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Symantec. Web®
By Symantec | 14/10/2014
Businesses have to adopt web usage policies to maximise productivity, limit data loss and minimise legal risks. This datasheet outlines how and why new approaches should be simplified for greater effectiveness. • Attackers are primarily using websites to deliver viruses and spyware, new approaches are needed • Why you need a modern integrated management tool to protect all your web based applications • How mutli-layer security and url filtering contributes to maximum safety
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Infographic: Phishing. Who’s being targeted?
By Symantec | 14/10/2014
Targeted phishing attacks are affecting the security in businesses of all sizes. This helpful infographic shows who’s at risk, why data breaches are growing and the layers of defence you can have. • 1 in 2 phishing attacks have been targeted at large enterprises • Attacks on businesses with 1 to 250 employees have increased in the last two years • Most mobile vulnerabilities are on the Apple iOS platform
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Security 101
By F5 Networks | 11/7/2014
Security 101: Industry experts have long debated which is a better defense mechanism in defending against Internet based attacks: a web application firewall (WAF) or an intrusion detection or prevention system (IDS/IPS),we define the differences. Read More
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5 Keys to Preventing Advanced Attacks
By Palo Alto Networks | 14/11/2013
It is no secret that modern information-based attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and common, and these advanced threats present one of the most important challenges facing network security teams today. In this whitepaper, we look at some of the most important criteria to consider when architecting your defences against advanced attacks and modern malware.
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