Yahoo's TV widget store delayed for consumers

An online store for lightweight "widget" applications built for the Yahoo Connected TV platform will not open to consumers this month, as originally planned.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 12 March, 2011 08:16

Tags: Yahoo, Internet-based applications and services, e-commerce, internet, video

Quake damage to Japan cables appears small

Undersea telecommunications cables in and out of Japan seem to have mostly survived the devastating earthquake that struck the country on Friday.

By Stephen Lawson | 12 March, 2011 07:01

Tags: China Unicom, telecommunication, internet, Chunghwa Telecom

Google, Amazon face lawsuits over search

Software development company MasterObjects sued Amazon and Google this week, charging the companies with infringing on a patent for technology that presents possible complete search terms as users type in a search bar.

By Nancy Gohring | 12 March, 2011 06:44

Tags:, Google, intellectual property, legal, patent

Antitrust subcommittee to investigate search, broadband

A U.S. Senate subcommittee focused on antitrust and consumer-protection issues will investigate competition in the search-engine and broadband markets over the next two years, the subcommittee chairman announced.

By Grant Gross | 12 March, 2011 06:20

Tags: U.S. Department of Justice, telecommunication, Herb Kohl, regulation, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, legislation, government, internet, search engines, broadband, Google

SAP, IBM team up on in-memory analytics

SAP announced Friday it has integrated its in-memory HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) with IBM's DB2 database, a move that underscores the companies' increasing alignment against rival Oracle and its Exadata platform.

By Chris Kanaracus | 12 March, 2011 06:25

Tags: applications, IBM, SAP, hardware systems, software, Oracle, business intelligence

Calxeda's ARM chips designed for 480-core servers

Calxeda on Friday revealed initial details about its first ARM-based server chip, designed to let companies build low-power servers with up to 480 cores.

By Agam Shah | 12 March, 2011 04:40

Tags: Calxeda, servers, Midrange, hardware systems, Components, processors

Security conference dives into SAP coding problems

The Black Hat Europe conference in Barcelona next week will feature a keynote on cyberwar from Bruce Schneier, and presentations on security flaws in Apple's Mac OS X and SAP's business software.

By Jeremy Kirk | 11 March, 2011 23:19

Tags: Apple, intrusion, security, black hat, SAP, Desktop security, Exploits / vulnerabilities, data protection, malware

3M and Quanta to process touch panels in Singapore

Contract manufacturing giant Quanta Computer has joined with 3M to form a new company that will produce advanced touch-screen displays for tablet PCs, netbooks and all-in-one computers.

By Ralph Jennings | 11 March, 2011 20:57

Tags: 3M, Quanta Computer, hardware systems, Components, laptops, tablet PCs, displays, netbooks

Taiwan airport opens e-library for transit passengers

Taiwan's international airport has opened what it calls the world's first in-transit e-library, offering 400 e-book titles to ease waiting-hall boredom while showcasing the island's high-tech capabilities.

By Ralph Jennings | 11 March, 2011 20:49

Tags: Government use of IT, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, consumer electronics, government, e-readers, Ever Rich Duty Free Shop

Opera aims to expand mobile reach in China

Opera Software has announced a deal to embed its Internet browser on mobile phones sold in China, a move that is meant to help grow the company's presence in the country's burgeoning mobile market.

By Michael Kan | 11 March, 2011 19:53

Tags: telecommunication, consumer electronics, applications, opera software, Phones, browsers, Phone applications, software, mobile, Mobile handsets

Major quake shakes Japan

A large earthquake shook the Japanese capital Tokyo on Friday afternoon knocking items from shelves and sending people under tables.

By Martyn Williams | 11 March, 2011 16:57

Tags: Components

IIA to develop industry code on copyright

The IIA will draw up an industry code detailing ISPs' and content companies' rights and obligations to act on copyright violation, in response to the ongoing iiNet trial IIA to develop industry code on copyright

By Dylan Bushell-Embling | 11 March, 2011 16:29

Tags: Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), IIA, copyright

Sorry IE9 & Firefox, here's why I'm sticking with Chrome

The battle of the browsers is heating up this week, with Microsoft announcing a ship date for the final version of Internet Explorer 9, Firefox launching the release candidate of Firefox 4 and Google releasing Chrome 10.

By Jared Newman | 11 March, 2011 10:11

Tags: Firefox, applications, Google, Microsoft, browsers, software, Internet Explorer, mozilla

Square CEO rebuts VeriFone's claims about security

The CEO of mobile payment service startup Square called accusations that the company was distributing credit-card skimming devices inaccurate and unfair.

By Jaikumar Vijayan | 11 March, 2011 04:49

Tags: telecommunication, e-commerce, Mobile and Wireless, smartphones, Phones, twitter, mobile, e-business, internet, Apple, consumer electronics, security

RMIT launches Games and Experimental Entertainment Lab

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is this month launching the Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory (GEELab) in an effort to drive innovation in the games, entertainment and creative media industries.

By Lisa Banks | 11 March, 2011 15:27

Tags: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), RMIT, video games, Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory (GEELab), entertainment

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