iPhone users complain of spring-ahead clock glitch

Some iPhone users in the U.S. are complaining their phone's clock did not correctly adjust to the daylight saving time change, where clocks officially were moved one hour ahead early Sunday morning.

By Jeremy Kirk | 14 March, 2011 23:53

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, iPhone, Phones

Foreigners in Japan rely on Twitter for breaking news

Twitter has been a lifeline for Westerners both inside and outside of Japan as they try to keep up with fast-moving events following Friday's massive earthquake and the tsunami that followed.

By James Niccolai | 14 March, 2011 23:14

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Facebook), social networking, twitter, internet

Oracle releases Java mobile development framework

Oracle has released a mobile client and associated framework, nearly two years in the making, to help developers quickly build Java applications for industrial mobile devices.

By Joab Jackson | 14 March, 2011 23:10

Tags: application development, Web services development, consumer electronics, smartphones, Phones, middleware, software, Oracle, Development tools

Power and transport trouble Japanese IT makers after quake

Japan's major electronics companies took stock of their problems on Monday, as the country struggles to come to terms with the scale of devastation following Friday's massive earthquake and tsunami.

By Martyn Williams | 14 March, 2011 21:56

Tags: nikon, Canon, toshiba, Components, hitachi, sony, NEC

Taiwanese semiconductor firms face supply shortages in Japan

Taiwan's major semiconductor manufacturers, a crucial link in the global tech supply chain, scrambled on Monday to gauge how their access to raw materials from Japanese suppliers will be affected by the powerful earthquake in Japan.

By Ralph Jennings | 14 March, 2011 20:41

Tags: United Microelectronics, smartphones, hardware systems, Phones, Components, laptops, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., High Tech Computer, Motherboards, ProMOS Technologies, consumer electronics, Powerchip Semiconductor

Gmail disruption in China could signal tighter control

Chinese Internet users have reported greater difficulty accessing Gmail in recent weeks, prompting speculation that the Chinese government is again stepping up its efforts to control the flow of information on the Web.

By Michael Kan | 14 March, 2011 20:10

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Government use of IT, Google, Mail, government, internet

Kid proof iTunes: Apple requires password for purchases

Saddled with mounting complaints from parents that their kids were running up big iTunes bills Apple changed its app purchasing policies. Now parents, or kids using their parent's iPhone or iPad, will have to re-enter an iTunes password when making a purchase within an existing iOS application (called an in-app purchase).

By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | 12 March, 2011 03:17

Tags: Apple, apple ipad, consumer electronics, apple iphone, apps, Phones, iTunes

Bouris brings security products to local data centres

Sydney-based serial entrepreneur and star of The Apprentice Australia, Mark Bouris, has launched a suite of IP-based, data centre access control systems to local customers in a partnership with cabling supplier Anixter.

By Rodney Gedda | 14 March, 2011 15:41

Tags: TZ Infrastructure Protection, security, physical security, data centres, Mark Bouris, anixter

Thousands sign up to MyWay transport system

Some 2800 Canberra residents have signed up to the MyWay transport card scheme in just three days.

By Lisa Banks | 14 March, 2011 15:22

Tags: MyWay, Jon Stanhope, ACT transport minister Jon Stanhope

IBM launches e-commerce practice

Hoping to grab some of the $US70 billion yearly worldwide market of electronic commerce software and services, IBM has launched an e-commerce practice focused on retail operation integration and analytics.

By Joab Jackson | 14 March, 2011 15:10

Tags: marketing, IBM, industry verticals, entertainment

IE9 gets the browser out of the way

I got a guided tour of Microsoft's new IE9 browser here at SWSW, and saw several features that I believe raise the bar for web browsers.

By Mark Sullivan | 14 March, 2011 10:01

Tags: applications, Microsoft, browsers, IE9, software, microsoft internet explorer

Japan earthquake's full impact on ICT yet to be determined: IDC

It may be weeks before the full impact of the Japanese quake and resulting tsunamis is on the flow if ICT between the disaster-affected country and Australia is known, IDC has warned.

By Tim Lohman | 14 March, 2011 15:14

Tags: nand, dram, toshiba, Japan earthquake, sony, memory

SA to introduce real-time reporting on pseudoephedrine sales

Mandatory real-time reporting of the sale of pseudoephedrine will be introduced into South Australia, with Project STOP scheduled to be implemented in July.

By Lisa Banks | 14 March, 2011 13:48

Tags: SA Health Minister John Hill, Project STOP, pseudoephedrine, South Australia

IBM at 100: Big Blue brings on Hollywood to tell its birthday story

IBM wants to see itself through the fisheye lens as it turns 100.

By Michael Cooney | 12 March, 2011 08:41

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, PC, IBM, hardware systems, software, Data Center

Japan's Internet largely intact after earthquake, tsunami

Japan's Internet infrastructure has remained surprisingly unaffected by last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami, according to an analysis by Internet monitoring firm Renesys.

By Jaikumar Vijayan | 14 March, 2011 12:18

Tags: disaster recovery, applications, Networking, software, Business Continuity, internet

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