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Economic downturn drives online marketing attitudes

New WebTrends research says Australian businesses understand the need for better analysis tools to drive sales in tough economic times
  • 09 February, 2009 12:28

<p>SYDNEY, Australia – 9 February 2009 – WebTrends, the leading provider of web analytics and online marketing solutions, today released the findings of its 2009 analytics survey. The in-depth report, Analysis V Action, has found that 48 percent of Australian businesses surveyed consider internet marketing a key component to overcoming the challenges faced by the economic downturn. The report also finds that 68 percent of Australian respondents believe that more sophisticated web analysis would boost online sales.</p>
<p>“The Australian market is incredibly switched on when it comes to web analytics,” says Mark Allison, Territory Manager for WebTrends, Australasia. “Australian businesses are very aware of the need to spend less time looking at their online data and more time putting their analytics into practice. From our experience, businesses that use sophisticated analytics to influence their online marketing strategies achieve greater success than other online businesses.</p>
<p>Delving into the minds of Australian businesses, the report shows how they are keen to better interact with their customers through online channels, including online advertising. Australian internet advertising will see increases of up to 9.7 per cent, according to a recent report by Aegis Media. The WebTrends survey shows that 67 percent of Australian businesses believe that online advertising is important in generating visits to a website, an attitude that correlates with the expected growth in internet advertising.</p>
<p>“Australian businesses appreciate the importance of cultivating meaningful online relationships with their customers. They are willing to try new tactics, explore new opportunities with online advertising and are driving the uptake of highly-developed online strategies to engage and understand their customers,” says Allison.</p>
<p>Getting to know you</p>
<p>Only 41 percent of Australian businesses involved in the survey say they struggle to understand their web-based audience and are not effectively capitalising on internet sales opportunities because of it.</p>
<p>76 percent of Australian businesses surveyed place a high importance on the analysis of data generated by their website or online marketing activity to aid better business decisions.</p>
<p>Counting the dollars</p>
<p>The results of the survey say that 48 percent of Australian businesses agree that internet marketing is considered a way to overcome challenges presented by the current economic downturn. However, according to the survey, Australian respondents see internet marketing posing a higher risk than traditional marketing, as the outcomes are harder to predict and there is a higher chance of failure.</p>
<p>The survey found that Australian businesses invest 20 percent of their yearly marketing budget on internet-based marketing and 66 percent of Australian respondents are satisfied with the return on investment from their online marketing.</p>
<p>Moving online</p>
<p>The survey found that 56 percent of Australian businesses rate online advertising as important or very important in helping drive e-commerce sales.</p>
<p>In addition to the importance of online advertising, 57 percent of Australian respondents say they conduct diligent research into publications and websites to ensure that their online advertising is reaching the appropriate audience. Furthermore, 54 percent of respondents answered that they ensure real-time analysis of click through rates from web links to the desired destination.</p>
<p>Demonstrating their willingness to put analysis into action, 41 percent of Australian businesses surveyed allow for dynamic content in their advertisements that can be changed based on the activity of the respondents.</p>
<p>Jumping into action</p>
<p>According to the research, 68 percent of Australian businesses capture online data, with 54 percent of businesses modifying their website as a result of traffic analysis and 52 percent modifying e-marketing content as a result of user analysis.</p>
<p>50 percent of Australian businesses say they change their business practices based on the analysis of internet data.</p>
<p>However, the typical barriers to changing from business analysis to business action cited by Australian respondents are; lengthy process or bureaucracy, financial constraints and lack of knowledge and expertise.</p>
<p>Bridging the knowledge gap</p>
<p>When asked to identify the areas where more help was needed to improve the way that internet data was analysed and applied, 58 percent of Australian respondents stated that they need more knowledgeable staff, training and awareness.</p>
<p>However, only 28 percent of Australian businesses outsource the gathering and analysis of internet data.</p>
<p>From analysis to action</p>
<p>“With consumer behaviour altering so drastically in these economic times, Australian businesses need to make more informed decisions about how and where to spend their marketing dollars,” says Allison.</p>
<p>“This report shows how Australian businesses are acting on their analytics data, creating and implementing strategies that keep them ahead of the curve and most effectively reach their customers. With the right integration of analysis and action there are clear opportunities for internet businesses to flourish even in tough economic times.”</p>
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<p>About WebTrends Analysis &amp; Action Research
Findings from the WebTrends Analysis &amp; Action Research are based on 300 interviews with online marketing managers in businesses with more than 250 employees. 50 interviews were conducted by telephone in each of UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Australia. All respondents in the survey rely upon internet marketing to either sell directly to customer via e-commerce (40 percent) or engage them with sales and marketing activity. The research was commissioned by WebTrends and conducted by Loudhouse, an independent research consultancy based in the UK.</p>
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