Mac scareware gang, Apple trade blows yet again

Scareware makers on Friday again changed their fake security software scam, while Apple issued the third signature update in as many days to combat the con.

By Gregg Keizer | 04 June, 2011 04:33

Tags: Apple, Mac OS, security, Intego, software, Malware and Vulnerabilities, operating systems

Informatica adds support for 'big data,' Hadoop

Informatica is joining the growing ranks of vendors moving to support Hadoop, the open-source framework for large-scale or "big data" processing, the company announced Monday.

By Chris Kanaracus | 06 June, 2011 14:06

Tags: open source, applications, informatica, middleware, software, Apache Software Foundation, data integration, data warehousing, business intelligence

IBM launches city government software platform

IBM plans to launch a software framework that will help city and local government executives get a more complete view of how well their operations are running.

By Joab Jackson | 06 June, 2011 14:06

Tags: applications, IBM, Business Process Management, software, government, business intelligence

LulzSec claims it hacked FBI linked organization

Hacking group Lulz Security claimed it had hacked and defaced the web site of the Atlanta chapter of InfraGard, an organization affiliated to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, and leaked its user base.

By John Ribeiro | 06 June, 2011 13:23

Tags: U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, InfraGard, security

Aussie pollies should take note of Obama's upcoming online campaign: Expert

Local pollies should take note when US President Barack Obama launches his online campaign ahead of the November elections, following the poor social media attempt made by Australia’s major parties in the 2010 Federal Election.

LinkedIn to launch job application tool

LinkedIn is set to launch a job application tool, with the social networking site for professionals in negotiations with a number of companies looking to hire.

By Lisa Banks | 06 June, 2011 11:55

Tags: LinkedIn, social networking

Sony Hacked Again: How Not to Do Network Security

Yes. As unbelievable as it may seem, Sony was hacked again. It is not (entirely) Sony's fault that it is the target du jour for hackers everywhere. But, it is Sony's fault that its networks and servers seem to be trivial to hack and easy to pwn.

By Tony Bradley | 04 June, 2011 03:20

Tags: network security, hackers, security, data breach, sony, data protection

How big is Microsoft gambling with Windows 8?

Analysts parsing what Microsoft revealed of Windows 8 earlier this week are split today on how big the company's gambling with its operating system cash cow, some saying the bet was for the farm, while others said it was the best move Microsoft could make.

By Gregg Keizer | 04 June, 2011 03:40

Tags: telecommunication, applications, Microsoft, Windows, Mobile OSes, software, Mobile operating systems, mobile, operating systems

Acer server in Europe reportedly breached

Hacking group Pakistan Cyber Army Friday claimed it had broken into an Acer server in Europe and stole personal data on about 40,000 people.

By Jaikumar Vijayan | 04 June, 2011 06:21

Tags: Cybercrime and Hacking, security, Malware and Vulnerabilities, acer

Can the iPad cure what ails us?

A neurology patient at a Texas hospital may soon find doctors handing him an iPad with game-like apps on it to test his motor skills. Nurses will be able to roam bedsides while remotely checking electrocardiograms, or EKGs, on their iPads. Doctors are already sharing medical records on iPads with their peers, in order to discuss patient care.

By Tom Kaneshige | 04 June, 2011 04:39

Tags: Apple, Texas Health Resources, hardware systems, health care, tablet PCs, laptops, industry verticals

So, why are senior U.S. officials using Gmail?

When Google announced that hackers had gone after Gmail users, the company noted that they specifically targeted U.S. government officials and military personnel.

By Sharon Gaudin | 04 June, 2011 06:21

Tags: Google, Microsoft, security, Web 2.0 and Web Apps, U.S. General Services Administration

How Windows 8 will challenge enterprise IT

Microsoft has presented the Windows 8 user interface and displayed various devices on which the next version of Windows will run.

By Shane O'Neill | 04 June, 2011 02:58

Tags: Windows, hardware systems, Android, Phones, aple, operating systems, cloud computing, internet, enterprise IT, iPad, Windows 8, consumer electronics, Google, Microsoft, tablets, software, laptops, tablet PCs

Apple reportedly hires MobileNotifier Coder

Sure, we've all heard that widgets and better notifications may be headed for iOS 5, but it looks like an allegedly new (and notable) Apple employee may further confirm that notification changes are in Apple's future.

By Paul Suarez | 06 June, 2011 05:47

Tags: upgrading, Apple, apps, consumer electronics, Phones

Keep social media outsourcing under control: Facebook, Telstra

Organisations looking to promote their brand through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should manage it with internal resources to avoid outsourcing the public image of the company, according to representatives from Facebook and Telstra.

By Rodney Gedda | 06 June, 2011 10:45

Tags: marketing, Paul Borrud, social networking, social media, Telstra, Facebook

Microsoft's Xbox TV service may be near

Streaming TV may soon be coming to an Xbox near you.

By Brennon Slattery | 06 June, 2011 04:51

Tags: Game platforms, Google, Microsoft, gaming, games, Xbox, tv

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