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Big Data analytics for product performance intelligence helps manufacturers save millions
By Cloudera | 27/1/2016

Supply chain quality has been the holy grail of manufacturing as issues in this area would impact the customer's experience and create negative repercussions for a company's bottom line. Find out how the enterprise data hub helped an organisation save $15-25 million based on its ability to identify and address supply chain issues in near real time.

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Reduce insurance fraud and dramatically improve time to access claim data
By Cloudera | 27/1/2016

With fraud costing the property and casualty industry $30 billion each year in the US alone, reducing fraud opportunities will contribute to a company's bottom line immediately and reduce risk exposure. Find out in this case study how a company is able to have real time access to 60 plus years of adjuster claim notes data and how they were able to enhance their warehouse environment.

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MDM eBook
By Tibco | 12/9/2014

Cultivating customer loyalty today is more challenging than in the past. This paper explains why creating closer customer relationships depends on master data management.

• Customers today expect all of your attention, instant access to information, and a uniform brand experience • If you can get fast access to data and respond quickly and correctly, results can include closer customer relationships and fierce loyalty • With MDM, an organization that lacked a single trusted view can instantly respond in real time, take advantage of opportunities, avert problems before they escalate

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