Twitter solves its data formatting challenge

Eschewing popular choices such as XML, CSV and JSON, Twitter has opted to format the back-end storage of its user and systems data with a relatively unknown format pioneered by Google, called Protocol Buffers.

By Joab Jackson | 14 October, 2010 22:06

Tags: Web services development, Languages and standards, application development, Internet-based applications and services, storage, middleware, social networking, internet, data integration, social media, Development tools, Google, twitter, software

E-books, iPad, Kindle not the death of publishing

The publishing industry must embrace e-books and engage with the IT industry in order to reimagine book production, a Web development expert has warned.

By Lisa Banks | 14 October, 2010 17:33

Tags: e-books, Web Directions South, software development, craig mod, mobility, e-publishing, mobile apps

Telstra moves to lift customer service with new online billing

Telstra has moved to lift its poor customer service record responded with the development of a new online self-serve billing option.

By Chloe Herrick | 14 October, 2010 17:25

Tags: customer service, Telstra

Robotics guru automates cat herding for NICTA

The next chief executive for government-funded innovation body, National ICT Australia (NICTA), has big plans when he assumes the role later this year.

By James Hutchinson | 14 October, 2010 17:19

Tags: nicta, robotics, Hugh Durrant-Whyte, careers

Business, consumers need an NBN crash course: Australian Industry Group

The Australian Industry Group has challenged the Victorian ICT minister and IT industry to properly explain the NBN to people and businesses who “don't know what they don't know”.

By Mahesh Sharma | 14 October, 2010 17:08

Tags: Victorian ICT minster John Lenders, nbn co

Online complaints increase three fold: ACMA

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) received a total of 3212 online complaints in the past year, more than three times the number of complaints it received in the previous year, according to the industry watchdog's annual report.

By Chloe Herrick | 14 October, 2010 17:00

Tags: Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), refused classification

Brisbane to forge ahead with sewer-based fibre plan

Brisbane is to receive a new open access fibre to the home network, pitched as complementing the National Broadband Network (NBN), aimed at delivering 100 megabits per second (Mbps) broadband to every home and business within four years.

By Computerworld Staff | 14 October, 2010 17:01

Tags: Stephen Conroy, brisbane, fibre to the home, nbn co, NBN, Fibrecity

Western Australia Auditor-General slams WA Health failures

Western Australia residents will have to wait until at least 2014 before the state’s health department will replace its ailing patient administration system (PAS).

By Renai LeMay | 14 October, 2010 14:16

Tags: WA health, e-health, WA Auditor General

HTML5 specification needs to be simplified: Developer

The HTML5 Web development specification needs to be simplified in order to foster adoption across the industry, a developer has warned.

By Lisa Banks | 14 October, 2010 13:50

Tags: html5, web development, Web Directions South 2010, html 5

Victorian Government announces $110 million ICT action plan

The Victorian Government has announced an ICT action plan worth $110 million with the aim of creating ICT jobs and to reinforce its status as the IT hub of Australia

By Chloe Herrick | 14 October, 2010 12:33

Tags: ICT, victorian government

Seven secret weapons for network management on a budget

Cisco Subnet blogger Scott Hogg names his favorite free open source tools to keep your network humming.

By Scott Hogg | 14 October, 2010 12:29

Tags: Networking, Network management

Natural disasters, smart grids flagged for new IBM R&D lab

Natural disasters, resource management, life sciences and e-health will be keyed as high priorities for a new global research and development lab to be opened at the University of Melbourne by IBM.

By James Hutchinson | 14 October, 2010 12:05

Tags: Victoria, IBM, e-health, smart grids

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Cisco, M86, Crosscheck, among others.

By Network World staff | 14 October, 2010 11:55

Tags: products, cisco, crosscheck, M86

The 10 best BlackBerry shortcuts

By all accounts, I am a BlackBerry "power user."

By Al Sacco | 14 October, 2010 05:23

Tags: research in motion, consumer electronics, Phones, smartphones

Microsoft will look to courts for botnet takedowns

Microsoft has seen a dramatic drop in the number of computers infected with Waledac, a piece of malicious software affiliated with a botnet that was once responsible for a massive amount of spam.

By Jeremy Kirk | 14 October, 2010 02:24

Tags: security, Microsoft, legal, Desktop security, fraud, rsa, cybercrime, malware, Criminal

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