Verizon Wireless CEO McAdam move up to parent firm

Lowell McAdam, 56, has been named president and chief operating officer Verizon Communications effective on 11 October.

By Matt Hamblen | 21 September, 2010 00:55

Tags: IT industry, Mobile and Wireless, telecommunication, CIO role, twitter, IT Leadership, IT management, mobile, Verizon Wireless

Polycom lures CTO from Cisco in exec shakeup

Five months after taking control of unified communications equipment maker Polycom Inc., CEO and president Andy Miller has overhauled the company's executive.

By Howard Solomon | 21 September, 2010 08:39

Tags: business issues, Cisco Systems, personnel, polycom

Oracle nemesis Rimini Street fires another salvo

Oracle's ongoing lawsuit against Rimini Street has not deterred the latter company from announcing another addition to its lineup of lower-cost support options for Oracle's software.

By Chris Kanaracus | 21 September, 2010 10:41

Tags: openworld, applications, enterprise resource planning, CIO role, SAP, it strategy, software, Seth Ravin, IT management, Oracle

Oracle ties Sun ZFS storage into Oracle software

Oracle has integrated its software into the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance line for a new generation of the systems that also doubles storage capacity and triples processing power, the company said on Monday at Oracle OpenWorld.

By Stephen Lawson | 21 September, 2010 10:44

Tags: openworld, Sun Microsystems, storage, Oracle

Google promises Docs editing for iPad

Google said on Monday that Apple iPad owners would soon be able to edit Google Docs files on their tablets.

By Gregg Keizer | 21 September, 2010 10:53

Tags: Google, apple ipad, hardware systems, tablet PCs, laptops, internet, cloud computing, Software as a service, iPad

Chemical engineer unveils 'spray-on' wool T-shirt

Got a hot date? Pop out the spray can and spray on your very own personalized t-shirt. With your polymer-composite t-shirt you'll be hipper (or not) than Lady Gaga with her crazy outfits.

By James Mulroy | 21 September, 2010 09:00

Tags: popular science

Protesters crash World Computing Congress

Protesters have gate-crashed the World Computing Congress with two individuals handing out leaflets and parading banners at the talk "what are the "big" issues in IP in relation to computing technology?" from Ralf Abbing of the Netherlands.

By Lisa Banks | 21 September, 2010 10:51

Tags: patent, protest, IP, World Computer Congress 2010

Have we hit social media overload?

The problem with the Internet these days? In a word: socialism.

By Robert X. Cringely | 21 September, 2010 10:07

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, twitter, social networking, internet, social media, Facebook

Scale brings its modular storage to the UK

Data storage vendor Scale Computing has set up in the UK and has announced its first British customer, City of London. The company, which specialises in selling to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), claimed that its highly modular approach to implementing storage would be attractive to UK companies.

By Maxwell Cooter | 21 September, 2010 02:15

Tags: storage

Twitter user threatened over speed camera tweets

South African police have threatened a Johannesburg Twitter user with arrest for using the social media site to tweet regular updates on police road blocks and speed cameras.

By John E Dunn | 21 September, 2010 02:17

Tags: Personal Tech, security, internet

UK pricing of Galaxy Tab hints at high price In US

Are consumers ready to dig deep into their wallets for Samsung's Galaxy Tab as the economy struggles and more affordable tablets, namely Apple's iPad, exist? According to Amazon's U.K. site, after currency conversion, the Tab will cost $US1067 unlocked in England.

By Brennon Slattery | 21 September, 2010 04:14

Tags: samsung, Apple, tablet PC, apple ipad, at&t, hardware systems, laptops, tablet PCs, tablets

Apple kicks off China iPhone 4 sales Saturday

Apple on Monday announced that it will launch the iPhone 4 in China on Saturday.

By Gregg Keizer | 21 September, 2010 03:54

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Phones, smartphones

Gartner: Mobile commerce growth outpaces anti-fraud tools

By 2014, about 12 per cent of all e-commerce transactions will be made using smartphones and other mobile devices, but fraud detection tools for mobile commerce are lagging, Gartner said today.

By Matt Hamblen | 21 September, 2010 03:39

Tags: Gartner, e-commerce, telecommunication, security, internet, mobile

Google Apps Marketplace sales commissions on the horizon

Google in the coming months will begin taking a cut from sales on its Apps Marketplace, where external developers currently pocket all revenue from sales of their applications.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 18 September, 2010 06:25

Tags: Google, applications, e-commerce, development platforms, e-mail, software, internet, cloud computing, Software as a service, collaboration

Google demos editing of Google Docs in Microsoft Office

Google is developing a way for Microsoft Office users to edit documents collaboratively without using Microsoft's Sharepoint collaboration server. It also has plans to extend the ability to edit Google Docs documents to mobile phones and iPads too.

By Peter Sayer | 20 September, 2010 22:36

Tags: Apple, Internet-based applications and services, Google, applications, iPad DocVerse, Microsoft, software, internet, Office suites

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