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Sharpening your competitive edge with B2B Managed Services
By OpenText | 10/8/2015

The ability to maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace is often driven by a company’s ability to match IT capabilities with its business strategy and processes. The potential benefits of B2B e-commerce solutions to increase the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of operations and improve visibility in the supply chain are well known, but many companies struggle to achieve them. This white paper shows how B2B managed services can improve the capabilities of your business and helps you ask the right questions and understand the answers when choosing a services provider.

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20 Questions for all-flash array success
By EMC Corporation | 24/6/2015

This whitepaper covers the 20 simple questions you must ask about all-flash arrays that will set you up for success in your data centre roll-out. These questions will help you cover your bases when choosing a solution, looking at everything from design and efficiency to customer service.

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Redefine flash: The 15 minute guide
By EMC Corporation | 24/6/2015

Opportunities to truly innovate are rare. Yet today, flash technology has created the opportunity to not only deliver massive I/O performance, but to transform ease-of-use, array capabilities, and business value. This whitepaper is a quick and concise guide to show how you can use all-flash storage to benefit your business.

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Data centre downtime: risk and cost avoidance through service
By Eaton | 23/6/2015

An effective preventive maintenance strategy can be one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to ensure the ongoing health of both your critical equipment and overall business. Find out the most common causes of UPS failure, how regular maintenance practices so dramatically improve UPS reliability and performance, and the 10 elements an effective UPS maintenance plan should include.

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How power, growth and cost will change data centers
By Eaton | 23/6/2015

This whitepaper looks at how huge energy consumption, enormous economic and internet usage growth, coupled with steadily rising energy costs are changing the way data centre operators and customers operate in APAC. Find out: how the rising cost of energy prices are being exposed as a leading driver for more efficient data centres, the risks of the growing gap in two-speed markets and what the future holds for data centre growth in the region.

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6 Tips for building a future-ready infrastructure
By Dell | 16/6/2015

Big data, mobility, compute-intensive apps, virtualisation, and cloud computing tax enterprise servers and swiftly changed the face of enterprise IT. This guide prepares decision-makers to choose servers that meet their current needs, while building a flexible, reliable and scalable infrastructure, survive a constantly evolving IT infrastructure environment and explains the 6 factors they must keep in mind to handle future requirements.

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Are you getting the most from your hybrid IT environment?
By IBM Australia | 15/6/2015

This infographic looks at how to organisations are overcoming the challenges associated with hybrid computing and summarizes the results found in the research paper “Optimized Sourcing in Hybrid Environments.”

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Backup and Recovery Best Practices with CommVault Simpana Software
By Tintri | 2/1/2015

Tintri VMstores with CommVault Simpana software solution is a strong combination for providing data protection of virtual machines locally and remotely. CommVault Simpana deduplication solution is very efficient and only stores unique changed block for backups. Tintri VMstores are designed, from the ground up, for hosting virtual machines. In addition, SnapVM, CloneVM, and ReplicateVM can ensure that virtual machines and application servers are protected locally and across data centers.

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Grow your analytics maturity
By Tibco | 12/9/2014

This paper explains why, with big data, it’s not about the type, amount or speed of data, but rather what we do with that data and the speed at which we do it.

• Business intelligence reports and dashboards simply won’t give you with the level of detail and agility you need • Analytics can help gain a competitive advantage, but developing analytics maturity will help sustain that • This paper walks through each step of the analytics maturity journey, providing insights into the capabilities and tools to consider

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Continous application availability with EMC VPLEX
By EMC Corporation | 8/9/2014

A growing number of organisations are using off the shelf technologies to stretch application processing and data access for continuous application and availability. This paper describes how deployment models for applications work.

Enterprises are consolidating high availability and data recovery practices and technologies to achieve continuous availability that provides users with uninterrupted access to data and applications

The right solution provides data coherency across distance for simultaneous access to the same data in multiple locations

Organisations need to be able to trust that the data and applications it depends on will continues to be available and operate, through both planned and unplanned outages

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