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Australian security executives quietly concerned about endpoint protection strategy
By Webroot | 29/10/2015

Endpoint security has been recognised by most companies as being a crucial component of corporate defence against security breaches. Find out why despite being confident in their existing protection strategy, most Australian companies have acknowledged there is still room for improvement.

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What solutions are Australian companies using to secure network endpoints?
By Webroot | 29/10/2015

Almost 50% of Australian security executives are concerned about the current state of their company’s security in dealing with advanced attacks. Find out in this infographic the survey results of how respondents feel about dealing with security breaches effectively.

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Advanced endpoint protection for dummies
By Palo Alto Networks | 26/10/2015

Cyberattacks have evolved to become much more complex, however the core techniques employed by malware are usually recycled and largely unchanged.

Find out how these targeted attacks affect companies in real world cases and why legacy solutions that focus on detection are insufficient to protect secure enterprise data. Included are also 10 preventative measures you can take to prevent a corporate security breach.

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Taking Managed Security Services to the Next Level
By Webroot | 7/1/2014

In this white paper, we will outline the changing landscape of security; the importance of a high-security posture; the elements of effective Web, endpoint, user and mobile protection; and the ways in which Webroot helps partners increase the value and profitability of their security practices.

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