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How to ensure quick, secure transfer of patient’s medical data
By Extreme Networks | 10/11/2015

There has been a decade of dynamic growth in the amount of computer equipment in hospitals today due to the rapid development of medical imaging technologies. This case study looks at how Central Clinical Hospital was able to create an efficient, reliable and robust network infrastructure to ensure timely data transmission between medical equipment.

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Application intelligence and control for healthcare
By Extreme Networks | 9/11/2015

Hospitals of the future will have a heavier reliance on intelligence from real-time healthcare applications and connected devices to improve workflow, safety and costs. Find out hospitals can become more cost efficient and improve patient safety through a solid networking infrastructure.

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IoT and medical device safety for healthcare
By Extreme Networks | 9/11/2015

The rapid adoption of Wi-Fi by medical device manufacturers has meant means that the hospital IT departments now have to support more equpiment than ever before on their wireless local area networks. Find out in this whitepaper the risks associated with this transition and how you can prevent bottlenecks at Wi-Fi access points.

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Clinical grade BYOD for healthcare
By Extreme Networks | 9/11/2015

Majority of hospitals are moving towards new electronic medical records systems to provide more accurate information to caregivers and patients. This whitepaper looks at the critical technology issues for hospitals with BYOD policies and how to resolve them.

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F5 Solution Supports Critical Applications, Enhances Patient Care
By F5 Networks | 16/7/2014

A healthcare organization’s small application management staff must ensure high availability and fast delivery of thousands of critical administrative and clinical applications. See what they did to meet those goals.

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Molina Healthcare Ramps Up Fast for Claims Processing Spikes with Vblock
By VCE | 19/5/2014

Read about how Molina Healthcare managed to increase application performance and speed provisioning while reducing data centre footprint by implementing agile infrastructure to meet increased demand for services.

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Reducing Telephony Costs in Healthcare
By Idvio | 19/2/2014

Learn how a not-for-profit national New Zealand health service employed a Unified Communication (UC) solution to achieve the more responsive, flexible telephony that’s critical for patients and nursing, along with greater visibility, and at least 30% annual savings.

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Solving Desktop Management Problems
By AppSense | 4/2/2014

This infographic details the effects a new operating system that has solved desktop problems for more than 700,000 healthcare professionals, 1.8 million financial service users, 250,000 education users, over 300,000 pharmaceutical users and 1.7 million public sector users on more than 6 million end points.

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Riverview Hospital Improves Patient Experience
By Pure Storage | 10/12/2013

To support its team of 300 physicians and 20 offsite facilities, the technical staff of Riverview Hospital in Noblesville, Indiana, require a performance-focused infrastructure for its electronic health records. The speed at which doctors can retrieve patient data is determined by the response times of this server and the performance of its database. In this casestudy, we look at how its caregivers can spend more time with their patients rather than an application.

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St. Vincent’s Hospital - Finding Visibility, Flexibility and Control
By FiberLink | 11/6/2013

St. Vincent’s Hospital in Australia offers best-in-class services, facilities, and expertise, along with educational opportunities to the residents of the greater Sydney area and NSW. They faced a challenge of meeting the demand to deliver Apps on mobile devices while maintaining the security of patient data. Download now to find out the solution they deployed.

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