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Latest software release makes SOE creation a DRAG and Drop

SOE Software Pty Limited today announces their latest release of SOE Framework software.
  • 22 October, 2008 06:30

<p>Development and maintenance of an SOE (Standard Operating Environment) has long been considered a complex, time consuming and a highly specialised task. Yet, research indicates, that the benefits of standardising software deployed by mid and enterprise sized organisations is, potentially, the greatest contributors to reducing the total cost of IT support and the incidence of problems among computer users.</p>
<p>The SOE Framework takes both the creation and ongoing management of an SOE to a new level, allowing organisations to create a complete, deployable SOE from a library of packaged applications in minutes alleviating high end tasks from IT departments’ daily tasks and allowing time pressured personnel to deal with more strategic pain points.</p>
<p>The introduction to the market of the SOE Framework now allows organisations to relatively easily implement SOE modifications. IT personnel can now eliminate exhaustive and time consuming queuing change requests for application changes, updating drivers or migrating operating environments.</p>
<p>Mundane common tasks associated with creating, deploying and maintaining an SOE are now included in SOEsofts latest release of the SOE Framework. In its simplest mode of operation, an SOE can now be created by supplying as little as a server name, a set of credentials, Company Name, and Windows License key. For larger, more complex scenarios, the SOE Framework allows the benefits of standardisation with a minimum of extra effort, where prior, the number of necessary variants to an SOE has previously precluded effective adoption of the concept.</p>
<p>This latest technological breakthrough will enable organisations to ensure compliance with organisational software standards, keep abreast of technology improvements, decrease the number of software related problems, decrease interruptions to business processes and assist in increased productivity.</p>
<p>The SOE Framework may be used independently or as part of the integrated RDMC (Remote Desktop Management Centre) systems management software package developed by SOE Software to combine inbuilt support for maintaining and updating SOEs with enterprise management capabilities into a single offering.</p>
<p>About SOE Software
SOE Software ( provides solutions to identify control and manage IT assets of mid sized and enterprise organisations through the implementation of standard operating environments and remote desktop management systems</p>
<p>The utilisation of software tools and specialist consulting services to design, develop and support customer installations by using its flagship product, RDMC, has proven that SOEs can be efficiently and effectively deployed to reduce the technology lifecycle costs for both mid and enterprise sized organisations.</p>

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