iPhone app shows data centre DDoS alerts

Customers of data centre provider ControlCircle are being offered a free smartphone app that can alert them to serious issues such as ongoing DDoS attacks in real time.

By John E Dunn | 09 February, 2011 02:34

Tags: Mobile &amp, Networking, security, wireless, SME

Building a better business backup system

As with buying insurance or taking vitamins, committing to data backup is a hard sell. Everyone knows that storing records safely in more than one place protects the health of a business, but many companies fail to establish backup systems that will keep them running if disaster strikes.

By Elsa Wenzel | 09 February, 2011 03:11

Tags: tech support, servers, storage, Utilities, hardware systems, backup, software, internet, cloud computing, server, Gartner, Cloud

Android Market's instant app download a security threat, Sophos says

Android Market's instant-download feature for applications that customers buy has a flaw: It could open up Android devices to malicious downloads from attackers, according to security firm Sophos.

By Tim Greene | 09 February, 2011 01:47

Tags: sophos, applications, Google, security, software, anti-malware, malware

Check Point expands security blade platform

Check Point is introducing four applications for its a la carte security platform that allows customers to create tailored security appliances on off-the-shelf hardware.

By Tim Greene | 09 February, 2011 05:48

Tags: Check Point Software Technologies, Configuration / maintenance, security, security best practices, hardware systems, Data Center, server

Sprint's Kyocera Echo meets initial skepticism

While Sprint's new dual-screen Kyocera Echo smartphone is an industry first, its debut is being met with some skepticism.

By Brad Reed | 09 February, 2011 05:51

Tags: smartphone, consumer electronics, smartphones, Phones, wireless, sprint nextel, kyocera

Japan's NHK brings Google Earth-like graphics to live TV

Engineers at Japanese public broadcaster NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) have developed a system that can overlay Google Earth-like labels over live TV images from helicopters.

By Martyn Williams | 09 February, 2011 14:32

Tags: Nippon Hoso Kyokai, consumer electronics

New approach to data centres key to green IT: Hitachi Data Systems CTO

The next stage in data centre development is to understand its associated environmental costs and implement appropriate technological solutions to prevent such costs, according to Hitachi Data Systems’ CTO.

By Lisa Banks | 09 February, 2011 13:57

Tags: data centres, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), Hubert Yoshida, Data Center

HP accuses Cisco of diverting data center standard

Networking rivals HP and Cisco have abandoned their common ground in data center switching, with HP accusing Cisco of diverting an IEEE standard and Cisco insisting that customers drove the change.

By Jim Duffy | 08 February, 2011 23:28

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, Ethernet Switch, router, hardware systems, Data Center, LAN & WAN

Computershare reports revenue slide in first half FY11

Subdued transactional revenues have resulted in Computershare (ASX:CPU) experiencing an overall drop in revenue of 3.8 per cent to $US781 million for the half year ended 31 December 2010, a figure the Australian investor services company claims is in line with company expectations.

By Chloe Herrick | 09 February, 2011 12:55

Tags: Computershare, financial results

Toughbooks take precedence at Sydney Adventist Hospital: CIO

The Sydney Adventist Hospital has made the decision to adopt the Panasonic Toughbook H1 Health mobile clinical assistant for its pharmacists, after literally weighing up the benefits of the device.

By Hamish Barwick | 09 February, 2011 11:42

Tags: CIO Chris Williams, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Panasonic Toughbook H1

Defence signs five-year e-heath records contract with CSC

The Australian Department of Defence has has signed a five-year, $56 million information technology contract with CSC to develop and implement an electronic health information system for the Australian Defence Force.

By Georgina Swan | 09 February, 2011 12:21

Tags: department of defence, JeHDI, csc, ADF, EMIS, e-health

Indigo Telecom makes ploy for satellite broadband

Brisbane-based satellite communications provider Indigo Telecom is expected to launch a very small aperture terminal (VSAT) hub in coming months capable of utilising technology that would provide speeds competitive with current fixed line broadband connections at a lower cost than initially capable.

By James Hutchinson | 09 February, 2011 12:00

Tags: Indigo Telecom, satellite, Networking, Telecommunications

Commbank IT modernisation spending tips $1.1b

The Commonwealth Bank (ASX:CBA) has flagged a “revised scope and costing” of its multi-year core banking modernisation program, tipping the scales at $1.1 billion.

By Tim Lohman | 09 February, 2011 11:27

Tags: core banking modernisation, IT spending, commonwealth bank, finance, commbank

Identity theft down but cost skyrockets

Identity theft related to credit and debit cards dropped by 28 per cent in 2010 over 2009 -- but the out-of-pocket cost to victimized consumers rose by 68 per cent.

By Ellen Messmer | 09 February, 2011 05:53

Tags: identity theft, security, legal, Javelin Strategy & Research, Identity fraud / theft, cybercrime, fraud

Adopt PCI regulations to reap security benefits: Security director

CIOs are being warned that complying with PCI DSS (data security standards) is just as much about technology as it is security.

By Lisa Banks | 09 February, 2011 11:05

Tags: Bridge Point Communications, security

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