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Nortel Enhances Carrier Voice and Multimedia Portfolio with More Than 50 New Features

Nortel has enhanced its Communications Server (CS) 2000 with more than 50 new features to help service providers improve communications through cost-saving, flexible services which power additional mobility, collaboration and productivity.
  • 13 February, 2009 15:07

<p>With more than 50 new features in the latest release of its Communication Server (CS) 2000, Nortel* [TSX: NT, OTC: NRTLQ] is showing its commitment to delivering leading Carrier VoIP solutions to customers. The new features in Nortel’s CS 2000 help service providers improve the way businesses and consumers communicate through cost-saving, flexible services that power new levels of mobility, collaboration and productivity.</p>
<p>“By adding more than 50 new features to our leading carrier softswitch portfolio, it is clear that we remain 100% committed to delivering innovative technology to help our customers increase revenue and decrease operating costs,” said Samih Elhage, president, Carrier VoIP and Applications Solutions. “Our focus on innovative SIP and multimedia applications is just one of the reasons we have been ranked as the world leader in Carrier VoIP since 2002.”</p>
<p>Nortel’s Carrier VoIP and SIP applications portfolio is focused on four key areas: consumer voice and multimedia, business voice and multimedia, class 5 evolution and transit and multimedia solutions. The new features, announced today in Carrier Voice and Multimedia (CVM) release 12 of the CS 2000, bring to the market many innovations for these key areas including applications like Mobile Extension and Converged Mobility and cost-saving capabilities such as increased capacity and upgrade time.</p>
<p>Business Voice and Multimedia like Nortel’s IP Powered Business solutions provide end-to-end solutions for large enterprises and small and medium sized business (SMBs). This solution delivers rich business voice features combined with unique unified communications capabilities making Nortel a market leader in carrier business solutions with large Tier 1 deployments in all continents. New business applications now available on the CS 2000 include:</p>
<p>• Mobile Extension – A new fixed mobile convergence (FMC) application for the CS 2000 that allows subscribers to turn their mobile phone into a business extension helping to increase their reachability and efficiency. It gives users a single number and a single voicemail box for both their office phone and mobile phone. It allows users to cut costs by allowing them to use their corporate dial plan on the mobile phone for all incoming and outgoing calls. For service providers, the benefit is that they can now blend their mobile services with the enterprise’s carrier-hosted telephony system to provide a combined carrier-hosted business offering. This helps to increase subscriber loyalty through a bundled fixed/mobile service offering.</p>
<p>• SIP PBX Trunking – This solution helps businesses reduce monthly communication costs by carrying PBX voice traffic on their IP data connection and eliminating the need for a separate voice pipe back to the carrier network. Nortel’s SIP PBX trunking capabilities are based on open standards and interoperate with many third party IP PBXs. This capability allows SMBs an easy evolution to unified communications which can help save up to 30% in reduced travel and greater worker efficiency. According to a Nortel business case, offering SIP PBX trunking together with the CS 2000 hosted business features, can help a typical Tier 2 carrier’s five year revenue exceed $45 million, with a net present value just under $10 million.</p>
<p>Consumer Voice and Multimedia like Nortel’s IP Powered Home solution delivers proven Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) feature transparency in a carrier grade IP network as well as integrated consumer communications like video available across cable, broadband and wireless broadband networks. New consumer applications now available on the CS 2000 include:</p>
<p>• Converged Mobility – A new fixed mobile convergence (FMC) application for the CS 2000 that allows consumers to use dual-mode (mobile/WiFi) handsets which help decrease mobile phone charges by selecting a WiFi access whenever possible to carry VoIP calls. Converged Mobility helps to improve in-building coverage and helps reduce costs for both the carrier and user as calls are routed over WiFi to decrease cellular usage. This application simplifies the user experience through the one number option for both wireline and cellular calls. It is also easily deployed by carriers as it overlays on any standard cellular network.</p>
<p>• Communications Enabled TV or PC – Nortel's CS 2000, when integrated with Nortel's new Communications Module (CM) 9520, will give users the added benefit of access to personalised multimedia communications such as caller ID, click-to-call, text messaging and picture sharing on their TV or PC. These interactive applications are designed to help carriers increase revenue and reduce subscriber churn through new and bundled services. CM 9520 is targeted to be available in late 1Q09.</p>
<p>Class 5, Transit, Multimedia Interconnect and Evolution Solutions – Nortel continues to offer solutions for carriers to upgrade class 5 switches – end office switches providing all subscriber lines with basic calling features – to VoIP, enabling new applications for residential and business users. The solution enables seamless evolution of PSTN to VoIP while allowing carriers to leverage existing network investments. In addition, Nortel continues to provide carrier-grade transit and trunking solutions which include comprehensive national and international long distance features, media services, and country market fit. New capabilities include:</p>
<p>• Geosurvivability – Nortel continues to improve on its geosurvivable offer with added support for SIP trunking and SIP lines on the CS 2000. This means that if a CS 2000 stops working in one location due to a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, another switch in another location takes over and keeps the service up in all regions without affecting any active calls or reducing its existing capacity.</p>
<p>• Capacity Improvements – Capacity improvements have been made to the CS 2000 to support 60% more SIP lines and a seven-fold increase in SIP IP-PBX trunks than previous versions which provides additional cost savings through lower power consumption and shelf space reduction.</p>
<p>• Upgrade Time – Recent improvements in the CVM delivery model will deliver over 30% reduction in operator acceptance time. This helps carriers achieve product certification and meet regulatory standards quicker, therefore improving their time to revenue.</p>
<p>To learn more about Nortel’s Carrier Voice and Multimedia Solutions, check out our IP Powered Life microsite.
Nortel continues to innovate in business and voice solutions as well as class 5 and transit and Multimedia Interconnect solutions and is expected to launch the next release of CS2000, CVM release 13 in summer of 2009.</p>
<p>According to Dell'Oro Group**, Nortel is the worldwide leader in carrier VoIP and has maintained that position since 2002. Nortel has shipped more than 100 million carrier IP voice and multimedia ports to over 320 carriers globally. Nortel provides VoIP solutions to two thirds of IDC’s worldwide listing of top 20 carriers (by revenue).</p>

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