Computerworld Australia's hot jobs round-up: 18 October 2010

A look at the hot IT jobs around Australia this week.

By Computerworld Staff | 18 October, 2010 11:54

Tags: hot jobs, careers

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5.0 SP3 has new features

The next version of Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), v5.0.3, or BES 5.0 Service Pack 3 packs a variety of valuable new features for BlackBerry administrators and RIM smartphone users, according to a leaked BES 5.0.3 release-notes document from RIM.

By Al Sacco | 15 October, 2010 09:59

Tags: research in motion, consumer electronics, Phones, smartphones

In Brief: New Bachelor of IT course with SAP-focus to launch

SAP Australia and tertiary education institution, the Holmesglen Institute, have begun offering a new degree, the Bachelor of Information Technology, aimed at turning out more graduates with dedicated enterprise-focused IT skills.

By Computerworld Staff | 18 October, 2010 11:38

Tags: jobs, Holmesglen Institute, SAP, careers, it skills

James Cook University moves away from Compellent, Sun and Storage Tech to IBM's XIV

Plagued with “exorbitant” maintenance costs due to out of control data growth, Queensland’s James Cook University (JCU) has overhauled its storage area network (SAN) in a $1 million upgrade to IBM’s XIV system.

By Chloe Herrick | 18 October, 2010 10:32

Tags: sun, san, Compellant, storage, IBM, James Cook University (JCU), Storage Tech

MacBook Air refresh: The latest rumor roundup

Apple's "Back to the Mac" event is set for Wednesday, but you can get a sneak peek of an alleged new Mac laptop today.

By Paul Suarez | 17 October, 2010 11:50

Tags: Apple, mac laptop, hardware systems, laptops

Graphene 'spin computers' could bring smaller gadgets

As reported at, University of California, Riverside physicists have made breakthroughs in developing graphene-based “spin computers”. A spin computer would allow for huge storage capacity using a fraction of the power consumption of current electronics. This is accomplished through polarization of electrons -- the spin process actually gives each a directional orientation, up or down. A spin computer would maximize usage of this state of materials to store more data, perform faster, and generate less heat than standard electronics.

By Jason Kennedy | 17 October, 2010 11:47

Tags: gadgets, consumer electronics, future technology, Riverside, University of California

Move your iPhone media files freely

Apple's iTunes software offers a great way to manage the media content you'd like to get on and off of your iPhone, most of the time. But there are times when you may not want to use iTunes to transfer files to and from your iPhone -- like when you're using a computer other than the one with which you typically sync your phone, for example. It's times like these when Xilisoft's iPhone Transfer app ($20, free demo with limitations) can come in very handy.

By Liane Cassavoy | 17 October, 2010 11:46

Tags: file transfers, consumer electronics, downloads, Utilities, Phones, iPhone, smartphones, software, file management, Apple

Zeus botnet gang targets Charles Schwab accounts

Criminals are using a Zeus botnet to pillage Charles Schwab investment accounts, a security researcher said Friday.

By Gregg Keizer | 17 October, 2010 12:16

Tags: Cybercrime and Hacking, Fortinet, security, Microsoft, LinkedIn, finance, Charles Schwab, Financial Services, industry verticals, Malware and Vulnerabilities, Google

iRobot demos 'shape shifting' next-gen robots

Meet the next generation of robots that shape-shift, are squish-able, and can troll the world's oceans for months on a single battery charge. iRobot, best known for its Roomba disc-shaped robotic floor sweeper, is going way beyond scooping potato chips from under couches with its latest robot offspring.

By Robert S. Anthony | 16 October, 2010 05:21

Tags: iRobot, robots, robotics, Tech industry

Skype and Facebook: UC on a shoestring

With the launch of Skype 5.0 this week, the PC-based voice over IP (VoIP) and messaging service is now integrated with the Facebook social network. While neither Skype, nor Facebook are typically considered business platforms, the combination of the two offer many of the benefits and features of unified communications on a budget that small and medium businesses can appreciate: free.

By Tony Bradley | 16 October, 2010 05:15

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, instant messaging, telecommunication, skype, voip, social networks, Facebook

Microsoft exposes scope of botnet threat

Microsoft this week unveiled the ninth volume of its Security Intelligence Report (SIR). The semi-annual assessment of the state of computer and Internet security and overview of the threat landscape generally yields some valuable information. This particular edition of the Security Intelligence Report focuses its attention on the threat posed by botnets.

By Tony Bradley | 16 October, 2010 05:12

Tags: online security, spam, antispam, security, viruses, Microsoft, intel, phishing, malware

Get support for open source software

One of the most persistent myths surrounding Linux and other open source software is that there's no easy way to get good support. Just this week, for instance, we saw this claim used in Microsoft's video, obviously with the hope of striking fear into business users' hearts.

By Katherine Noyes | 16 October, 2010 04:42

Tags: staroffice/, Linux, open source, canonical, productivity, software, operating systems, Red Hat, non-Windows,, Canon, Microsoft

Verizon iPad-MiFi bundle: Here's the catch

A Verizon MiFi bundled with an Apple iPad could save you big money on data plans, but if you already have an iPad or a MiFi, you're out of luck. Verizon will start selling the popular Apple iPad at its stores on October 28, and since there is no CDMA iPad so far, Verizon will also sell its MiFi mobile hotspots alongside the WiFi-only iPad, with some pros and cons.

By Daniel Ionescu | 16 October, 2010 04:31

Tags: tablet PC, Apple, apple ipad, verizon, at&t, hardware systems, laptops, tablet PCs, tablets

Give Windows 7 (or XP) a Vista-like sidebar

One of the things I miss about Windows Vista -- okay, the only thing I miss about Vista -- is the Sidebar. Much as I applaud Microsoft's decision to liberate its desktop gadgets, to make it so you can position them anywhere you like, did it have to be at the expense of the Sidebar itself?

By Rick Broida | 16 October, 2010 05:55

Tags: Windows Vista, desktop, Microsoft, desktop pcs, hardware systems, Windows, software, Windows 7, operating systems

Sony ditches Symbian

Sony Ericsson announced today that it's cutting the cord with the Symbian operating system, a move that may put the platform on life support. Sony Ericsson's withdrawal of support for the mobile OS means that the only major player left building phones for the platform is Nokia, which is currently in troubled financial waters.

By John P. Mello Jr. | 16 October, 2010 10:02

Tags: Ericsson, open source, symbian, Microsoft, Phones, Nokia, software, sony, Apple, Google, consumer electronics

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