Wipro's growth lags competitors' despite offshoring boom

Wipro's second-quarter revenue grew, the company reported Wednesday. However, its larger competitors, Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services, grew faster.

By John Ribeiro | 20 July, 2011 18:02

Tags: business issues, services, offshoring, outsourcing, infosys, financial results, wipro, Tata Consultancy Services

Cloud could be more secure than you think: Security experts

Cloud computing has the potential to be more secure than traditional computing, two security experts have said.

By Lisa Banks | 20 July, 2011 16:52

Tags: Cloud, security, cloud security

Attorney-General outlines cyber security strategy

To protect the nation's digital economy, the Attorney-General has said collaboration and flexibility must be included in the Australian government's cyber security strategy.

By Lisa Banks | 20 July, 2011 16:39

Tags: cybersecurity, security, cyber security

Logitech looks to cloud and mobile video meetings

Logitech's LifeSize division is embracing the cloud in a bid to extend videoconferencing's reach, announcing new services and the acquisition of a small mobile video company called Mirial.

By Stephen Lawson | 20 July, 2011 16:03

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, consumer electronics, 8x8, logitech, polycom, business management, internet, video, Mergers and acquisitions

VMware, EMC release new virtual storage, smaller VMAX array

In conjunction with VMware's release of its next generation cloud operating system, vSphere 5, EMC this week announced new vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) software and a smaller version of its top-end VMAX storage array. The VSA software pools internal disk capacity on physical servers to create a storage area network (SAN).

By Lucas Mearian | 15 July, 2011 06:02

Tags: disaster recovery, applications, storage, Enterprise Architecture and SOA, Business Continuity, intel, VMware, storage software, emc, Storage Management, virtualization, network-attached storage, Networked Storage, software

IBM to unveil new version of high-end XIV storage system

On Wednesday, IBM is expected to announce the third generation of its high-end, grid-based XIV Storage System, which offers improved performance for virtualized server environments, analytics and cloud computing.

By Lucas Mearian | 18 July, 2011 20:26

Tags: IBM, storage, storage hardware, cloud computing, intel, internet

Energy hogs: Servers vs. desktops vs. set-top boxes

Set-top boxes supplied by cable companies are likely using more power than desktop and laptop computers, and about 25 per cent of the power used by a two-socket server.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 07 July, 2011 05:26

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, Green data center, Networking, infrastructure management, hardware systems, green IT, Data Center, environment, management

Four in 10 servers are virtual, snapshot study shows

Nearly four in every 10 servers are not physical, according to a virtualisation study that has examined large businesses in the UK, US, France and Germany.

By Leo King | 20 July, 2011 00:11

Tags: servers, Microsoft, hardware systems, VMware, IT Business

NBN reliability: Help guide first step for battery backup

The roll out of the National Broadband Network is set to revolutionise the way Australians communicate, but it has raised questions about the reliability of the network compared with existing copper-based telephone systems, especially among non-technical people.

By Rodney Gedda | 20 July, 2011 14:48

Tags: telephony, fibre optic, Haliplex, Battery, backup, optical network termination, reliability, NBN, ftth

Apple's China sales up six-fold in fiscal third quarter

Apple believes it is just "scratching the surface" of the Chinese market, as the company's revenue from the country for the quarter ended June 25 increased by more than six times from the same period last year.

By Michael Kan | 20 July, 2011 14:32

Tags: China Unicom, Apple, telecommunication, consumer electronics, Carriers, china mobile, smartphones, iPhone

The cost advantage controversy of Cloud computing

One of the topics most associated with cloud computing is its cost advantages, or lack thereof. One way the topic gets discussed is "capex vs. opex," a simple formulation, but one fraught with meaning.

By Bernard Golden | 20 July, 2011 00:54

Tags: Amazon Web Services, cloud computing, internet

LinkedIn CEO stresses personal brand creation

During a Silicon Valley panel discussion Monday evening, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner emphasized how the online venture he runs enables members to create their own professional brand.

By Paul Krill | 20 July, 2011 00:39

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, applications, LinkedIn, social networking, software, internet, Facebook

Managing your cloud's performance: Best practices

Once you move your core IT systems into private or public cloud networks, your work isn't over. Now you have a different set of technology issues to deal with: managing the cloud to ensure that your investments pay off for your enterprise and deliver the efficiencies and ROI that you're expecting.

By Todd R. Weiss | 20 July, 2011 00:47

Tags: cloud computing, internet

Lenovo announces ThinkPad Tablet for businesses

Lenovo has announced the ThinkPad Tablet for businesses, which runs on Google's Android 3.1 and blends consumer features such as a camera with business-oriented manageability tools.

By Agam Shah | 20 July, 2011 14:05

Tags: mobility, hardware systems, Lenovo, tablets, mobile solutions

SA cops reach out to public with 'Web app'

In what it claims is a first for an Australian police force, South Australia Police has launched a mobile-optimised Web site -- dubbed a "Web app" by SAPOL -- offering integrated news, social media features and alerts.

By Computerworld Staff | 20 July, 2011 13:07

Tags: police, social media, South Australia

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