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Achieving agile IT operations with unified infrastructure monitoring
By CA Pacific | 1/12/2015

Many organisations have their IT department divided into subgroups of specialists responsible for managing a particular component in the business. Enterprises are now recognising the limitations of this approach and are converting to a more agile method to delivering new services and revenue generating applications.

This whitepaper looks at the benefits of unified monitoring and how it can help companies to reduce operational costs and complexity in an enterprise data centre.

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TCO analysis of a traditional data centre vs a prefabricated data centre
By APC Schneider | 29/10/2015

The modular nature of a prefabricated data centre enables scaling catering to the right volume of workload for the date centre resulting in TCO savings of 30% when compared to a traditional data centre. Find out how these 2 different types of data centre perform against one another.

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Choosing between direct and indirect air economisation for data centres
By APC Schneider | 29/10/2015

Survey results show that data centres running in economiser mode saves an average of 20% in terms of money, energy and carbon footprint compared to those that don’t. Find out in this whitepaper what are the pros and cons of selecting a direct or indirect air economiser mode and which option is a better fit for your business needs.

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