Accenture, Cisco and Sun still face kickbacks charges

After recent settlements by Hewlett-Packard and EMC in a long-standing government contracting fraud case, three major IT and consulting companies are still embroiled in lawsuits brought by two former insiders.

By Grant Gross | 04 September, 2010 01:06

Tags: Packard, Government use of IT, Sun Microsystems, IBM, accenture, Jim McAvoy, Packard and Johnson, government, emc, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems

HP buys 3Par, Apple rolls out new gear

Hewlett-Packard swooped in with the better bid to overtake Dell and win 3Par, so now we can all sit back and wait for the next acquisition battle to roll around. Meanwhile, Apple debuted updated iPods and Apple TV to entertain us, among other IT news stories of the week.

By Nancy Weil | 04 September, 2010 04:55

Tags: 3PAR, Internet-based applications and services, internet, Exploits / vulnerabilities, cloud computing, IT management, Facebook, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Dell, Google, consumer electronics

Mitel Networks CEO to leave post

After just over nine years at the helm of Mitel Networks Inc., Don Smith is leaving as chief executive officer of the unified communications applications developer to sit on the board directors.

By Howard Solomon | 04 September, 2010 07:26

Tags: business issues, personnel, Mitel Networks

Google social media strategy 'absent': Ovum

Google's recent social media asset buy-up lacks a well-defined strategy, according to Ovum analysts Eden Zoller and Neha Dharia.

By Lisa Banks | 06 September, 2010 13:51

Tags: the social CIO, Google, twitter, social networking, SocialDeck, social media

Windsor backs Labor's NBN plan

The three independents on whom the future government of Australia rests are increasingly giving off signs that they view Labor's National Broadband Network (NBN) policy with enthusiasm.

By Renai LeMay | 06 September, 2010 11:52

Tags: independent mps, NBN

Yarra Trams finally settles on supply control system

Private Melbourne tram company, Yarra Trams, will implement real-time supply monitoring and control systems over the next year as it seeks to replace obsolete systems throughout the network.

By James Hutchinson | 06 September, 2010 11:37

Tags: network monitoring, SCADA, yarra trams, transport sector

Victorian state schools to run on Cisco wired and wireless networks

The Department of Early Education and Child Development (DEECD) will standardise on Cisco wired and wireless networking in up to 1000 Victorian schools as part of a $120 million State Government ICT investment.

By Chloe Herrick | 06 September, 2010 11:29

Tags: netwroking, education, cisco, collaboration, videoconferencing

Local satellite data POP goes live

Brisbane-based Indigo Telecom Australia has launched a mobile satellite data service with a local point-of-presence (POP) connecting to a global IP network.

By Rodney Gedda | 06 September, 2010 11:33

Tags: Indigo Telecom, satellite, mobile services

Crime Commission looks to $2.2m comms overhaul

The Australian Crime Commission (ACC) will spend an estimated $2.2 million over three years to overhaul its unified communications and upgrade videoconferencing systems across the country.

By James Hutchinson | 06 September, 2010 11:23

Tags: unified communications, collaboration, australian crime commission. videoconferencing

Computerworld Australia's hot jobs round-up: 6 August 2010

A look at the hot IT jobs and certifications around Australia this week

By Computerworld Staff | 06 September, 2010 11:20

Tags: Computerworld Australia's hot jobs round-up, careers, skills

Women did well on Defcon social engineering test

Of the 135 people Fortune 500 employees targeted by social engineering hackers in a recent contest only five of them refused to give up any corporate information whatsoever. And guess what? All five were women.

By Robert McMillan | 06 September, 2010 05:34

Tags: Defcon, Defcon 2010, Cisco Systems, security, women in it, social engineering

Disk storage still bouncing back, IDC says

The market for enterprise disk storage systems grew strongly in the second quarter, continuing to recover from a slump brought on by the economic slowdown of 2008 and 2009, research company IDC said on Friday.

By Stephen Lawson | 03 September, 2010 14:07

Tags: 3PAR, Dell, IDC, storage, netapp, emc

Apple had two months to fix critical QuickTime bug, says researcher

A critical bug in QuickTime was reported to Apple two months before a second researcher independently revealed the vulnerability this week, the director of a bug bounty program said today.

By Gregg Keizer | 04 September, 2010 01:29

Tags: Apple, Mac OS, security, software, operating systems, Malware and Vulnerabilities

Germany to launch antibotnet program for consumers

Germany will soon launch a service to help consumers remove malicious software from their computers in an attempt to stem the spread of spam-sending botnets.

By Jeremy Kirk | 04 September, 2010 00:56

Tags: Association of the German Internet Industry, security, Desktop security, antivirus, malware

Samsung Galaxy Tab rooted... a month before release

The folks at Sera-Apps, a German group of Android developers, have not only managed to get their hands on a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Tab a month before the device goes on sale, but they managed to root the device at IFA, the world's largest consumer electronics show being held in Germany.

By Alessondra Springmann | 04 September, 2010 03:51

Tags: samsung, hardware systems, laptops, tablet PCs

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