Windows Server 2003 support expiration could push sales next year

Server sales could spike with the expiration of extended support for Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 OS in July next year, a Dell executive said.

By Agam Shah | 01 August, 2014 06:36

Tags: Dell, Microsoft, hardware systems, Windows, software, intel, operating systems

NASA plans next-gen scientific tools for 2020 Mars rover

NASA has planned out the new and improved scientific instruments that will be included onboard the next robotic Mars rover. The instruments will look for signs of past life and the ability to create oxygen and rocket fuel on the Red Planet.

By Sharon Gaudin | 01 August, 2014 06:13

Tags: hardware, NASA, Emerging Technologies, hardware systems, government, Government/Industries

Attackers exploit remote access tools to compromise retail systems

Malicious hackers are using remote access tools to break into retail point-of-sale systems and plant malware on them, the Department of Homeland Security warned.

By Jaikumar Vijayan | 01 August, 2014 06:09

Tags: Cybercrime and Hacking, Department of Homeland Security, Apple, security, Microsoft, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, logmein, Malware and Vulnerabilities

US judge rules against Microsoft in email privacy case

A U.S. district court judge has ruled against Microsoft in the company's effort to oppose a U.S. government search warrant for emails stored in Ireland.

By Grant Gross | 01 August, 2014 06:03

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Civil lawsuits, internet, government, Loretta Preska, U.S. District Court for the Southern District, privacy, Preet Bharara, security, Microsoft, legal, Mail, Brad Smith

MongoDB snags key Oracle engineer

Upstart NoSQL software vendor MongoDB has snagged a key engineer from the ranks of Oracle, the company's largest competitor in the database software market.

By Joab Jackson | 01 August, 2014 05:44

Tags: business issues, personnel, applications, databases, MongoDB, Roger Bamford, software, Oracle

FTC's in-app purchasing cases ignored consumer benefits, critics say

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission failed to adequately consider the consumer benefits of easy in-app purchases in its recent complaints accusing Apple and of allowing children to buy digital products without parental permission, according to some critics of the agency.

By Grant Gross | 01 August, 2014 05:34

Tags: Mobile games, U.S. Federal Trade Commission,, International Center for Law and Economics, e-commerce, regulation, Joshua Wright, internet, mobile, Martin Gaynor, Apple, Geoffrey Manne, games, TechFreedom, James Cooper, government, David Balto

Some SAP users remain unhappy with pricier Enterprise Support

SAP is struggling to convince some customers that a pricier support service it introduced several years ago provides additional value compared to the standard support option.

By Chris Kanaracus | 01 August, 2014 04:53

Tags: SAP, software, DSAG

Twitter reports a rise in government data requests

The number of government requests worldwide seeking Twitter users' data, or the removal of content, increased during the first half of 2014.

By Zach Miners | 01 August, 2014 04:38

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, security, twitter, social networking, internet, data protection, social media, government

Report: CIA improperly accessed Senate computers

An internal CIA investigation has determined its employees improperly accessed computers used by the Senate Intelligence Committee while it was working on a report about the agency's post-9/11 detention and interrogation program, according to a report by McClatchy.

By Martyn Williams | 01 August, 2014 04:02

Tags: United States Senate, legal, government, legislation

HP gives OpenVMS new life

Hewlett-Packard has changed its direction on OpenVMS, giving the operating system -- and users -- something of a reprieve.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 01 August, 2014 03:36

Tags: HP, Architecture, software, operating systems, enterprise architecture, Hewlett-Packard

French carrier Iliad offers to buy T-Mobile US

French mobile operator Iliad has offered to buy T-Mobile US, the fourth-largest U.S. cellular carrier, in a bid that could complicated an offer reportedly in the works at Sprint.

By Stephen Lawson | 01 August, 2014 03:22

Tags: business issues, sprint, T-Mobile US, mobile, Iliad, Mergers and acquisitions

CISOs still struggle for respect from peers

Chief information security officers (CISOs) continue to have a hard time gaining the respect of other C-suite executives despite the heightened focus overall on information security.

By Jaikumar Vijayan | 01 August, 2014 02:58

Tags: ThreatTrack Security, security, Networking, CIO role, IT Leadership, IT management, Neiman Marcus, management, Target

PHP gets a formal specification, at last

Despite becoming one of the most widely used programming languages on the Web, PHP didn't have a formal specification -- until now.

By Joab Jackson | 01 August, 2014 02:56

Tags: Languages and standards, application development, software, Facebook

University researchers develop glasses-free display

Fumbling around for your near-vision glasses to read the tablet screen? University researchers may have come up with a way to alleviate that problem.

By Agam Shah | 01 August, 2014 02:53

Tags: Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Components

Qi wireless charging spec gets more flexibility with distance extension

The Qi wireless charging spec added a resonance extension to its existing induction spec, meaning enabled mobile devices can be charged more than an inch away from the pad.

By Lucas Mearian | 01 August, 2014 02:35

Tags: Motorola, galaxy, Google, Emerging Technologies, Duracell, Nokia, hardware systems

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