Hackers step up game, spread malware using Bin Laden bait

Hackers today stepped up their use of Osama Bin Laden's death by shoving malware into PCs when users fall for phony claims of photographs and video, security researchers said today.

By Gregg Keizer | 04 May, 2011 05:24

Tags: symantec, security, f-secure, Malware and Vulnerabilities

Seagate breaks 1TB per platter barrier

Seagate today unveiled the first 3.5-in. hard-disk drive (HDD) featuring 1TB of storage capacity per disk platter, breaking a previous area density benchmark.

By Lucas Mearian | 04 May, 2011 03:15

Tags: storage, storage hardware, twitter

Mac users hit by first rogue antivirus app

Mac users are being warned to study search engine results carefully for the first significant fake antivirus 'scareware' program to target the platform and its loyal following.

By John E Dunn | 04 May, 2011 00:32

Tags: Personal Tech, security, Intego

Quad-Core iMacs with Thunderbolt, FaceTime arrive

The new iMacs have arrived. The Apple store is back online after being down this morning in anticipation of the updated desktop systems sporting the first Thunderbolt port on a desktop, AMD Radeon HD graphics and an HD FaceTime camera.

By Eric Mack | 03 May, 2011 23:53

Tags: desktops, Apple, mac laptops, hardware systems, laptops, intel, iMac

3 things to know when you step up

You've just been promoted from senior IT engineer into management. Up to now, you've had the opportunity to complete many tasks and lead projects and groups. These experiences have taught you technical skills and given you a keen business sense. But has it taught what you need to know to sit in the management chair? If you remember these three important items when you move from the top technical position to an overseer position, that chair will be much more comfortable.

By Christopher McCay | 04 May, 2011 00:20

Tags: careers, IT management

New tools from Blackberry are built to balance work, life

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) is unveiling a suite of features and phones in hopes it will reenergize the company's direction. RIM has received mixed responses on its PlayBook tablet release, and has been steadily losing market share as iPhone and Android-based phones grow in popularity.

By Ilie Mitaru | 03 May, 2011 23:40

Tags: tablet PC, research in motion, consumer electronics, Cell Phones, Phones, RIM BlackBerry

Apple brings Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt to iMac

Apple today launched an updated range iMacs, with the desktop computers now offering Intel's Thunderbolt interface and CPUs from Intel's second generation Core i range, dubbed 'Sandy Bridge'.

By TechWorld staff | 04 May, 2011 09:30

Tags: Apple, Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge, Apple iMac, desktop pcs, intel

Amazon tablet may be close to launch

Hold on to your restraining bolts Android fans, because Amazon's one-panel tablet may be heading your way in the second half of 2011, according to online rumors. The purported device is reportedly being made by Taiwanese manufacturer Qanta and will have an LCD screen made by E Ink Holding, the company behind the Kindle's display. Amazon may have high hopes for the new tablet and monthly orders for the device could go as high as 700,000 or 800,000 at peak season, according to DigiTimes.

By Ian Paul | 04 May, 2011 00:23

Tags: tablet PC, consumer electronics,, apple ipad, Google, Phones, Android, tablets

Google upgrades Web toolkit, Eclipse plug-in

With upgrades to its GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and Google Plugin for Eclipse released on Tuesday, Google is backing more HTML5 functionality and enabling improved access to Google services for developers who use the Eclipse IDE.

By Paul Krill | 04 May, 2011 08:05

Tags: Development tools, application development, html5, eclipse, Google, software, twitter

Linux PHP vs. Windows ASP for Web hosting

There are three major Web development platforms, all of which have advantages and disadvantages which can impact which platform is best suited for the user's application: Microsoft's ASP.NET/IIS/Windows Server; Linux (or other UNIX clone)/Apache/MySQL/PHP -- most often called LAMP; and Sun Java J2EE.x. When the term ASP is used in this particular context, it is referring to ASP.NET and not ASP, which is a similar but entirely different product.

By Katy Harvey, | 04 May, 2011 05:56

Tags: Microsoft, amp, mysql, software, Oracle

Linux skills: A hot commodity for job hunters

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

By Jean Staten Healy, director, IBM Linux | 04 May, 2011 05:56

Tags: business issues, Linux, personnel, corporate issues, software, careers, non-Windows, IT management, operating systems

Natty Narwhal: The first Linux for newbies?

Whenever a new version of an operating system is released, it's common to see a wave of reviews following on its heels, assessing how the software compares with what came before it and weighing its new pros and cons.

By Katherine Noyes | 04 May, 2011 04:15

Tags: unix, open source, Linux, Canon, canonical, software, shuttle, non-Windows, operating systems

Rackspace to wind down Slicehost

Some Slicehost users were dismayed to hear that Rackspace, which acquired the company in 2008, plans to wind down the service.

By Nancy Gohring | 04 May, 2011 08:56

Tags: services, Hosted, Computing services, rackspace

Microsoft, Juniper urged to patch dangerous IPv6 DoS hole

Security experts are urging Microsoft and Juniper to patch a year-old IPv6 vulnerability so dangerous it can freeze any Windows machine on a LAN in a matter of minutes.

By Julie Bort | 04 May, 2011 08:48

Tags: Microsoft, security, router, software, IPv6 security, ipv6, LAN & WAN

Sydney cars to park in the Cloud

Australian transaction processing company, Mercurion, has signalled plans to trial a car monitoring system in a Sydney metropolitan carpark based on Telstra's 'Silver Lining' Cloud.

By Chloe Herrick | 04 May, 2011 08:53

Tags: parking system, virtualization, Telstra Cloud, Mercurion, Cloud, virtualisation

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