In Taiwan, smartphones are a dog's best friend

It takes about an hour to lure the stray dog into a steel cage with food. During that time, Sean McCormack, a co-founder of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Taiwan, sits taking pictures and video with his HTC smartphone.

By Dan Nystedt | 22 October, 2010 05:57

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Hon Hai Precision Industry, smartphones, Phones, taiwan, High Tech Computer, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Windows Phone 7: Groundbreaking interface on great phones

Good writers borrow, great writers steal, or so the saying goes. Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) operating system borrows heavily from Apple's iOS and Google's Android but then takes the interface and navigation in an intriguing new direction, offering a user experience that at least equals and in some ways surpasses them.

By Dan Rosenbaum | 22 October, 2010 02:51

Tags: applications, telecommunication, Microsoft, windows phone 7, Mobile operating systems, software, mobile

Apple's Lion: A marriage of iOS and OS X

Apple's Back to the Mac event yesterday was preceded by plenty of speculation. Some of it was dead on -- such as predictions of revamped MacBook Air models -- while some of it missed the mark a bit: Apple didn't unveil a touch-screen iMac (in fact, CEO Steve Jobs referred to the idea as "ergonomically horrible") and, while FaceTime is coming to the Mac, it is as a standalone application, not as part of iChat.

By Ryan Faas | 22 October, 2010 01:32

Tags: Apple, Mac OS, software, operating systems

MacBook Air: What the critics are saying

The famous line about Apple's MacBook Air is that it is one of the most underpowered and overpriced laptop computers on the market. All that changed on Wednesday after Apple released two new MacBook Air models during the company's Back to the Mac event. The new computers may still be underpowered compared to other Macs, but the high price tag is gone as is some of its bulk.

By Ian Paul | 22 October, 2010 06:18

Tags: Apple, ultraportable, hardware systems, laptops

Apple's top 5 back to the Mac announcements

Apple came roaring back to the Mac on Wednesday by announcing Lion (the next iteration of Mac OS X), two new MacBook Air laptops, FaceTime for Mac, new iLife software and a Mac App Store. Wednesday's announcement comes after nearly 15 months of neglect for Apple's traditional computer business. During its Mac hiatus the company has focused largely on developing iOS devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and the new Apple TV.

By Ian Paul | 22 October, 2010 01:17

Tags: Mac, Apple, Mac OS, desktop pcs, hardware systems, software, operating systems

Comparing Verizon Galaxy Tab vs. Verizon iPad

Verizon recently announced that it will begin selling the Apple iPad in its stores at the end of this month, followed by coming out as the first of the four major wireless carriers to officially confirm pricing and availability for the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. With both tablets at their disposal, which represents the better value for business users?

By Tony Bradley | 22 October, 2010 01:10

Tags: mac laptops, apple ipad, verizon, hardware systems, laptops, tablets, Verizon Wireless, netbooks, tablet PC, Apple

Microsoft: Windows 7 beat expectations

On the eve of the first anniversary of Windows 7's launch, Microsoft today said the operating system has exceeded its expectations.

By Gregg Keizer | 22 October, 2010 08:10

Tags: Microsoft, desktop pcs, hardware systems, Windows, laptops, software, Windows 7, operating systems, PCs

VMware angles Spring as premier Java development tool

Oracle may own the Java trademark, but VMware is touting its own Spring framework as the best programming model for enterprise Java developers.

By Joab Jackson | 22 October, 2010 05:18

Tags: application development, SpringSource, java, middleware, Enterprise application integration, software, Red Hat, VMware

Mac App Store 'disruptive' say experts

Apple's decision to open an App Store for the Mac will disrupt the traditional software distribution channel, experts said today, but questions remain unanswered, ranging from pricing to lockouts.

By Gregg Keizer | 22 October, 2010 08:08

Tags: Apple, applications, telecommunication, Macintosh, Mobile OSes, Mobile operating systems, software, mobile

Amazon offering EC2 access at no charge

Amazon Web Services is rolling out an offer on Nov. 1 for new customers that provides one year of access to a "micro instance" on its Elastic Compute Cloud, as well as a number of other services, at no charge.

By Chris Kanaracus | 22 October, 2010 05:06

Tags: Amazon Web Services, business issues, amazon ec2, internet, cloud computing, Infrastructure services

Nokia's first MeeGo device will arrive in 2011, CEO confirms

Nokia will start shipping its first product based on the MeeGo operating system in 2011, new CEO Stephen Elop confirmed during a conference call on Thursday.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 22 October, 2010 05:27

Tags: consumer electronics, Phones, Nokia, smartphones, meego, intel

Oh hai! Apple TV officially hacked

While Apple’s back was turned prepping for its October 20th Keynote, one hacker going by the handle p0sixninja decided to put the Greenpois0n jailbreak to the test and officially jailbreak the new Apple TV. P0sixninja, aka Joshua Hill, used a as-yet unreleased version of the hacking software, that also jailbreaks iPads and iPhones. As you can see from the picture he posted proudly on his Twitter, the Greenpois0n hack was a success, with the software appearing in the Apple TV menu.

By Elizabeth Fish | 22 October, 2010 01:20

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Home Theater, twitter

Two vulnerabilities provide root access on Linux

Two new vulnerabilities affecting Linux were uncovered this week that could potentially be used by malicious hackers to gain root privileges.

By Katherine Noyes | 22 October, 2010 05:43

Tags: online security, Linux, security, operating systems, non-Windows

Lenovo to release tablet, IdeaPad U1 hybrid PC in 2011

Lenovo plans on releasing a tablet PC as well as its IdeaPad U1 -- a hybrid computer that can function as both a laptop and tablet -- to the worldwide market during the first half of 2011, said the company's senior business director, Xiong Wen.

By Michael Kan | 21 October, 2010 23:30

Tags: hardware systems, laptops, tablet PCs, Lenovo, netbooks

Google: 2.9 per cent of German households shun Street View

Close to 250,000 German households have requested that Google scrub their homes from its Street View imagery program as the company nears launching the service in Germany amid continuing privacy concerns.

By Jeremy Kirk | 21 October, 2010 21:48

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, regulation, Mail, internet, government

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