Psychic predictions for tech in 2009

Countless people are trying to predict what 2009 could hold for the world of technology. Of course, it's all just guesswork -- these pundits aren't working with a crystal ball. So we decided to find someone who was.

On Spam

o SPAMfighter's Martin Thornberg: The solution's not quite in sight. "Spam's penetration of the Internet globally is still below 22 percent, so there are bound to be many new targets for spammers in 2009 and beyond."

o Psychic Celia: Get ready for lots of junk mail, but maybe some relief a couple of years down the road. "I see in 24 months, it will start changing and will slow down."

o Psychic Shaun: A new agency will pop up to oversee spam and find a solution. "We have the FDIC on the bank. We're going to have that kind of company as far as the computer's concerned."

They'll just have to be careful what they call that group. The Federal Union for Communication Control might pose problems when it comes to a logo.

Acronym issues aside, we did it -- the future's been told. Well, maybe. I'll leave that up to you to decide. If you feel like your brain needs to be cleansed with some more scientific tech predictions, skip over to this page for a slightly less speculative approach.

As far as this story goes, the crystal ball showed one other strange prediction: that I would end the piece with an obvious and uninventive joke. A mildly amusing attempt at humor? Me? Oh, come on -- like they'd know. What do these people think they are, psychics or something?

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