New Super Mario Bros. Wii sets sales record in Japan

Just under a year after it went on sale, Nintendo's "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" has become the first Wii software title to sell 4 million copies in Japan, a market data provider said Tuesday.

By Martyn Williams | 01 December, 2010 05:03

Tags: game software, Nintendo, games, Super Mario Bros

Dell laptop uses new Intel cooling technology

Dell has announced an ultraportable laptop with a new technology from Intel that sucks in outside air to keep the system quieter and cooler.

By Agam Shah | 30 November, 2010 16:09

Tags: Dell, hardware systems, Components, laptops, intel

P2P-based alternative to DNS hopes to challenge ICANN

A group led by former Pirate Bay spokesman Peter Sunde is forming to develop a peer-to-peer-based alternative to today's ICANN-controlled DNS system, according to a blog posted on Tuesday.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 01 December, 2010 01:46

Tags: ICANN, Networking, peer-to-peer, DNS, internet, P2P

Red Hat acquires Makara

Enterprise open-source software vendor Red Hat has acquired cloud software provider Makara, Red Hat announced Tuesday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

By Joab Jackson | 01 December, 2010 03:30

Tags: paas, open source, mergers & acquisitions, middleware, software, cloud computing, Red Hat

Analysts: $6B for Groupon a bad deal for Google

Google would be overspending if it paid north of US$5 billion to acquire online coupon provider Groupon, according to various industry analysts.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 01 December, 2010 07:28

Tags: advertising, business issues, Google, internet, Groupon, search engines

Splashtop's new instant-on OS based on Chromium browser

Splashtop on Tuesday released a new version of its instant-on OS that is based on the Chromium browser and could shorten PC boot times to just a few seconds.

By Agam Shah | 01 December, 2010 08:11

Tags: Splashtop, Linux, hardware systems, laptops, operating systems, non-Windows

Avast Pro Antivirus 5

Avast Pro Antivirus 5 ($US40 for a single-PC, one-year license as of 11/23/2010) ranks third in our roundup of 2011 paid antivirus products. When PCWorld last looked at Avast's paid antivirus offering, our reviewer wasn't particularly impressed with either its interface or its malware detection capabilities. Avast Antivirus Pro 5, however, is a definite improvement, thanks to a slick new interface and some useful additional features. But middling detection capabilities relative to other paid antivirus software keep it from claiming a higher ranking.

By Nick Mediati | 30 November, 2010 13:26

Tags: Antivirus & Security, security, Avast, antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus 5: Good all-around option

Avast Free Antivirus 5 took the top spot in our late 2010 roundup of free antivirus software. It provides good, all-around malware detection in a speedy, well-designed package. We liked its easy installation process, smooth interface design, and minimal impact in system performance. However, although it wins out overall, its malware detection, while good, isn't the best we've seen.

By Nick Mediati | 30 November, 2010 13:35

Tags: Antivirus & Security, security, Avast, antivirus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 takes fifth place in our roundup of 2011 antivirus software, closely trailing fourth-place finisher G-Data AntiVirus 2011. It did a great job at stopping brand new malware attacks, and a reasonable -- though not top-notch -- job at detecting known malware, and it sports a well-designed interface. On the downside, its impact on PC performance was worse than average.

By Nick Mediati | 30 November, 2010 13:36

Tags: Antivirus & Security, security, kaspersky lab, antivirus

Avira AntiVir Personal: Great malware protection

Avira AntiVir Personal ranked second in our late 2010 roundup of free antivirus products. AntiVir has strength where it counts most: It did a great job at detecting and blocking malware. That said, its interface needs some improvement.

By Nick Mediati | 30 November, 2010 13:37

Tags: Antivirus & Security, Avira, security, antivirus

Norton Antivirus 2011

Norton Antivirus has been a strong performer in recent years, and this year is no exception. Norton Antivirus 2011 ($US40 for a one-year, single-PC license as of 11/23/2010) comes in first in our roundup of 2011 paid antivirus products. It does a very good job at detecting and removing malware, and it has a smooth interface.

By Nick Mediati | 30 November, 2010 13:39

Tags: Antivirus & Security, symantec, applications, security, software

Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.0

Panda Cloud Antivirus is a unique entry in the free antivirus race. Most free antivirus products still rely on signature updates to detect new malware, but Panda's program instead uses fresh data about malware direct from Panda's servers. As a result, Cloud Antivirus put up some excellent results in some malware detection tests, but its scan speeds were slower than we would have liked to see.

By Nick Mediati | 30 November, 2010 13:41

Tags: Antivirus & Security, security, panda security, antivirus

G-Data AntiVirus 2011

G-Data AntiVirus 2011 (US$30 for a single-PC, one-year license as of 11/23/2010) placed fourth -- albeit a close fourth -- in our roundup of 2011 antivirus products. G-Data continues its recent trend of strong malware detection, blocking, and removal in 2011, and couples it with a good interface.

By Nick Mediati | 30 November, 2010 13:42

Tags: Antivirus & Security, G-Data, security, antivirus

Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0

When we looked at the beta of Microsoft Security Essentials in 2009, we were impressed with its clean, easy-to-use interface, but less so with its sluggish scan speed. This still holds true for Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0; also, it hasn't kept pace with newer antivirus products when it comes to detecting malware.

By Nick Mediati | 30 November, 2010 13:45

Tags: Antivirus & Security, applications, security, Microsoft, software

Comodo Internet Security Premium

Comodo Internet Security Premium came in fifth in our late 2010 roundup of free antivirus products. Although it was last among the products we tested, it did a very good job at blocking brand-new malware. Its detection of known malware lagged behind top performers, though, and it tied for the most false positives.

By Nick Mediati | 30 November, 2010 13:47

Tags: Antivirus & Security, Comodo, security, antivirus

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