Dell offers gateway storage appliance

Dell today announced a new appliance that allows its block-based storage area network (SAN) to store file-based data under one unified management interface.

By Lucas Mearian | 08 June, 2011 04:40

Tags: Dell, network-attached storage, Networked Storage, storage, equallogic, storage software, emc, Storage Management

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 review (1291-23M)

Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 (1291-23M) is an exceptional 13.3in ultraportable laptop. It offers a full-voltage Intel Core i5 CPU, integrated 3G connectivity and great user comfort.

By TechWorld staff | 08 June, 2011 14:02

Tags: notebooks, ultraportables, Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo, laptops

Public Cloud adoption leaving Aussie CIOs in the dark: Survey

Australian CIOs are concerned about the effect of Cloud sprawl, with the increase in public Cloud services being a large thorn in the side of IT teams, a new survey of C-level executives has found.

By Lisa Banks | 08 June, 2011 12:15

Tags: public cloud, Cloud

Google discusses search rankings, blocks

Warm mangos, Pandas and Alan Greenspan: these were among the wide range of topics that came up during the characteristically humorous keynote by Google’s Matt Cutts at the end of the first day of the Search Marketing Expo in Seattle.

By Nancy Gohring | 08 June, 2011 12:02

Tags: Google, internet, search engines

AR.Drone helicopter controlled from Android, bada, Symbian

Parrot's AR.Drone helicopter will be controlled from Android, bada and Symbian devices, the company announced at E3 in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

By Nick Barber | 08 June, 2011 11:45

Tags: parrot, games

WikiLeaks a boon for US government: Former Obama campaign adviser

WikiLeaks' leaking of classified information should be considered a blessing for the US government, and other governments should take heed of the lessons when it comes to information sharing, according to a former member of Barack Obama presidential campaign.

By Hamish Barwick | 08 June, 2011 10:50

Tags: security, wikileaks

No love for IPv6 from NBN Co, Telstra and Optus

Today is World IPv6 Day -- a 24-hour window for organisations to test out Internet Protocol v6, the successor to the old IPv4 addressing system.

By Rohan Pearce | 08 June, 2011 11:45

Tags: broadband, ipv6

Aus a blip on real-time IPv6 Internet radar

Application scaling provider Akamai Technologies has developed a real-time graph of IPv6 traffic across its network for World IPv6 Day today, but unfortunately Australia hardly rates a mention.

By Rodney Gedda | 08 June, 2011 11:41

Tags: Akamai Technologies, ipv6, World IPv6 Day

Apple offers preview of iCloud music feature

Apple is letting customers try out one feature of its upcoming iCloud months before the service is set to debut. Late Monday, Apple made a beta of iTunes 10.3 available for downloading, and switched on "iTunes in the Cloud" for that application as well as for the iTunes apps bundled with iOS 4.3.3, the current version that powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

By Gregg Keizer | 08 June, 2011 06:37

Tags: Apple, Mac OS, Mobile Apps and Services, Web 2.0 and Web Apps, software, operating systems

A decade later, W3C finalizes CSS 2.1

The World Wide Web Consortium has updated its widely used specifications for formatting the look and feel of Web pages, a standard known as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

By Joab Jackson | 08 June, 2011 10:31

Tags: Web services development, application development, Languages and standards, software, World Wide Web Consortium

Oracle fixes 17 bugs in Java security update

Oracle has issued an update to Java SE that fixes a number of critical bugs in the widely used Internet software.

By Robert McMillan | 08 June, 2011 10:31

Tags: patches, security, software, Oracle

Apple iCloud: A visual tour

Apple's new Web storage system will sync your music, pictures, and more.

By Daniel Ionescu | 08 June, 2011 10:16

Tags: storage, Apple iCloud, cloud storage

Don't 'over think' social media strategy

It may be tough to convince CEOs and the board the value of social media, but marketing and IT staff shouldn’t spend too much time planning or risk "over thinking" the strategy and losing ground.

By Rodney Gedda | 08 June, 2011 10:07

Tags: marketing, social media, Telstra, Facebook

Next-gen marketing combines local, social and mobile

Combining social media with location services and mobile phones represents the next generation of online marketing, according to speakers at the Search Marketing Expo in Seattle on Tuesday.

By Nancy Gohring | 08 June, 2011 09:47

Tags: advertising, Internet-based applications and services, telecommunication, social networking, mobile, internet

Open source identity: FreeNAS 8's Josh Paetzel

FreeNAS is an open source operating system based on FreeBSD and, as its name implies, designed for networked storage. The project recently celebrated the release of FreeNAS 8, which racked up some 43,000 downloads in the first 48 hours after its release.

By Rohan Pearce | 08 June, 2011 09:25

Tags: FreeNAS, open source, network-attached storage, storage, bsd, FreeBSD, open source identity, Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

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