Google technologist derides Oracle's lack of developer focus

When it bowed out of the JavaOne conference this year, Google cited Oracle's lawsuit over Java use in Google Android. But one Google technologist suggests a second possible reason for Google's reticence: Oracle's lack of focus on developers.

By Joab Jackson | 02 September, 2010 04:42

Tags: Development tools, business issues, application development, Google, java, software, Oracle

ActiveState prepares Python for databases

ActiveState has updated its distributions of the Python programming language so that they provide developers easier access to databases, as well as new ways of creating GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), the company announced Wednesday.

By Joab Jackson | 02 September, 2010 05:16

Tags: ActiveState, Languages and standards, python, application development, applications, databases, software, mysql, Development tools

Acer revs up Android with new smartphones

Acer has entered the local smartphone market in a big way with five new handsets available, all running variations of Google's Android operating system.

By Rodney Gedda | 02 September, 2010 04:46

Tags: smartphones, Android, acer, Ferrari

Firefox 3.6 becomes number two browser as IE6 declines

The data from the Net Applications for browser market share in August show that Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 continues to lead overall and outpace all competitors in growth. Even better news is that Internet Explorer 6--the archaic and insecure browser that refuses to die--is losing ground.

By Tony Bradley | 02 September, 2010 08:34

Tags: browser security, applications, Microsoft, browsers, software, internet, mozilla

Brocade set to unveil 100G Ethernet

Brocade will soon unveil 100Gbps Ethernet additions to its switching and routing product line, in what the company claims is its most significant Ethernet/IP product rollout since acquiring Foundry Networks in 2008.

By Jim Duffy | 02 September, 2010 08:27

Tags: Ethernet Switch, hardware systems, LAN & WAN, foundry networks

Alcatel-Lucent buys mobile apps dev-tool vendor OpenPlug

Alcatel-Lucent has acquired OpenPlug, the creator of ELIPS Studio, a tool that allows developers write an application once, and then translate it into native code that can run on iPhones and Android-based smartphones.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 01 September, 2010 20:18

Tags: Development tools, application development, alcatel-lucent, Phones, software, Components, Phone applications

Check Point bolsters VMware security

Check Point's Security Gateway software is now available in a virtual edition that is compatible with VMware virtual environments.

By Tim Greene | 02 September, 2010 00:49

Tags: virtualization, Configuration / maintenance, security, Microsoft, hardware systems, software, Gateway, Data Center, VMware

Blackberry loses more ground to Apple and Android

In a continuing trend, more businesses are shifting loyalties from Blackberry to iPhones and Android devices as the relative newcomers make inroads into the corporate world. Three-quarters of the 200 businesses surveyed in the United States and the U.K in the study reported that their employees are choosing other than Blackberry, Sanford C. Bernstein Ltd. reported to Bloomberg. The number was 83 percent for U.S. companies.

By Barbara E. Hernandez | 02 September, 2010 08:33

Tags: research in motion, apple iphone, consumer electronics, NPD, nielsen, Phones, Cell Phones, smartphones, RIM BlackBerry, Apple

Blue Coat brings in new CEO

Blue Coat Systems has brought in a new CEO, spinning the change as a way to free up outgoing boss Brian Nesmith from the daily grind of managing the company to instead work on product strategy.

By Tim Greene | 02 September, 2010 02:23

Tags: application management, blue coat, security, Networking, infrastructure management, software, avocent, system management, management

Apple unveils new iPod touch, with high-res screen

Apple today unveiled its newest iPod Touch, in effect a Wi-Fi version of the iPhone. Like the iPhone 4, the newest iPod touch features iOS 4.1 and A4 processor, the same high-resolution touch display, FaceTime video chat, and high definition video recording.

By John Cox | 02 September, 2010 07:12

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Networking, wireless, Phones, smartphones

VMworld 2010: Virtualization, The Matrix, and the VMware/Microsoft rivalry

VMware's VMworld has quickly become one of the most important business technology conferences of the year. Held at San Francisco's Moscone Center Monday through Thursday of this week, the conference had its share of highlights and interesting facts. Here are 10 things seen and heard at VMworld:

By Jon Brodkin | 02 September, 2010 07:12

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, Microsoft, hardware systems, internet, cloud computing, netapp, Data Center, emc, VMware, virtualization, Dell

Gartner raises semiconductor revenue forecast for 2010

Gartner on Wednesday raised its worldwide semiconductor revenue forecast for this year as sales of devices like smartphones and tablets gain steam.

By Agam Shah | 02 September, 2010 01:53

Tags: Gartner, Components

Microsoft revives Windows 7 Family Pack discount

Microsoft today said it will revive last year's multi-license Windows 7 Family Pack in early October for U.S. customers.

By Gregg Keizer | 02 September, 2010 02:12

Tags:, Microsoft, desktop pcs, hardware systems, Windows, software, operating systems, PCs

Sony introduces three light, bright touch-screen e-readers

The e-reader market is constantly moving, with new models being introduced (and prices dropping) on almost a weekly rate. The latest additions are from Sony, which has revamped its line of Sony Reader e-book readers. While two out of the three new models don't have wireless connections to a bookstore -- and are therefore missing the instant gratification that Amazon's Kindle offers -- the new devices are sleek and good-looking, with a lot of interesting features.

By Barbara Krasnoff | 02 September, 2010 03:47

Tags: consumer electronics, sony, e-readers

Dell hawks its new modular data center

Dell has been relatively quiet about its modular data-center products, but on Tuesday it showed off a new design it has started selling to large "hyperscale" customers, which include big Internet firms like Microsoft and Facebook.

By James Niccolai | 01 September, 2010 09:30

Tags: Dell, servers, Green data center, hardware systems, Low-end servers, vmworld, environment

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