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Effective and Painless Multi-Factor Authentication
By EMC | 9/11/2011
There is a new, multifactor authentication approach that not only strengthens identity authentication but does so in a way that does not introduce the burdensome cost, user inconvenience, and administrative complexity that have limited the adoption of multi-factor authentication by small and mid-sized businesses.
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How to Manage the Data Center Power Problem
By Avocent | 20/6/2011
It wasn’t that long ago that IT organizations hardly gave power a thought. But these days power is a problem. Most data centers consume too much of it — at least 10 times more per square foot than the average office building, and sometimes far more than that. What that means is companies spend roughly double the cost of running IT equipment on cooling and infrastructure. IT equipment is the single largest consumer of data center energy, so reducing the amount of equipment in your data center will certainly reduce energy costs. To keep up, companies must be able to manage and measure power consumption just as they do most every other aspect of IT. Read on.
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