5 ways to make Android 2.1 work like Froyo

Still waiting for Android 2.2? Given the slow pace of Froyo's rollout to Android phones, sometimes it feels like waiting for Godot. And if you're especially unlucky, the new version of the operating system won't even make it to your phone.

By Preston Gralla | 04 September, 2010 03:42

Tags: Google, applications, telecommunication, Mobile operating systems, software, mobile

Where will Apple's A4 chip go next?

Apple's internally developed A4 chip could be implemented in new devices such as low-power servers, TVs or even communications or entertainment boxes, if the company tries to expand the chip's footprint, analysts said.

By Agam Shah | 04 September, 2010 06:00

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, hardware systems, Components, processors

Nvidia's laptop graphics cards to boost Web browsing

Nvidia on Friday announced seven new GeForce 400M series graphics cards for laptops, which could provide parallel-processing capabilities to accelerate Web browsing and 3D image rendering.

By Agam Shah | 03 September, 2010 14:06

Tags: Graphics boards, pc components, graphics cards, nvidia, Components

Ubuntu 10.10 'Maverick Meerkat' enters beta

The first beta release of Canonical's next Ubuntu Linux distribution, version 10.10 'Maverick Meerkat' is now available and promises a more refined desktop and netbook experience in preparation for the final release in October.

By Rodney Gedda | 03 September, 2010 14:40

Tags: kubuntu, Linux, open source, canonical, ubuntu

Australia's major telcos unfazed by Internode's business market push

Australia’s major telcos remain unperturbed despite news that rival ISP, Internode, will be zeroing in on enterprise customers, after setting up its new Brisbane office.

By Chloe Herrick | 03 September, 2010 11:21

Tags: aapt, internode, optus, Telstra

AAPT settles Digital River case out of court

Telecommunications wholesaler AAPT has settled a dispute with dark fibre provisioning company, Digital River Networks, out of court, with each party bearing their own proceeding costs.

By James Hutchinson | 03 September, 2010 11:05

Tags: aapt, Networking, Digital River, dark Fibre, Telecommunications

Huawei debuts Android 2.2 IDEOS smartphone

Huawei has launched the IDEOS, or U8150, smartphone, which will cost between US$100 and $200, depending on the market, the company said on Thursday at the Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA) trade show in Berlin.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 03 September, 2010 02:02

Tags: Huawei Technologies, consumer electronics, IFA, Phones, smartphones

iOS 4.1 to finally fix iPhone 4 proximity sensor

It's official. iOS 4.1 is "coming soon" for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

By Tony Bradley | 03 September, 2010 04:14

Tags: Apple, apple iphone, consumer electronics, mobile phones, iphone 4, Phones, iPhone, Cell Phones, smartphones

Hotmail suffers hours-long outage on Thursday

A technical problem has kept an undetermined number of Windows Live Hotmail users locked out of their e-mail accounts for hours on Thursday.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 03 September, 2010 09:42

Tags: hotmail, Internet-based applications and services, Microsoft, Mail, internet

SAS rolls out predictive analytics for business users

SAS Institute on Thursday announced a new toolset aimed at giving business users the ability to work with predictive analytics software, which has historically been the province of specialized statisticians.

By Chris Kanaracus | 03 September, 2010 03:58

Tags: applications, it strategy, SAS Institute, software, data mining, IT management, business intelligence

Disable a laptop touchpad while you type, Win 7 edition

Many moons ago I wrote about TouchFreeze, a free laptop utility that solves one of life's most maddening problems: accidental swipes of your touchpad while typing. (Why isn't Windows smart enough to do this on its own? Just saying.)

By Rick Broida | 02 September, 2010 08:38

Tags: Utilities, Windows, software, operating systems, windows utilities, touch

Privacy in iTunes Ping

Ping is Apple's music-centric social network that is integrated into iTunes 10. From a privacy standpoint, it's pretty straightforward--as opposed to Facebook's multitude of privacy settings--but then again, Ping is also very limited as to what services it offers. In either case, here's a quick run-down of the privacy features present in Ping.

By Nick Mediati | 03 September, 2010 07:52

Tags: Apple, security, social networks, iTunes

Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7 to manufacturing

Microsoft announced that the code base for Windows Phone 7 1.0 has been finalised. The software has been "released to manufacturing," meaning that this version is the one handset makers will deploy on the first devices to feature the radically redesigned mobile OS.

By John Cox | 03 September, 2010 01:57

Tags: consumer electronics, Microsoft, Networking, Phones, smartphones, wireless

Hosted service promises to protect corporate documents on smartphones

A hosted application for securing shared corporate documents is being extended to handheld devices. With WatchDox, mobile users can view and even selected documents, but be prevented from saving, printing, or forwarding them, if desired.

By John Cox | 03 September, 2010 03:35

Tags: digital rights management, WatchDox, telecommunication, applications, symbian, Networking, Phones, wireless, mobile, Apple, document management, consumer electronics, intellectual property, security, legal, smartphones, mobile security, software

HP and 3Par sign definitive merger agreement

Hewlett-Packard and 3Par have signed a definitive agreement for HP to buy the California storage vendor for US$2.35 billion, the companies said Thursday.

By James Niccolai | 03 September, 2010 09:12

Tags: business issues, 3PAR, Storage servers, Dell, network-attached storage, Mergers / acquisitions, storage, Storage Management, Hewlett-Packard

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