World without Linux

An insight into a world without Linux...

One of the demonstrators, a developer named Eric S. Raymond, said that "What we really need is a free software operating system. That way one company doesn't hold all the keys to the kingdom of development. GNU/HURD will be it someday, but there's never been a single leader to set the example, lead the way, and write the code. Microsoft is an evil empire, but there's no longer a rebel base."

While Microsoft may not really be an evil empire, it is true that other operating systems have fallen by the wayside. Solaris from Sun still hangs on a niche operating system for storage systems. IBM, once the colossus of the computing world is now a shadow of its former self. Indeed, last month IBM finally gave up on its mainframe business, its CEO Louis V. Gerstner III, said that, "We've seen the handwriting on the wall, no one wants mainframes now."

Even Apple, defiant to the end with its .01 percent of the market, with its Mac OS 10, is having trouble. CEO Gil Amelio admits that he had toyed with the idea of reinventing Mac OS on BSD Unix, but "without a large community of free software developers, what was the point? Without a steady stream of applications, we were better off sticking with the classic operating system."

In other news of the day, brilliant Finnish engineer Linus Torvalds announced that the first flight of the Euro Union Lunar Shuttle was a success.

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