RSA warns SecurID customers after company is hacked

EMC's RSA Security division says the security of the company's two-factor SecurID tokens could be at risk following a sophisticated cyber-attack on the company.

By Robert McMillan | 18 March, 2011 11:31

Tags: rsa security, security, legal, software, cybercrime, emc

EMC: RSA SecurID info swiped via sophisticated hack attack

EMC issued a warning today that hackers have stolen information about its RSA SecurID two-factor authentication that could be used by cybercriminals to more easily breach customers' systems,

By Ted Samson | 18 March, 2011 10:38

Tags: intrusion, security, cyber crime, emc, hacking

HP joins the Cloud, but others are ahead

One of the world's most venerable IT manufacturers is flying into the cloud. The new boss of Hewlett-Packard, Leo Apotheker, has announced that HP intends to compete with Google and Amazon, both of which dominate the nascent cloud services field. According to Apotheker, HP intends to have a cloud offering for every level of customer, from consumer through to enterprise.

By Keir Thomas | 18 March, 2011 08:21

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Web-based Applications,, Google, Cloud, cloud computing, internet, Hewlett-Packard, HP

NextDC raises $33.6 million funding for Sydney facilities

Data centre provider NextDC (ASX:NXT) has completed a funding round of $33.6 million in capital to fund a new Sydney facility and expand existing data centres later this year.

By Computerworld Staff | 18 March, 2011 10:47

Tags: Bevan Slattery, data centres, NextDC

10 things to drool over in Firefox 4

Mozilla's Firefox 4 is now officially expected to debut on Tuesday March 22, following hard on the heels of Google's Chrome 10 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9.

By Katherine Noyes | 18 March, 2011 09:11

Tags: open source, applications, Google, browser security, Microsoft, browsers, software, internet, mozilla, Firefox

Chrome OS netbook from Asus coming In June, report says

Computer maker Asus may launch a 10-inch netbook this June for $200-$250 powered by Google Chrome OS or possibly Android 3.0, current online rumors suggest. The device would have a single core Intel Atom chip and be targeted for people who want to use basic productivity applications or browse the Web, according to Taiwan-based Digitimes.

By Ian Paul | 18 March, 2011 01:35

Tags: asus, ultraportable laptop, hardware systems, tablets, mini laptop, Lenovo, laptops, intel, Hewlett-Packard, netbooks, Google

Telstra pushes back shareholder vote on NBN Co deal

Telstra (ASX:TLS) has pushed back an extraordinary general meeting initially scheduled in July for shareholders to vote on its financial heads of agreement with NBN Co, but has continued to advise that negotiations remain on track.

By Tim Lohman | 18 March, 2011 10:21

Tags: David Thodey, Telstra-NBN Co deal, nbn co, Telstra

Android violates Linux license, experts claim

Google's Android mobile operating system's usage of the Linux kernel may violate open source licensing with a misappropriation of Linux code that could bring about the "collapse of the Android ecosystem," some intellectual property experts are charging.

By Jon Brodkin | 18 March, 2011 03:42

Tags: open source, Linux, intellectual property, copyright, Google Android, legal, software, operating systems, non-Windows, Oracle, Google

Xoom tablet pricing for Wi-Fi model sparks online debate

The $599 price for the Wi-Fi only Xoom tablet from Motorola Mobility has triggered an online debate about whether it's competitive with Apple's iPad 2 or way overpriced.

By John Cox | 18 March, 2011 01:43

Tags: Motorola, Apple, Networking, NV, wireless, Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi pricing

IE9 downloaded 27 times per second, but Microsoft browser share still declines

Microsoft boasted that Internet Explorer 9 was downloaded 2.35 million times, or 27 times per second, during its first 24 hours of availability this week.

By Jon Brodkin | 18 March, 2011 02:48

Tags: Internet Explorer 9, Google, Microsoft, software, mozilla

Security will rescue cloud computing

Whenever the topic of security is mentioned in the context of cloud computing, it is usually discussed as the "big barrier" to adoption. The perceived or actual lack of security in the cloud makes it impossible for businesses to make the leap into this new computing paradigm. I propose a different perspective: Security will rescue cloud computing.

By Andreas M. Antonopoulos | 18 March, 2011 06:46

Tags: security, Wide Area Network

Android 50% faster than iPhone 4 in loading Web pages, study says

The latest Android smartphone loaded Web pages 52 per cent faster than iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3, according to thousands of independent field tests released today by Blaze Software.

By Matt Hamblen | 17 March, 2011 23:14

Tags: telecommunication, applications, Phones, software, Mobile operating systems, mobile, internet, Apple, consumer electronics, Google, smartphones, Mobile OSes, browsers

Google Android thumps Apple iPhone in page load speed

Android hasn't just surpassed Apple's iPhone in terms of total device sales, but in Web page load time as well.

By Brad Reed | 18 March, 2011 03:42

Tags: telecommunication, Networking, wireless, smartphones, Android, Phones, mobile, WLANs / Wi-Fi, Apple, consumer electronics, Google, mobile phones

Apple: Blaze study on iPhone 4 browser performance 'flawed'

Apple on Thursday called independent tests by Blaze Software that showed the Android-based Nexus S smartphone browsed the Web 52% faster than the iPhone 4 to be "flawed."

By Matt Hamblen | 18 March, 2011 08:21

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, mobile phones, wireless internet, smartphones, Phones, Macintosh

Thinner iPad 2 glass: Will it break?

Apple's decision to shave the iPad 2's profile and reduce its weight may mean a slight increase in broken screens, a repair expert said today.

By Gregg Keizer | 18 March, 2011 07:17

Tags: Apple, telecommunication, consumer electronics, Mobile and Wireless, iSuppli, smartphones, Phones, Macintosh, mobile

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