NFC will be worth the wait, analysts say

Starbucks said this week it has seen plenty of customers interested in using smartphones to pay for their coffee.

By Matt Hamblen | 17 June, 2011 20:06

Tags: telecommunication, Mobile and Wireless, Networking, wireless, smartphones, Phones, mobile, starbucks, wireless networking, consumer electronics, Google

Microsoft, Google and Twitter debate whether HTML5 is "Holy Grail"

Is HTML5 the Holy Grail for building next-generation Web applications?

By Jon Brodkin | 17 June, 2011 23:35

Tags: applications, Google, consumer electronics, IBM, Microsoft, smartphones, Phones, Android, software, html5

Facebook reportedly readying iPad app ... finally

The Internet is abuzz with reports that Facebook will finally come out with a dedicated iPad app.

By Sharon Gaudin | 18 June, 2011 02:25

Tags: Yankee Group, Apple, telecommunication, Mobile and Wireless, Mobile Apps and Services, Web 2.0 and Web Apps, mobile, Facebook

How RIM is getting left behind

Research in Motion hasn't exactly had the best year so far.

By Brad Reed | 18 June, 2011 02:46

Tags: business issues, BT, Networking, wireless, smartphones, Phones, Android, financial results, Blackberry, corporate issues, consumer electronics

Microsoft, Skype deal gets U.S. clearance

Microsoft has received clearance from U.S. antitrust regulators for its proposed purchase of Internet telephony company Skype.

By John Ribeiro | 20 June, 2011 14:17

Tags: business issues, antitrust, Mergers / acquisitions, skype, Microsoft, legal

Top five social media apps for tablets

With tablet devices and social media playing a greater role in our business and personal lives, we here at <i>Computerworld Australia</i> thought we’d take a look at the top social media apps for tablet devices.

By Lisa Banks | 20 June, 2011 14:24

Tags: social media apps, tablet PCs, social media

Symantec Uncovers Bitcoin-Stealing Trojan

Security firm Symantec is warning that more people may end up like Bitcoin user "Allinvain" and find their Bitcoin digital wallets pilfered by malicious hackers.

By Ian Paul | 18 June, 2011 01:25

Tags: symantec, trojan horses, security, shopping

Hackers move fast to exploit just-patched IE bug

Just three days after Microsoft patched 11 bugs in Internet Explorer (IE), hackers are exploiting one of those vulnerabilities, a security company said Friday.

By Gregg Keizer | 18 June, 2011 02:05

Tags: symantec, Microsoft, security, Windows, software, operating systems

Pentagon building Internet simulator to practice cyberwar

A model of the Internet where the Pentagon can practice <a href="">cyberwar</a> games -- complete with software that mimics human behavior under varying military threat levels -- is due to be up and running by this time next year, according to a published report.

By Tim Greene | 18 June, 2011 03:49

Tags: Johns Hopkins University, Reuters, security, government, lockheed martin, industry verticals

Facebook facial recognition flap gains momentum

Now that Connecticut Attorney General George has joined the brouhaha around Facebook's new facial recognition feature, it's possible the flap could get bigger.

By Sharon Gaudin | 18 June, 2011 02:47

Tags: U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Federal Trade Commission, security, Web 2.0 and Web Apps, Electronic Privacy Information Center, internet, privacy, Facebook

Telstra switches on Foxtel for T-Box

Delivering on an announcement earlier this year, Telstra T-Box owners will be able to subscribe to Foxtel pay TV from the end of the month without the need for a separate device.

By Rodney Gedda | 20 June, 2011 10:39

Tags: IPTV, T-Box, foxtel, television, Telstra BigPond, Telstra

Dial (or read) before you dig

Cable workers map out telecoms networks

By TechWorld staff | 20 June, 2011 09:33

Tags: telecoms, Cables, construction, broadband, Internet cables

Facebook crafts an iPad app

Facebook plans to release an iPad app in the coming weeks featuring a "slick design," new Facebook Chat and Groups functionality, and an "amazing" photo and video experience, according to reports.

By Ian Paul | 18 June, 2011 01:02

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, tablets, social media, internet, Facebook

Panasonic reveals ruggedised Android tablet

Panasonic joins the long list of notebook manufacturers getting into the tablet game. The company announced it would release its Toughbook Android tablet later this year.

By Melissa J. Perenson | 18 June, 2011 00:07

Tags: Panasonic, hardware systems, tablet PCs, tablets, laptops

Reports: Sega customer database hacked

Video game company <a href="">Sega</a> had a database hacked and sensitive information on about 1.3 million customers has been compromised, according to media reports.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 20 June, 2011 01:48

Tags: game software, intrusion, sega, security, data breach, games

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