What Dell's purchase of cloud company signals

A little-noted announcement earlier this month could have huge implications for cloud take-up in smaller businesses. Dell has snapped up Boomi, a company that describes itself as a "cloud integrator."

By Keir Thomas | 09 November, 2010 06:43

Tags: Web services development, application development, Internet-based applications and services, Web-based Applications, Cloud, web services, software, internet, cloud computing, boomi, Dell

Kinect hacked to work with Windows 7

Kinect, Microsoft's motion gaming accessory has been hacked -- mere days after its release.

By Chris Brandrick | 09 November, 2010 06:48

Tags: hackers, Game platforms, gaming, Microsoft, Xbox, games, Windows, Windows 7, software, operating systems

Windows Live Mail 2011 gets lassoed by the ribbon

If you're looking for an excellent, free mail client, you'll do well to install Windows Live Mail 2011. This newest version of Microsoft's free e-mail client has been significantly upgraded over the previous version, and now includes a host of new features, including a calendar pane and Microsoft Office's Ribbon interface. It doesn't include all the bells and whistles of Microsoft Outlook, such as tasks and a full-blown calendar, but given that it's free, Windows Live Mail is well worth the download.

By Preston Gralla | 09 November, 2010 10:37

Tags: downloads, applications, Freeware / shareware, freeware, Microsoft, e-mail, software

Five reasons you don't need an e-book reader

The news that color E Ink is coming and saving users from plain black-and-white electronic book readers has goosed interest in the gadgets. But with technology changing so quickly and tablet computers cropping up in businesses, with color or not, the e-reader is a superfluous purchase.

By Barbara E. Hernandez | 09 November, 2010 12:00

Tags: e-books, Barnes & Noble, Apple, consumer electronics, kindle, tablets, e-readers, sony

Windows Phone 7: 1,600+ apps at launch and growing

As expected, Windows Phone 7 doesn't have a lot of apps at launch, but new data suggests the count is growing quickly.

By Jared Newman | 09 November, 2010 08:47

Tags: telecommunication, Microsoft, windows phone 7, mobile

Admirable apps for Android and beyond

As Android's popularity continues to mushroom, the number of Android apps available has surpassed 100,000. That's good news because there are so many possibilities to choose from, but bad news because the sheer volume of options is becoming overwhelming and it's hard to know which ones are worth downloading. And if you using a different phone OS, you may suffer from serious Android envy.

By Preston Gralla | 09 November, 2010 01:49

Tags: telecommunication, Freeware / shareware, Phones, iPhone, logmein, mobile, RIM BlackBerry, shareware, webOS, downloads, consumer electronics, freeware, smartphones, software

Kinect could have been Apple's, report says

PrimeSense, the company behind Microsoft Kinect's camera, initially pitched its motion sensing technology to Apple, according to Leander Kahney of Cult of Mac.

By Paul Suarez | 09 November, 2010 01:51

Tags: Apple, Microsoft, gaming, games, game consoles

Boonana Mac Trojan was ‘not Koobface’, says Microsoft

The widely-reported 'Boonana' Trojan was a new piece of malware after all and had nothing directly to do with Koobface, Microsoft and other security companies have reported a week after the event.

By John E Dunn | 09 November, 2010 02:07

Tags: Personal Tech, Apple, security, Microsoft, Intego, Facebook

RockMelt social browser faces tough sell

The odds are stacked against RockMelt, a new browser designed to serve as a social networking hub, industry analysts said today.

By Gregg Keizer | 09 November, 2010 11:08

Tags: applications, flock, browsers, twitter, software, Web 2.0 and Web Apps, internet, mozilla, Facebook, Gartner, IDC

Mobile network controls, pricing still taking shape

A top U.S. carrier and a major mobile infrastructure vendor acknowledged on Monday that charging for mobile data services is still a moving target.

By Stephen Lawson | 09 November, 2010 13:19

Tags: Major League Baseball, telecommunication, Nokia Siemens Networks, mobile, Verizon Wireless

Student who hacked Bill O'Reilly gets 30 months

A 23-year-old Bellevue, Ohio, man has been sentenced to 30 months in prison following a 2007 online crime spree in which he used a network of hacked computers to attack and knock offline websites belonging to conservative pundits Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter.

By Robert McMillan | 09 November, 2010 12:58

Tags: security, legal, cybercrime

Verizon looks to video broadcasting on LTE

Verizon Wireless expects to use broadcasting to deliver live video over its upcoming LTE network, as part of efforts to deal with heavy demand for capacity, a company executive said Monday.

By Stephen Lawson | 09 November, 2010 09:00

Tags: telecommunication, qualcomm, mobile, Verizon Wireless

Windows Phone 7 lacks on-device encryption

Many businesses will not be able to support Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system, which began shipping in the U.S. today. Like the competing Google Android, Windows Phone 7 does not support on-device encryption to protect data stored on it. Many businesses require such encryption to be able to access corporate data through EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) policies and automatically block connections from devices that don't support device-level encryption.

By Galen Gruman | 09 November, 2010 09:07

Tags: telecommunication, Mobile device management, security, Microsoft, windows phone 7, ActiveSync, encryption, Security Central, Mobilize, mobile, Google

Google promotes Chrome with free in-flight Wi-Fi deal

Google today said it will sponsor free Wi-Fi on three major U.S. airlines during the last six weeks of the year to promote its Chrome browser.

By Gregg Keizer | 09 November, 2010 07:30

Tags: Google, Mobile and Wireless, applications, telecommunication, wireless internet, browsers, software, mobile

Toshiba rolls out slimmer form factor for SSDs

Toshiba America Electronic Components on Monday announced a series of solid state drives with a new form factor that's 42% smaller than today's mini-SATA or mSATA SSD modules.

By Lucas Mearian | 09 November, 2010 08:56

Tags: Networking, storage, storage hardware, toshiba

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