Prepaid carrier Locus to resell Clearwire

WiMax carrier Clearwire has added a low-cost prepaid mobile operator, Locus Telecommunications, to the set of partners that offer services over its high-speed broadband network.

By Stephen Lawson | 08 April, 2011 06:18

Tags: Locus Telecommunications, WiMax, telecommunication, Networking, wireless, mobile, Clearwire

FCC revamps pole-attachment rules for broadband services

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to revamp nationwide rules governing how broadband providers can attach their lines to utility poles, with the goal of making it faster and easier to deploy new service in underserved areas.

By Grant Gross | 08 April, 2011 06:18

Tags: Utilities Telecom Council, William Moroney, telecommunication, National Cable and Telecommunications Association, Michael Copps, Julius Genachowski, regulation, ctia, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, government, broadband

Facebook shares its data center secrets

Facebook is sharing some of the secrets that help make its Prineville, Oregon, data center one of the world's most efficient.

By Robert McMillan | 08 April, 2011 05:05

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, social networking, internet, Facebook

FCC requires data-roaming agreements

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to require mobile carriers to enter into data-roaming agreements with competitors, despite objections that the agency doesn't have the authority to enforce the pacts.

By Grant Gross | 08 April, 2011 04:35

Tags: telecommunication, Michael Copps, Phones, Bob Quinn, mobile, Meredith Attwell Baker, Margaret Boles, consumer electronics, Robert McDowell, at&t, Rural Telecommunications Group, smartphones, Rural Cellular Association, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, government, Verizon Communications, broadband, Carri Bennet, Julius Genachowski, regulation

IBM shows smallest, fastest graphene processor

IBM on Thursday demonstrated its fastest graphene transistor, which can execute 155 billion cycles per second, which is about 50 percent faster than previous experimental transistors shown by the company's researchers.

By Agam Shah | 08 April, 2011 03:43

Tags: telecommunication, IBM, Components, processors

New GNOME cuts the clutter

Five years in the making, the newly released version 3 of the GNOME Linux desktop interface has been radically redesigned.

By Joab Jackson | 08 April, 2011 03:32

Tags: Linux, canonical, GNOME Foundation, non-Windows, operating systems

VMware to ship virtualization clients for Android, Mac OS X

VMware will ship a desktop virtualization client for Android Honeycomb-based tablets at the end of the second quarter or beginning of the third quarter, according to Vittorio Viarengo, vice president of End User Computing at VMware.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 08 April, 2011 03:26

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Google, hardware systems, Phones, Android, tablet PCs, laptops, VMware

VMware readies desktop virtualization blueprint

In an effort to boost the popularity of desktop virtualization, VMware is working on improvements related to scalability and WAN performance and is preparing documentation that outlines how best to use the fledgling technology, according to a company executive.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 08 April, 2011 02:59

Tags: virtualization, desktop virtualization, VMware

Microsoft goes after iPad search users with new Bing app

Microsoft will try to lure iPad users to its search engine with a new Bing application built specifically for the popular Apple tablet device.

By Juan Carlos Perez | 08 April, 2011 02:01

Tags: Microsoft, hardware systems, laptops, tablet PCs, internet, search engines

Pure-play Indian BPO firms may be at risk, analysts said

The proposed acquisition of an IT services company by India’s largest business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, Genpact, has fueled a debate on whether pure-play BPO firms in the country can survive independently.

By John Ribeiro | 07 April, 2011 20:44

Tags: business issues, offshoring, Mergers / acquisitions, IBM, Genpact, TPI, wipro, Headstrong, restructuring, Everest Group, services, outsourcing

Yahoo to appeal Italian court's ruling on search

Yahoo is planning to appeal an Italian court's ruling that it should remove links leading to a pirated Iranian movie from its search index.

By Jeremy Kirk | 07 April, 2011 20:29

Tags: Yahoo, Internet-based applications and services, legal, internet, search engines

Nokia offering new SDK for Qt

Developers who want to take advantage of Nokia's cross-platform application and user interface framework can now access the latest release candidate.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 07 April, 2011 20:23

Tags: application development, consumer electronics, smartphones, Nokia, Phones, Phone applications, software

Quake unlikely to raise prices, say Taiwanese PC makers

Taiwanese PC makers said on Thursday that product prices would hold steady this year despite disruptions to raw material supplies after the massive Japan earthquake last month.

By Ralph Jennings | 07 April, 2011 18:50

Tags: smartphones, hardware systems, Phones, Components, Micro-Star International, laptops, High Tech Computer, Asustek Computer, acer, Gigabyte Technology, consumer electronics

Dell to invest $1 billion to boost data storage products

Dell plans to invest US$1 billion over the next three years to bolster its data storage products to business customers, with the money going toward the research of technology like cloud computing and virtualization, along with the development on new data centers.

By Michael Kan | 07 April, 2011 16:45

Tags: business issues, Dell, Storage servers, virtualization, servers, storage, hardware systems, investments

Health record concept sees public release

Health minister, Nicola Roxon, is expected to release the draft concept of operations document for the $467 million personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) as early as Friday this week, providing greater detail into the the construct and ongoing operations of the initiative.

By James Hutchinson | 07 April, 2011 16:33

Tags: Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR), Nicola Roxon, Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA)

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