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Moving IT to the Cloud: How to design and deliver on-demand IT
By Thomas Dureya Logicalis | 8/12/2016

Discover the fastest and easiest way for IT to enable business productivity using cloud-based management and delivery of complete workspaces.

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Microsoft: Webjet Case Study
By Microsoft | 6/12/2016

Travel and accommodation booker Webjet has partnered with Microsoft to create a new proof of concept application that, they say, has the potential to transform the way the travel industry processes and manages online payments for hotel bookings.

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Microsoft: The Yield Case Study
By Microsoft | 5/12/2016

The Yield is an Internet of Things (IoT) AgTech product company. We use innovative IoT technology to improve yields and and reduce risks for our customers. The Yield’s solutions are powered by reliable, accurate and trusted data. We combine wireless sensor networks and localised data, then use data analytics to transform raw observations into value-adding information.

Using both mobile and web applications, we deliver solutions to customers that are tailored to address specific business problems. We take control of the whole process from providing and maintaining the sensors through to delivering stunningly simple user-interfaces.

The data is stored in a robust cloud platform using world-leading IoT standards and protocols. We use Robert Bosch, Microsoft and Intel technology in our stack. Local on-farm computing is integral to our solutions. This is intelligence at the edge.

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Embracing Digital Transformation: Experiences from Australian organisations
By Microsoft | 1/12/2016

This report is based on interviews with 30 C-suite executives, general managers and digital transformation leaders of Australian organisations. Each organisation has a relationship with Microsoft Australia as a customer, partner or developer.

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Nimble Storage Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant
By Nimble Storage | 28/11/2016

A new Gartner Magic Quadrant report shows Nimble solidly in the “Leaders” category for General Purpose Disk Arrays – in fact, Nimble is the industry leader in “Completeness of Vision”.

Download the full report and find out why Gartner is so positive about Nimble’s vision and execution. You will learn:

· Gartner’s opinion about the 3 key attributes upon which Nimble’s success is based

· What Gartner has to say about Nimble’s InfoSight Predictive Analytics capabilities

· Gartner’s assessment of the overall strengths of Nimble’s Flash offerings

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Nimble Storage Labs: Can Machine Learning Prevent Application Downtime?
By Nimble Storage | 28/11/2016

Business users expect immediate access to data, all the time and without interruption. But reality does not always meet expectations. IT leaders must constantly perform intricate forensic work to unravel the maze of issues that impact data delivery to applications. This performance gap between the data and the application creates a bottleneck that impacts productivity and ultimately damages a business’ ability to operate effectively. We term this the “app-data gap”.

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Nimble Storage Labs: Mapping the Demands of Real-World Apps — One IO at a Time
By Nimble Storage | 28/11/2016

Anyone who has purchased hardware for business applications knows that determining the needs of a deployment can be a complex process. While different applications are known to have different needs, even deployments of the same application can differ from one another, making the standardization of benchmarks difficult. There are more benchmarking tools and guidelines continue today than ever before, some of them directly contradictory.

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ESG Solution Showcase: Machine Learning Delivers Better IT Insights
By Nimble Storage | 28/11/2016

The performance of enterprise applications will have a direct impact on business activities and outcomes. The quality of the delivery of applications will depend on how smoothly the underlying data infrastructure operates. Common issues include:

• Optimal application performance and delivery is difficult to achieve in complex environments.

• Many IT infrastructure and operations teams are stretched to the breaking point.

• Predictive analytics and machine learning can be applied to great effect.

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The Rise of ‘Data and Analytics’ Roles Points to Digital Business Transformation
By Gartner | 25/11/2016

Gartner clients are creating new roles, job titles and duties referring to “data and analytics,” a shift in wording that reflects the wider transformation to data-driven digital business. The leaders of this transformation are new data executives, especially chief data officers.

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Why Cloud Computing is the Future
By MYOB | 17/11/2016

We are in the midst of a radical change in technology preferences. IDC, a premier global provider of market intelligence, wrote that “Cloud Apps are key to supporting growth of small and medium businesses.”

In this guide, we discuss why businesses are making a shift to cloud applications and in particular cloud ERP solutions. We look at the research demonstrating the profitability and productivity improvements the cloud movement is driving.

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