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The TCO and Security of Enterprise Grade Mobility
By BlackBerry | 8/4/2013
In this whitepaper, Strategy Analytics present the findings of extensive research into the total cost of ownership (TCO) and security across major mobile platforms. Find out about the challenges companies are encountering in the face of the four Cs: Compliance, Control, Cost and Consumerisation. Click to download.
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Can Your Business Intelligence Environment Handle Data Growth?
By Information Builders | 21/8/2012
This white paper will highlight WebFOCUS Hyperstage, an effective and economical way for users of Information Builders’ WebFOCUS BI platform to achieve outstanding reporting and analytic performance – even in the face of expanding data volumes. Hyperstage is a query-optimized data store, embedded directly into the WebFOCUS environment. Read on.
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By Shoretel | 1/2/2011
This white paper is to present and discuss the ShoreTel TCO Tool—an analytical method that informs and accelerates the technology evaluation process by calculating and comparing the TCO of available IP-based UC systems.
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Data Centre Physical Infrastructure: Optimizing Business Value
By APC | 24/11/2010
Agility, or business flexibilty, and low cost TCO have become equally important to companies that will succeed in a changing global marketplace. Read on.
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Ballarat Health Services slashes printing costs with HP
By HP | 8/10/2010
The industry is healthcare | The challenge Challenge was to reduce overall printing and copying costs and increase use of digital document distribution - see how ballarat health services found the solution click here today to learn more.
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White Paper: “Working Outside the IT Service Desk Box”
By Numara | 15/9/2010
Strategies for Streamlining Processes and Lowering TCO by Leveraging a Flexible IT Service Management Solution. The economy is slowly improving, but IT professionals are still living in a world of constrained budgets, coupled with high expectations from increasingly tech-savvy end-users. Read on.
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White Paper: "Fighting Back - Reducing Total Cost of Ownership"
By Numara | 15/9/2010
This White Paper looks in detail at TCO in relation to service desks and managing the IT infrastructure. It highlights findings from independent market research undertaken by Dynamic Markets in 2009 entitled: “Flexible Service Desks” which digs into the real TCO and more recently research completed in 2010: “The Rebirth of the IT Budget”. The paper also references industry research published by Gartner Group and Forrester Research.
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