Air traffic network glitch cleared-up for now

US FAA says flights no longer delayed because of network problem.

As of this morning, the Federal Aviation Administration said flights around the country were no longer being delayed after a massive communications malfunction Tuesday.

A network failure at a Georgia facility is being blamed for multiple flight delays across the United States yesterday, including flights departing from major Northeastern cities such as Boston, Atlanta and Washington, DC.

FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen told the Associated Press that there are currently no safety issues and that airport officials have been able to maintain contact with pilots both on the ground and in the air.

The FAA estimates that roughly 650 flights experienced delays as a result of the computer glitch. The FAA announced late yesterday that the glitch, which appears to have been a software problem, had been fixed and that the Georgia facility is fully operational today. While most flights are now running on schedule, the FAA says flights departing from Atlanta may still experience some delays today.

The FAA says the facility in Georgia is primarily responsible for processing flight plans for the eastern half of the United States and that the problems were being caused by a communication failure between the Georgia facility and a similar processing facility in Utah.

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