Apple's little secret: in-house POS software for its stores

Availability of product remains a mystery

Amid all the fanfare of the unveiling of Apple's bricks-and-glass store in Sydney, the first in Australia, one interesting aspect of the shop front was being well hidden by company - the Apple Store is running Apple's own in-house point-of-sale system to count the money.

On the ground floor, to the right of the store as you walk in, Apple has set up two iMac computers running Apple Point of Sale with EFTPOS merchant terminals by their sides.

Apple has always been one to want to eat its own dog food, even if that means competing with established ISVs or, in the case of Apple Stores, retail partners.

I asked one of the friendly retail staff whether the POS software was available as an after-market product.

When the retail employee didn't know the answer, someone from Apple corporate was rushed to the scene.

So I asked exactly the same question - does Apple offer this POS software as a product to the market?

The response? A cold: "We don't talk about the operation of the Apple Store, in fact, I'd prefer if you didn't film any of this."

There you have it. It must be fairly secretive if Apple doesn't want people who aren't even holding a camera to film its POS system.

As it turns out, Apple does offer retail customers a POS package, but it is unclear whether the in-house software is offered to the market the same way a product like MYOB's Checkout 2.0 POS for Mac is.

Apple's in-house POS software may be exclusive to Apple stores, but don't expect Apple to be too forthcoming about the product's future alongside its multimedia software.

Let's hope Apple is ready to shed some light on its POS software, it would be one great TechWorld scoop.

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