg Keizer

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