Building a Server with FreeBSD 7

A few free chapters available

No Starch Press has released Building a Server with FreeBSD 7 which aims to be a modular guide to building a FreeBSD server with step-by-step directions for installation and configuration.

The book is designed to make it easy for users to choose the packages that they need when installing FreeBSD 7.

Pitched at the "do-it-yourself crowd" the book covers how to build a server quickly using the ports (package) collection, with a focus on the most popular and useful ones.

Each package is treated as an independent project (and given a difficulty rating), so readers can dip into the book at any point to install the packages they need.

The book's modules cover topics like running common FreeBSD administration commands and tasks; managing the FreeBSD ports collection; installing third-party apps like Apache, Courier-IMAP, SpamAssassin, CUPS, Cyrus SASL, MediaWiki, and WordPress; and Setting up MySQL, NTP, ISC DHCP, ISC BIND DNS, PHP, OpenLDAP, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, and OpenVPN.

User management, backups, and network protocols are also covered.

Author: Bryan Hong
Pages: 288 pp
ISBN: 9781593271459
Price: $US34.95

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