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Obama Digital ‘Kingmaker’ Addresses Local University CIOs Through AARNet

US digital communications guru and Barack Obama technology director, Ben Self, addressed university CIOs from around Australia and New Zealand at the Australia's Academic and Research Network (AARNet) Ozeconference.
  • 17 February, 2009 15:56

<p>Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 17 February 2009 – US digital communications guru and Barack Obama technology director, Ben Self, addressed university CIOs from around Australia and New Zealand at the Australia's Academic and Research Network (AARNet) Ozeconference.</p>
<p>On his visit to Australia as a special guest of the Internet Industry Association (IIA), Ben Self outlined the power of social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook and email in driving participation and feedback from local communities and grassroots organisations during the recent US Presidential campaign.</p>
<p>Ben Self is founding Partner and Program Director of Blue State Digital (BSD). Through Blue State Digital (BSD) Ben has helped empower the online presence of the largest and most prominent Democratic candidates. During the 2008 election cycle, Ben served as the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Technology Director for Senator Barack Obama, where he supervised the technology projects of the national party —focusing specifically on the website, computer infrastructure, compliance software, and a national voter file database.</p>
<p>Chris Hancock, CEO of AARNet said, “The AARNet Ozeconference allows participants to collaborate and discuss the strategic direction and application of emerging Internet technologies and the transformative impact they may have for Australia’s Research and Education sector. We are delighted that Ben has been able to share his knowledge and experience with our local university CIOs.”</p>
<p>The Ozeconference is a series of video conferencing events which connects participants and enables them to discuss a broad range of ICT, network applications and service issues and developments.</p>
<p>Ben Self’s address was broadcast in High Definition live over the Internet on AARNet’s network to a record number of CIOs at 21 universities across Australia and New Zealand. Participating universities included :</p>
<p>· Auckland University</p>
<p>· Australian Institute of Marine Science</p>
<p>· Australian National University</p>
<p>· Central Queensland University</p>
<p>· Curtin University</p>
<p>· Edith Cowan University</p>
<p>· Flinders University</p>
<p>· Griffith University</p>
<p>· La Trobe University</p>
<p>· Lincoln University</p>
<p>· Murdoch University</p>
<p>· Queensland University of Technology</p>
<p>· RMIT University</p>
<p>· Southern Cross University</p>
<p>· University of Queensland</p>
<p>· University of Sydney</p>
<p>· University of Tasmania</p>
<p>· University of Technology Sydney</p>
<p>· University of the Sunshine Coast</p>
<p>· University of Western Sydney</p>
<p>· University of Wollongong</p>
<p>The Ozeconference is run on AARNet’s National Video Conferencing Service, a standard and high definition video conferencing service for AARNet members who have access to a pool of Codian Multipoint Conferencing Units (MCU) for audio and video conference calls over both IP and ISDN networks. The dedicated AARNet MCUs support up to 60 available ports (video conferencing endpoints) and a customised web booking engine works with other member resources to provide even further capacity when it is most needed. Other features include:</p>
<p>· Live streaming video for participants who wish to view the conference from a web browser</p>
<p>· Real time transcoding and rate matching of video conferences from standard to high definition</p>
<p>· ISDN Video conferencing multipoint bridging for mixed ISDN/IP environments</p>
<p>· Content inclusion using H239 standards for PowerPoint or VNC screen sharing sessions</p>
<p>· Recording and archival of video conferences allowing playback of content at a later date</p>
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<p>About AARNet</p>
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