Nokia drops features to lower cost of latest smartphone

Nokia's Symbian-based 5250 phone is its cheapest touchscreen smartphone yet at €115 (US$145) -- but to get the price that low, Nokia has had to ditch some of the features of its predecessor.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 24 August, 2010 21:30

Tags: consumer electronics, Phones, smartphones, Nokia

Canon creates 120-megapixel image sensor

Engineers at Canon have created a digital image sensor with a resolution of 120-megapixels, the highest yet managed for a sensor of its size, the company said Tuesday.

By Martyn Williams | 24 August, 2010 16:48

Tags: consumer electronics, Canon, Components, Input-Output, digital cameras

Apple patent filing shows touch-enabled iMac, MacBook

Apple appears to be extending its touch offering from mobile devices to desktop-bound hardware, based on a patent application showing a touch-enabled iMac.

By Daniel Ionescu | 25 August, 2010 00:07

Tags: Apple, desktops, mac laptop, desktop pcs, hardware systems, legal issues, iMac

Windows Phone 7 Attracts App Developers Ahead of Launch

Microsoft says that it has more than 300,000 downloads of beta tools for developers creating applications for its Windows Phone 7 app store, which is set to compete with the app-laden marketplaces for the iPhone and Android phones.

By Barbara E. Hernandez | 25 August, 2010 08:47

Tags: Microsoft, windows phone 7, Phones, Cell Phones, Windows, smartphones, Windows 7, software, operating systems, Windows Phone 7 Series, consumer electronics

North Korea-linked Facebook page deleted again

For the second time in less than a week a Facebook account created by a North Korea-linked Web site has been deleted by the social networking site.

By Martyn Williams | 25 August, 2010 04:05

Tags: censorship, Internet-based applications and services, social networking, internet, social media, north korea, Facebook

The next Facebook: Scoop?

Imagine a social networking site geared specifically toward connecting college students with their on-campus academic and social communities. Sound familiar? Those are Facebook's roots -- before the site ballooned into a worldwide phenomenon with half a billion registered users. They're also the roots of Scoop<, a forthcoming mobile social app.

By Brennon Slattery | 25 August, 2010 02:07

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, internet, social media, social networks, Facebook

Apple exec stashed $150,000 in shoe boxes

Federal agents found more than US$150,000 in cash when they searched the house of Apple manager Paul Devine earlier this month, prosecutors said in court Monday.

By Robert McMillan | 25 August, 2010 04:05

Tags: business issues, Criminal, Apple, legal, money, Components

iPad paves the way for coming tablet invasion

The Apple iPad has been embraced by businesses much faster than its iPhone predecessor. That acceptance is primarily a result of the success of the iPhone, but it also opens the door for iPad competitors to enter the business world more easily once they're available.

By Tony Bradley | 25 August, 2010 02:29

Tags: Apple, tablet PC, apple ipad, hardware systems, laptops, tablet PCs, Office Hardware, iPad

Hackers bait Zeus botnet trap with dead celeb tales

Hackers are using tales of dead celebrities to build out Zeus botnets by duping users into compromising their own PCs, security experts said today.

By Gregg Keizer | 25 August, 2010 03:31

Tags: symantec, mcafee, security, Malware and Vulnerabilities, intel

Nokia, Intel Team on 3D Holographic Phone Tech

Remember when Princess Leia's holographic distress call blew you away? Nokia and Intel announced that they'll try to put similar 3D technology on mobile phones.

By Jared Newman | 25 August, 2010 02:31

Tags: consumer electronics, future technology, Phones, Nokia, intel

RIM buys app store developer Cellmania

Just days after making its updated version of App World available to all, Research In Motion acquired Cellmania, a company that offers back-end infrastructure for application stores.

By Nancy Gohring | 25 August, 2010 09:21

Tags: research in motion, consumer electronics, Cellmania, Phones, smartphones

Apple fixes big security bugs in Mac OS X

Apple has released a security update to its Mac OS X operating system, fixing a number of critical security issues in the software.

By Robert McMillan | 25 August, 2010 05:34

Tags: patches, Apple, Mac OS, security, software, Mac OS X, operating systems

Small Indian outsourcers become more attractive to customers

Second-tier outsourcers in India can provide specialized services and domain expertise in areas which their larger competitors such as Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys Technologies may find too niche to address, according to a report from Forrester Research.

By John Ribeiro | 25 August, 2010 03:32

Tags: india, services, offshoring, outsourcing, indian outsourcing

Huawei to launch Android 2.2 smartphone at IFA

Huawei Technologies plans to launch the U8150, which is based on Android version 2.2, at the Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA) consumer electronics show, the company said via e-mail.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 25 August, 2010 04:18

Tags: Huawei Technologies, consumer electronics, Android, Phones, smartphones, Android 2.2

Vyatta routing software certified for IPv6

The Vyatta open-source network operating system has been certified for IPv6, which is likely to become a key capability as the number of Internet addresses available under the current version of IP diminishes.

By Stephen Lawson | 25 August, 2010 05:52

Tags: open source, Networking, Vyatta, software, routing, ipv6

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