Microsoft, Toyota to announce collaboration on Wednesday

Microsoft and Toyota Motor will announce a collaboration between the two companies later Wednesday, they said.

By Martyn Williams | 06 April, 2011 17:10

Tags: Automotive, Microsoft, software, Ford, industry verticals

Quake pushes Freescale to shutter Sendai factory early

Freescale Semiconductor won't reopen a seriously damaged chip factory in Sendai, northern Japan, the company said Wednesday.

By Martyn Williams | 06 April, 2011 17:10

Tags: business issues, Freescale Semiconductor, Components, restructuring

Fixing Sydney Uni IT 'train wreck' takes cars off roads

If IT inefficiency was measured in carbon dioxide emissions, The University of Sydney's transformation from a "train wreck" to a centrally managed, efficient fleet of client computers is like taking thousands of cars off the road, says IT director Geoffrey Brown.

By Rodney Gedda and Tim Lohman | 06 April, 2011 16:27

Tags: university of sydney, IDC, desktop managment, vPro, Bruce Meikle, energy efficiency, systems management, virtualisation

Satyam will pay US$10M to settle US fraud charges

Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services has agreed to pay a US$10 million penalty to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to settle charges of financial fraud, the SEC said.

By John Ribeiro | 06 April, 2011 16:15

Tags: business issues, telephony, satyam computer services, telecommunication, SEC Filings, financial results, Financial regulation and compliance, business management

Queensland legislation holds e-voting at bay

The Electoral Commission of Queensland will forgo electronic voting for the next state election, sidelining plans to develop a system as a result of legislative restrictions in the state.

By Chloe Herrick | 06 April, 2011 16:17

Tags: Queensland electoral commission, e-voting, government legislation, Queensland state election

Oncall slashes travel costs with video conferencing

Interpreters and translators agency, Oncall, has slashed its travel costs and enabled greater flexibility in its workforce by deploying video conferencing across its Australian business.

By Lisa Banks | 06 April, 2011 15:55

Tags: Video Conferencing, lifesize communications, oncall

Bashing Microsoft 'like kicking a puppy,' says Linux Foundation chief

Two decades after Linus Torvalds developed his famous operating system kernel, the battle between Linux and Microsoft is over and Linux has won, says Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin.

By Jon Brodkin | 06 April, 2011 04:50

Tags: Linux, Microsoft, linux foundation, Windows, software, Red Hat, operating systems, non-Windows

Who needs a broker? Twitter comment analysis predicts great investments

Forget about insider trading. Use Twitter.

By Tim Greene | 06 April, 2011 03:04

Tags: unified communications, University of Munich, Internet-based applications and services, applications, Networking, finance, software, twitter, collaboration, internet, industry verticals, social media, Web 2.0

RSA detailing SecurID hack to customers sworn to secrecy

RSA has started providing more detail into the mid-March attack on its SecurID token-based authentication system, but to get a fuller story you have to be an RSA customer willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

By Ellen Messmer | 06 April, 2011 08:44

Tags: Enterprise Strategy, security, legal, RSA SecurID, cybercrime

Intel CEO's pay package climbs 7% to $15.7 million

Intel CEO Paul Otellini received a seven per cent pay bump last year, as Intel more than doubled its profits and for the first time topped $40 billion in revenue. His total compensation climbed to $15.7 million in 2010 from $14.6 million in 2009, according to documents filed yesterday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

By Ann Bednarz | 06 April, 2011 07:50

Tags: business issues, personnel, corporate issues, SEC Filings, financial results, intel, CEO pay

Selenium test suite to add mobile apps

Selenium 2.0, an upgrade to the popular open source Web application testing toolset, is anticipated for release this summer, featuring accommodations for mobile platforms and architectural improvements, its creator said on Tuesday.

By Paul Krill | 06 April, 2011 10:46

Tags: Mobile Development, Apple, application development, mobile technology, Google, Microsoft, software, twitter

Google fights to make HTTPS safe

A number of hack attacks recently have made many question the fundamental security of the Internet -- hack attacks that have brought into question a system that until now was considered be bullet-proof. However, with appropriate good timing, two new security schemes are coming to the rescue.

By Keir Thomas | 06 April, 2011 04:47

Tags: Google, security, internet

Alcatel-Lucent takes up data center arms against Cisco, others

Cisco and other data center network combatants best prepare for an onslaught of meshes and pods.

By Jim Duffy | 06 April, 2011 00:43

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, alcatel-lucent, Ethernet Switch, hardware systems, Data Center, cloud computing, internet, Dell'Oro, LAN & WAN, Dell

AMD closes in on Intel with move to 32nm chips

Intel may have made it to a 32-nanometer build process first, but rival Advanced Micro Devices has followed suit and is looking to make up some ground.

By Sharon Gaudin | 06 April, 2011 06:56

Tags: hardware, Advanced Micro Devices, hardware systems, desktop pcs, Components, laptops, processors, intel, PCs

Africa banking on mobile to be first post-PC continent

A convergence of historical circumstance and an increase in innovative mobile applications may make Africa the first post-PC continent.

By Rebecca Wanjiku | 06 April, 2011 02:13

Tags: telecommunication, Microsoft, hardware systems, Nokia, tablet PCs, laptops, mobile, intel, samsung, IDC, Google

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