Microsoft signs big licensing deal for Arm chip technology

Microsoft signed a new agreement to license technology for the Arm microprocessor architecture, opening the potential for the software giant to follow in Apple's footsteps and design its own Arm-based chips.

By Dan Nystedt and Peter Sayer | 23 July, 2010 19:37

Tags: pc components, Arm Holdings, Microsoft, software, Components, processors

Researcher finds Safari reveals personal information

A feature in Apple's Safari browser designed to make it easier to fill out forms could by abused by hackers to harvest personal information, according to a security researcher.

By Jeremy Kirk | 23 July, 2010 20:15

Tags: Apple, applications, security, browsers, data breach, software, data protection, safari

Microsoft: Solid Today, Shaky Tomorrow

Microsoft's quarterly earnings announcement on Thursday painted a rosy picture of a healthy and vibrant tech company. Revenue from Windows sales jumped 28 percent versus the same quarter a year ago.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 24 July, 2010 09:53

Tags: telecommunication, Microsoft, Windows, software, operating systems, mobile

Blue Coat introduces cloud-based analysis system

Blue Coat Systems has turned to the cloud to offer an analysis system that it claimed would improve network performance. The Blue Coat Assessment Service uses some of the functionality of its own PacketShaper appliance to provide the analysis.

By Maxwell Cooter | 26 July, 2010 01:46

Tags: Spot, Networking, Blue Coat Systems

Mozilla re-patches Firefox 3.6 to fix plug-in problem

For the second time in two months, Mozilla on Friday rushed out a fix for Firefox to patch a problem with a browser update issued just days before.

By Gregg Keizer | 25 July, 2010 22:46

Tags: web browsers, open source, applications, security, browsers, software, Malware and Vulnerabilities, mozilla

Perl creator hints at imminent Perl 6 release

In his annual "State of the Onion" speech at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON), Perl creator Larry Wall hinted that the long-awaited version 6 of the Perl programming language might finally be released soon. He also ruminated about the effect that Perl 6 would have, once it is released.

By Joab Jackson | 23 July, 2010 19:59

Tags: application development, Perl 6, open source, programming language, software, Larry Wall

Apple rolls out free case program for iPhone 4 owners

As promised last week, Apple today rolled out its free case program for iPhone 4 owners who are having reception problems with the popular new smartphone.

By Ken Mingis | 24 July, 2010 00:38

Tags: Apple, Mobile and Wireless, consumer electronics, telecommunication, Phones, iphone 4, smartphones, iPhone 4 antenna problems, mobile

Iran was prime target of SCADA worm

Computers in Iran have been hardest hit by a dangerous computer worm that tries to steal information from industrial control systems.

By Robert McMillan | 24 July, 2010 10:40

Tags: symantec, security, Manufacturing, industry verticals, energy, malware

After pay cuts, IT workers may seek payback in new job

It may be matter of debate whether the IT job market is improving.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 21 July, 2010 20:07

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, harris, hardware systems, CIO role, IT Leadership, careers, IT management, Data Center, Harris Interactive

How to fix a Windows startup error

QUESTION When I power on my Windows XP Pro Lenovo laptop I get the error message: 'Windows did not start successfully. This could be due to software or hardware change'. It then gives options to start in Safe mode or Recovery, or to Start normally after 10 seconds. Whichever option I choose, the screen goes black and the power switches off by itself.I've tried restoring the machine to its factory settings, but the same problem occurs repeatedly. Onn Sein

By Chris Byers | 21 July, 2010 23:38

Tags: software, Lenovo

Build archiving systems to meet compliance demands

The thicket of federal, state, and industry-specific regulations is enormously complex. Most organizations fail to comply with some rules, often due to policy conflicts. The best way for companies to navigate the maze and avoid penalties is to show a "best effort" -- a serious, honest attempt to ensure that records are properly and securely archived in accordance with the best possible understanding of regulations.

By Logan G. Harbaugh | 22 July, 2010 20:09

Tags: business issues, applications, regulation, storage, data explosion, business, software, government, IT management, Storage Management, regulatory compliance, Data management

Brother Gives a New Shake on Rechargeable Batteries

I've always been impressed with my roommate's watch: It powers itself using a gyroscope that generates electricity as he moves around. Now, Japanese company Brother--best known in the US for its printers--has developed a device that can be recharged just by shaking it, according to BBC News

By Joey Samaniego | 23 July, 2010 04:21

Tags: gadgets, consumer electronics, brother

Lawmakers hear mixed reviews of Web privacy bill

An online privacy bill introduced in the U.S. Congress this week received mixed reviews at a subcommittee hearing Thursday, with representatives of two trade groups saying the bill would put unnecessary regulations on the Internet advertising industry.

By Grant Gross | 23 July, 2010 07:38

Tags: Interactive Advertising Bureau, U.S. Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Public Interest Research Group, e-commerce, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee, Center for Democracy and Technology, intel

IBM mainframe management support for Windows coming, but Solaris uncertain

NEW YORK -- IBM's zEnterprise system has an expansive yet still limited role. This "system of systems," as the company calls it, is still operating in a mainframe-centric universe, although a larger one.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 23 July, 2010 09:13

Tags: Pund-IT, Mainframes and Supercomputers, servers, IBM, hardware systems

Analyst Phil Hassey tweets out of Springboard

Well regarded Sydney-based IT industry analyst, Phil Hassey, has announced being made redundant as vice president of Springboard Research on Twitter and other social networking portals.

By Rodney Gedda | 23 July, 2010 12:15

Tags: Springboard Research, IT analysts, careers, twitter, redundancies

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