Ex-hacker comments on how PSN attack may have gone down

The PlayStation Network is back up for most gamers around the world, but Sony has yet to give an explanation as to why and how the attack brought down the service for over a month.

By PC World Staff | 18 May, 2011 08:30

Tags: security, data breach, games, sony

Apple's rumoured product reveal: 5 predictions

Out of nowhere, Apple is rumored to reveal a new product over the weekend, sending Apple Stores into lockdown mode on Saturday night to prepare.

By Jared Newman | 18 May, 2011 05:25

Tags: mac laptops, telecommunication, consumer electronics, hardware systems, laptops, mobile, cloud computing, apple ipod, internet, Apple

FetchTV adopts WebKit, goes open source

Australian internet protocol television (IPTV) offering FetchTV is set to adopt YouTube and ABC iView streaming in coming months as part of the startup’s switch to open source protocols.

By James Hutchinson | 18 May, 2011 08:30

Tags: IPTV, ABC iView, Scott Lorson, FetchTV

Intel says 'Medfield' smartphone coming early next year

Intel on Tuesday showed a prototype smartphone based on its low-power Medfield processor and said Intel-based phones from "major players" would be in the market next year.

By James Niccolai | 18 May, 2011 08:06

Tags: consumer electronics, smartphones, Phones, Components, processors, intel

Microsoft regearing .Net for easy concurrency

Microsoft is building two new additions to its .Net framework that should make it much easier for programmers to utilize all the cores of a multicore processor.

By Joab Jackson | 18 May, 2011 07:38

Tags: Development tools, application development, Web services development, Languages and standards, TECH ED, Microsoft, software

As consumer sales decline, Dell sees silver in the cloud

Dell is reporting some success in its struggle to retool itself as a cloud and enterprise services provider, even as the company's consumer business continues to decline.

By Robert McMillan | 18 May, 2011 06:51

Tags: business issues, Dell, financial results home-network backers plan tests next week

The technology for wired residential networks should be a step closer to consumers' homes after interoperability tests taking place next week.

By Stephen Lawson | 18 May, 2011 06:43

Tags: HomeGrid Forum, consumer electronics, Networking

Senator introduces electronic surveillance reform bill

A new bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would update a 25-year-old law that sets the rules for law enforcement surveillance of e-mail and other electronic communications, with more legal protections for the privacy of data stored in the cloud.

By Grant Gross | 18 May, 2011 06:40

Tags: U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice, Government use of IT, Valerie Caproni, Brookings Institution, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, legislation, government, Patrick Leahy, privacy, James Dempsey, James Baker, security, Center for Democracy and Technology

Sony CEO lashes out at critics

Sony's CEO Howard Stringer has responded to critics of Sony's week-long delay between the PSN hack and notifying customers of the problem.

By Pete Davison | 18 May, 2011 05:41

Tags: games, General, sony

Some sites struggle to stay up due to Heroku attack

A potential DDoS attack on Heroku, the Ruby platform-as-a-service provider now owned by, is creating availability issues for its customers.

By Nancy Gohring | 18 May, 2011 05:13

Tags: security, cloud computing, heroku, internet, Infrastructure services

FTC targets 'free' trial offers from Canadian entrepreneur

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against a Canadian entrepreneur and a group of Web-based businesses that promised customers free offers, but allegedly raked in more than US$450 million by then charging for products and services they did not purchase.

By Grant Gross | 18 May, 2011 04:57

Tags: U.S. Federal Trade Commission, e-commerce, regulation, Civil lawsuits, legal, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, David Vladeck, government, internet, Jesse Willms

Intel speeds up road map to tackle threat from ARM

Intel will dramatically shake up its microprocessor road map to meet the demand for very-low-power processors and to fend off the competitive threat from rival chip design company ARM, CEO Paul Otellini said on Tuesday.

By James Niccolai | 18 May, 2011 03:25

Tags: business issues, financial results, Components, intel, Motherboards

SAP goes after Oracle's database with ASE

SAP will finish porting its ERP (enterprise resource planning) application to the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) database later this year, giving customers now running Oracle and other platforms a lower-cost alternative, the company announced Tuesday during the Sapphire conference in Orlando.

By Chris Kanaracus | 18 May, 2011 00:47

Tags: databases, applications, enterprise resource planning, SAP, CIO role, SAPPHIRE2011, software, IT management, sybase, Oracle

UK businesses warned to comply with EU cookie law

The U.K.’s Information Commissioner has told IT businesses to stop complaining and get on with allowing Internet users to opt out of receiving cookies from corporate websites warning that they cannot rely on browser settings to do the job for them.

By Jennifer Baker | 18 May, 2011 00:19

Tags: advertising, regulation, security, european commission, government, internet, privacy

Unified communications - Part 4

While telephony is, of course, a core component of any business communications system, one of the biggest drivers for UC adoption to date has been the promise of high resolution video communications. With high definition video playing an increasingly important role in corporate UC projects, the issue of network capacity takes centre stage.

By David Binning | 17 May, 2011 08:00

Tags: unified communications, virtualization, Cloud, cloud computing, virtualisation

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