• Verizon joins the prepaid mobile data party

    Verizon Wireless joined a growing trend on Thursday by announcing prepaid data plans for most of the smartphones and feature phones it sells.

    03 Sept. 10 07:13 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • A guide to today's top 10 Linux distributions

    One of the most confusing things for the newcomer to Linux is how many distributions, or versions, of the operating system there are. Ubuntu is the one most people have heard of, but there are hundreds of others as well, each offering some variant on the basic Linux theme.

    03 Sept. 10 05:34 Written by Katherine Noyes
  • Apple TV, 'Ping' and iTunes -- what it means

    There were a lot of rumors and expectations ahead of Apple's much-hyped music event yesterday. As expected, Apple unveiled a new touch-based iPod Nano, and an iPod Touch sporting the company's A4 processor, its super-high-resolution Retina display, and front and rear cameras offering HD video recording and video chat via FaceTime. There was also a new iPod Shuffle, which thankfully returns to the previous iteration's design with on-device buttons and a clip to make it wearable.

    03 Sept. 10 04:35 Written by Ryan Faas
  • Microsoft uses Bing home page to push IE8

    Microsoft on Thursday started featuring a small advertisement on its Bing home page for Internet Explorer 8 in an apparent effort to encourage more people to migrate to the latest version of its browser.

    03 Sept. 10 04:13 Written by Nancy Gohring
  • Toshiba joins IFA tablet race with Folio 100

    The Folio 100, Toshiba's entry into the tablet race at the Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA) trade show in Berlin, comes with Android version 2.2 like the competition, but the company has opted for a larger 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen.

    03 Sept. 10 04:08 Written by Mikael Ricknäs
  • SAS rolls out predictive analytics for business users

    SAS Institute on Thursday announced a new toolset aimed at giving business users the ability to work with predictive analytics software, which has historically been the province of specialized statisticians.

    03 Sept. 10 03:58 Written by Chris Kanaracus
  • Dell loses 3Par bidding war to HP

    Dell on Thursday said it would not increase its most recent proposal to acquire virtualized storage vendor 3Par, paving the path for rival Hewlett-Packard to acquire the company.

    03 Sept. 10 03:53 Written by Agam Shah
  • Hosted service promises to protect corporate documents on smartphones

    A hosted application for securing shared corporate documents is being extended to handheld devices. With WatchDox, mobile users can view and even selected documents, but be prevented from saving, printing, or forwarding them, if desired.

    03 Sept. 10 03:35 Written by John Cox
  • Fake antivirus software using ransom threats

    Fake antivirus programs appear to be adopting some of the money-raising tactics of more threatening ransom malware, security company Fortinet's latest threat report has found.

    03 Sept. 10 02:38 Written by John E Dunn
  • Google and AOL renew long-term partnership

    Google and AOL have renewed a long-term partnership that gives AOL Web properties access to Google search and advertising services.

    03 Sept. 10 02:30 Written by Grant Gross
  • Huawei debuts Android 2.2 IDEOS smartphone

    Huawei has launched the IDEOS, or U8150, smartphone, which will cost between US$100 and $200, depending on the market, the company said on Thursday at the Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA) trade show in Berlin.

    03 Sept. 10 02:02 Written by Mikael Ricknäs
  • Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7 to manufacturing

    Microsoft announced that the code base for Windows Phone 7 1.0 has been finalised. The software has been "released to manufacturing," meaning that this version is the one handset makers will deploy on the first devices to feature the radically redesigned mobile OS.

    03 Sept. 10 01:57 Written by John Cox
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab makes its intriguing debut

    Samsung's latest addition to its Galaxy series, the Galaxy Tab Android tablet made its very first appearance today at IFA in Berlin. The Tab will initially launch in Europe in mid-September and makes its way to the U.S. and Asia in coming months.

    03 Sept. 10 00:33 Written by Ginny Mies
  • Intel upgrades parallel development suite

    Intel will release on Thursday an upgrade to its parallel development toolset for Windows application developers, adding both a tool to walk developers through parallelism, as well as support for Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 IDE.

    03 Sept. 10 00:19 Written by Paul Krill
  • Apple iOS 4.2 readies the iPad for work

    The iPad, which could dominate the tablet market until 2012, has been appearing in boardrooms and cubicles around the country. Previously it could be blamed on a manager showing off a new gadget or ordering one for the office in hopes of figuring out what to do with it later. But with Apple's 4.2 iOS upgrade available in November, the iPad will soon have wireless printing, the ability to share files and multitask (the final two were available on the iPhone but not the iPad) -- basically all things an office device should be able to do.

    03 Sept. 10 00:18 Written by Barbara E. Hernandez
  • Advance into senior IT roles with project management skills

    Working in IT and want to advance your career? Learn what it takes to be an effective manager in this fast-paced sector.

    RMIT University

    One of Australia's original tertiary institutions, RMIT University has earned an international reputation for creating exceptional, employable and highly-skilled graduates who want more out of their careers. We have vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate programs across a broad range of disciplines, on campus in Australia and around the world. RMIT is now taking this excellence in work-connected learning online. Our new 100 per cent online, accelerated postgraduate programs are designed for ambitious working professionals who are aiming high with their careers.

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