Do you text during sex?

Is that your phone vibrating, or did you go shopping at Toys in Babeland?

This one surveyed more than 2200 adults and found that mobile phones and the Internet actually help to keep families connected. More than a third of families surf together, sharing things they found online. Adults spend less time watching TV and communicate more often with their kids than they used to, particularly by mobile. One out of four adults say technology has brought them closer to their families today than they were when they were kids.

I can attest to this personally. In my family, my wife and the two niblets are at least as geeky as I am. You can often find all four of us at home, sitting in front of our respective screens and Skyping each other. (As you might guess, we tend to abuse the 'mooning' emoticon.) When we're not all in the same building, we're usually texting.

You want evidence of a culture going rotten, try American Idol or Flavor of Love.

But if you must use your mobile at all times, please try to wait until you're parked – at the curb, on the tarmac, or in an easy chair. I wouldn't want you to sprain something.

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