Steve Ballmer ousts Bob Muglia from Microsoft's server and tools division

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Monday that he has decided to replace Bob Muglia as the head of the Server and Tools Business, and that Muglia will leave Microsoft this summer instead of taking on a new role at the company.

By Jon Brodkin | 11 January, 2011 09:51

Tags: Microsoft, windows server, Windows, software, operating systems, cloud computing, internet

AMD CEO out, search on for new leader

Looking for better growth and financials, chip maker AMD has come to a parting of the ways with CEO Dirk Meyer.

By Sharon Gaudin | 11 January, 2011 09:52

Tags: IT industry, CIO role, Components, IT Leadership, processors, IT management, intel

Adobe sandbox protection hacked

Last year Adobe got the message that it was the target du jour for malicious attacks and stepped up its efforts to secure and protect its software. However, a security researcher revealed that one of the security measures developed by Adobe can be circumvented with relative ease.

By Tony Bradley | 11 January, 2011 06:04

Tags: applications, Adobe Systems, security, software, data protection

MySpace to cut staff in half

MySpace will reportedly lay off more than half of its employees on Tuesday as the website scales back its social networking ambitions.

By Jared Newman | 11 January, 2011 09:16

Tags: business issues, Internet-based applications and services, layoffs,, social networks, social media, internet, Facebook

Tablets, Internet-linked smart sensors to star at Computex

Computex, the world’s second-largest computer show, will grow in scale this year with tablet PCs and new object-locator Internet technology as the headline acts, a senior event planner said on Monday.

By Ralph Jennings | 10 January, 2011 20:33

Tags: computex, Internet-based applications and services, hardware systems, laptops, tablet PCs, Computex 2011, internet

Fear not. Facebook isn't shutting down

No need to worry that Facebook will shut down on March 15, as reported by the supermarket tabloid Weekly World News.

By Sharon Gaudin | 11 January, 2011 08:47

Tags: IT industry, Google, goldman sachs, Web 2.0 and Web Apps, internet, Facebook

Protecting data on portable drives

It is almost mind-boggling how much data can be stored on a portable drive or USB thumb drive. As convenient as it is it to be able to carry 1TB of data in your pocket, though, portable drives are also easily lost or stolen, and gallivanting about can take its toll on the data. It is important to protect the portable drives and the data they contain.

By Tony Bradley | 11 January, 2011 03:43

Tags: applications, storage, security, external hard drive, portable hard drive, usb storage, software, data protection, western digital

Cisco compacts Catalyst switches

Cisco this week is rolling out two lines of Catalyst Ethernet switches in compact form factors intended for deployment in workgroups closer to users vs. wiring closets.

By Jim Duffy | 11 January, 2011 02:10

Tags: networking hardware, Cisco Systems, Networking, Ethernet Switch, switches, LAN & WAN

IBM snares 5,896 patents, Apple debuts among top 50 patent winners

IBM earned more U.S. patents in 2010 than any other company, topping the list of patent winners for the 18th year in a row.

By Ann Bednarz | 11 January, 2011 02:24

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, IBM, Networking, LG Electronics, wireless, infrastructure management, hardware systems, toshiba, Data Center, management, Apple, Panasonic, Canon, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, sony, intel, patents

Don't be a jerk, and still get promoted

Q&A: Al Switzler

By Jamie Eckle | 11 January, 2011 04:12

Tags: careers, IT management

Facebook makes new profiles mandatory

Whether you like Facebook's new profile feature or not, you're going to have to use it from now on.

By John P. Mello Jr. | 11 January, 2011 09:46

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, social networks, social media, internet, Facebook

Google News site goes down briefly

Google suffered from some downtime Monday afternoon.

By Sharon Gaudin | 11 January, 2011 09:29

Tags: e-commerce, Google, twitter, Internet Search, internet, search engines

The Grill: Harry Lukens

Back in 1994, Lehigh Valley Health Network, a two-hospital system based in Allentown, Pa., had a high IT personnel turnover rate. Today, that rate hovers around one per cent, and if you ask employees why, they point to CIO Harry Lukens. Over the past 16 years as the head of a 140-person IT department, Lukens has stuck by a few principles that have served him well: Treat others as you'd like to be treated, no idea is awful, and build a tight team by serving the greater community together.

By Lucas Mearian | 11 January, 2011 04:18

Tags: Networking, wireless, IT management

Intel, Nvidia sign $1.5 billion licensing deal

Intel and Nvidia have signed a patent cross-licensing agreement and ended a long-standing legal dispute between the two companies, Intel said Monday.

By Grant Gross | 11 January, 2011 09:28

Tags: business issues, pc components, Doug Melamed, intellectual property, patent, legal, nvidia, Components, processors, intel, Graphics boards

Nintendo shows off 3DS augmented reality games

Nintendo's 3DS has another trick up its sleeve for its glasses-free 3D handheld: a deck of augmented reality playing cards included with each game console.

By Jared Newman | 11 January, 2011 01:54

Tags: Nintendo, Handhelds, gaming, games, CES 2011, Nintendo 3DS, nintendo ds

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