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Advanced endpoint protection for dummies
By Palo Alto Networks | 26/10/2015

Cyberattacks have evolved to become much more complex, however the core techniques employed by malware are usually recycled and largely unchanged.

Find out how these targeted attacks affect companies in real world cases and why legacy solutions that focus on detection are insufficient to protect secure enterprise data. Included are also 10 preventative measures you can take to prevent a corporate security breach.

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The definitive guide for evaluating cybersecurity solutions
By Palo Alto Networks | 26/10/2015

Cyber criminals today are deploying sophisticated attacks on enterprises making the role of security professionals much more complex than ever before. Find out the 10 requirements your cybersecurity solution must meet to ensure secure application enablement at every location and how you should widen your RFP selection criteria when choosing a security provider.

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The rising tide of DNS threats
By Infoblox | 19/10/2015

The dramatic increase in DNS and DDoS attacks in the past five years has resulted in loss of business revenue and brand equity for many companies. This infographic gives insights on the effects of these increasing attacks and looks at industries that are most commonly affected by these threats.

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Designing a secure DNS architecture
By Infoblox | 19/10/2015

With globalisation growing, an inefficient DNS system that fails to support the influx of online visitors can be detrimental to business operations, revenue and online reputation. Find out what you must know to design a scalable and secure DNS architecture that not only satisfies your current business needs but also takes into account future expansion plans.

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2015 Remote support trends
By LogMeIn | 13/10/2015

Remote support solutions today comprises more than remote control for PCs. With globalisation of companies, the workforce is now more mobile than ever which translates to an increased variety of devices being used.

This whitepaper looks at results from a 2015 survey showing trends of this market, showing more than 70% of surveyed businesses are adopting a remote support solution and nearly 50% have allocated budgets for this purpose in the next financial year.

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Discover the workplace of the future, today
By Readify | 30/9/2015

Cloud, identity management and enterprise mobility technologies can provide significant benefits for business efficiency and promote a collaborative workforce. However, it can often result in conflicts of interests between business heads and IT leaders, both who have different concerns and expectations on how to implement these solutions to benefit the company.

This whitepaper looks at how a collaborative approach can benefit both IT and business stakeholders, resulting in increased business flexibility and security. Included in this whitepaper are also 5 step by step considerations for both business and IT leaders to reap the benefits of these platforms by adopting synergistic strategies.

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Security in a world with no perimeters
By Logicalis & Cisco | 4/9/2015

This practical “how to” guide looks at the fundamentals of securing an enterprise, when the traditional concept of having a perimeter to defend is rapidly losing all relevance. As well as proposing a flexible business-centric security architecture that takes a new approach to securing the enterprise, this guide takes a practical process that applies to organisations of any size.

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2015 Cost of data breach study: impact of business continuity management
By IBM Australia | 19/8/2015

This global study involving 350 companies in 16 industry sectors looks at the impact of data breaches and trends. The results from this annual research give insight and a better understanding of the factors that can minimise the financial consequences of a data breach, as well as the positive impact a business continuity management (BCM) program can have on the financial and reputational consequences of breaches.

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The good shepherd model for cybersecurity
By Nuix | 5/8/2015

This whitepaper will focus on how and why Australian public service must adopt the information security disciplines to locate important data, understand what it’s worth and make sure it’s protected. The paper will examine how government agencies can reduce the extent and damage of cyber security breaches by becoming ‘good shepherds’ of their data.

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The business case for protecting against advanced attacks: Demonstrating ROI to non-technical executives
By FireEye | 10/7/2015

This whitepaper looks at how to demonstrate the potential return on investment (ROI) of an enterprise-class advanced security solution to non-technical executives with a with a checklist of the key points you need to emphasise for a positive outcome. Your executives need to know the challenges you face and the risk if you don’t find solutions.

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