Nine features we may see in Ubuntu 11.10 'Oneiric Ocelot'

Canonical's Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" may still be occupying much of the Linux world's attention, but at last week's Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest, the next version of the free and open source Linux distribution began to take form.

By Katherine Noyes | 18 May, 2011 06:44

Tags: unix, open source, Linux, Canon, canonical, software, non-Windows, operating systems

Facebook fights California privacy push

California is considering legislation that would tighten Facebook's privacy practices, and the social network is not happy about it.

By Sharon Gaudin | 18 May, 2011 00:30

Tags: Gov't Legislation/Regulation, regulation, security, Web 2.0 and Web Apps, government, privacy, Government/Industries, Facebook, Yankee Group

Sharp develops super high-def screen for future TV

Japan's Sharp has developed an 85-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) panel with resolution equivalent to 16 times that of today's HDTV panels. The screen, which is only a prototype, was developed for Super Hi-Vision, a next-generation television system currently under development in Japan.

By Martyn Williams | 19 May, 2011 13:18

Tags: Nippon Hoso Kyokai, consumer electronics, sharp

Tasmanian Health Dept sick of paper shuffling

The Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is moving to cut the voluminous paper records required to monitor the health and safety of its employees via the rollout of a statewide occupational health record information system.

By Tim Lohman | 19 May, 2011 12:49

Tags: Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), occupational health record information system

The Green IT movement has lost the plot

When it comes to environmental sustainability, the information technology community has seriously mistaken its priorities. Our latest research has confirmed what we have been saying for four years. The IT industry is already energy-neutral in terms of its consumption and savings, but there is still no credible scenario for safely managing the global production and disposal of literally billions of personal computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. Yet even today, improving the energy efficiency of IT equipment is still the overwhelming focus of the Green IT community.

By David Moschella | 19 May, 2011 05:06

Tags: hardware, Green data center, telecommunication, Mobile and Wireless, hardware systems, green IT, mobile, environment

San Francisco grabs onto the cloud with Microsoft

In a big cloud computing win for Microsoft, the city and county of San Francisco announced Wednesday that it is moving workers from multiple email systems to Microsoft's cloud-based email.

By Sharon Gaudin | 19 May, 2011 06:10

Tags: Government use of IT, applications, IT in Government, software, collaboration, government, cloud computing, internet, Government/Industries, Enterprise Web 2.0/Collaboration, IDC, Microsoft

Exclusive: SKA bid looks to SkyNet for computing

Key players behind the Australian-New Zealand joint bid to host the $2.1 billion Square Kilometre Array radio telescope will launch a grid Cloud computing initiative by September with the aim of potentially harvesting the computing and storage power of desktops worldwide.

By James Hutchinson | 19 May, 2011 12:05

Tags: cloud computing, Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope

LinkedIn sets price for Thursday IPO

Hold on to your hat. The first of the social networking sites is about to launch its initial public offering, or IPO.

By Sharon Gaudin | 19 May, 2011 09:03

Tags: LinkedIn, finance, Web 2.0 and Web Apps, twitter, industry verticals, Financial Services, internet, Facebook

Power company opts for DR in the Cloud

Eastern states gas and electricity supplier Australian Power & Gas has gone with a Cloud provider for disaster recovery as a service alleviating the need to built out its own infrastructure.

By Rodney Gedda | 19 May, 2011 12:00

Tags: ASE IT, disaster recovery, DRaaS, Australian Power & Gas, cloud computing

Netflix grabbing greater share of bandwidth

Cable killer or not, Netflix takes a big bite out of bandwidth every night in America.

By Jared Newman | 19 May, 2011 01:55

Tags: bittorrent, media streaming, Home Theater, netflix, cable and satellite, entertainment

Many browsers runs insecure plug-ins, analysis finds

Large numbers of web browsers run out of date plug-ins that render them vulnerable to security exploits, a new analysis by security management company Qualys has found.

By John E Dunn | 19 May, 2011 00:13

Tags: Apple, Personal Tech, applications, security, browsers, software, qualys

iPhone app uses facial recognition to secure your phone

It there's one thing really irritating about leaving your iPhone out with friends, it's when they unlock to unleash all kinds of madness (usually on your Facebook) while your back's turned. You can always use a passcode, but maybe it's time to add an extra step to the "Slide to Unlock" screen, by adding facial recognition.

By Elizabeth Fish | 19 May, 2011 07:46

Tags: Phones, Phone applications

Mac malware brouhaha: Are Apple users no longer safe?

Mac users don't have to worry about malware, right? Well, for many years that's been true, although the reasons were always the topic of contentious debate between the Apple faithful and various security researchers, many of whom predicted Mac security breaches would rise as Apple's share of the PC market climbed northward.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 19 May, 2011 08:27

Tags: Apple, security, malware, antivirus

Google issues patch to plug Android data leaks

Google's putting a quick patch on an Android security flaw that could leak contacts and calendar data through open Wi-Fi networks.

By Jared Newman | 19 May, 2011 04:52

Tags: consumer electronics, Google, security, mobile security, Phones, Android, wireless security

Open source software is now a norm in businesses

We've already seen mounting evidence that the numerous benefits of open source software are making a big impression on businesses far and wide, and this week saw the release of yet more data corroborating that fact.

By Katherine Noyes | 19 May, 2011 03:38

Tags: North Bridge Venture Partners, open source, services, software

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