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A blended future: The changing mix of IT service delivery and consumption
By EMC | 6/6/2014
This whitepaper includes detailed analysis following a global survey of IT executives, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The results confirm the need for a changing mix in how IT services are delivered and consumed, and is expected to continue over the next three years.
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Unified Monitoring™ A Business Perspective
By Nimsoft | 8/5/2012
The enterprise computing landscape has changed dramatically. Virtualisation, outsourcing, SaaS, and cloud computing are creating fundamental changes, and ushering in an era in which enterprises distribute increasingly critical IT assets and applications across multiple service providers.This paper explores today’s computing trends and their monitoring implications in detail. In addition, it reveals how a new monitoring paradigm architecture, that uniquely addresses the monitoring realities of today’s and tomorrow’s enterprises—whether they rely on internal platforms, external service providers, or a combination of both.
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Case Study: A Strong Focus on Business Process Flow and Workload Optimisation
By IBM | 12/1/2011
This case study describes the challenges Swiss Re faced as it sought to drive down its heterogeneous systems computing costs. We show how Swiss Re plans to greatly reduce computing costs by uniting its infrastructure and management environment, and by focusing on assigning workloads to best-fit systems.
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The Four Pillar Strategy for Next Generation Data Centers
By Extreme Networks | 10/9/2010
Enterprises today are taking advantage of the changes in incremental steps, in essence migrating from a purely physical infrastructure to a highly efficient virtualized infrastructure and potentially to a fully enabled cloud environment. Read on.
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