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By MessageLabs | 8/10/2010

Unsolicited email, or ‘spam’, is the most common internet-borne threat facing your organisation. One of the main tactics employed by spammers is the use of ‘news spam’ – emails pretending to offer information on breaking news stories or big events. Read on.

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Web Threats 2010: The Risks Ramp Up
By MessageLabs | 8/10/2010

In 2010, the threat posed by the web is sharper and more extensive than ever before. Almost any website can now host malware, or forward you to one that does. Indeed, an infection is much more likely to result from a visit to a perfectly legitimate website that has been compromised with a virus or spyware – than from one set up specifically to spread malware. Read More.

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Hidden Costs? Evaluating ‘Budget’ Email Security Solutions
By MessageLabs | 17/6/2010

For the IT Manager detailed to plan and implement an email security strategy, choosing a ‘budget’ option can ostensibly tick a lot of boxes. But how low-cost and easy to manage do these solutions actually prove to be? How does the headline cost compare with the experience they deliver? Read on to find out more.

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The legal risks of uncontrolled web use and email content
By MessageLabs | 4/6/2010

Email, a critical business tool, can lead to expensive claims for employees when misused. This summary discusses the main risks that employers face in dealing with employee use of the Internet. Protect your company - read more.

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