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Case Study: Crazy John’s - Fulfil their Speedy Expansion Plan
By Sword Ciboodle | 11/4/2011
Read here how Crazy John’s chose Sword Ciboodle to provide their contact centre and retail stores with a comprehensive and consistent view of all customer information across all service channels. Integration to more than 25 backend systems provide real-time payment processing at point of sale, and fully leverage existing technology investment. Operational dashboards optimise business decision making capability, giving management a dependable view of actual as well as pipeline sales. Driven by Sword Ciboodle’s agility, Crazy John’s can now add new mobile virtual network operator partners and uniquely branded and bundled product suites. Read on.
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Microsoft Office 2010 upgrades: Four pitfalls to avoid
By IDG Communications | 21/1/2011
From training worries to compatibility woes, fears of business disruption can spread when IT announces a Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade. Here's how IT can steer clear of four big upgrade mistakes. Read on.
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Management Excellence: Leveraging Technology and Techniques
By Oracle | 15/12/2010
This white paper describes the techniques and technologies that organizations should master on their way to management excellence.
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Computerworld On-Demand Webcast | Winning and retaining customers through better web application performance
By CA Technologies | 19/3/2010
Customer acquisition and retention is key to business survival, and with today's web-savvy consumers and business users, nowhere is the difference between good and bad service more keenly apparent than online. Protect revenue and accelerate growth - learn how to offer visitors a superior web experience.
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Maximising customer capital
By Gen-i Australia | 10/3/2010
Maximising customer capital means making the most of each customer interaction by creating better interfaces with your customers and, more importantly, establishing the right interface for each kind of customer. Get closer to customers - read more.
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Connect and Empower Mobile Salespeople
By Oracle | 18/9/2009
New technologies can help salespeople on the road be more effective, better manage customer relationships, and close more deals. Want to know more? Download this free white paper now.
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Differentiate Your Company with Complete CRM
By Oracle | 18/9/2009
This white paper expands on the idea of Complete CRM – how businesses can better engage customers and users, manage customer transactions, and analyse results to adapt and take advantage of changing circumstances. Realise greater value from CRM, read more.
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Evaluating CRM Solutions: Six Ways "The Oracle Advantage" Benefits Your Organisation
By Oracle | 18/9/2009
The best CRM evaluations are conducted by analysing a combination of vendor criteria in addition to assessing product features and functionality. This white paper summarises the key questions every organisation should ask of a vendor. Read on now.
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