Natural disasters, smart grids flagged for new IBM R&D lab

Natural disasters, resource management, life sciences and e-health will be keyed as high priorities for a new global research and development lab to be opened at the University of Melbourne by IBM.

By James Hutchinson | 14 October, 2010 12:05

Tags: Victoria, IBM, e-health, smart grids

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Cisco, M86, Crosscheck, among others.

By Network World staff | 14 October, 2010 11:55

Tags: products, cisco, crosscheck, M86

The 10 best BlackBerry shortcuts

By all accounts, I am a BlackBerry "power user."

By Al Sacco | 14 October, 2010 05:23

Tags: research in motion, consumer electronics, Phones, smartphones

Microsoft will look to courts for botnet takedowns

Microsoft has seen a dramatic drop in the number of computers infected with Waledac, a piece of malicious software affiliated with a botnet that was once responsible for a massive amount of spam.

By Jeremy Kirk | 14 October, 2010 02:24

Tags: security, Microsoft, legal, Desktop security, fraud, rsa, cybercrime, malware, Criminal

Survey: Costs of Office Communications Server too great for some organizations

Microsoft's Office Communications Server (OCS) is perceived as too expensive to deploy and too complicated to manage, and many businesses lack the in-house expertise to handle it, according to a survey.

By Tim Greene | 14 October, 2010 07:40

Tags: unified communications, Configuration / maintenance, Office Communications Server, azaleos, Networking, Microsoft, hardware systems, software, Data Center, server

Facebook tightens security with one-time passwords

By its very nature as a social network, Facebook is a veritable gold mine for cyber criminals. Recognizing the threat of account hijacking and compromise, Facebook has implemented new security features to protect Facebook accounts, including a one-time password via mobile phone text message.

By Tony Bradley | 14 October, 2010 00:37

Tags: online security, Internet-based applications and services, security, social networking, internet, social networks, Facebook

Sony's Google TVs: FAQs answered

Thinking about grabbing one of Sony's new Google TV-powered high-definition television sets for the holidays? The electronics maker recently unveiled its first round of Google TV products including four HDTVs ranging from 24- to 46-inch screen sizes. All four feature 1080p resolution, an Intel Atom processor, 4 HDMI and 4 USB 2.0 ports and Wi-Fi connectivity. Sony also unveiled a Google TV Blu-ray player. Android-based Google TV includes the power to search for video online and in your local programming schedule, Web browsing capability and access to third-party apps such as Netflix streaming.

By Ian Paul | 14 October, 2010 00:35

Tags: Google, consumer electronics, Home Theater, sony, high-definition, entertainment

Apple's anti-sexting patent approved

It looks like Steve Jobs' dream of family-friendly technology might just come true. On Tuesday an Apple patent for an "anti-sexting" device was approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | 14 October, 2010 00:36

Tags: wireless technology, Apple, consumer electronics, apple iphone, Phones

Security chief warns of global cyberthreat

Once hailed as an economic saviour, the Internet is now in danger of becoming a threat to the future prosperity of the UK and its allies, the head of UK security agency GCHQ Iain Lobban has said in a rare speech.

By John E Dunn | 14 October, 2010 00:44

Tags: Personal Tech, security

Tomato for Linksys, making Wi-Fi better

Gad! I complained a few weeks ago about frequent DNS lookup errors on my AT&T DSL connection. I tried using Google's DNS servers instead of AT&T's and, for a while, it looked like the problem was fixed. Alas, this was not the case …

By Mark Gibbs | 14 October, 2010 07:40

Tags: unix, Wi-Fi, Linux, Configuration / maintenance, Networking, hardware systems, wireless, operating systems, Data Center, Tomato, Google, at&t, software, non-Windows, WLANs / Wi-Fi, server

Roughly 3 out of 4 Tweets ignored

If a Tweet is posted on the Web and nobody sees it, is it worth the bother?

By Bob Brown | 14 October, 2010 02:12

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, applications, twitter, social networking, software, internet

What will Android 3.0 look like?

Android 2.2, or "Froyo," may still be in the process of rolling out to users, but Google is already hard at work on "Gingerbread," the upcoming version of the mobile operating system that most expect to be numbered 3.0.

By Katherine Noyes | 14 October, 2010 05:10

Tags: open source, Google, consumer electronics, Phones, Cell Phones, software

It's official: Windows Phone 7 will sync with Mac

After a UK exec spilled the beans, Microsoft officially announced that it will be releasing a tool to allow phones running its Windows Phone 7 software to sync some content with Apple Macintosh computers. The official announcement lacked the promise of a tweet made earlier by the exec that Microsoft was preparing a full-blown version of its Zune software for the Mac.

By John P. Mello Jr. | 14 October, 2010 07:43

Tags: Mac, Apple, consumer electronics, Microsoft, windows phone 7, Phones, desktop pcs, hardware systems

Windows Phone 7 to sync with Macs

It's not the most likely scenario, but if you own a Mac and have a Windows Phone 7 smartphone you can sync data between the two. Microsoft said in a statement to Engadget "later in 2010" Mac users will get a software tool to sync their computers with any of the Windows Phone 7 devices introduced this week."

By Daniel Ionescu | 14 October, 2010 05:36

Tags: wireless technology, Handhelds, consumer electronics, Microsoft, windows phone 7, Phones, Handhelds / PDAs

Ice balls help data center go green

Green isn't usually the first color that comes to mind when one visits the hot, dry desert climate of Phoenix, where temperatures recently topped 109 degrees. But that's exactly where I/O Data Center has opened a 180,000-square-foot commercial data center collocation facility that couples an energy-efficient design with the use of innovative green technologies. Those range from an unusual setup for its air handlers to its server-rack design.

By Robert L. Mitchell | 14 October, 2010 01:10

Tags: Green data center, environment

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